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Dockets by EPA Region 02

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ActiveCAA-02-2006-1236 Jamie Towers Housing Co., Inc., Bronx, NY
ClosedCAA-02-2007-1202 Amrex Chemical Co., Inc.
ActiveCAA-02-2007-1204 Pregis
ActiveCAA-02-2007-1205 Van de Water, Water Treatment Plant
ActiveCAA-02-2007-1210 Van de Water Raw Water Pump Station
ClosedCAA-02-2007-1211 Target Corporation
ActiveCAA-02-2007-1214 Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Fullana Heavy Works
ActiveCAA-02-2007-1215 Guilderland Water Treatment Plant
ClosedCAA-02-2007-1221 INyX USA, Ltd,
ActiveCAA-02-2008-1202 C&S Wholesale Grocers
ActiveCAA-02-2008-1204 Dunkirk Water Filtration Plant
ActiveCAA-02-2008-1205 Dunkirk Wastewater Treament Plant
ClosedCAA-02-2008-1206 Fieldbrook Foods
ActiveCAA-02-2008-1207 Information Technology Services, a Division of Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2008-1210 Cerveceria India,Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2008-1212 Bristol-MyersSquibb Company
ClosedCAA-02-2008-1213 IMTT
ClosedCAA-02-2009-1202 Leroy R. Summerson Waste Water Treatment Facility
ClosedCAA-02-2009-1203 City of Rome Water Filtration Plant
ClosedCAA-02-2009-1205 Eastside Wastewater Treatment Plant
ClosedCAA-02-2009-1206 Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant
ClosedCAA-02-2009-1207 ProCaribe
ClosedCAA-02-2009-1208 Hunter Panels, LLC
ClosedCAA-02-2009-1209 Sherrill Manfacturing, f/k/a Oneida Ltd Siversmiths
ClosedCAA-02-2009-1211 Sealed Air Corporation
ClosedCAA-02-2009-1213 Kuehne Chemical Company, Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2009-1216 Linden LPG
ActiveCAA-02-2009-1217 Maines Paper & Food Service
ClosedCAA-02-2009-1219k Linde Gas Puerto Rico, Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2009-1219 Joint Regional Sewerage Board Waste Water Treatment Plant
ClosedCAA-02-2009-1223 ABCO Refrigeration Supply Corp.
ClosedCAA-02-2009-1224 Feura Bush Filtration Plant
ClosedCAA-02-2010-1202 Olympic Regional Development Authority
ClosedCAA-02-2010-1203 Elmira Water Board
ClosedCAA-02-2010-1204 ADM Milling Company
ClosedCAA-02-2010-1206 Caguas Norte Filtration Plant
ClosedCAA-02-2010-1211 High Falls Operating Company, LLC
ClosedCAA-02-2010-1212 Wegmans Foods Markets
ClosedCAA-02-2010-1213 Allied Frozen Storage, Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2010-1214 Dow Chemical Pennsauken Site
ClosedCAA-02-2010-1215 Dunkirk Wastewater Treatment Facility
ClosedCAA-02-2010-1217 Falcon Safety Products, Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2010-1218 North Lawrence NY Manufacturing Facility
ClosedCAA-02-2010-1219 PRASA, North Coast Superaqueduct Project
ClosedCAA-02-2010-1220 Vega Baja Wastewater Treatment Plant
ClosedCAA-02-2010-1221 Isabela Wastewater Treatment Plant
ClosedCAA-02-2010-1222 Sovereign Packaging Group
ClosedCAA-02-2010-1223 Valero Refining Company-New Jersey
ClosedCAA-02-2010-1227 Water Treatment Specialist, Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2010-1234 Grenadier Realty Corp.
ClosedCAA-02-2011-1201 Middleport Cold Storage
ClosedCAA-02-2011-1202 Allens Inc. an Arkansas Company
ClosedCAA-02-2011-1203 Star of the West Milling Company
ClosedCAA-02-2011-1208 Schering-Plough Products, L.L.C.
ClosedCAA-02-2011-1210 Infineum USA, LP
ClosedCAA-02-2011-1211 Warneck Pump Station
ClosedCAA-02-2011-1212 Mays Ochoa Corpoation
ClosedCAA-02-2011-1213 ProCaribe
ClosedCAA-02-2011-1214 Zotos International, Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2012-1201 E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company, Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2012-1204 AirGas East - Syracuse Acetylene Plant
ClosedCAA-02-2012-1205 Amrex Chemical Company, Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2012-1206 Amrex Chemical Company, Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2012-1207 Amrex Chemical Company, Inc. (Kirkwood Facility)
ClosedCAA-02-2012-1208 Golub Corporation
ClosedCAA-02-2012-1209 Sysco Albany LLC
ClosedCAA-02-2012-1211 Kraft Foods Global, Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2012-1212 Airgas Speciality Products Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2012-1216 American Bilrite, Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2013-1201 CESCA Dry Cleaners
ClosedCAA-02-2013-1202 Mr. Young Geun Cho
ClosedCAA-02-2013-1204 ST Linden Terminal, LLC
ClosedCAA-02-2013-1209 Quirch Foods Caribbean Corp.
ClosedCAA-02-2013-1210 Commonwealth Cold Storage, Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2013-1211 Caparra Realty Associates, LLC
ClosedCAA-02-2013-1212 Sodus Cold Storage Company, Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2013-1213 Industrial Chemicals Corporation
ClosedCAA-02-2013-1215 Niagara County Water District
ClosedCAA-02-2013-1216 Johnson Matthey, Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2013-1219 Slack Chemical Company, Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2013-1220 City of North Tonawanda
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1201 Galaxy Star of NY Corp.
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1202 Divine Touch Cleaners
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1203 FLR Cleaners
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1205 Top Cleaners
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1206 Wholesale Cleaners
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1207 Broadway Cleaners
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1208 K&L Cleaners
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1209 Alcoa - Massena Operations
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1211 Sysco Long Island, LLC
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1212 Bonduelle USA, Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1213 Bonduelle USA, Inc.
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1214 Wegmans Food Markets, Inc., Culinary Innovation Facility
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1215 Wegmans Food Markets, Inc., Fresh Foods Facility
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1216 Wegmans Food Markets, Inc., Frozen Food Facility
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1217 High Falls Operating Company
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1219 United States Deparment of Energy
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1220 Cliffstar LLC
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1223 Western New York Energy, LLC
ClosedCAA-02-2014-1225 Crestwood Services LLC, Peekskill Terminal

(1158 entries in this collection)
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