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This collection is limited to significant board actions added to the EAB website during the last 120-days.

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Order DateCitationAppeal No.Case Name
10/03/2023  Slip Opinion  TSCA 23-03  Charles Bridge, LLC
09/29/2023  Unpublished Final Order  CERCLA 23-01  In re Bryan K. Clark
09/05/2023  Unpublished Final Order  TSCA 23-02C  Kyocera International Inc.
08/24/2023  Unpublished Final Order  CAA 23-07C  Suncor Energy (U.S.A.) Inc.
08/24/2023  Unpublished Final Order  CAA 23-07C  Suncor Energy (U.S.A.) Inc.
08/23/2023  Unpublished Final Order  CWA 23-(02)  Frank Alo
08/22/2023  Unpublished Final Order  FIFRA 23-(01)  AMVAC Chemical Corporation
08/09/2023  Unpublished Final Order  CAA 23-05C  Waysmos, USA, Inc.
08/08/2023  Unpublished Final Order  CAA 23-06C  Combs Investment Property, LP
07/14/2023  19 E.A.D. 1  FIFRA 23-02  Gharda Chemicals International, Inc., and Red River Valley Sugarbeet G...
06/23/2023  Unpublished Final Order  CAA 23-04C  Nature Gas Import and Export Inc.
06/07/2023  Unpublished Final Order  CWA 23-(01)  Astro Auto Wrecking, LLC

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