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Upcoming Oral Arguments

The Environmental Appeals Board has scheduled oral argument on the following:

12/09/2021Ocean Era, Inc. (Oral Argument - Appeal Number: NPDES 20-08)01:30 PM [EDT]

Oral arguments typically take place in the Administrative Courtroom, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, EPA East Building, Room 1152, 1201 Constitution Avenue, N.W., Washington, D.C. Except as otherwise indicated, the arguments are open to the public. At the present time and until further notice, oral arguments will not take place in the Administrative Courtroom but will be conducted in a virtual format.

For Oral Arguments that will be held virtually, a link will be provided a few days prior to the argument to allow members of the public to observe the proceedings online. To access the link, click on the oral argument listed above.

Note: For security purposes, advance notice is required to gain entry into the EPA building where the Courtroom is located. Members of the public wishing to attend oral argument must contact the Clerk of the Board sufficiently in advance of the oral argument to allow the Clerk reasonable opportunity to notify appropriate security personnel (i.e., one week prior to the scheduled oral argument). Those requiring reasonable accommodation due to a disability should also notify the Clerk of the Board at least one week prior to oral argument. The Clerk of the Board can be reached either by emailing Emilio Cortes at clerk_eab@epa.gov, or by calling 202-233-0122.

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