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Dockets by EPA Region 05

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Complaint DateStatusCase
03/09/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0018) Gladieux Processing LLC (Huntington, Indiana)
03/09/2023  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2023-0008) Higrocorp Inc. (Kingston, Ontario), in care of its U.S. Agent Spring Regulatory ...
03/07/2023  Closed  (RUST-05-2023-0009) Max Mini Store (Squaw Lake, Minnesota)
03/06/2023  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2023-0007) Midas Products, LLC (Southfield, Michigan)
03/06/2023  Closed  (TSCA-05-2023-0002) S&T Construction Corp. (Tinley Park, Illinois)
03/01/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0005) Global Xpress Parts LLC (Elwood, IN) and Extra Power Performance LLC (Carmel, IN...
02/27/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0012) Rain CII Carbon LLC (Robinson, Illinois)
02/24/2023  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2023-0005) Hormel Foods Corporation (Austin, Minnesota)
02/24/2023  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2023-0006) Hormel Foods Corporation (Austin, Minnesota)
02/22/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0004) Earthrise Energy, PBC (Arlington, VA) dba Shelby County Energy Center (Neoga, Il...
02/21/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0016) Reiss Industries Inc. (Watertown, Wisconsin)
02/06/2023  Closed  (SDWA-05-2023-0001) Miller Energy Company (Traverse City, Michigan)
01/30/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0008) Fleece Performance, LLC (Pittsboro, Indiana)
01/30/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0009) Illinois American Water Company Water Treatment Plant (Alton, Illinois)
01/30/2023  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2023-0006) Playtec, LLC and Commerical Recreation Specialists, Inc. (verona, Wisconsin)
01/30/2023  Active  (TSCA-05-2023-0001) Logan Square Aluminum Supply, Inc., et al (Chicago, Illinois)
01/27/2023  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2023-0004) Waxman Industries, Inc. (Columbus, Ohio)
01/27/2023  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2023-0005) Aqua Science, Inc. (Columbus, Ohio)
01/19/2023  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2023-0003) Warner Tech-care Products, LLC (Arden Hills, Minnesota)
01/10/2023  Closed  (RCRA-05-2023-5002) KC Jones Plating Company (Columbia City, Indiana)
12/19/2022  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2023-0004) CB Manufacturing Company, Inc. operating as Pepsi Beverages Company (Oshkosh, Wi...
12/19/2022  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2023-0005) CB Manufacturing Company, Inc. operating as Pepsi Beverages Company (Oshkosh, Wi...
12/19/2022  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2023-0002) Auto-Chlor System, LLC (Sterling Heights, Michigan)
12/19/2022  Closed  (RCRA-05-2023-0001) Univar Solutions USA, Inc. (Downers Grove, Illinois)
12/16/2022  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2023-0003) Canton Renewables, LLC (Canton Township, Michigan)
12/16/2022  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2023-0004) Canton Renewables, LLC
12/16/2022  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2023-0001) State Industrial Products Corporation (Mayfield, Ohio)
12/16/2022  Closed  (RUST-05-2023-0006) Unites States Army Fort McCoy Military Installation (Fort McCoy, Wisconsin)
12/14/2022  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0003) J Shaw Industries LLC d/b/a Kokomo Opalescent Glass (Kokomo, Indiana)
12/14/2022  Closed  (RUST-05-2023-0005) Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs Fort McCoy Military Installation (Fort ...
12/05/2022  Closed  (RUST-05-2023-0004) Wisconsin Department of Transportation
11/28/2022  Closed  (CWA-05-2022-0009) PET Processors, LLC (Painesville, Ohio)
11/22/2022  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0002) Northern Metals LLC (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
11/16/2022  Closed  (RUST-05-2023-0002) Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority (TARTA) (Toledo, Ohio)
11/16/2022  Closed  (RUST-05-2023-0003) Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority - Knapp Street (Toledo, Ohio)
11/15/2022  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2023-0003) Chemtrade Logistics (US), Inc. (Oregon, Ohio)
11/14/2022  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2023-0001) Cleveland-Cliffs Columbus LLC (Columbus, Ohio)
11/14/2022  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2023-0002) The City of Cincinnati, Operator of Polk Run Wastewater Treatment Facility (Love...
11/14/2022  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2023-0002) Cleveland-Cliffs Columbus LLC (Columbus Ohio)
10/31/2022  Closed  (RUST-05-2023-0001) One Seagate/5th 3rd Bank
10/28/2022  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0001) City Water, Power and Light (Springfield, Illinois)
10/28/2022  Closed  (SDWA-05-2022-0011) Lanxess Corporation (Shelton, Connecticut)
09/30/2022  Closed  (RUST-05-2022-0013) Scenic Store (Pennington, Minesota)
09/29/2022  Closed  (CAA-05-2022-0029) Niagara LaSalle Corporation (Hammond, Indiana)
09/28/2022  Closed  (CAA-05-2022-0028) Reliable Road Service, Inc. (Holland, Michigan)
09/28/2022  Closed  (RUST-05-2022-0012) True North #518 (Toledo, Ohio)
09/26/2022  Closed  (CAA-05-2022-0025) Hartford Wood River Terminal (Hartford, Illinois)
09/26/2022  Closed  (CAA-05-2022-0026) FPT – Pontiac Division, LLC (Auburn Hills, Michigan)
09/26/2022  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2022-0022) Helena Agri-Enterprises, LLC (Shelby, Michigan)
09/23/2022  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2022-0020) Chemtrade Electrochem Inc. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) In care of its U.S. Agent,...
09/23/2022  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2022-0021) Starke County Farm Bureau Co-op (Hamlet, Indiana)
09/23/2022  Closed  (RCRA-05-2022-0016) Shurpac, Inc. (Racine, Wisconsin)
09/23/2022  Closed  (RCRA-05-2022-0017) Pamarco Global Graphics, Inc. (Batavia, Illinois)
09/22/2022  Closed  (CAA-05-2022-0024) Oberweis Dairy, Inc. (North Aurora, Illinois)
09/22/2022  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2022-0014) Accu-Labs, Inc. (Chicago, Illinois)
09/20/2022  Closed  (CAA-05-2022-0027) Ross Incineration Services, Inc. (Grafton, Ohio)
09/02/2022  Closed  (CAA-05-2022-0023) Michigan City Sanitary District - JB Gifford (Michigan City, Indiana)
08/16/2022  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2022-0013) The Andersons Marathon Holdings LLC
08/09/2022  Closed  (CWA-05-2022-0008) Marquis, Inc. (Hennepin, Illinois)
08/09/2022  Closed  (MM-05-2022-0009 and .....) Jennie-O Turkey Store, Inc. (Barron, Wisconsin)
08/09/2022  Closed  (SDWA-05-2022-0008) Cobra Oil and Gas Corporation (Wichita Falls, Texas)
08/09/2022  Closed  (SDWA-05-2022-0010) Omimex Energy, Inc. (Ludington, Michigan)
08/08/2022  Closed  (RCRA-05-2022-0015) City of Chicago Department of Water Management (Chicago, Illinois)
08/05/2022  Closed  (CAA-05-2022-0021) Sangamon County Water Reclamation District Spring Creek Wastewater Treatment Pla...
08/05/2022  Closed  (CAA-05-2022-0022) Sangamon County Water Reclamation District Sugar Creek Wastewater Treatment Plan...
08/03/2022  Closed  (CAA-05-2022-0020) Lane Automotive Incorporated (Watervliet, Michigan)
08/03/2022  Closed  (RCRA-05-2022-0014) Wheatland Tube LLC (Warren, Ohio)
08/02/2022  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2022-0018) T.F.I. Company Inc. (Cypress, Texas)
08/02/2022  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2022-0019) Zenex International (Cleveland, Ohio)
08/02/2022  Closed  (RCRA-05-2022-0013) XG Sciences Inc. (Lansing, Michigan)
07/29/2022  Closed  (CWA-05-2022-0006) Alpine Dairy LLC (Dundee, Ohio)
07/20/2022  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2022-0017) Jay-Mar Inc. (Plover, Wisconsin)
07/20/2022  Closed  (RCRA-05-2022-0012) Aurora Circuits, Inc. (Aurora, Illinoi)
07/19/2022  Closed  (TSCA-05-2022-0008) Kelly Painting Services LLC (Cincinnati Ohio)
07/18/2022  Closed  (RUST-05-2022-0011) Midwest Convenience Inc. (Des Plaines, Illinois)
07/15/2022  Closed  (CWA-05-2022-0007) SCH Services LLC and Cora Terminal LLC (Rockwood, Illinois)
07/11/2022  Closed  (CAA-05-2022-0019) Krown Inc. d/b/a Hi-Yield Products (Hartland, Minnesota)
07/11/2022  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2022-0016) Diversey, Inc (Eau Claire, Wisconsin)
07/11/2022  Closed  (RCRA-05-2022-0011) PVS Nolwood Chemicals Inc. (Detroit, Michigan)
07/11/2022  Closed  (TSCA-05-2022-0007) Crop Max II, LLC (Charleston, Illinois)
07/08/2022  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2022-0015) Calgon Carbon Corporation (Columbus, Ohio)
07/01/2022  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2022-0014) ETi Solid State Lighting Inc (Wheeling, Illinois)
06/29/2022  Active  (MM-05-2022-0008 and .....) Jones Trucking Service Inc. (Stewardson, Illinois)
06/29/2022  Closed  (RCRA-05-2022-0010) MPI Engineered Technologies LLC (Deerfield, Wisconsin)
06/23/2022  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2022-008 and .....) INEOS Nitriles USA LLC (Lima, Ohio)
06/22/2022  Closed  (SDWA-05-2022-0009) West Bay Exploration CAFO (Traverse City, Michigan)
06/15/2022  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2022-0013) Retailers Supply Co Inc. (New Albany, Indiana)
06/09/2022  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2022-0009) Packers Canning Company, Inc. (Lawton, Michigan)
06/09/2022  Closed  (TSCA-05-2022-0005) Our Home Improvement (OHi) LLC. (Elk Grove Village, Illinois)
06/08/2022  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2022-0011) Coltene/Whaledent, Inc. (Cuyahoga, Falls, Ohio)
06/08/2022  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2022-0012) ABF Labs Inc. (Waukegan, Illinois)
06/08/2022  Closed  (TSCA-05-2022-0006) Vytex Corporation (Twinsburg, Ohio)
06/06/2022  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2022-0010) Buzz Products Pty. Ltd. (Australia) in care of U.S. Agent, Ceva Logistics LLC (T...
06/01/2022  Closed  (CAA-05-2022-0018) Fuyao Glass Illinois, Inc. CAFO (Decatur, Illinois)
05/27/2022  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2022-0009) Allied 100, LLC CAFO (Dublin, Ohio)
05/27/2022  Closed  (SDWA-05-2022-0006) Lambda Energy Resources, LLC (Bentley, Michigan)
05/23/2022  Closed  (RUST-05-2022-0010) FAA Cleveland PVY ALS (Cleveland, Ohio)
05/20/2022  Closed  (CAA-05-2022-0017) Knight Transport LLC (Auburn, Washington)
05/06/2022  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2022-0007) Qiagen Services, LLC CAFO (Germantown, Maryland)
05/06/2022  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2022-0008) Reo Plastics, Inc. CAFO (Maple Grove, Minnesota)

(3082 entries in this collection)
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