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This collection is limited to significant board actions added to the EAB website during the last 120-days.

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02/01/2018Unpublished Final OrderTSCA 18-02QRavago Chemical Distribution Inc. dba Pacific Coast Chemicals
01/26/201817 E.A.D. ___ RCRA 16-01General Electric Company
01/26/201817 E.A.D. ___RCRA 16-02General Electric Company
01/26/201817 E.A.D. ___RCRA 16-03General Electric Company
01/26/201817 E.A.D. ___RCRA 16-04General Electric Company
01/26/201817 E.A.D. ___RCRA 16-05General Electric Company
01/25/2018Unpublished Final OrderCAA 18-01CAlon USA, LP
01/11/2018Unpublished Final OrderTSCA 18-01QKopin Display Corporation
01/11/2018Unpublished Final OrderNPDES 17-06City of Sandpoint Wastewater Treatment Plant
01/05/2018Unpublished Final OrderNPDES 17-07Barnhardt Manufacturing Company
11/02/2017Unpublished Final OrderNPDES 17-04Coastal Energy Corporation
10/26/2017Unpublished Final OrderNPDES 17-01Town of Marion Wastewater Treatment Plant
10/26/2017Unpublished Final OrderNPDES 17-02The Town of Marion Wastewater Treatment Plant
10/17/2017Unpublished Final OrderTSCA 17-02CThe Chemical Company
09/27/2017Unpublished Final OrderCAA 17-04CKoch Supply & Trading, LP
09/25/2017Unpublished Final OrderNPDES 17-04Coastal Energy Corporation
09/22/201717 E.A.D. ___UIC 17-03Florence Copper, Inc.
09/22/201717 E.A.D. ___UIC 17-01Florence Copper, Inc.
09/20/2017Unpublished Final OrderCAA 17-03CVan Hool NV
09/19/2017Unpublished Final OrderMM 17-01CJP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.
09/13/2017Unpublished Final OrderTSCA 17-01CWilhelmsen Ships Services
09/12/2017Unpublished Final OrderNPDES 17-04Coastal Energy Corporation
08/28/2017Unpublished Final OrderTSCA 17-03QTRInternational, Inc.

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