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Closed Dockets (after January 1, 2006)

The cases listed below were pending before the Environmental Appeals Board and have been closed after January 1, 2006. When the Board issues a final decision on a pending case (or determines not to take review under 40 C.F.R. section 22.30(b) when no appeal is filed), the case will be closed and will appear on this page if closed after January 1, 2006. A list of cases closed between March 1992, when the Board was created, and December 31, 2005, is available on the “Closed Dockets (March 1992 through December 31, 2005)” page. The Board’s published decisions and unpublished final orders can be obtained on the Board’s website. Decisions issued within the last 90 days are available under Recent Additions. The cases that are currently pending before the Environmental Appeals Board are shown on the “Active Dockets” page.

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Date ClosedDate FiledCase NameAppeal Number
09/29/202102/19/2021Wulf Cattle DepotNPDES 21-01
09/28/202109/21/2021American Refining Group, Inc. CAA-HQ-21-8418CAA 21-03C
09/20/202109/13/2021Chevron U.S.A. IncCAA 21-02C
08/24/202108/18/2021TASR Inc. TSCA 21-03C
08/18/202108/13/2021Nate Pulley d/b/a Yellow Creek StoneNPDES 21-02
08/03/202107/27/2020Granite Shore Power Merrimack LLCNPDES 20-05
08/03/202107/27/2020Granite Shore Power Merrimack LLCNPDES 20-06
07/20/202107/16/2021MP Mine Operations, LLCTSCA 21-02C
07/13/202106/03/2021Edwin Andujar Bermudez dba Truly Nolen Pest Control de Caguas FIFRA 21-(01)
07/12/202106/28/2021Briggs & Stratton, LLCCAA 21-01C
07/06/202102/10/2021Silky Associates, LLCRCRA (9006) 21-02
05/27/202110/30/2020Springfield Water and Sewer Commission, Springfield Regional Wastewater Treatmen...NPDES 20-07
05/06/202101/12/2021Windfall Oil & Gas, Inc.UIC 21-01
04/20/202103/12/2021Diamond 3S LLCCWA 21-(01)
04/09/202104/06/2021Solvchem, Inc.TSCA 21-01Q
03/26/202102/03/2021Limetree Bay Terminals, LLC and Limetree Bay Refining, LLCCAA 20-02
03/26/202102/03/2021Limetree Bay Terminals, LLC and Limetree Bay Refining, LLCCAA 20-03
03/18/202102/09/2021Build It Bros, LLCTSCA 20-06
03/05/202111/03/2020Dave Erlanson Sr.CWA 20-03
02/10/202105/24/2010Titan Tire Corporation and Dico, Inc. (Southern Iowa Mechanical Site)CERCLA 106 (b) 10-01
12/16/202010/16/2020VSS International, Inc.CWA 20-02
12/16/202011/05/2020Premier Flipping LLCTSCA 20-(05)
12/01/202001/13/2020City and County of San FranciscoNPDES 20-01
11/27/202010/15/2020Tony L. Brown and Joshua A. Brown d/b/a Riverview CattleCWA 20-(04)
11/25/202003/06/2020Holtec Decommissioning International LLCNPDES 20-03
11/20/202008/14/2020Novartis Pharmaceuticals CorporationRCRA 20-01
11/05/202010/30/2020Danaher Corporation New Owner of Pall CorrporationFIFRA 20-02C
10/06/202009/22/2020Electrolux Home Products, Inc.FIFRA 20-01C
09/30/202011/01/2019Arizona Public ServiceNPDES 19-06
09/22/202009/22/2020Toyota Motor North America, Inc.TSCA 20-04C
09/02/202005/13/2020MPLXCAA 20-01
08/14/202006/29/2020New York State Department of TransportationCWA 20-(01)
07/21/202007/17/2019Veolia ES Technical Solutions LLCCAA 19-01
06/29/202010/24/2019City of LowellNPDES 19-03
05/26/202004/27/2020Starkist Samoa CoNPDES 20-04
05/13/202004/07/2020Swix Sport USATSCA 20-03C
05/12/202005/05/2020Bloom Energy CorporationRCRA 20-01C
04/28/202010/25/2019City of HaverhillNPDES 19-04
04/22/202001/17/2020Incorporated County of Los AlamosNPDES 20-02
04/15/202003/03/2020Bottos Construction, Inc.TSCA 20-(01)
04/09/202004/02/2020Axiall, LLCTSCA 20-02Q
04/07/202010/25/2019Greater Lawrence Sanitary DistrictNPDES 19-05
04/02/202002/24/2020Freedom Performance LLCCAA 20-(01)
03/26/202010/25/2019Muskegon Development CompanyUIC 19-02
03/06/202010/07/2019Vickery Environmental, Inc.RCRA 19-01
03/05/202008/07/2018Taotao USA, Inc. Taotao Group Co.CAA 18-01,CAA 18-02 Consolidated
03/05/202001/21/2020Diamond 3S, LLCSDWA 20-(01)
03/03/202002/25/2020Rockland Industries, Inc.TSCA 20-01Q
02/25/202002/18/2020Penn Tank Lines, Inc.CAA 20-01C
02/18/202002/12/2020Stratasys, Inc.TSCA 20-02C
01/24/202007/22/2019Hecla Limited Lucky Friday MineNPDES 19-01
01/22/202012/20/2019American Samoa Power AuthorityNPDES 19-07
01/14/202001/07/2020Detroit Renovations LLC and Nicole CurtisTSCA 20-01C
01/10/202012/20/2019Hardway Solutions, LLC, d/b/a Hardway Performance and Hardway
Performance Soluti...
CAA 19-06C
11/21/201910/10/2019Tower Exterminating Corp. a/k/a Tower & Son Exterminating Corp. And Wilson J. To...FIFRA 19-(01)
11/05/201910/01/2019C & S Enterprise, L.L.C.CWA 19-(01)
09/30/201909/20/2019Earth Science Laboratories, Inc.FIFRA 19-02C
09/30/201907/25/2019City of NezperceNPDES 19-02
09/24/201909/18/2019More Power Tuning, LLCCAA 19-04C
09/24/201909/18/2019VMP Tuning, INC.,CAA 19-05C
09/12/201908/29/2019Best Choice Products, Inc.CAA 19-02C
09/12/201908/29/2019Lexington Container Co.CAA 19-03C
08/29/201907/17/2019Veolia ES Technical Solutions, LLCCAA 19-02
08/22/201907/18/2019Juan C. Garcia d/b/a Master Roofing and Restoration TSCA 19-(02)
08/15/201908/07/2019Global Sourcing Solutions, A Division of Turner Logistics, LLCTSCA 19-01C
08/13/201907/03/2019Investment Properties, L.L.C. TSCA 19-01
08/08/201911/21/2018Jordan Development Co., L.L.C.UIC 18-06....
08/06/201903/16/2019Goodnight Midstream Bakken LLCUIC 19-01
07/17/201907/09/2019Douglas Products and Packaging Company LLCFIFRA 19-01Q
06/24/201905/30/2019Valley Performance Distributers, LLCCAA 19-01C
06/13/201907/12/2018City of SandpointNPDES 18-01
06/13/201910/25/2018Evoqua Water Technologies LLCRCRA 18-01
04/29/201908/10/2018Muskegon Development CompanyUIC 18-05
03/12/201908/22/2017City of Ruidoso DownsNPDES 17-03
02/12/201907/16/2018Arizona Public Service CompanyNPDES 18-02
02/08/201902/05/2019Chemical Solvents, Inc.TSCA 19-01Q
12/06/201810/30/2018Spartan Diesel Technologies LLCCAA 18-(03)
12/03/201809/07/2018Tucson Electric Power PSD 18-02
11/15/201807/07/2018Anadarko Uintah Midstream LLCNSR 18-01
10/24/201807/18/2018Keolis Commuter Services LLCNPDES 18-03
10/23/201805/29/2018Palmdale Energy, LLCPSD 18-01
10/11/201807/26/2018City of Harrison Wastewater Treatment PlantNPDES 18-04
10/10/201807/25/2018Excelsior Mining Arizona, Inc.UIC 18-04
09/13/201804/05/2018Penneco Environmental Solutions, LLCUIC 18-02
09/04/201808/14/2018Justin Holder, Battlefield Automotive, LLC, and Enhanced Alternatives, LLC, dba ...CAA 18-08C
08/14/201808/08/2018Colonial Oil Industries, Inc.CAA 18-07C
08/01/201807/09/2018Excelsior Mining Arizona, Inc.UIC 18-03
07/12/201805/31/2018RFN Enterprise, Inc.TSCA 18-(02)
07/03/201806/28/2018KT Performance Inc.CAA 18-06C
06/14/201805/30/2018Enel Green Power North America IncMM 18-01C
06/04/201804/27/2018Magnolia Waco Prperties, LLC d/b/a Magnolia HomesTSCA 18-01C
05/22/201805/17/2018Maryland Performance Diesel LLCCAA 18-05C
05/08/201805/01/2018Evans Tuning, LLCCAA 18-04C
05/08/201810/27/2017Town of FairhavenNPDES 17-08
04/26/201801/16/2018West Bay Exploration Co.UIC 18-01
04/10/201803/27/2018New Flyer of America Inc.CAA 18-03C
04/10/201803/01/2018Boston Design & Construction Co., Inc.TSCA 18-(01)
04/03/201802/15/2017Veolia ES Technical Solutions, L.L.C.CAA 17-02
03/29/201803/26/2018Adrenaline Truck Performance, LLCCAA 18-02C
03/14/201809/14/2017Los Alamos National Security, LLC NPDES 17-05
02/01/201801/30/2018Ravago Chemical Distribution Inc. dba Pacific Coast ChemicalsTSCA 18-02Q
01/26/201811/23/2016General Electric CompanyRCRA 16-01
01/26/201811/07/2016General Electric CompanyRCRA 16-02
01/26/201811/18/2016General Electric CompanyRCRA 16-03
01/26/201811/23/2016General Electric CompanyRCRA 16-04
01/26/201811/23/2016General Electric CompanyRCRA 16-05
01/25/201801/22/2018Alon USA, LPCAA 18-01C
01/11/201810/06/2017City of Sandpoint Wastewater Treatment PlantNPDES 17-06
01/11/201801/09/2018Kopin Display CorporationTSCA 18-01Q
01/05/201810/16/2017Barnhardt Manufacturing CompanyNPDES 17-07
10/26/201705/15/2017Town of Marion Wastewater Treatment PlantNPDES 17-01
10/26/201705/15/2017The Town of Marion Wastewater Treatment PlantNPDES 17-02
10/17/201710/03/2017The Chemical CompanyTSCA 17-02C
09/27/201709/25/2017Koch Supply & Trading, LPCAA 17-04C
09/22/201701/12/2017Florence Copper, Inc.UIC 17-01
09/22/201701/19/2017Florence Copper, Inc.UIC 17-03
09/20/201709/12/2017Van Hool NVCAA 17-03C
09/19/201708/31/2017JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.MM 17-01C
09/13/201708/14/2017Wilhelmsen Ships ServicesTSCA 17-01C
09/12/201709/05/2017Coastal Energy CorporationNPDES 17-04
08/28/201708/23/2017TRInternational, Inc.TSCA 17-03Q
07/26/201701/19/2017Florence Copper Inc.UIC 17-02
06/29/201702/07/2017Archer Daniels Midland CompanyUIC 17-05
06/20/201704/07/2017Delta Energy CenterPSD 17-01
05/24/201705/12/2017Atlantic Trading & Marketing, Inc.CAA 17-02C
04/07/201711/17/2016Bridgewater Waste Water Treatment FacilityNPDES 16-01
04/07/201701/23/2017Whole Foods Market Group, Inc., et al RCRA 17-01C
03/31/201703/22/2017Bell Trucks America, Inc. and Bell Equipment limitedCAA 17-01C
03/22/201703/21/2017Tri-iso TryLine LLCTSCA 17-02Q
03/22/201702/07/2017Florence Copper, Inc. UIC 17-04
03/21/201712/30/2016Ponderosa Compressor StationNSR 16-02
02/28/201702/02/2017JX Nippon Chemical Texas Inc.TSCA 17-01Q
02/23/201701/12/2017Mille Lacs Band of OjibweCAA 17-01M
02/03/201701/23/2017Bayer CropScience LPFIFRA 17-01C
01/10/201712/29/2016Eastern Cross Shipping S.A., IMO Number 371947 Toyo Kaiun Co. LTd, IMO Number 93...APPS 16-05C
12/23/201610/20/2016Peace Industry Group (USA), Inc., and Blue Eagle Motor, Inc.CAA 16-03C
12/22/201605/12/2016Peace Industry Group (USA), Inc. Zhejiang Peace Industry and Trade Co., Ltd, Cho...CAA 16-01
11/16/201611/02/2016ECCO USA, IncFIFRA 16-05C
11/08/201611/04/2016Suzuki Motor of America, Inc, and Suzuki Motor CorporationCAA 16-01C
10/22/201612/07/2016Houston Refining LPCAA 16-04C
10/13/201609/30/2016Sumitomo Chemical CompanyFIFRA 16-04C
10/06/201609/20/2016Atkinson Developers, LLC Francis M. Atkinson, Jr.CWA 16-03
10/06/201608/24/2016American Covers Inc., d/b/a HandstandsFIFRA 16-03C
09/29/201608/24/2016Proctor & Gamble CompanyFIFRA 16-02C
09/27/201609/15/2016BruggemannChemical, BruggemannChemical U.S., Inc.TSCA 16-03Q
09/27/201609/22/2016Linwood Mining & Mineral CorporationTSCA 16-04Q
09/01/201604/21/2016 Arizona Public Service Company Ocotillo Power PlantPSD 16-01
08/30/201605/23/2016Navajo Generating StationNSR 16-01
08/29/201607/15/2016Edward and Theresa Washines DA Stor AT Lillies CornerRCRA (9006) 16-(02)
08/24/201608/10/2016Arctic Cat, Inc.CAA 16-02C
08/24/201608/11/2016Shrieve Chemical CompanyTSCA 16-02Q
08/03/201604/30/2015Wind River Oil and Gas PermitsNPDES 15-02....
07/29/201606/13/2016Bayer CropScience LP and Nichino America, Inc.FIFRA 16-01
07/26/201605/19/2016Polo Development Inc AIM Georgia LLC and Joseph ZdrilichCWA 16-02
07/26/201607/22/2016Coyne Chemical CorporationTSCA 16-01Q
07/26/201606/21/2016OSRAM SYLVANIA, Inc. Wilmington, MATSCA16-03C
07/26/201612/31/2015West Bay Exploration CoUIC 15-03
07/22/201611/04/2015Sterling Suffolk Racecourse LLCNPDES 15-12
07/05/201603/17/2016Stockton Oil CompanyRCRA (9006) 16-01
06/03/201604/04/2016Savoy Energy, L.P. UIC 16-01
06/03/201604/04/2016Savoy Energy, L.P.UIC 16-02
06/03/201604/14/2016Savoy Energy, L.P.UIC 16-03
05/19/201605/17/2016Hamburg Cruise S. A. International Maritime Organization(IMO) Number 9138329APPS 16-04C
05/05/201604/26/2016Makhteshim Agan of North America, Inc., d/b/a ADAMA FIFRA 16-01C
05/03/201605/13/2015City of Taunton Department of Public WorksNPDES 15-08
04/21/201607/29/2015Invensys Systems, Inc.NPDES 15-10
03/29/201603/24/2016Great Enterprise Company Limited, Intenational Maritime Organization (IMO)
APPS 16-03C
03/28/201601/07/2015Deseret Power Electric Cooperative Bonanza Power PlantCAA 15-01,CAA 15-02
03/22/201603/14/2016Tricon International Ltd dba Tricon Energy Limited and Tricon Dry Chemicals LLCTSCA 16-02C
03/17/201601/13/2016Polo Development, Inc., AIM Georgia, LLC and Joseph ZdrilichCWA 16-01
03/10/201602/04/2016Green Spanker Shipping S.A. International Maritime Organization and Philsynergy ...APPS 16-01C
03/10/201602/04/2016Premuda Spa International Maritime OrganizationAPPS 16-02C
02/18/201604/13/2015City of Nashua Wastewater Treatment FacilityNPDES 15-06
02/18/201611/02/2015Sammy-Mar LLCUIC 15-02
02/16/201602/08/2016Jeffrey L. Nixon dba EarthEcycle, EarthEcycle, LLC, EarthEcycle, LLP, AABC Compu...RCRA 16-01C
02/11/201601/05/2016American International ChemicalTSCA 16-01C
02/04/201601/06/2016Hudson River Park TrustCWA 404 16-01
02/02/201605/18/2015Carbon Injection Systems LLCRCRA (3008) 15-01
01/29/201612/21/2015George W Jackson d/b/a Fort Jackson Mobile EstatesSDWA 15-(03)
01/14/201608/13/2015Town of SalisburyNPDES 15-11
01/08/201611/23/2015Comcast Cable Communications, LLCMM 15-01C
01/07/201611/03/2014LEE Ranch Coal CompanyNPDES 14-04
12/17/201511/03/2015H&S Performance LLCCAA 15-03C
12/17/201511/04/2015Waterway Realty, LLCTSCA 15-(02)
11/10/201511/05/2015Deltech CorpTSCA 15-00C
11/05/201510/29/2015R.E. Carroll, Inc.TSCA 15-04C
10/15/201510/10/2019SACO AEI PolymersTSCA 19-02Q
10/05/201508/25/2015George W. Jackson d/b/a Fort Jackson Mobile EstatesSDWA 15-(02)
09/29/201510/30/2014General Electric AviationNPDES 14-03
09/14/201508/10/2015Yamaha Motor Corp. U.S.A.CAA 15-02C
09/11/201506/11/2015Page One Plus Wholesale, Inc.SDWA 15-(01)
09/03/201504/03/2015OMG Americas, Inc.TSCA 15-01C
08/19/201507/06/2015Brattle Road Farm Condominium TrustNPDES 15-09
07/28/201504/28/2015Star Sewer and Water District Waste Water Treatment PlantNPDES 15-07
07/10/201507/07/2015Hampford Research, Inc.TSCA 15-03C
06/12/201511/17/2014Windfall Oil & Gas, Inc.UIC 14-73....
06/05/201504/24/2015Eagle Mine LLCUIC 15-01
05/15/201504/02/2015Tewa Women United Dr. Maureen Merritt and Concerned Citizens for Nuclear SafetyCAA 15-03
05/07/201502/13/2015CertainTeed CorporationNPDES 15-01
04/28/201504/16/2015Aviall Services, Inc.TSCA 15-02C
04/28/201510/01/2014FutureGen Industrial Alliance, Inc.UIC 14-68....
04/27/201509/15/2014Los Alamos National LaboratoryNPDES 14-02
03/31/201503/10/2015Geason Enterprises, L.L.C., et.al.CAA 15-01C
03/13/201501/15/2014Elementis Chromium Inc., f/k/a Elementis Chromium, LPTSCA 13-03
03/10/201502/12/2015AMVAC Chemical CorporationFIFRA 15-01C
02/26/201501/22/2015John Rice, LLCTSCA 15-(01)
02/04/201508/27/2014Charles River Pollution Control DistrictNPDES 14-01
02/04/201512/17/2014Gasco Energy, Inc.UIC 14-191
01/26/201507/07/2014Chem-Solv, IncRCRA (3008) 14-02
01/09/201511/28/2014Commonwealth Battery Development, Inc.CAA 14-(01)
01/08/201512/23/2014Vanderbilt Minerals, LLCTSCA 14-04C
12/19/201408/27/2013Buckley Air Force Base Municipal Separate Storm Sewer systemNPDES 13-07
12/19/201411/05/2013Joint Base Lewis-McChord Municipal Separate Storm Sewer SystemNPDES 13-09
12/16/201411/14/2014Energy Answers LLCPSD 14-07
11/26/201410/28/2014Archer Daniels Midland Co.UIC 14-72
11/14/201404/10/2014Jonway Motorcycle (USA) Co., LTD., Shenke USA, Inc., Jonway Group Co., LTD., Sha...CAA 14-03
11/05/201410/24/2014Infineum USA L.P.TSCA 14-03C
10/28/201410/20/2014Metrex Research, LLCFIFRA 14-01C
10/08/201405/15/2014Hagerstown Aircraft Services, Inc.RCRA (3008) 14-01
09/30/201409/22/2014Lu Yuan, Inc. and Zhejiang Yongkang Luyuan Industrial & Trading, Co. Ltd.CAA 14-03C
09/25/201402/21/2014Ms. Dessie L. Brumfield, d/b/a Brumfield Properties, LLCTSCA 13-04
09/22/201405/08/2014West Bay Exploration CompanyUIC 14-66,UIC 14-67
09/02/201403/03/2014Footprint Power Salem Harbor Development, LPPSD 14-02
08/28/201409/09/2013Town of Concord, Department of Public WorksNPDES 13-08
08/25/201407/09/2014Amerimart Development Company, Inc., Qual-Econ Lease Co., Inc., MJG Enterprises,...RCRA (9006) 14-(02)
08/21/201404/07/2014Pennsylvania General Energy Company, LLCUIC 14-63....
08/14/201405/15/2014James Ikegwu and Martha IkegwuTSCA 14-01
08/01/201406/19/2014EarthECycle, LLCRCRA (3008) 09-(02)
08/01/201408/23/2013Andrew B. Chase, a/k/a Andy Chase, Chase Services, Inc., Chase Convenience Store...RCRA (9006) 13-04
07/31/201407/21/2014Department of the InteriorMM 14-02C
07/30/201401/14/2014ESSROC Cement CorporationRCRA 13-03
07/17/201407/09/2014Bedoukian Research, IncTSCA 14-02C
07/08/201409/30/2013City of Homedale Wastewater Treatment PlantNPDES 13-10
06/10/201403/14/2014Windfall Oil & Gas, Inc.UIC 14-04....
06/05/201405/12/2014Sierra Pacific IndustriesPSD 14-03....
05/30/201405/12/2014Energy Answers LLC PSD 14-04
05/29/201402/04/2014Seneca ResourcesUIC 14-01....
05/14/201412/26/2013ExxonMobil Chemical Company Baytown Olefins PlantPSD 13-11
05/14/201401/31/2013E.I. Dupont De Nemours and CompanyRCRA 13-01....
05/06/201403/28/2014Henry Stevenson and Parkwood Land Co.CWA 14-(01)
04/30/201404/21/2014Boulder Scientific CompanyTSCA 14-01C
04/22/201403/14/2014Liphatech, Inc.FIFRA 14-(02)
04/15/201407/19/2013Town of Uxbridge Wastewater Treatment FacilityNPDES 13-06
04/11/201403/04/2014United Global Trading, Inc.FIFRA 14-(01)
04/10/201402/25/2014Sierra Pacific IndustriesPSD 14-01
04/10/201402/14/2014Ross Transport Co., Inc. and Arnold SteinmanRCRA (9006) 14-01
03/25/201402/25/2014American Lifan Industry, Inc.CAA 14-02C
03/25/201407/12/2013Energy Answers Arecibo, LLC PSD 13-05....
03/14/201412/06/2013La Paloma Energy Center, LLCPSD 13-10
02/27/201401/07/2014CFMOTO Powersports Inc. et alCAA 14-01C
02/03/201401/27/2014Charter Communications, Inc.MM 14-01C
12/19/201312/11/2013Harrell's LLCFIFRA 13-05C
12/18/201311/26/2013E. I. Du Pont de Nemours and CompanyMM 13-04C
12/06/201310/30/2013Berry Petroleum CompanyCAA 13-03
12/06/201310/30/2013Samson Resources CompanyCAA 13-04
12/06/201310/30/2013Colorado Interstate Gas Company, LLCCAA 13-05
12/05/201311/07/2013T-Mobile US, Inc.MM 13-02C
12/02/201312/14/2012Town of Newmarket Wastewater Treatment PlantNPDES 12-05
11/14/201308/15/2013Stericycle Inc.CAA 13-01
11/07/201308/19/2013Chevron Michigan, LLCUIC 13-03
11/06/201310/28/2013State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation, Highways DivisionNPDES 13-11
10/31/201310/31/2013Titanium Metals CorporationTSCA 13-02C
10/28/201311/29/2012Alyeska Pipeline Service CompanyNPDES 12-04
10/24/201303/13/2013Henry Stevenson and Parkwood Land Co.CWA 13-01
10/21/201308/09/2013Crespo Realty, Inc.TSCA 13-(02)
09/24/201309/20/2013The Dodge Company, Inc.MM 13-01C
09/20/201308/08/2013Mountain Village Parks, Inc.SDWA 13-(02)
09/03/201308/15/2013Maralex Disposal, LLCSDWA 13-01
09/02/201307/08/2013Dobbins, Fisher & Pittman Associates, Inc. d/b/a Dobbins, Fisher & Pittman Realt...TSCA 13-(01)
08/15/201307/03/2013Hagerstown Aircraft Services, Inc.RCRA (3008) 13-01
08/02/201312/19/2012Pio Pico Energy Center, LLCPSD 12-04....
07/24/201303/11/2013University of Massachusetts BostonNPDES 13-04
07/18/201306/17/2013American Performance Technologies, Inc. (CAA 13-02C)CAA 13-02C
07/18/201302/24/2013Sierra Pacific IndustriesPSD 13-01....
06/21/201303/13/2013American Lifan Industry, IncCAA 13-01C
06/06/201305/24/2013OmniLytics, Inc.FIFRA 13-04C
05/28/201305/28/2013Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.RCRA (3008) 13-01C,FIFRA 13-03C
05/02/201304/18/2013Weaver's Cove Energy, LLCNPDES 13-05
04/22/201304/27/2012San Pedro ForkliftCWA 12-02
04/16/201301/08/2013West Bay Exploration Co.UIC 13-01,UIC 13-02
04/11/201303/27/2013AboveNet Communications, Inc.EPCRA 13-01C,CWA 13-01C
04/11/201304/02/2013The Lincoln Electric CompanyTSCA 13-01C
03/28/201311/08/2012Stonehaven Energy Management LLCUIC 12-02
03/19/201301/23/2013Mesabi Nugget Delaware, LLC Hoyt Lakes, MinnesotaNPDES 13-01....
03/14/201301/31/2013B & A Petroleum Corp.RCRA (9006) (13-01)
03/14/201301/31/2013B & K Petroleum Corp. d/b/a Infinite OilRCRA (9006) (13-02)
03/14/201301/31/2013M & A Petroleum Corp.RCRA (9006) (13-03)
03/05/201309/28/2012Chevron Michigan LLC of Traverse City, MichiganUIC 12-01
02/28/201304/23/2012Safe Environmental Corporation of Indiana (Cleveland Trencher Site)CERCLA 106(b) 12-02
02/26/201311/07/2012Mountain Village Parks, IncSDWA 12-02
02/21/201305/21/2010John A. Biewer of Toledo, Inc., et alRCRA (3008) 10-01,RCRA (3008) 10-02
02/19/201302/07/2013Wellmark InternationalFIFRA 13-02C
01/29/201312/20/2012Nalco CompanyFIFRA 12-01C
01/29/201312/18/2012Mercury Vapor Processing Technologies Recycling and Laurence C. KellyRCRA (3008) 12-(03)
01/25/201310/01/2012Peabody Western Coal CompanyCAA 12-01
01/17/201312/21/2012Honeywell International, Inc.EPCRA 12-02C
01/14/201311/04/2011District of Columbia Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)NPDES 11-05,NPDES 11-06
01/10/201301/02/2013Kemira Chemicals, Inc.FIFRA 13-01C
01/10/201312/21/2012GE Reuter Stokes, Inc.TSCA 12-08C
01/09/201306/04/2012Joseph J. Piscazzi, Trustee, Joseph J. Piscazzi Revocable TrustCERCLA 106(b) 12-03
01/09/201312/27/2012Kemira Water Solutions, IncTSCA 12-09C
01/03/201312/18/2012New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLcMM 12-01C
12/21/201210/15/2012Sierra Pacific IndustriesPSD 12-03
12/18/201206/08/2012Appleton Papers Inc., Lower Fox River and Green Bay SiteCERCLA 106(b) 12-04
12/07/201207/18/2012Munce's Superior Petrolum Products Inc.CWA 12-04
11/20/201210/13/2012Hess Newark Energy CenterPSD 12-02
11/16/201210/19/2012Apartment Investment and Management CompanyTSCA 12-07C
09/21/201209/18/2012Titanium Metals CorporationTSCA 12-06C
09/20/201208/08/2012Lake Sakakawea & Associates, LLCCWA 12-(05)
09/18/201208/30/2012Chemalloy Company, Inc.TSCA 12-05C
09/17/201211/24/2011City of Palmdale PSD 11-07
09/13/201208/14/2012Joseph Oh and Holly Investment, LLCRCRA (9006) 12-(01)
08/31/201207/23/2012Rick Nelson, Owner Fort Devils TowerSDWA 12-(01)
08/21/201201/10/2012Willie P. Burrell and The Willie P. Burrell TrustTSCA 11-05
07/20/201207/05/2012Haldor Topsoe, Inc.TSCA 12-04C
07/17/201205/30/2012Christian County Generation, LLCPSD 12-01
07/12/201206/27/2012Pacific Rim International West Inc., Haili Icebear Inc., and Huzhou Daixi Zhenhu...CAA 12-02C
06/28/201209/07/2011MHA Nation Clean Fuels Refinery (Consolidated)NPDES 11-02....
06/28/201207/08/2011Bear Lake Properties, LLCUIC 11-03
06/26/201208/26/2011ArcelorMittal Cleveland Inc.NPDES 11-01
06/25/201206/14/2012Chemtura CorporationTSCA 12-02C
06/25/201206/18/2012Bethlehem Apparatus Company, Inc.TSCA 12-03C
06/08/201204/12/2012Lander Street Wastewater Treatment FacilityNPDES 12-01
06/08/201204/12/2012West Boise Wastewater Treatment FacilityNPDES 12-02
05/24/201211/17/2011Bacardi CorporationNPDES 11-07
05/17/201204/27/2012Target CorporationCAA 12-01C
04/13/201202/29/2012John C. JonesTSCA 12-(02)
04/06/201202/13/2012Safe Environmental Corporation of Indiana (Cleveland Trencher Site)CERCLA 106(b) 12-01
03/30/201211/28/2011Shell Offshore, Inc.OCS 11-05....
03/30/201203/29/2012Ponda InternationalTSCA 12-01C
03/22/201202/16/2012Altec Petroleum Group, Inc.CWA 12-(03)
03/19/201211/18/2011Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer AuthorityNPDES 11-08
03/19/201211/28/2011Amgen Manufacturing, LimitedNPDES 11-09
03/19/201202/14/2012NewChem, Inc. RCRA (3008) 12-01
03/15/201211/18/2010BP America Production Company, Florida River Compression FacilityCAA 10-04
03/13/201205/16/2011Peabody Western Coal Co.CAA 11-01
03/07/201201/09/2012Aguakem Caribe, Inc.RCRA 12-(01)
03/06/201201/24/2012Dockmaster Inc.CWA 12-(01)
02/13/201201/05/2012Armbrust Realty RentalsTSCA 12-(01)
02/09/201201/18/2012New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC, et alEPCRA 12-01(C)
02/02/201212/16/2011John LaughterTSCA 11-(06)
01/19/201212/14/2011Southern Wood Piedmont Company and Rayonier Inc.RCRA (3008) 11-04(C)
01/13/201212/23/2011E.I. du Pont de Nemours and CompanyTSCA 11-08(C)....
01/12/201210/24/2011Shell Gulf of Mexico, Inc. OCS 11-02....
01/03/201211/15/2011Cheerful Cesspool ServiceCWA 11-(08)
12/30/201112/16/2011Kronos Worldwide, Inc.TSCA 11-07(C)
12/27/201111/21/2011Metro Metals Corp. and Avista Recycling, Inc.RCRA (3008) 11-(03)
12/20/201109/22/2011Bryan Pownell, Owner/Operator Bryan's Place Public Water SystemSDWA 11-(02)
12/07/201101/05/2011Service Oil, Inc.CWA 11-01
12/05/201109/13/2011Mr. Allen Barry, Mr. Tim Barry d/b/a Allen Barry LivestockCWA 11-07
11/23/201111/17/2011BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc., BP Products North America Inc., BP West Coast Prod...RCRA 11-03(C),SDWA 11-02(C)
11/16/201111/05/2009Guam Water Works Authority's Northern District Sewage Treatment and Guam Waterwo...NPDES 09-15,NPDES 09-16 (CONSOLIDATED)
11/03/201111/24/2010Barnhardt Manufacturing CompanyNPDES 10-17
11/01/201109/21/2011Landmark Real Estate Management, Inc. Solo Affordable Housing Solutions, LLC, So...TSCA 11-(04)
10/28/201109/20/2011Douglas PaulinoTSCA 11-(03)
10/25/201104/14/2011Amreco, LLCCWA 11-04,CWA 11-06
10/19/201109/29/2011Eastman Kodak CoTSCA 11-05(C)
10/17/201108/15/2011Robert Christensen, d/b/a Bob's RepairSDWA 11-(01)
10/13/201110/05/1992Southern Pacific & Atchison (Brown & Bryant Site)CERCLA 106(b) 94-12
10/13/201109/30/2011Jungbunzlauer Inc.TSCA 11-06(C)
09/30/201109/23/2011E.I. du Pont de Nemours and CompanyTSCA 11-04(C)
09/16/201108/15/2011Kessel Lumber Supply, Inc.RCRA (3008) 11-(02)
09/06/201107/21/2010Buena Vista Rancheria Wastewater Treatment Plant (Casino)NPDES 10-05....
08/31/201110/18/2010Peabody Western Coal CompanyNPDES 10-15,NPDES 10-16
08/19/201108/26/2010City of Fitchburg Wastewater TreatmentNPDES 10-14
08/18/201106/25/2011Avenal Power Center, LLCPSD 11-02....
08/09/201101/26/2011Mississippi Lime CompanyPSD 11-01
08/09/201107/27/2011The Plaza GroupTSCA 11-03C
08/02/201104/21/2011The Okonite Company, Inc.TSCA 11-02
06/08/201105/18/2011Penn National Gaming, Inc. et alRCRA (3008) 11-01(C)
05/27/201112/08/2010American Home Mortgage Servicing, Inc. (Star Bright Plating Site)CERCLA 106(b) 10-02
05/20/201102/09/2011Cape Wind Associates, LLCOCS 11-01
05/09/201105/07/2010Lowell Vos d/b/a Lowell VOS FeedlotEAJA 10-01
05/03/201103/30/2011JLM Chemicals, IncRCRA (3008) 11-(01)
04/21/201104/14/2011Donald F. StricklandRCRA (9006) 11-(01)
04/19/201103/07/2011Henry R. Stevenson, Jr. Individually And as Owner of Parkwood Land CompanyCWA 11-02
04/19/201103/08/2011Dockmaster, Inc.CWA 11-(03)
04/19/201103/28/2011Altec Petroleum Group, Inc.CWA 11-(05)
04/04/201109/13/2010American Airlines, Inc.RCRA 10-01
03/31/201108/06/2010Upper Blackstone Water Pollution Abatement DistrictNPDES 10-09....
03/28/201103/03/2011Landmark Real Estate Management, Inc., Solo Affordable Housing Solutions, LLC, S...TSCA 11-01
03/16/201107/14/2008Smith Farm Enterprises, LLCCWA 08-02
03/08/201103/03/2011Copeq Trading Company, Inc.TSCA 11-02C
03/04/201103/03/2011Chemson Inc.TSCA 11-01C
03/02/201105/09/2010Vulcan Construction Materials, LPPSD 10-11
02/09/201101/03/2011Powertech (USA) Inc.UIC 11-01,UIC 11-02
02/02/201101/11/2011U.S. General services Administration, Goody Clancy and Associates, Inc., ATC Ass...CAA 11-01C
02/02/201101/23/2009City and County of Honolulu's Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant; City and C...NPDES 09-01
01/26/201110/30/2006Mirant Kendall, LLC, Mirant Kendall StationNPDES 06-12....
01/01/201110/13/2009City of CaldwellNPDES 09-11
12/30/201004/30/2010Shell Gulf of Mexico Inc. and Shell Offshore Inc.OCS 10-01....
12/15/201011/29/2010Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority - Aguirre Power ComplexNPDES 10-18
12/15/201012/08/2010E.I. DuPont de Nemours and CompanyTSCA 10-02C
12/01/201011/23/2010Titanium Metals CorporationTSCA 10-01C
11/29/201011/15/2010Sunrise Powerlink PSD 10-14
11/19/201010/15/2010Gordon Poppens d/b/a Gordy's GarageSDWA 10-(01)
11/18/201002/16/2010Teck Alaska, Inc.NPDES 10-04
11/18/201003/22/2010Russell City Energy Center, LLCPSD 10-01....
10/29/201009/22/2010Parry Farms, LLCCWA 10-(06)
10/18/201003/13/2009Los Alamos National LaboratoryNPDES 09-05
10/06/201008/26/2010Bertschinger Oil CompanyCWA 10-(05)
09/09/201005/10/2010Fulton Fuel CompanyCWA 10-03
09/07/201007/01/201099 Cents Only StoresFIFRA 10-(01)
08/30/201011/02/2009City of Cambridge, MassachusettsNPDES 09-17
08/26/201010/29/2009Antrim TownshipNPDES 09-14
08/25/201011/02/2009Town of Jaffrey, New Hampshire Public Works DepartmentNPDES 09-18
08/24/201008/06/2010Bobby Rowe Energy, Inc.CWA 10-(04)
08/13/201001/07/2010Peabody Western Coal CompanyCAA 10-01
08/13/201011/25/2009Power Holdings of Illinois, LLC PSD 09-04
08/13/201011/10/2009Cherry Berry B1-25-SWDUIC 09-02
08/12/201007/21/2009City & County of Honolulu Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant
NPDES 09-07
07/29/201006/18/2010Mardaph II LLC, Mardaph III LLC and Vinnie WilsonTSCA 10-(01)
07/22/201006/24/2010Flint Hills Resources, LPCAA 10-03
07/16/201008/24/2009San Jacinto River AuthorityNPDES 09-09
07/01/201004/23/2010Monsanto CompanyFIFRA 10-01C
06/17/201012/15/2009Snapperfarm, Inc.NPDES 09-19
06/07/201001/30/2009Circle T Feedlot, Inc.; Morgan Feedlot LLC; Sebade Feedyard; Stanek Brothers (Th...NPDES 09-02,NPDES 09-03
06/01/201003/25/2010H.C. McComas Fuel Co.CWA 10-(02)
05/28/201009/15/2008Upper Blackstone Water Pollution Abatement District NPDES 08-11....
05/28/201005/20/2009Upper Blackstone Water Pollution Abatement DistrictNPDES 09-06
05/11/201003/01/2010Sargent Enterprises, Inc.CAA 10-02
04/26/201001/09/2006Raytheon Aircraft Company, Tri-County Public Airport SiteCERCLA 106(b) 06-01
04/21/201007/30/2009Rocking BS Ranch, Inc.CWA 09-04
04/09/201010/30/2009Los Mestenios Compressor StationCAA 09-01
03/30/201001/05/2010Mr. Michael Costello
Mr. Ronald Carter d/b/a Carter and Costello Tree Profession...
CWA 10-(01)
03/30/201007/28/2008Rocky Well Service, Inc.SDWA 08-03,SDWA 08-04
03/10/201010/21/2009City of Twin Falls Wastewater Treatment PlantNPDES 09-12....
03/02/201001/12/2010City of Marlborough Westerly Wastewater Treatment FacilityNPDES 10-01....
01/28/201007/21/2009MGP Ingredients of Illinois, Inc.PSD 09-03
01/25/201010/23/2009Southern Iowa Mechanical Site (SIM)CERCLA 106 (b) 09-01
01/07/201012/18/2009HSBC USA Inc. and HSBC Finance CorporationCAA 09-02C, CWA 09-02C, EPCRA 09-02C
12/03/200909/09/2009Peabody Black Mesa NPDES 09-10
11/24/200910/05/2009Cellco Partnership doing business as Verizon WirelessCWA 09-01C....
11/05/200911/25/2008Gene A. WilsonSDWA 08-09
11/04/200907/23/2009CH2M Hill Plateau Remediation Company, LLCNPDES 09-08
10/23/200911/17/2008Town of Wayland Wastewater Management District Commission Treatment PlantNPDES 08-26,NPDES 08-27
10/15/200910/06/2009Johnson Controls, Inc.CAA 09-01Ca
10/09/200910/01/2009Sinochem (U.S.A.), Inc.TSCA 09-04C
09/24/200908/14/2008Desert Rock Energy Company, LLCPSD 08-03....
09/24/200907/31/2009Lincoln Road RV Park, Inc.SDWA 09-(03)
09/22/200910/06/2008Seminole Electric Cooperative, Inc. PSD 08-09
09/15/200907/09/2008City of Attleboro, MA Department of WastewaterNPDES 08-08,NPDES 08-09
09/15/200905/05/2009Gateway Generating StationPSD 09-02
08/25/200907/15/2009Ebersole Associates, Inc., and L & N Zimmerman Excavating, Inc.,CAA 09-(01)
08/19/200907/10/2009Butler, Maxcy, & Heath.Inc.CWA 09-(03)
08/19/200906/23/2009Jose Lopez-Roig, President, Estancias de Siervas de Maria, Inc.,CWA (09-01)
08/17/200911/14/2008Las Delicias CommunitySDWA 08-07
08/11/200907/01/2009Valimet, Inc.EPCRA 09-(02)
08/11/200910/29/2008ExxonMobil Oil CorporationNPDES 08-23
08/04/200910/27/2008Lee Wastewater Treatment FacilityNPDES 08-22
07/27/200905/18/2009Presidium Energy, LC (Lautner #B3-31 SWD)UIC 09-01
07/23/200906/10/2009Lowell Vos d/b/a Lowell Vos FeedlotCWA 09-(02)
07/22/200910/01/2008Vico Construction Corporation & Amelia Venture Properties, LLCCWA 08-03
07/10/200908/14/2008Ram, Inc.RCRA (9006) 08-01,RCRA (9006) 08-02
07/02/200905/27/2009T Jordan Towing, Inc.SWDA 09-(02)
06/11/200905/05/2009Elizabeth Tallie d/b/a Liz's PlaceSDWA 09-(01)
06/08/200904/27/2009Blackinton Common, LLC and CG2, Inc.,RCRA (3008) 09-(01)
06/04/200908/27/2008Higman Barge Lines, Inc. Palmer Barge SiteCERCLA 106 (b ) 08-02
05/19/200912/11/2008Walton CWCA Golden West 70 LLC (U.S. Colloidal Site)CERCLA 106(b) 08-03
05/13/200905/01/2009Dominion Energy Brayton Point, LLCPSD 09-01
05/06/200903/25/2009Firestone Pacific Foods, Inc.,EPCRA 09-(01)
04/30/200904/13/2009Porter Hybrids, Inc.FIFRA 09-(03)
04/30/200907/17/2008Shell Offshore Inc.'s Alaska Outer Continental ShelfOCS 08-01....
04/23/200911/03/2008General Electric CompanyNPDES 08-25
04/22/200911/13/2007VidiksisTSCA 07-02
03/26/200903/06/2009Stockton Oil Company, Inc. (Battefield Express Center Facility)RCRA (9006) 09-(01)
03/04/200909/29/2008City of PittsfieldNPDES 08-19
02/26/200901/07/2009Spectrowax Corporation FIFRA 09-(01)
02/18/200906/13/2008Northern Michigan UniversityPSD 08-02
02/13/200901/15/2009Behnke Lubricants, Inc.,FIFRA 09-(02)
02/13/200901/05/2009Millennium Quests, Inc. d/b/a American Dream ConsultantsTSCA 09-(01)
01/14/200901/04/2008The Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino Waste Water Treatment PlantNPDES 08-02....
01/08/200912/24/2008E.I. du Pont de Nemours and CompanyMM 08-02C
01/02/200911/21/2008Bristlecone Water Improvement DistrictSDWA 08-(08)
12/24/200805/07/2007PPG Industries Ohio, Inc., and PPG Industries, Inc.RCRA 07-01
12/16/200806/23/2006The Dow Chemical Company, Hanging Rock PlantRCRA 06-01
12/11/200809/02/2008Mirant Canal, LLCNPDES 08-10
12/10/200809/29/2008Humboldt Bay Repower ProjectPSD 08-08
12/08/200810/16/2008Bango Oil, LLCPSD 08-10
11/25/200809/29/2008Russell City Energy CenterPSD 08-07
11/20/200808/22/2008Gene A. WilsonSDWA 08-(06)
11/13/200810/01/2007Deseret Power Electric Cooperative (Bonanza)PSD 07-03
11/04/200810/16/2008Mora Mutual Domestic Water Consumers and Sewage Works AssociationNPDES 08-20
11/03/200810/16/2008Windstream CorporationCWA 08-01C,EPCRA 08-02C
11/03/200810/06/2008American Tower CorporationEPCRA 08-01C
10/30/200810/29/2008Massachusetts Correctional Institute Norfolk Water Pollution Control FacilityNPDES (08-24)
10/27/200810/20/2008Unilko CorporationFIFRA 08-(02)
10/24/200810/20/2008Maulsby Farms, LLCCAA 08-01C....
10/20/200809/22/2008Jones Realty CorporationRCRA (9006) 08-(03)
10/20/200810/08/2008Fujifilm Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc.TSCA 08-02C
10/08/200808/21/2008Santa Barbara Community IISDWA 08-(05)
10/03/200803/06/2008Beeland Group, LLC, Beeland Disposal Well #1UIC 08-01....
09/05/200812/13/2007Essroc San Juan Inc.NPDES 07-20
09/02/200807/10/2008Municipality of Jayuya SDWA 08-(02)
08/11/200805/14/2008Higman Barge Lines, Inc. (Palmer Barge Superfund Site)CERCLA 106(b) 08-01
08/06/200806/30/2008Guardarraya CommunitySDWA 08-(01)
08/05/200806/19/2008Bacardi CorporationNPDES 08-07
07/31/200811/26/2007Nelson Industrial Steam CompanyCAA 07-02
07/29/200801/02/2008Russell City Energy CenterPSD 08-01
07/23/200808/06/2007Service Oil, Inc.CWA 07-02
07/18/200811/21/2007Environmental Disposal Systems, Inc.UIC 07-03
07/01/200806/16/2008Gilberto Roman GonzalezFIFRA 08-01C
07/01/200806/16/2008Anibal Torres SepulvedaFIFRA 08-02C
06/20/200804/27/2006General Motors Automotive-North AmericaRCRA (3008) 06-02
06/12/200804/01/2008Frank J. DavisTSCA 08-(01)
06/02/200808/22/2007Conocophillips CompanyPSD 07-02
05/19/200806/01/2007Dry Creek Rancheria Wastewater Treatment PlantNPDES 07-14,NPDES 07-15
04/25/200803/10/2008Smith Farm Enterprises, LLCCWA 08-(01)
04/24/200804/10/2008BHP Billiton Navajo Coal CompanyNPDES (08-06)
03/28/200810/29/2007San Jacinto River AuthorityNPDES 07-19
03/26/200807/07/2006South Carolina Electric & Gas CompanyNPDES 06-09
03/25/200810/16/2006Northbridge Wastewater Treatment PlantNPDES 06-11
03/25/200802/05/2007Town of North Attleborough Wastewater Treatment FacilityNPDES 07-02 ,NPDES 07-04
03/19/200805/07/2007District of Columbia Water & Sewer AuthorityNPDES 05-02....
03/19/200809/28/2007Keene Wastewater Treatment FacilityNPDES 07-18
03/18/200801/16/2008Liston Brick of CoronaCAA 07-03
03/11/200811/22/2006Euclid of Virginia, Inc.RCRA (9006) 06-05,RCRA (9006) 06-06
03/07/200810/31/2006Wyman Gordon CompanyNPDES 06-14
03/06/200812/20/2007Robert J. Heser and Andrew HeserCWA 07-(03)
03/05/200801/25/20084 Seasons CooperativeFIFRA 08-(01)
02/29/200801/10/2008Forest City Residential Management, Inc.TSCA 08-01C
02/28/200801/03/2008Haverhill Wastewater Treatment FacilityNPDES 08-01
02/20/200804/25/2007Leed Foundry, Inc.RCRA (3008) 07-02
02/15/200803/16/2006Environmental Protection Services, Inc.TSCA 06-01
02/14/200802/13/2007Martex Farms, S.E.FIFRA 07-01
02/13/200809/11/2007Easley Combined UtilitiesNPDES 07-17
02/01/200801/30/2008TCM Progressive, Inc.EPCRA 08-(01)
02/01/200812/21/2007Snow and Snow, Incorporated, Kerry SnowSDWA 07-03
01/30/200801/08/2008Shell Oil Company, et al.MM 08-01C
01/28/200807/09/2007Christian County Generation, LLCPSD 07-01
01/23/200805/14/2007City of Portsmouth, New HampshireNPDES 07-13
01/18/200812/05/2007Keenhold Associates, ET ALTSCA 07-(04)
01/15/200807/11/2005Centredale Manor Superfund Site (North Providence, RI)CERCLA 106(b) 05-02
12/21/200711/14/2007Provision Realty and Property Mgmt LLCTSCA 07-(03)
12/19/200709/21/2007Core Energy, LLCUIC 07-02
11/27/200710/24/2005Wausau Papers of New Hampshire, Inc.NPDES 05-15
11/20/200710/04/2007David F. LamereTSCA 07-(01)
11/08/200704/12/2006District Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)NPDES 06-07,NPDES 06-08
11/01/200706/05/2007Zaclon, Inc., Zaclon, LLC, and Independence Land Development CompanyRCRA (3008) 07-(03)
10/30/200709/27/2007Century Oil AcquisitionRCRA (9006) 07-(04)
10/10/200704/09/2007Teck Cominco Alaska Inc. Red Dog MineNPDES 07-08,NPDES 07-09
10/05/200709/11/2007Kanto CorporationTSCA 07-07C
10/05/200709/11/2007MarChem CorporationTSCA 07-08C
09/28/200708/28/2007Altex Distributing Inc.CAA 07-(01)
09/27/200701/03/2007Dominion Energy Brayton Point, LLC NPDES 07-01
09/25/200705/09/2007Rizing Sun, L.L.C.FIFRA 07-02
09/19/200708/14/2007Massachusetts Port Authority, Logan International AirportNPDES 07-16
09/14/200707/05/2007Shell Offshore, Inc. (Kulluk Drilling Unit and Frontier Discoverer Drilling UnitOCS 07-01,OCS 07-02
09/05/200711/03/2006Leominster Water Pollution Control FacilityNPDES 06-16
08/16/200707/25/2007Arkema IncTSCA 07-05C
08/16/200708/07/2007Ashland, Inc.TSCA 07-06C
08/14/200706/11/2007VersaCold Corporation d/b/a VersaCold CorporationCWA 07-02C
07/17/200711/02/2006Town of MarionNPDES 06-15
07/11/200712/13/2006City of Wilkes-Barre, A.R. Popple, Inc., Wyoming S. & P., Inc.CAA 06-03
07/11/200705/14/2007Environmental Disposal Systems, Inc. UIC 07-01
06/29/200701/17/2007J. Phillip AdamsCWA 06-06
06/27/200706/07/2007Oxid L.P.TSCA 07-03C
06/25/200711/03/1998Hercules IncorporatedCERCLA 106(b) 98-2
06/20/200705/14/2007Roger Barber, d/b/a Barber TruckingCWA 07-(02)
06/15/200706/07/2007Toray Marketing & Sales (America), Inc.TSCA 07-02C
06/14/200706/05/2007National Plastics Color, Inc.TSCA 07-04C
06/01/200704/18/2007Municipality of Catano, Department of Transportation and Public WorksRCRA (3008) 07-(01)
05/24/200710/31/2005Howmet Corp.RCRA (3008) 05-04
05/17/200709/20/2006Rhee Bros., Inc.FIFRA 06-02
05/02/200704/04/2007Kmart Holding Corporation dba Kmart CorporationEPCRA 07-01C....
04/19/200702/20/2007Village of PenderNPDES 07-05....
04/10/200703/01/2006Town of Rockland Wastewater Treatment PlantNPDES 06-06
03/27/200702/05/2007Town of Marshfield Waste Water Treatment FacilityNPDES 07-03
03/23/200701/22/2007Israel Justiniano Perichi CommunitySDWA 07-(01)
03/01/200701/19/2007PJH Brands (Advanced Packaging and Products, Inc.)CERCLA 106(b) 07-01
02/06/200701/19/2007Y H AmericaTSCA 07-01C
01/19/200712/21/2006Syngenta Seeds, Inc.FIFRA 06-01C
01/03/200711/03/2005Donald CutlerEAJA 05-01
12/14/200610/23/2006Gaskey Construction CorporationCWA 06-07
12/12/200612/06/2006Animal Feeding OperationsCAA 06-2468C thru 06-2618C, CERCLA 06-2468C thru 06-2618C, EPCRA 06-2468C thru 06-2618C
12/05/200603/01/2005General Electric Company, Grand Street Mercury SiteCERCLA 106(b) 05-01,CERCLA 106(b) 05-03
11/30/200611/06/2006Albemarle CorporationCAA 06-2467C
11/22/200609/12/2006City of Springfield, IllinoisPSD 06-08
11/14/200606/12/2006Knauf Insulation (PSD 06-01; 06-02; 06-03; 06-04; 06-05; 06-06)PSD 06-01....
11/02/200606/04/2004City of Newburyport Wastewater Treatment FacilityNPDES 04-05
10/31/200609/11/2003HECLA Mining CompanyNPDES 03-10,NPDES 06-05 (Consolidated)
10/31/200601/26/2006HECLA Mining Company, Lucky FridayNPDES 06-05
10/06/200601/12/2005Vico Construction Corp.CWA 05-01
10/06/200606/03/2005Smith Farms Enterprises, LLCCWA 05-05
10/05/200609/08/2006City of Springfield, IllinoisPSD 06-07
10/02/200606/09/2005City of Brockton Advanced Wastewater FacilityNPDES 05-04
09/27/200611/17/2003Indeck-Elwood LLCPSD 03-04
09/27/200608/16/2006Ponce Airlines Services, Inc. a/k/a Ponce Airline ServicesRCRA (3008) 06-(04)
09/01/200601/31/2006Ag-Air Flying Services , Inc.FIFRA 06-01
08/31/200610/27/2005Boston & Maine CorporationNPDES 05-17
08/24/200606/08/2005Prairie State Generating Co.PSD 05-05
08/23/200601/18/2005Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment PlantNPDES 05-01 & 02
08/21/200608/16/2006Animal Feeding Operations - Seaboard Foods LPCAA 06-2466C....
08/21/200606/12/2006Ponce Airlines Services, Inc.RCRA (3008) 06-(03)
08/17/200606/27/2006Ronald H. Hunt, Et AlTSCA 06-(02)
08/07/200608/04/2006Animal Feeding OperationsCAA 06-2112C thru 06-2464C....
07/24/200606/12/2006Melotz Trucking, Inc.CWA 06-(04)
07/19/200607/18/2006Animal Feeding OperationsCAA 06-0907C thru 06-2111C....
07/11/200608/04/2005Four Strong Builders, Inc.CAA 05-02
06/22/200612/15/2005Wasatch PropaneEPCRA 05-02
06/13/200603/18/2005FRM Chem, Inc., a.k.a. Industrial SpecialtiesFIFRA 05-01
06/01/200607/05/2005Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals, LP ("Sunoco"); Inkster FacilityUIC 05-01
05/25/200604/14/2006Tanama CommunitySDWA 06-(02)
05/05/200605/02/2006Animal Feeding OperationsCAA 06- 0703C thru 06-0906C....
05/02/200610/26/2005Wesco Operating, Inc. (Formerly Pioneer Oil & Gas)NPDES 05-16
04/19/200612/27/2004Scituate Wastewater Treatment PlantNPDES 04-17
04/17/200604/11/2006Animal Feeding OperationsCAA 06-0021C thru 06-0702C....
04/12/200606/30/2005City of Marlborough Westerly Wastewater Treatment FacilityNPDES 05-05
04/06/200606/30/2005City of Marlborough Westerly Wastewater Treatment Faciltiy (City of Marlborough ...NPDES 05-09
04/03/200601/10/2006Marc Mathys d/b/a Green Tree Spray Technologies LLCRCRA 06-(01)
03/21/200602/08/2006Gaskey Construction CorporationCWA 06-02
03/21/200602/09/2006New Lift, Inc.CWA 06-(03)
03/21/200612/16/2005Bosque Toro Negro CommunitySDWA 05-(03)
03/08/200602/22/2006Cellco Partnership and its Affiliates Doing Business as Verizon WirelessEPCRA 06-01C
02/27/200607/22/2005Antelope Creek Steamflood Pilot Project Test repUIC 05-02
02/22/200601/13/2006Bar Development Water Users' AssociationSDWA 06-(01)
02/14/200601/09/2006Rindal Oil, Inc.CWA 06-(01)
02/09/200601/03/2006Sargent Enterprises, Inc.CAA 06 - (01)
02/09/200610/07/2005Texon USANPDES 05-14
02/09/200601/04/2006City of Cambridge, Department of Public WorksNPDES 06-01,NPDES 06-02 and NPDES 06-03
02/09/200609/09/2005Diamond Wanapa Energy Center I.,L.P., Wanapa Energy CenterPSD 05-06
02/07/200608/10/2005Beacon Park Yard (CSX Transportation Inc.)NPDES 05-13
02/01/200611/05/2003USGen New England, Inc.NPDES 03-12
01/27/200611/09/2005Animal Feeding OperationsCAA 05-0001C thru 05-0020C....
01/20/200604/12/2005Ronald H. Hunt, ET ALTSCA 05-01
01/13/200601/05/2006Milliken & CompanyNPDES 06-04
01/03/200606/30/2005Town of Westborough Treatment FacilityNPDES 05-07
01/03/200607/11/2005Belchertown Water Reclamation Facility, MANPDES 05-10

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