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Dockets by EPA Region 05

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Complaint DateStatusCase
  Active  (CWA-05-2024-0002) Riverside Development, Inc & CMK, LTD (Westlake, Ohio)
12/06/2023  Active  (CAA-05-2024-0008) Abraham Chavez d/b/a A & R Custom Chrome Plating (Chicago, Illinois)
12/04/2023  Active  (CAA-05-2024-0003) City of La Salle, Water Plant (La Salle, Illinois)
11/28/2023  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2024-0001) Gopher Resource, LLC (Eagan, Minnesota)
11/28/2023  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2024-0003) Gopher Resource, LLC (Eagan, Minnesota)
11/27/2023  Active  (EPCRA-05-2024-0002) All Seasons Arena (Mankato, Minnesota)
11/27/2023  Active  (FIFRA-05-2024-0003) Superior Manufacturing, Inc. d/b/a Alkuhme (Auburn Hills, Michigan)
11/27/2023  Active  (FIFRA-05-2024-0004) Mace Security International, Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio)
11/14/2023  Closed  (RUST-05-2024-0002) Trailside Convenience Bait & Tackle (Isle, Minnesota)
11/13/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0009) Decorative Panels International, Inc (Alpena, Michigan)
11/13/2023  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2024-0001) Advantage Powder Coatings, Inc., a/k/a Hornish Bros. Inc. (Defiance, Ohio)
11/02/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0006) Koppers Inc. (Galesburg, Illinois)
11/01/2023  Closed  (RCRA-05-2024-0001) PPG Inc. Architectural Coatings (Aurora, Illinois)
11/01/2023  Closed  (TSCA-05-2024-0001) Indy Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Indy Painting (Mound, Minnesota)
11/01/2023  Closed  (TSCA-05-2024-0003) Roll With It Painting & Repair, LLC (Columbus, Ohio)
10/25/2023  Active  (CWA-05-2024-0001) Evonik Corporation (Mapleton, Illinois)
10/23/2023  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2024-0002) Canature Watergroup U.S.A., Inc. (Carmel, Indiana)
10/11/2023  Closed  (TSCA-05-2024-0004) Renewal by Anderson, LLC (Middleburg Heights, Ohio)
10/06/2023  Closed  (CWA-05-2023-0003) Durez Corporation (Kenton, Ohio)
10/06/2023  Active  (FIFRA-05-2024-0001) MCF Holdings, LLC (Aurora, Illinois)
09/29/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0042) Lakeshore Railcar & Tanker Services LLC (East Chicago, Indiana)
09/29/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0045) Rollex Corporation (Elk Grove Village, Illinois)
09/26/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0043) Dem-Con Metal Recycling, LLC (Shakopee, Minnesota)
09/26/2023  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2023-0016) Fritz Products, Inc. (River Rouge, Michigan)
09/26/2023  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2023-0017) Fritz Products, Inc.
09/25/2023  Active  (CAA-05-2023-0026) Cooper Heat Treating LLC (Detroit, Michigan)
09/25/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0041) Billerud Americas Corporation, as successor-in-interest to Verso Corporation (Wi...
09/25/2023  Closed  (TSCA-05-2023-0009) River Valley Realty, LLC d/b/a Coldwell Banker River Valley, Realtors (Winona, M...
09/22/2023  Closed  (RCRA-05-2023-0008) PPG Industries, Inc., Barberton, Ohio
09/21/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0044) Petro Chem Processing Group of Nortru, LLC (Detroit, Michigan)
09/21/2023  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2023-0013) Schmitz Grain, Inc. (Slayton, Minnesota)
09/20/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0040) Alto ICP, LLC (Pekin, Illinois)
09/19/2023  Active  (CAA-05-2023-0014) Saint Paul Regional Water Services (Maplewood, Minnesota)
09/19/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0031) Pactiv Evergreen Inc. (Kalamazoo, Michigan)
09/19/2023  Closed  (TSCA-05-2023-0010) NOC Operations, Inc. (Elyria, Ohio)
09/15/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0028) The Dow Chemical Company in Kankakee, Rohm and Haas Chemicals, LLC (Kankakee, Il...
09/14/2023  Closed  (RCRA-05-2023-0007) Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio)
09/13/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0039) Alto Pekin, LLC (Pekin, Illinois)
09/11/2023  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2023-0019) Ottawa Plant Food, Inc. (Ottawa, Illinois)
09/11/2023  Closed  (RCRA-05-2023-0005) Rayven LLC (St. Paul, Minnesota)
09/11/2023  Closed  (RCRA-05-2023-0006) Color Communications LLC (Chicago, Illinois)
09/08/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0033) Viking Chemical Company (Rockford, Illinois)
09/08/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0034) Badger State Ethanol, LLC (Monroe, Wisconsin)
09/07/2023  Active  (CAA-05-2023-0024) Cobalt Civil, LLC (Winchester, Indiana)
09/07/2023  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2023-0015) Freiborne Industries, Inc. (Pontiac, Michigan)
09/07/2023  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2023-0016) Freiborne Industries, Inc. (Pontiac, Michigan)
09/07/2023  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2023-0018) Celcius Corp. (Southfield, Michigan)
09/06/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0027) Bluewater Gas Storage, LLC (Ray Township, Michigan)
08/31/2023  Active  (CAA-05-2023-0036) Hiel Enterprises, Inc. and Hiel Trucking, Inc. (Prairie City, Illinois)
08/31/2023  Closed  (RUST-05-2023-0022) Baltus Oil Co. (Marshfiled, Wisconsin)
08/24/2023  Active  (CAA-05-2023-0035) Dan's Diesel Performance, Inc. (Machesney Park, Illinois)
08/24/2023  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2023-0015) Fresh Products, LLC (Perrysburg, Ohio)
08/24/2023  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2023-0017) Nutrient Ag Solutions (Kansas, Illinois)
08/24/2023  Closed  (TSCA-05-2023-0006) Solar Supply Center, Inc. (Strongsville, Ohio)
08/18/2023  Closed  (RUST-05-2023-0021) Remington Oil Co. (Antigo, Wisconsin)
08/16/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0007) Indiana-American Water Company Inc. (Portage, Indiana)
08/07/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0025) Sysco Food Servives (Des Plaines, Illinois)
08/07/2023  Closed  (RUST-05-2023-0020) Karl's Transport Inc. (Antigo, Wisconsin)
08/07/2023  Active  (SDWA-05-2023-0004) Riverside Energy Michigan, LLC (Traverse City, Michigan)
08/02/2023  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2023-0013) General Mills Operations, LLC (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
08/02/2023  Closed  (RUST-05-2023-0018) Isle School Bus Garage (Isle, Minnesota)
08/01/2023  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2023-0016) Jay-Mar, Inc. (Plover, Wisconsin)
07/27/2023  Active  (CAA-05-2023-0021) T&T Farms, Inc. (Winamac, Indiana)
07/27/2023  Active  (SDWA-05-2023-0003) Leelanau Fruit Company (Buckley, Michigan)
07/21/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0006) Indiana-American Water Company Inc. (Gary, Indiana)
07/21/2023  Closed  (TSCA-05-2023-0007) Green Home Solutions, LLC (Cleveland, Ohio)
07/20/2023  Closed  (RUST-05-2023-0017) Rockford Memorial Hospital (Rockford, Illinois)
07/18/2023  Closed  (RUST-05-2023-0016) City of Rockford - City Yards (Rockford, Illinois)
07/13/2023  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2023-0012) Lima Refining Company (Lima, Ohio)
07/13/2023  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2023-0014) Lima Refing Company (Lima, Ohio)
07/07/2023  Active  (SDWA-05-2023-0002) Team Disposal Services, LLC (Kalkaska, Michigan)
07/05/2023  Closed  (RUST-05-2023-0015) Winnebago County Highway Department (Rockford, Illinois)
06/30/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0029) Mantaline Corporation Mantua, Ohio)
06/30/2023  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2023-0014) Aqueus, LLC (Troy, Michigan)
06/21/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0030) Didion Ethanol LLC (Cambria, Wisconsin)
06/20/2023  Closed  (RUST-05-2023-0007) Seagate Center (Toledo, Ohio)
06/20/2023  Closed  (RUST-05-2023-0013) Onamia Bus Garage (Onamia, Minnesota)
06/20/2023  Closed  (RUST-05-2023-0014) City of Toledo Downtown Garage (Toledo, Ohio)
06/14/2023  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2023-0013) One-Derings Lavender Farm LLC (Clarksville, Ohio)
06/08/2023  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2023-0010) Austin Powder Company (McArthur, Ohio)
06/07/2023  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2023-0009) Bridgestone Research, LLC (Akron, Ohio)
06/07/2023  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2023-0001) Bridgestone Research, LLC (Akron, Ohio)
06/01/2023  Closed  (TSCA-05-2023-0005) JJ Real Estate Solutions, LLC (Canton, Ohio)
05/31/2023  Active  (CAA-05-2023-0017) Green Diesel Engineering, LLC and CAV Engineering, LLC (Commerce Township, Michi...
05/25/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0022) Equitrans Midstream Corporation (Ohio)
05/11/2023  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2023-0012) Biosolutions LLC (Grand Haven, Michigan)
05/08/2023  Closed  (CWA-05-2023-0001) Huntsman Advanced Materials Americas LLC (Ashtabula, Ohio)
05/03/2023  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2023-0012) Precision Prototype & Manufacturing, Inc. (Eaton Rapids, Michigan)
05/01/2023  Closed  (RCRA-05-2023-0004) Colwell Incorporated (Kendallville, Indiana)
04/21/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0013) R.J. Van Drunen & Sons, Inc. d/b/a Van Drunen Farms (Manteno, Illinois)
04/21/2023  Active  (TSCA-05-2023-0004) Ro Cher Enterprises Inc. (Downers Grove, Illinois)
04/19/2023  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2023-0006) Arctic Glacier U.S.A., Inc. (Grayling, Michigan)
04/19/2023  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2023-0007) Arctic Glacier U.S.A., Inc. (Grayling, Michigan)
04/19/2023  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2023-0010) Peerless Industrial Group, Inc. (Winona, Minnesota)
04/19/2023  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2023-0011) A.E. Fleming Co. Inc. dba Great Lakes Garden Wholesale (Warren, Michigan)
04/18/2023  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2023-0008) Michigan Milk Producers Association (Constantine, Michigan)
04/18/2023  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2023-0009) Michigan Milk Producers Association (Constantine, Michigan)
04/10/2023  Closed  (RUST-05-2023-0012) Three Eagles Gift Shop (Ashland, Wisconsin)
04/06/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2023-0023) 3M Company (Saint Paul, Minnesota)
04/06/2023  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2023-0007) Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center (Duluth, Minnesota)

(2993 entries in this collection)
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