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Unpublished Final Orders

The unpublished final orders of the EAB available on this page are provided to comply with the Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments of 1996, 5 U.S.C.A. § 552(a)(2).  Orders issued prior to November 1996 are not available electronically, but may be requested from the Clerk of the Board.  This site contains only final dispositions.

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04/19/2022TSCA 22-01Q, Vorbeck Materials
02/07/2022CAA 22-01C, 3M Company
01/13/2022CWA 21-02, A.B.E.F. Development Corp. and Herminio Cotto Cons...
12/17/2021NPDES 21-04, City of Marlborough Westerly Wastewater Treatment ...
12/15/2021TSCA 21-04C, Avantor Performance Materials LLC
11/15/2021RCRA 21-03C, US Technology Media Inc.
11/04/2021CERCLA 106(b) 15-01, Land OLakes Inc
09/29/2021NPDES 21-01, Wulf Cattle Depot
09/28/2021CAA 21-03C, American Refining Group, Inc. CAA-HQ-21-8418
09/20/2021CAA 21-02C, Chevron U.S.A. Inc
08/24/2021TSCA 21-03C, TASR Inc.
08/18/2021NPDES 21-02, Nate Pulley d/b/a Yellow Creek Stone
07/20/2021TSCA 21-02C, MP Mine Operations, LLC
07/13/2021FIFRA 21-(01), Edwin Andujar Bermudez dba Truly Nolen Pest Contro...
07/12/2021CAA 21-01C, Briggs & Stratton, LLC
07/06/2021RCRA (9006) 21-02, Silky Associates, LLC
04/20/2021CWA 21-(01), Diamond 3S LLC
04/09/2021TSCA 21-01Q, Solvchem, Inc.
03/26/2021CAA 20-02, Limetree Bay Terminals, LLC and Limetree Bay Refin...
03/26/2021CAA 20-03, Limetree Bay Terminals, LLC and Limetree Bay Refin...
03/18/2021TSCA 20-06, Build It Bros, LLC
02/10/2021CERCLA 106 (b) 10-01, Titan Tire Corporation and Dico, Inc. (Southern Io...
12/16/2020TSCA 20-(05), Premier Flipping LLC
11/27/2020CWA 20-(04), Tony L. Brown and Joshua A. Brown d/b/a Riverview ...
11/25/2020NPDES 20-03, Holtec Decommissioning International LLC
11/20/2020RCRA 20-01, Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
11/05/2020FIFRA 20-02C, Danaher Corporation New Owner of Pall Corrporation
10/06/2020FIFRA 20-01C, Electrolux Home Products, Inc.
09/25/2020TSCA 20-04C, Toyota Motor North America, Inc.
08/14/2020CWA 20-(01), New York State Department of Transportation
05/26/2020NPDES 20-04, Starkist Samoa Co
05/13/2020TSCA 20-03C, Swix Sport USA
05/12/2020RCRA 20-01C, Bloom Energy Corporation
04/28/2020NPDES 19-04, City of Haverhill
04/15/2020TSCA 20-(01), Bottos Construction, Inc.
04/09/2020TSCA 20-02Q, Axiall, LLC
04/07/2020NPDES 19-05, Greater Lawrence Sanitary District
04/02/2020CAA 20-(01), Freedom Performance LLC
03/06/2020RCRA 19-01, Vickery Environmental, Inc.
03/05/2020SDWA 20-(01), Diamond 3S, LLC
03/03/2020TSCA 20-01Q, Rockland Industries, Inc.
02/25/2020CAA 20-01C, Penn Tank Lines, Inc.
02/18/2020TSCA 20-02C, Stratasys, Inc.
01/24/2020NPDES 19-01, Hecla Limited Lucky Friday Mine
01/22/2020NPDES 19-07, American Samoa Power Authority
01/14/2020TSCA 20-01C, Detroit Renovations LLC and Nicole Curtis
01/10/2020CAA 19-06C, Hardway Solutions, LLC, d/b/a Hardway Performance ...
11/21/2019FIFRA 19-(01), Tower Exterminating Corp. a/k/a Tower & Son Exterm...
11/05/2019CWA 19-(01), C & S Enterprise, L.L.C.
10/15/2019TSCA 19-02Q, SACO AEI Polymers
09/30/2019FIFRA 19-02C, Earth Science Laboratories, Inc.
09/30/2019NPDES 19-02, City of Nezperce
09/24/2019CAA 19-04C, More Power Tuning, LLC
09/24/2019CAA 19-05C, VMP Tuning, INC.,
09/12/2019CAA 19-03C, Lexington Container Co.
09/12/2019CAA 19-02C, Best Choice Products, Inc.
08/29/2019CAA 19-02, Veolia ES Technical Solutions, LLC
08/22/2019TSCA 19-(02), Juan C. Garcia d/b/a Master Roofing and Restoratio...
08/15/2019TSCA 19-01C, Global Sourcing Solutions, A Division of Turner Lo...
08/13/2019TSCA 19-01, Investment Properties, L.L.C.
08/06/2019UIC 19-01, Goodnight Midstream Bakken LLC
07/17/2019FIFRA 19-01Q, Douglas Products and Packaging Company LLC
06/24/2019CAA 19-01C, Valley Performance Distributers, LLC
02/12/2019NPDES 18-02, Arizona Public Service Company
02/08/2019TSCA 19-01Q, Chemical Solvents, Inc.
12/06/2018CAA 18-(03), Spartan Diesel Technologies LLC
10/24/2018NPDES 18-03, Keolis Commuter Services LLC
10/11/2018NPDES 18-04, City of Harrison Wastewater Treatment Plant
10/10/2018UIC 18-04, Excelsior Mining Arizona, Inc.
09/04/2018CAA 18-08C, Justin Holder, Battlefield Automotive, LLC, and En...
08/14/2018CAA 18-07C, Colonial Oil Industries, Inc.
08/01/2018UIC 18-03, Excelsior Mining Arizona, Inc.
07/12/2018TSCA 18-(02), RFN Enterprise, Inc.
07/03/2018CAA 18-06C, KT Performance Inc.
06/14/2018MM 18-01C, Enel Green Power North America Inc
06/04/2018TSCA 18-01C, Magnolia Waco Prperties, LLC d/b/a Magnolia Homes
05/31/2018UIC 18-01, West Bay Exploration Co.
05/22/2018CAA 18-05C, Maryland Performance Diesel LLC
05/08/2018CAA 18-04C, Evans Tuning, LLC
05/08/2018NPDES 17-08, Town of Fairhaven
04/26/2018UIC 18-01, West Bay Exploration Co.
04/10/2018TSCA 18-(01), Boston Design & Construction Co., Inc.
04/10/2018CAA 18-03C, New Flyer of America Inc.
04/03/2018CAA 17-02, Veolia ES Technical Solutions, L.L.C.
03/29/2018CAA 18-02C, Adrenaline Truck Performance, LLC
03/07/2018RCRA 16-01, General Electric Company
02/01/2018TSCA 18-02Q, Ravago Chemical Distribution Inc. dba Pacific Coas...
01/31/2018NPDES 18-02, Arizona Public Service Company
01/25/2018CAA 18-01C, Alon USA, LP
01/11/2018TSCA 18-01Q, Kopin Display Corporation
01/11/2018NPDES 17-06, City of Sandpoint Wastewater Treatment Plant
01/05/2018NPDES 17-07, Barnhardt Manufacturing Company
11/02/2017NPDES 17-04, Coastal Energy Corporation
10/26/2017NPDES 17-01, Town of Marion Wastewater Treatment Plant
10/26/2017NPDES 17-02, The Town of Marion Wastewater Treatment Plant
10/17/2017TSCA 17-02C, The Chemical Company
09/27/2017CAA 17-04C, Koch Supply & Trading, LP
09/25/2017NPDES 17-04, Coastal Energy Corporation
09/22/2017UIC 17-04, Florence Copper, Inc.
09/20/2017CAA 17-03C, Van Hool NV
09/19/2017MM 17-01C, JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.
09/13/2017TSCA 17-01C, Wilhelmsen Ships Services
09/12/2017NPDES 17-04, Coastal Energy Corporation
08/28/2017TSCA 17-03Q, TRInternational, Inc.
07/26/2017UIC 17-02, Florence Copper Inc.
05/24/2017CAA 17-02C, Atlantic Trading & Marketing, Inc.
04/07/2017RCRA 17-01C, Whole Foods Market Group, Inc., et al
04/07/2017NPDES 16-01, Bridgewater Waste Water Treatment Facility
03/31/2017CAA 17-01C, Bell Trucks America, Inc. and Bell Equipment limit...
03/22/2017TSCA 17-02Q, Tri-iso TryLine LLC
03/21/2017NSR 16-02, Ponderosa Compressor Station
02/28/2017TSCA 17-01Q, JX Nippon Chemical Texas Inc.
02/03/2017FIFRA 17-01C, Bayer CropScience LP
01/10/2017APPS 16-05C, Eastern Cross Shipping S.A., IMO Number 371947 Toy...
12/23/2016CAA 16-03C, Peace Industry Group (USA), Inc., and Blue Eagle M...
12/22/2016CAA 16-04C, Houston Refining LP
11/16/2016FIFRA 16-05C, ECCO USA, Inc
11/08/2016CAA 16-01C, Suzuki Motor of America, Inc, and Suzuki Motor Cor...
10/13/2016FIFRA 16-04C, Sumitomo Chemical Company
10/06/2016CWA 16-03, Atkinson Developers, LLC Francis M. Atkinson, Jr.
10/06/2016FIFRA 16-03C, American Covers Inc., d/b/a Handstands
09/29/2016FIFRA 16-02C, Proctor & Gamble Company
09/27/2016TSCA 16-03Q, BruggemannChemical, BruggemannChemical U.S., Inc.
09/27/2016TSCA 16-04Q, Linwood Mining & Mineral Corporation
08/31/2016UIC 15-03, West Bay Exploration Co
08/24/2016TSCA 16-02Q, Shrieve Chemical Company
08/24/2016CAA 16-02C, Arctic Cat, Inc.
08/03/2016NPDES 15-02 and ....., Wind River Oil and Gas Permits
07/26/2016CWA 16-02, Polo Development Inc AIM Georgia LLC and Joseph Zd...
07/26/2016TSCA16-03C, OSRAM SYLVANIA, Inc. Wilmington, MA
07/26/2016TSCA 16-01Q, Coyne Chemical Corporation
07/22/2016NPDES 15-12, Sterling Suffolk Racecourse LLC
07/05/2016RCRA (9006) 16-01, Stockton Oil Company
06/16/2016NPDES 15-08, City of Taunton Department of Public Works
05/19/2016APPS 16-04C, Hamburg Cruise S. A. International Maritime Organi...
05/05/2016FIFRA 16-01C, Makhteshim Agan of North America, Inc., d/b/a ADAM...
04/21/2016NPDES 15-10, Invensys Systems, Inc.
03/29/2016APPS 16-03C, Great Enterprise Company Limited, Intenational Mar...
03/28/2016CAA 15-01 and ....., Deseret Power Electric Cooperative Bonanza Power P...
03/22/2016TSCA 16-02C, Tricon International Ltd dba Tricon Energy Limited...
03/10/2016APPS 16-01C, Green Spanker Shipping S.A. International Maritime...
03/10/2016APPS 16-02C, Premuda Spa International Maritime Organization
03/04/2016RCRA 16-01C, Jeffrey L. Nixon dba EarthEcycle, EarthEcycle, LLC...
02/18/2016NPDES 15-06, City of Nashua Wastewater Treatment Facility
02/16/2016RCRA 16-01C, Jeffrey L. Nixon dba EarthEcycle, EarthEcycle, LLC...
02/11/2016TSCA 16-01C, American International Chemical
02/04/2016CWA 404 16-01, Hudson River Park Trust
01/14/2016NPDES 15-11, Town of Salisbury
01/08/2016MM 15-01C, Comcast Cable Communications, LLC
01/07/2016NPDES 14-04, LEE Ranch Coal Company
12/17/2015CAA 15-03C, H&S Performance LLC
11/06/2015TSCA 15-00C, Deltech Corp
11/05/2015TSCA 15-04C, R.E. Carroll, Inc.
09/29/2015NPDES 14-03, General Electric Aviation
09/14/2015CAA 15-02C, Yamaha Motor Corp. U.S.A.
09/03/2015TSCA 15-01C, OMG Americas, Inc.
07/28/2015NPDES 15-07, Star Sewer and Water District Waste Water Treatmen...
07/10/2015TSCA 15-03C, Hampford Research, Inc.
06/05/2015UIC 15-01, Eagle Mine LLC
05/15/2015CAA 15-03, Tewa Women United Dr. Maureen Merritt and Concerne...
05/07/2015NPDES 15-01, CertainTeed Corporation
04/28/2015TSCA 15-02C, Aviall Services, Inc.
04/27/2015NPDES 14-02, Los Alamos National Laboratory
03/31/2015CAA 15-01C, Geason Enterprises, L.L.C., et.al.
03/10/2015FIFRA 15-01C, AMVAC Chemical Corporation
02/04/2015UIC 14-191, Gasco Energy, Inc.
01/08/2015TSCA 14-04C, Vanderbilt Minerals, LLC
12/19/2014NPDES 13-07, Buckley Air Force Base Municipal Separate Storm Se...
12/19/2014NPDES 13-09, Joint Base Lewis-McChord Municipal Separate Storm ...
12/16/2014PSD 14-07, Energy Answers LLC
11/26/2014UIC 14-72, Archer Daniels Midland Co.
11/14/2014CAA 14-03, Jonway Motorcycle (USA) Co., LTD., Shenke USA, Inc...
11/05/2014TSCA 14-03C, Infineum USA L.P.
10/28/2014FIFRA 14-01C, Metrex Research, LLC
10/21/2014UIC 14-66 and ....., West Bay Exploration Company
10/08/2014RCRA (3008) 14-01, Hagerstown Aircraft Services, Inc.
09/30/2014CAA 14-03C, Lu Yuan, Inc. and Zhejiang Yongkang Luyuan Industr...
09/22/2014UIC 14-66 and ....., West Bay Exploration Company
09/22/2014UIC 14-66 and ....., West Bay Exploration Company
08/14/2014TSCA 14-01, James Ikegwu and Martha Ikegwu
07/22/2014PSD 14-04, Energy Answers LLC
07/17/2014TSCA 14-02C, Bedoukian Research, Inc
06/10/2014UIC 14-04 and ....., Windfall Oil & Gas, Inc.
06/05/2014PSD 14-03 and ....., Sierra Pacific Industries
05/30/2014PSD 14-04, Energy Answers LLC
05/30/2014PSD 14-04, Energy Answers LLC
05/14/2014RCRA 13-01 and ....., E.I. Dupont De Nemours and Company
04/30/2014TSCA 14-01C, Boulder Scientific Company
04/15/2014NPDES 13-06, Town of Uxbridge Wastewater Treatment Facility
04/10/2014RCRA (9006) 14-01, Ross Transport Co., Inc. and Arnold Steinman
03/25/2014CAA 14-02C, American Lifan Industry, Inc.
02/27/2014CAA 14-01C, CFMOTO Powersports Inc. et al
02/04/2014MM 14-01C, Charter Communications, Inc.
01/07/2014NPDES 12-05, Town of Newmarket Wastewater Treatment Plant
12/19/2013FIFRA 13-05C, Harrell's LLC
12/18/2013MM 13-03C, E. I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company
12/06/2013CAA 13-04, Samson Resources Company
12/06/2013CAA 13-05, Colorado Interstate Gas Company, LLC
12/05/2013MM 13-02C, T-Mobile US, Inc.
11/14/2013CAA 13-01, Stericycle Inc.
11/07/2013UIC 13-03, Chevron Michigan, LLC
11/06/2013NPDES 13-11, State of Hawaii, Department of Transportation, Hig...
10/31/2013TSCA 13-02C, Titanium Metals Corporation
10/28/2013NPDES 12-04, Alyeska Pipeline Service Company
09/24/2013MM 13-01C, The Dodge Company, Inc.
09/03/2013SDWA 13-01, Maralex Disposal, LLC
07/24/2013NPDES 13-04, University of Massachusetts Boston
07/18/2013CAA 13-02C, American Performance Technologies, Inc. (CAA 13-02...
06/06/2013FIFRA 13-04C, OmniLytics, Inc.
05/29/2013UIC 13-01 and ....., West Bay Exploration Co.
05/28/2013RCRA (3008) 13-01C and ....., Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
05/28/2013RCRA (3008) 13-01C and ....., Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
05/02/2013NPDES 13-05, Weaver's Cove Energy, LLC
04/16/2013UIC 13-01 and ....., West Bay Exploration Co.
04/11/2013EPCRA 13-01C and ....., AboveNet Communications, Inc.
04/11/2013TSCA 13-01C, The Lincoln Electric Company
02/28/2013CERCLA 106(b) 12-02, Safe Environmental Corporation of Indiana (Clevela...
02/19/2013FIFRA 13-02C, Wellmark International
01/29/2013FIFRA 12-01C, Nalco Company
01/17/2013EPCRA 12-02C, Honeywell International, Inc.
01/14/2013NPDES 11-05 and ....., District of Columbia Municipal Separate Storm Sewe...
01/10/2013FIFRA 13-01C, Kemira Chemicals, Inc.
01/10/2013TSCA 12-08C, GE Reuter Stokes, Inc.
01/09/2013TSCA 12-09C, Kemira Water Solutions, Inc
01/03/2013CERCLA 106(b) 12-03, Joseph J. Piscazzi, Trustee, Joseph J. Piscazzi Re...
01/03/2013MM 12-01C, New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLc
12/21/2012PSD 12-03, Sierra Pacific Industries
12/18/2012CERCLA 106(b) 12-04, Appleton Papers Inc., Lower Fox River and Green Ba...
11/20/2012PSD 12-02, Hess Newark Energy Center
11/16/2012TSCA 12-07C, Apartment Investment and Management Company
11/16/2012NPDES 11-05 and ....., District of Columbia Municipal Separate Storm Sewe...
09/21/2012TSCA 12-06C, Titanium Metals Corporation
09/18/2012TSCA 12-05C, Chemalloy Company, Inc.
07/20/2012TSCA 12-04C, Haldor Topsoe, Inc.
07/17/2012PSD 12-01, Christian County Generation, LLC
07/12/2012CAA 12-02C, Pacific Rim International West Inc., Haili Icebear...
06/28/2012UIC 11-03, Bear Lake Properties, LLC
06/25/2012TSCA 12-02C, Chemtura Corporation
06/25/2012TSCA 12-03C, Bethlehem Apparatus Company, Inc.
06/25/2012TSCA 12-02C, Bethlehem Apparatus Company, Inc.
06/08/2012NPDES 12-02, West Boise Wastewater Treatment Facility
06/08/2012NPDES 12-01, Lander Street Wastewater Treatment Facility
05/17/2012CAA 12-01C, Target Corporation
04/06/2012CERCLA 106(b) 12-01, Safe Environmental Corporation of Indiana (Clevela...
03/30/2012TSCA 12-01C, Ponda International
03/19/2012NPDES 11-08, Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority
03/19/2012RCRA (3008) 12-01, NewChem, Inc.
03/19/2012NPDES 11-09, Amgen Manufacturing, Limited
03/15/2012CAA 10-04, BP America Production Company, Florida River Compr...
02/09/2012EPCRA 12-01(C), New Cingular Wireless PCS, LLC, et al
01/19/2012RCRA (3008) 11-04(C), Southern Wood Piedmont Company and Rayonier Inc.
01/13/2012TSCA 11-08(C) and ....., E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
12/30/2011TSCA 11-07(C), Kronos Worldwide, Inc.
12/07/2011CWA 11-01, Service Oil, Inc.
12/05/2011CWA 11-07, Mr. Allen Barry, Mr. Tim Barry d/b/a Allen Barry L...
11/23/2011RCRA 11-03(C) and ....., BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc., BP Products North Am...
11/23/2011RCRA 11-03(C) and ....., BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc., BP Products North Am...
11/23/2011RCRA 11-03(C) and ....., BP Exploration (Alaska) Inc., BP Products North Am...
11/03/2011NPDES 10-17, Barnhardt Manufacturing Company
10/27/2011CWA 11-07, Mr. Allen Barry, Mr. Tim Barry d/b/a Allen Barry L...
10/25/2011CWA 11-04 and ....., Amreco, LLC
10/19/2011TSCA 11-05(C), Eastman Kodak Co
10/13/2011TSCA 11-06(C), Jungbunzlauer Inc.
10/13/2011CERCLA 106(b) 94-12, Southern Pacific & Atchison (Brown & Bryant Site)
09/30/2011TSCA 11-04(C), E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
09/06/2011NPDES 10-05 and ....., Buena Vista Rancheria Wastewater Treatment Plant (...
08/19/2011NPDES 10-14, City of Fitchburg Wastewater Treatment
08/18/2011RCRA 11-02(C) and ....., The Department of the Interior
08/09/2011TSCA 11-03(C), The Plaza Group
08/02/2011TSCA 11-02, The Okonite Company, Inc.
06/08/2011RCRA (3008) 11-01(C), Penn National Gaming, Inc. et al
04/19/2011CWA 11-02, Henry R. Stevenson, Jr. Individually And as Owner ...
04/04/2011RCRA 10-01, American Airlines, Inc.
03/28/2011TSCA 11-01, Landmark Real Estate Management, Inc., Solo Afford...
03/08/2011TSCA 11-02C, Copeq Trading Company, Inc.
03/04/2011TSCA 11-01C, Chemson Inc.
02/09/2011UIC 11-01 and ....., Powertech (USA) Inc.
02/02/2011NPDES 09-01, City and County of Honolulu's Sand Island Wastewat...
02/02/2011CAA 11-01C, U.S. General services Administration, Goody Clancy...
01/26/2011NPDES 06-12 and ....., Mirant Kendall, LLC, Mirant Kendall Station
01/01/2011NPDES 09-11, City of Caldwell
12/30/2010OCS 10-01 and ....., Shell Gulf of Mexico Inc. and Shell Offshore Inc.
12/15/2010NPDES 10-18, Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority - Aguirre Pow...
12/15/2010TSCA 10-02C, E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company
12/01/2010TSCA 10-01C, Titanium Metals Corporation
11/29/2010PSD 10-14, Sunrise Powerlink
11/18/2010NPDES 10-04, Teck Alaska, Incorporated
09/30/2010CWA 08-02, Smith Farm Enterprises, LLC
09/09/2010CWA 10-03, Fulton Fuel Company
08/30/2010NPDES 09-17, City of Cambridge, Massachusetts
08/26/2010NPDES 09-14, Antrim Township
08/25/2010NPDES 09-18, Town of Jaffrey, New Hampshire Public Works Depart...
08/17/2010MM 10-01C, Hydro Aluminum North America, Inc. and Hydro Alumi...
08/13/2010UIC 09-02, Cherry Berry B1-25-SWD
08/12/2010NPDES 09-07, City & County of Honolulu Sand Island Wastewater T...
07/22/2010CAA 10-03, Flint Hills Resources, LP
07/01/2010FIFRA 10-01C, Monsanto Company
06/17/2010NPDES 09-19, Snapperfarm, Inc.
06/09/2010PSD 10-01 and ....., Russell City Energy Center, LLC
05/11/2010CAA 10-02, Sargent Enterprises, Inc.
05/03/2010PSD 10-01 and ....., Russell City Energy Center, LLC
04/30/2010NPDES 10-04, Teck Alaska, Incorporated
04/26/2010CERCLA 106(b) 06-01, Raytheon Aircraft Company, Tri-County Public Airpo...
04/21/2010CWA 09-04, Rocking BS Ranch, Inc.
04/09/2010CAA 09-01 , Los Mestenios Compressor Station
03/10/2010NPDES 09-12 and ....., City of Twin Falls Wastewater Treatment Plant
03/02/2010NPDES 10-01 and ....., City of Marlborough Westerly Wastewater Treatment ...
01/28/2010PSD 09-03, MGP Ingredients of Illinois, Inc.
01/25/2010CERCLA 106 (b) 09-01, Southern Iowa Mechanical Site (SIM)
01/07/2010CAA 09-02C, CWA 09-02C, EPCRA 09-02C , HSBC USA Inc. and HSBC Finance Corporation
12/03/2009NPDES 09-10, Peabody Black Mesa
11/24/2009CWA 09-01C and ....., Cellco Partnership doing business as Verizon Wirel...
10/23/2009NPDES 08-26 and ....., Town of Wayland Wastewater Management District Com...
10/15/2009CAA 09-01Ca, Johnson Controls, Inc.
10/09/2009TSCA 09-04C, Sinochem (U.S.A.), Inc.
09/15/2009PSD 09-02, Gateway Generating Station
08/01/2009NPDES 08-23, ExxonMobil Oil Corporation
07/27/2009UIC 09-01, Presidium Energy, LC (Lautner #B3-31 SWD)
07/23/2009TSCA 09-03C, BRI OP Limited Partnership
07/22/2009CWA 08-03, Vico Construction Corporation & Amelia Venture Pro...
07/02/2009NPDES 08-21, City of Manchester
06/04/2009CERCLA 106 (b ) 08-02, Higman Barge Lines, Inc. Palmer Barge Site
05/19/2009CERCLA 106(b) 08-03, Walton CWCA Golden West 70 LLC (U.S. Colloidal Sit...
05/13/2009PSD 09-01, Dominion Energy Brayton Point, LLC
04/30/2009OCS 08-01 and ....., Shell Offshore Inc.'s Alaska Outer Continental She...
04/23/2009NPDES 08-25, General Electric Company
03/04/2009NPDES 08-19, City of Pittsfield
01/08/2009MM 05-02C, E.I. Du Pont de Numours and Company
01/08/2009MM 08-02C, E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
01/07/2009NPDES 08-08 and ....., City of Attleboro, MA Department of Wastewater
12/24/2008RCRA 07-01, PPG Industries Ohio, Inc., and PPG Industries, Inc...
12/16/2008RCRA 06-01, The Dow Chemical Company, Hanging Rock Plant
12/11/2008NPDES 08-10, Mirant Canal, LLC
12/10/2008PSD 08-08, Humboldt Bay Repower Project
12/08/2008PSD 08-10, Bango Oil, LLC
11/25/2008PSD 08-07, Russell City Energy Center
11/03/2008CWA 08-01C and ....., Windstream Corporation
11/03/2008EPCRA 08-01C, American Tower Corporation
10/24/2008CAA 06-2112C thru 06-2464C and ....., Animal Feeding Operations
10/24/2008CAA 06-2112C thru 06-2464C and ....., Animal Feeding Operations
10/24/2008CAA 06-2112C thru 06-2464C and ....., Animal Feeding Operations
10/24/2008CAA 08-01C and ....., Maulsby Farms, LLC
10/20/2008TSCA 08-02C, Fujifilm Manufacturing U.S.A., Inc.
10/03/2008UIC 08-01 and ....., Beeland Group, LLC, Beeland Disposal Well #1
08/11/2008CERCLA 106(b) 08-01, Higman Barge Linces, Inc. (Palmer Barge Superfund ...
08/05/2008NPDES 11-07, Bacardi Corporation
07/23/2008CWA 07-02, Service Oil, Inc.
07/01/2008FIFRA 08-02C, Anibal Torres Sepulveda
07/01/2008FIFRA 08-01C, Gilberto Roman Gonzalez
05/19/2008NPDES 07-14 and ....., Dry Creek Rancheria Wastewater Treatment Plant
03/28/2008NPDES 07-19, San Jacinto River Authority
03/26/2008NPDES 06-09, South Carolina Electric & Gas Company
03/25/2008NPDES 06-11, Northbridge Wastewater Treatment Plant
03/25/2008NPDES 07-02 and ....., Town of North Attleborough Wastewater Treatment Fa...
03/19/2008NPDES 07-18, Keene Wastewater Treatment Facility
03/19/2008NPDES 07-18, Keene Wastewater Treatment Facility
03/19/2008NPDES 05-02 and ....., District of Columbia Water & Sewer Authority
03/18/2008CAA 07-03, Liston Brick of Corona
03/07/2008NPDES 06-14, Wyman Gordon Company
02/29/2008TSCA 08-01C, Forest City Residential Management, Inc.
02/28/2008NPDES 08-01, Haverhill Wastewater Treatment Facility
02/13/2008NPDES 07-17, Easley Combined Utilities
02/01/2008SDWA 07-03, Snow and Snow, Incorporated, Kerry Snow
01/30/2008MM 08-01C, Shell Oil Company, et al.
01/23/2008NPDES 07-13, City of Portsmouth, New Hampshire Peirce Island Wa...
01/15/2008CERCLA 106(b) 05-02, Centredale Manor Superfund Site (North Providence,...
12/19/2007UIC 07-02, Core Energy, LLC
12/19/2007UIC 07-02, Core Energy, LLC
11/27/2007NPDES 05-15, Wausau Papers of New Hampshire, Inc.
11/08/2007NPDES 06-07 and ....., District Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS...
10/10/2007NPDES 07-08 and ....., Teck Cominco Alaska Inc. Red Dog Mine
10/05/2007TSCA 07-07C, Kanto Corporation
10/05/2007TSCA 07-08C, MarChem Corporation
09/25/2007FIFRA 07-02, Rizing Sun, L.L.C.
09/19/2007NPDES 07-16, Massachusetts Port Authority, Logan International ...
09/05/2007NPDES 06-16, Leominster Water Pollution Control Facility
08/24/2007NPDES 06-10, Easley Combined Utilities
08/16/2007TSCA 07-05C, Arkema Inc
08/16/2007TSCA 07-06C, Ashland, Inc.
08/14/2007CWA 07-02C, VersaCold Corporation d/b/a VersaCold Corporation
07/27/2007UIC 07-01, Environmental Disposal Systems, Inc. (Geo-Technolo...
07/17/2007NPDES 06-15, Town of Marion
07/11/2007UIC 07-01, Environmental Disposal Systems, Inc. (Geo-Technolo...
06/27/2007TSCA 07-03C, Oxid L.P.
06/25/2007CERCLA 106(b) 98-2, Hercules Incorporated
06/15/2007TSCA 07-02C, Toray Marketing & Sales (America), Inc.
06/14/2007TSCA 07-04C, National Plastics Color, Inc.
05/02/2007EPCRA 07-01C and ....., Kmart Holding Corporation dba Kmart Corporation
04/20/2007RCRA 07-01C and ....., Kinder Morgan Transmix Co. LLC et al
04/19/2007NPDES 07-05 and ....., Village of Pender
04/10/2007NPDES 06-06, Town of Rockland Wastewater Treatment Plant
03/27/2007NPDES 07-03, Town of Marshfield Waste Water Treatment Facility
03/01/2007CERCLA 106(b) 07-01, PJH Brands (Advanced Packaging and Products, Inc.)
02/22/2007CAA 06-2468C thru 06-2618C, CERCLA 06-2468C thru 06-2618C, EPCRA 06-2468C thru 06-2618C, Animal Feeding Operations
02/06/2007TSCA 07-01C, Y H America
01/19/2007FIFRA 06-01C, Syngenta Seeds, Inc.
01/18/2007CAA 06-2468C thru 06-2618C, CERCLA 06-2468C thru 06-2618C, EPCRA 06-2468C thru 06-2618C, Animal Feeding Operations
01/17/2007CAA 06-2468C thru 06-2618C, CERCLA 06-2468C thru 06-2618C, EPCRA 06-2468C thru 06-2618C, Animal Feeding Operations
12/14/2006CWA 06-07, Gaskey Construction Corporation
12/12/2006CAA 06-2468C thru 06-2618C, CERCLA 06-2468C thru 06-2618C, EPCRA 06-2468C thru 06-2618C, Animal Feeding Operations
12/12/2006CAA 06-2468C thru 06-2618C, CERCLA 06-2468C thru 06-2618C, EPCRA 06-2468C thru 06-2618C, Animal Feeding Operations
12/05/2006CERCLA 106(b) 05-01 and ....., General Electric Company, Grand Street Mercury Sit...
11/30/2006CAA 06-2467C, Albemarle Corporation
11/14/2006PSD 06-01 and ....., Knauf Insulation (PSD 06-01; 06-02; 06-03; 06-04; ...
11/02/2006NPDES 04-05, City of Newburyport Wastewater Treatment Facility
10/06/2006CWA 05-01, Vico Construction Corp.
10/06/2006CWA 05-05, Smith Farms Enterprises, LLC
10/05/2006PSD 06-07, City of Springfield, Illinois
10/05/2006PSD 06-08, City of Springfield, Illinois
10/02/2006NPDES 05-04, City of Brockton Advanced Wastewater Facility
09/01/2006FIFRA 06-01, Ag-Air Flying Services , Inc.
08/31/2006NPDES 05-17, Boston & Maine Corporation
08/23/2006NPDES 05-01 & 02, Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant
08/21/2006CAA 06-2466C and ....., Animal Feeding Operations - Seaboard Foods LP
08/17/2006TSCA 05-01, Ronald H. Hunt, ET AL
08/17/2006CAA 06-2465C and ....., Animal Feeding Operation - Foster Brothers Farm
08/07/2006CAA 06-2112C thru 06-2464C and ....., Animal Feeding Operations
08/07/2006CAA 06-2112C thru 06-2464C and ....., Animal Feeding Operations
07/19/2006CAA 06-0907C thru 06-2111C and ....., Animal Feeding Operations
06/22/2006EPCRA 05-02, Wasatch Propane
06/01/2006UIC 05-01, Sunoco Partners Marketing & Terminals, LP ("Sunoco...
05/05/2006CAA 06- 0703C thru 06-0906C and ....., Animal Feeding Operations
05/02/2006NPDES 05-16, Wesco Operating, Inc. (Formerly Pioneer Oil & Gas)
04/17/2006CAA 06-0021C thru 06-0702C and ....., Animal Feeding Operations
04/12/2006NPDES 05-05, City of Marlborough Westerly Wastewater Treatment ...
04/06/2006NPDES 05-09, City of Marlborough Westerly Wastewater Treatment ...
03/21/2006CWA 06-02, Gaskey Construction Corporation
03/08/2006EPCRA 06-01C, Cellco Partnership and its Affiliates Doing Busine...
02/27/2006UIC 05-02, Antelope Creek Steamflood Pilot Project
02/09/2006NPDES 05-14, Texon USA
02/09/2006NPDES 06-01 and ....., City of Cambridge, Department of Public Works
02/07/2006NPDES 05-13, Beacon Park Yard (CSX Transportation Inc.)
01/27/2006CAA 05-0001C thru 05-0020C and ....., Animal Feeding Operations
01/13/2006NPDES 06-04, Milliken & Company
01/03/2006NPDES 05-07, Town of Westborough Treatment Facility
01/03/2006NPDES 05-10, Belchertown Water Reclamation Facility, MA
12/21/2005NPDES 05-08, City of Westborough Treatment Facility (Westboroug...
12/08/2005NPDES 04-06, City of Newburyport Wastewater Treatment Facility
11/18/2005NPDES 05-6, Town of Maynard Water Pollution Control Facility
11/16/2005NPDES 05-12, Town of Maynard
10/28/2005NPDES 04-10, Government of the District of Columbia, Municipal ...
10/05/2005CAA 05-07, Diamond Wanapa Energy Center I.,L.P. (Oregon DEQ)
10/05/2005PSD 05-06, Diamond Wanapa Energy Center I.,L.P., Wanapa Energ...
10/04/2005NPDES 05-11, Town of Hudson Wastewater Treatment Facility
09/30/2005FIFRA 04-08, To Your Rescue! Services
08/29/2005CERCLA 106 03-01, Kerr-McGee Chemical (Reed-Keppler Park Site)
07/28/2005EPCRA 05-01, MultiStar Industries, Inc.
05/26/2005PSD05-03, Sumas Energy 2 Generation Facility
05/26/2005NPDES 05-3, Middlesex School Wastewater Treatment Facility
03/11/2005NPDES 04-12, City of Marlborough, Massachusetts, Easterly Waste...
11/16/2004RCRA 04-01, GE Plastics Mt. Vernon, Inc.
11/08/2004RCRA (3008) 03-03, Pyramid Chemical Company
11/01/2004NPDES 04-09, Town of Marion, MA
10/20/2004PSD 04-02, Calpine Corporation (Moapa Paiute Energy Center)
10/14/2004RCRA 04-02, Lubrizol Corporation
10/12/2004NPDES 03-01 and ....., Blue Plains Wastewater Treatment Plant
09/30/2004PSD 04-01, Indeck-Niles Energy Center
09/16/2004CAA 03-03, Lu Vern G. Kienast/L.G. Kienast Utility Constructi...
09/14/2004NPDES 03-11, Aurora Energy, L.L.C.
09/10/2004RCRA(3008) 03-04, Dearborn Refining Company
09/09/2004NPDES 04-08, Mullan Wastewater Treatment Plant
07/27/2004RCRA 03-01, Koch Nitrogen Company
07/26/2004CWA 03-04, Tri-County Builders Supply
05/24/2004CWA 03-04, Tri-County Builders Supply
05/10/2004NPDES 04-03, City of Winchester
05/07/2004NPDES 04-04, Teck-Pogo, Inc.
04/14/2004NPDES 03-03, Alyeska Seafood, Inc.
04/13/2004NPDES 04-02, Rough Branch Waste Water Treatment Plant
03/29/2004NPDES 02-07 and ....., City of San Diego
12/16/2003NPDES 03-07, Washington Aqueduct Water Treatment Plant
10/16/2003RCRA(3008) 02-01, John A. Capozzi d/b/a Capozzi Custom Cabinets
06/08/2003NPDES 02-11, Michigan CAFO General Permit
06/04/2003PSD 03-02, South Shore Power, L.L.C.
05/21/2003PSD 02-12, Tallmadge Generating Station
05/08/2003NPDES 03-04, UniSea, Inc.
03/25/2003PSD 02-10 and ....., Sumas Energy 2 Generation Facility
03/18/2003NPDES 02-11, Michigan CAFO General Permit
03/05/2003PSD 02-14, Alcoa-Warrick Power Plant
01/14/2003NSR 02-01, Campo Landfill Project
12/12/2002CERCLA 106(b) 96-5, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, & ECDC ...
10/15/2002FIFRA 02-05, Super Chem Corporation
10/11/2002PSD 02-09, Nucor Steel
09/23/2002FIFRA 02-05, Super Chem Corporation
09/13/2002PSD 02-08, New York Power Authority - Poletti Power Project
09/09/2002FIFRA 02-05, Super Chem Corporation
09/04/2002UIC 02-03, MCN Oil and Gas Company
09/03/2002NPDES 01-16, Mille Lacs Wastewater Treatment Facility & Vinelan...
08/21/2002NPDES 02-05, BHP Copper, Inc., Pinto Valley Operations
08/15/2002CWA 02-0-5, Ray and Jeanette Veldhuis
08/08/2002RCRA 02-01, Reilly Industries, Inc.
08/08/2002UIC 02-01 and ....., Sun Pipe Line Company
07/11/2002NPDES 02-02, HECLA Mining Company, Grouse Creek Unit
07/11/2002UIC 02-01 and ....., Sun Pipe Line Company
07/03/2002NPDES 01-14, NPDES Permit for Washington Navy Yard
06/26/2002RCRA 02-02, TRW/Ramsey Site
06/20/2002NPDES 01-24, Town of Concord Wastewater Treatment Plant
05/09/2002NPDES 00-14 and ....., Government of the District of Columbia, Municipal ...
05/07/2002PSD 02-07, General Motors Corporation Lansing Craft Center
04/25/2002NPDES 01-17 and ....., Mille Lacs Wastewater Treatment Facility & Vinelan...
04/12/2002CAA 01-04, PacifiCorp Naughton Generating Station
04/08/2002NPDES 02-04, City of Manchester, N.H.
04/04/2002RCRA 02-01, Reilly Industries, Inc.
03/11/2002PSD 02-3, Indeck-Niles, L.L.C.
03/11/2002CWA 02-01, General Growth Properties
03/08/2002NPDES 01-25, Astaris Idaho, LLC
03/01/2002PSD 02-01 and ....., Minergy Detroit, LLC
02/13/2002CERCLA 106(b) 00-1, Solutia, Inc.
01/29/2002NPDES 00-5, Grafton Water Pollution Control Facility
01/28/2002NPDES 00-11, Upper Blackstone Water Pollution Abatement Distric...
01/07/2002NPDES 01-26, Dow Chemical Co.
10/29/2001NPDES 01-13, South Essex Sewerage District
09/17/2001NPDES 00-32, City of Blackfoot Wastewater Treatment Facility
08/20/2001PSD 01-06, Chehalis Generating Facility
08/10/2001PSD 01-7 and ....., Metcalf Energy Center
08/08/2001NPDES 01-04, City of Marlborough Department of Public Works
08/08/2001NPDES 00-5, Grafton Water Pollution Control Facility
07/26/2001NPDES 00-19, Town of Ipswich Wastewater Treatment Plant
07/17/2001CERCLA 106 96-3, Tiger Shipyard, Inc., Tiger Marine Site
07/16/2001NPDES 00-16, City of Abilene Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Sys...
07/09/2001NPDES 00-30, Town of Milford, Massachusetts Board of Sewer Comm...
06/26/2001UIC 01-02 and ....., SRW, Inc.
06/14/2001NPDES 01-12, Berwick Sewer District
06/01/2001NPDES 01-01, Esleeck Manufacturing Company, Inc.
05/29/2001NPDES 00-34, Potomac Electric Power Company
05/18/2001NPDES 01-05, Town of Maynard, Massachusetts
05/14/2001PSD 01-04, Harquahala Generating Plant
05/07/2001PSD 01-03, Steel Dynamics, Inc
05/03/2001NPDES 00-25, U.S. Department of Energy, Kaiser Hill Company, LL...
05/03/2001CERCLA 106 94-5, National Railroad Passenger Corp. (AMTRAK) and Sou...
05/01/2001RCRA 99-2, Heritage Environmental Services
05/01/2001CAA 01-01, Ohio Valley Insulating Company, Inc.
04/25/2001PSD 01-05, Three Mountain Power, LLC
04/18/2001NPDES 01-03, Town of Hudson, Massachusetts
04/18/2001NPDES 00-33, City of Fitchburg, Massachusetts and the Fitchburg...
04/12/2001NPDES 01-06, Four Corners Power Plant
04/09/2001NPDES 00-15, Town of Ashland Wastewater Treatment Facility
03/29/2001PSD 01-02, DPL Energy, Montpelier Electric Generating Station
03/27/2001NPDES 01-11, Town of Belchertown, Massachusets Department of Pu...
03/15/2001RCRA 98-4, General Electric Company
03/07/2001NPDES 00-21, Town of Exeter Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plan...
03/06/2001RCRA 00-5, Southeastern Chemical and Solvent Co., Inc.
02/27/2001NPDES 01-08 and ....., City of Boise NPDES Permits, West Boise Permit, La...
02/23/2001UIC 00-3, Morton International, Inc.
02/14/2001CAA 99-2 and ....., Utilicorp United, Inc.
02/13/2001NPDES 00-04, Town of Hopedale, Board of Water & Sewer Commissio...
02/05/2001RCRA 00-6, Solutia, Inc.
01/23/2001NPDES 00-26 and ....., Union Township Wastewarer Treatment Facility NPDES...
01/19/2001UIC 01-01, Jett Black, Inc.
01/08/2001NPDES 00-17, Phelps Dodge Corporation (Christmas Facility)
01/04/2001NPDES 00-2 and ....., Washington Navy Yard
12/20/2000NPDES 00-31, Agrium Kenai Nitrogen Operations
12/19/2000NPDES 00-12, Air Products of Puerto Rico, Inc.
12/05/2000NPDES 00-27, Union Township Wastewater Treatment NPDES Permits
12/05/2000NPDES 00-24, Carlota Copper Company (Hopi Tribe)
11/28/2000NPDES 00-13, City of Boise NPDES Permits, West Boise Permit, La...
11/03/2000PSD 00-06 and ....., Tondu Energy Company, T.E.S. Filer City Station
10/25/2000NPDES 00-8, Lincoln Pulp & Paper, Inc.
10/25/2000NPDES 00-22, Marcos Sanchez Second Unit School
10/25/2000RCRA 98-6, Envirosafe Services of Ohio, Inc.
10/19/2000NPDES 00-20, Puerto Rico Public Buildings Authority, S.U. Mamey...
10/19/2000CWA 00-(6), Loggins Oil Company, Inc.
10/17/2000RCRA 00-2, Ross Incineration Services, Inc.
10/16/2000NPDES 00-9, Massachusetts Correctional Institution - Bridgewat...
10/10/2000PSD 00-3 and ....., Tondu Energy Company, T.E.S. Filer City Station
09/15/2000PSD 01-24 and ....., Hawaii Electric Light Company, Inc.
08/23/2000RCRA 00-3, Lafarge Corporation
08/23/2000PSD 00-1, Puerto Rico Power Authority
08/04/2000TSCA 99-3, Spitzer Great Lakes Ltd., Co.
08/03/2000CAA 00-(2), Ernie Miller Coal Stoves
08/03/2000PSD 00-1, Puerto Rico Power Authority
08/02/2000PSD 99-4 and ....., Steel Dynamics, Inc.
07/27/2000RCRA(9006) 99-2, United States Air Force, Tinker Air Force Base
07/25/2000FIFRA 99-3 and ....., Chempace Corporation
07/13/2000PSD 99-4 and ....., Steel Dynamics, Inc.
07/06/2000RCRA 99-3, Merck & Co., Inc
06/28/2000CWA 99-1 and ....., Pepperell Associates
06/01/2000CAA 00-7, The Geon Company
05/17/2000FIFRA 98-2, E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company
04/24/2000PSD 00-2, Southern Energy, Inc.
04/10/2000PSD 99-8 and ....., Knauf Fiber Glass, GmbH
03/06/2000CAA 00-(1), Mullet Repair Shop
03/03/2000PSD 99-75, Rockgen Energy Center
02/09/2000PSD 99-76, Delta Energy Center
02/04/2000RCRA 98-3, Caribe General Electric Products, Inc.
01/11/2000CERCLA 106 95-3, Briggs & Stratton Corporation, Peach Metal Industr...
01/03/2000PSD 99-8 and ....., Knauf Fiber Glass, GmbH
12/29/1999CAA 99-3 and ....., Utilicorp United, Inc.
11/30/1999UIC 99-6, Standard Products Co.
11/23/1999NPDES 99-1, Anchorage Municipal Stormwater Discharge Permit
11/23/1999FIFRA 99-(10), Zoo Med Laboratories, Inc.
09/08/1999PSD 98-27 and ....., Conagra Soybean Processing Company
07/05/1999UIC 99-1, Isbrandtsen Oil and Gas Company, Inc.
05/10/1999RCRA 99-1, Rohm and Haas Company
05/10/1999FIFRA 99-1, Microban Products Co.
04/15/1999NPDES 99-3, Lynwood Utility Corporation
03/25/1999NPDES 98-5, Arizona Municipal Storm Water NPDES Permits for Ci...
03/04/1999CAA 96-1, Carson Energy Group, Inc.
03/03/1999PSD 97-15 and ....., Hawaii Electric Light Company, Inc.
02/09/1999PSD 97-8, Diversified Contractors, Inc.
02/09/1999CERCLA 106 97-1 and ....., Pacific Hide & Fur Depot, Inc.
02/04/1999PSD 98-3 and ....., Knauf Fiber Glass, GmbH
02/03/1999NPDES 95-1 and ....., South Florida Water Management District
01/26/1999NPDES 95-6, Ketchikan Pulp Company
12/22/1998RCRA 98-5, Johnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System
12/22/1998NPDES 98-5, Arizona Municipal Storm Water NPDES Permits for Ci...
12/16/1998EPCRA 97-6, Hall Signs, Inc.
12/16/1998FIFRA 98-1, Flying Lion, Inc. d/b/a Round-Up Crop Dusters
12/10/1998NPDES 98-1, U.S. Liquids of Louisiana, Ltd
12/01/1998NPDES 98-4, City of San Diego Urban Area Pretreatment Program
11/04/1998UIC 98-2, Environmental Disposal Systems, Inc.
10/28/1998PSD 98-26, Chrysler Corporation - Stickney Avenue Assembly Pl...
10/19/1998CWA 98-9, Borough of Naugatuck
09/30/1998PSD 98-25, Pro-Tec Coating Company
09/11/1998CWA 98-(8), Thomas Kelly and Jonathan Prisk
09/10/1998PSD 98-21, Select Steel Corporation of America
08/26/1998CERCLA 106 97-5, Valley Chemical Company Site, Shell Oil Company
07/06/1998NPDES 97-6, City of San Marcos
05/21/1998NPDES 98-2, City of San Diego Urban Area Pretreatment Program
05/21/1998NPDES 97-3, Arizona Municipal Storm Water NPDES Permits for Ci...
04/28/1998RCRA 98-1, Clayton Chemical Acquisition, LLC, d/b/a/ Resource...
04/21/1998RCRA(3008) 97-1 and ....., Michigan Waste Systems, Inc.
03/30/1998RCRA 97-1 and ....., Department Of The Air Force, Eglin Air Force Base ...
03/26/1998PSD 98-1, Central Wayne Energy Recovery Limited Partnership
03/06/1998CWA 96-6, Ketchikan Pulp Company
03/03/1998FIFRA 97-7, Umpqua Research Company
02/26/1998PSD 98-1, Central Wayne Energy Recovery Limited Partnership
01/12/1998PSD 97-13 and ....., Port Townsend Paper Corp.
12/10/1997RCRA 95-8, Montana Refining Company
11/25/1997NPDES 97-4, City of McCall
11/21/1997FIFRA 97-11 and ....., Roger Antkiewicz & Pest Elimination Products of Am...
11/04/1997TSCA 95-7, Bickford, Inc.
10/22/1997NPDES 97-5, Palmer Wastewater Treatment Plant
09/22/1997CERCLA 106 95-1, Dico, Inc., Des Moines TCE Site
08/21/1997PSD 97-9 and ....., Guardian Industries Corp.
08/12/1997PSD 97-11, Shintech, Inc.
07/16/1997NPDES 97-2, Buckeye Florida, L.P.
07/05/1997EPCRA 96-2, TRA Industries, Inc., a/k/a Huntwood Industries, I...
07/03/1997EPCRA 97-3, Clarksburg Casket Company
06/24/1997PSD 96-7, Mercer and Atlantic Counties Resource Recovery Fac...
06/19/1997CERCLA 106 94-23, Kennecott Holdings Corporation, McLaren Tailings S...
06/16/1997CERCLA 106 94-21, Environmental Waste Control, Inc.
06/11/1997TSCA 97-5, Oklahoma Metal Processing Company, Inc.
05/30/1997UIC 97-1 and ....., NE Hub Partners, L.P.
05/01/1997CERCLA 106 94-16 and ....., White Chemical Corporation
04/15/1997TSCA 97-4, Spitzer Great Lakes Ltd., Co.
02/28/1997CAA 97-3, Williams Pipeline Company and L&C Services, Inc.
02/27/1997CAA 97-3, Williams Pipeline Company and L&C Services, Inc.
02/11/1997NPDES 95-10, Portland Water District
02/05/1997PSD 96-12 and ....., Qualitech Steel Corporation
01/23/1997RCRA 96-6, Envirosafe Services of Ohio, Inc.
01/13/1997RCRA 94-9, Yellowstone Refining Company

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