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Dockets by EPA Region 05

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Complaint DateStatusCase
07/11/2024  Active  (EPCRA-05-2024-0015) All American Foods, Inc. (Mankato, Minnesota)
07/11/2024  Active  (EPCRA-05-2024-0016) City Arena (Albert Lea, Minnesota)
07/09/2024  Active  (CERCLA-05-2024-0007) BP Products North America Inc. and Ohio Refining Company, LLC (Oregon, Ohio)
07/09/2024  Active  (EPCRA-05-2024-0017) BP Products North America Inc. and Ohio Refining Company, LLC (Oregon, Ohio)
07/03/2024  Active  (CAA-05-2024-0034) Belgrade Cooperative Association, Belgrade Facility (Belgrade, Minnesota)
07/03/2024  Active  (FIFRA-05-2024-0010) Amerikal Products Corporation (Waukegan, Illinois)
07/01/2024  Active  (FIFRA-05-2024-0011) 2XL Corporation (Bolingbrook, Illinois)
07/01/2024  Active  (TSCA-05-2024-0010) JMS Companies, LLC d/b/a Choice Property Management (Mishawaka, Indiana)
06/28/2024  Active  (RCRA-05-2024-0019) ACCEL Schools Ohio, LLC
06/27/2024  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2024-0011) All Integrated Solutions, Inc. (Maple Grove, Minnesota)
06/25/2024  Active  (CWA-05-2024-0013) Hyponex Corporation (Shreve, Ohio)
06/14/2024  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0024) Plastics Engineering Company (Sheboygan, Wisconsin)
06/14/2024  Active  (FIFRA-05-2024-0008) Florida Garden Supplies, Inc. (Livonia, Michigan)
06/14/2024  Active  (RCRA-05-2024-0010) Enbridge Energy, Limited Partnership (Clearbrook, Minnesota)
06/14/2024  Active  (RCRA-05-2024-0012) Sunnyside Corporation (Wheeling, Illinois)
06/14/2024  Active  (RCRA-05-2024-0014) Midwest Industrial Coatings Inc. (Shakopee, Minnesota)
06/14/2024  Active  (TSCA-05-2024-0007) McIrish Industries Inc. d/b/a CertaPro Painters of South Metro (Burnsville, Minn...
06/11/2024  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2024-0012) Sebro Plastics, Inc. (Wixom, Michigan)
06/10/2024  Closed  (CWA-05-2024-0008) Heritage-Crystal Clean, LLC (Indianapolis, Indiana)
06/06/2024  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2024-0006) Bob Evans Farms, Inc. (Xenia, Ohio)
06/06/2024  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2024-0014) Bob Evans Farms, Inc. (Xenia, Ohio)
06/06/2024  Closed  (TSCA-05-2024-0009) Intelligent Design Corp. (Maple Grove, Minnesota)
06/06/2024  Active  (TSCA-05-2024-0012) JLG Property Investments, LLC d/b/a JLG Contracting & Renovation, LLC (Lafayette...
06/05/2024  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0030) Pharmacia & Upjohn, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pfizer, Inc. (Kalamazoo, M...
06/04/2024  Active  (CAA-05-2024-0036) Smith Foundry (Minneapolis, Minneapolis)
05/30/2024  Closed  (RCRA-05-2024-0017) MPC Plating LLC (Brooklyn, Ohio)
05/27/2024  Active  (CWA-05-2024-0010) Pri Mar Petroleum, Inc. (St. Joseph and Niles and Bangor, Michigan)
05/22/2024  Closed  (RCRA-05-2024-0007) City of Sartell (Sartell, Minnesota)
05/21/2024  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0027) MetroMetals Northwest, Inc. (Portland, Oregon)
05/21/2024  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2024-0005) Kensing, LLC (Kankakee, Illinois
05/21/2024  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2024-0013) Kensing, LLC (Kankakee, Illinois)
05/20/2024  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0023) Andersen's Sales & Salvage, Inc. (Greeley, Colorado)
05/17/2024  Active  (TSCA-05-2024-0011) MIG East, LLC, d/b/a MIG Construction (Detroit, Michigan)
05/09/2024  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0015) American Iron and Metal (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
05/09/2024  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2024-0006) W.R. Grace & Co.-Conn (East Chicago, Indiana)
05/09/2024  Closed  (TSCA-05-2024-0002) Benoz Homes, Inc. (Plymouth, Minnesota)
05/07/2024  Closed  (RUST-05-2024-0009) FAA Dayton International Airport (Vandalia, Ohio)
04/30/2024  Active  (CAA-05-2024-0004) Cutting Edge Enterprises, Inc. (Forest Lake, Minnesota)
04/11/2024  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2024-0010) Toledo Metal Finishing (Northwood, Ohio)
04/10/2024  Closed  (RUST-05-2024-0008) Veterans Affairs Medical Center Dayton (Dayton, Ohio)
04/09/2024  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0025) Cedar Grove Warehousing – Plymouth (Plymouth, Wisconsin)
04/09/2024  Closed  (RCRA-05-2024-0005) Finishing Technology, Inc. (Hamilton, Ohio)
04/05/2024  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0031) Southern Indiana Gas and Electric Company, F.B. Culley Generating Station (Newbu...
04/05/2024  Closed  (CWA-05-2024-0009) ELG Metals, Inc. (Chicago, Illinois)
04/05/2024  Closed  (RUST-05-2024-0007) Battle Creek School Bus Garage (Battle Creek, Michigan)
04/05/2024  Closed  (TSCA-05-2024-0006) Rockwood Living, LLC (Avon Lake, Ohio)
04/04/2024  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2024-0008) Centennial Sports Arena (Circle Pines, Minnesota)
04/02/2024  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2024-0005) Forge Group DeKalb LLC d/b/a DeKalb Forge Company (DeKalb, Illinois)
03/25/2024  Closed  (RUST-05-2024-0006) McArdle's Resort (Bena, Minnesota)
03/22/2024  Active  (RCRA-05-2024-0006) Former Amphenol Facility (Franklin, Indiana)
03/20/2024  Closed  (RCRA-05-2024-0003) Skolnik Industries Inc. (Chicago, Illinois)
03/18/2024  Active  (CAA-05-2024-0017) Ice Cream Specialties, Inc. (Lafayette, Indiana)
03/18/2024  Active  (CAA-05-2024-0018) Hatcher Mobile Services, LLC (Omaha, Nebraska)
03/18/2024  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2024-0007) Associated Finishing, Inc. (Mankato, Minnesota)
03/15/2024  Active  (CAA-05-2024-0021) Outlaw Diesel Performance (Greenfield, Indiana)
03/11/2024  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2024-0004) Clean Harbors Environmental Services, Inc. (Cincinnati, Ohio)
03/08/2024  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2023-0011) Koch Fertilizer, LLC (Garden City, Minnesota)
03/08/2024  Closed  (RUST-05-2024-0005) Chillicothe VA Medical Center (Chillicothe, Ohio)
03/05/2024  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0026) Fleischmann’s Vinegar Company, Inc. (Chicago, Illinois)
02/29/2024  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0029) Garden St. Iron & Metal, Inc. (Cincinnati Ohio)
02/28/2024  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0007) Magellan Midstream Partners, L.P. (Wrenshall, Minnesota)
02/28/2024  Active  (SDWA-05-2024-0003) Consumers Energy Company (Jackson, Michigan)
02/26/2024  Active  (CAA-05-2024-0016) Wehrli Custom Fabrication, Inc. (DeKalb, Illinois)
02/23/2024  Active  (FIFRA-05-2024-0006) Unitrex Ltd. d/b/a SpaRoom (Cleveland, Ohio)
02/20/2024  Closed  (CWA-05-2024-0006) Powers Paint Shop, Inc. (Woodstock, Illinois)
02/15/2024  Closed  (RCRA-05-2024-0002) Dover Chemical Corporation (Dover, Ohio)
02/12/2024  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0014) Full Tilt Performance, LLC (Jackson, Minnesota)
02/07/2024  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0020) Ecology Tech Inc. d/b/a S&S Metal Recyclers II (Aurora, Illinois)
02/03/2024  Closed  (CWA-05-2024-0005) McDonald Steel Corporation (McDonald, Ohio)
02/02/2024  Closed  (TSCA-05-2024-0005) Paris Services LLC d/b/a Paris Painting LLC (Brooklyn Center, Minnesota)
01/29/2024  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0010) Central Counties Cooperative (Atwater, Minnesota)
01/29/2024  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2024-0002) Leprino Foods Company (Allendale, Michigan)
01/29/2024  Active  (SDWA-05-2024-0002) Sappington Crude Oil (West Branch, Michigan)
01/26/2024  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2024-0004) Accelerated Assemblies (Elk Grove Village, Illinois)
01/26/2024  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2024-0007) Agroscience International, Inc., and Planet Earth Creations, Inc. (Commerce Char...
01/24/2024  Closed  (RUST-05-2024-0001) Lubrizol Corporation (Wickliffe, Ohio)
01/22/2024  Closed  (RUST-05-2024-0004) Anderson Bros. Inc. (Onamia, Minnesota)
01/17/2024  Active  (SDWA-05-2024-0001) Stevens and Soldwisch Oil and Gas Properties I, LLC (Bow Mar, Colorado)
01/11/2024  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0013) Penske Logistics LLC (Shelbyville, Indiana)
12/29/2023  Closed  (CWA-05-2024-0004) AAR Manufacturing, Inc. d/b/a/ AAR Mobility Systems (Cadillac, Michigan)
12/29/2023  Closed  (RUST-05-2024-0003) QC-Mart (Moline, Illinois)
12/28/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0012) Johns Disposal Service, Inc. and Johns Recycling, Inc. (Whitewater, Wisconsin)
12/18/2023  Active  (CAA-05-2024-0019) Calibrated Power Solutions, Inc. (Woodstock, Illinois)
12/18/2023  Closed  (CWA-05-2024-0003) Sheridan-Joliet Land Development, LLC and Sheridan Sand & Gravel Co. (Chicago, I...
12/14/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0002) Farmers Cooperative Association (Kiester, Minnesota)
12/14/2023  Closed  (CWA-05-2024-0002) Riverside Development, Inc & CMK, LTD (Westlake, Ohio)
12/12/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0011) Salem Water Treatment Plant (Salem, Illinois)
12/12/2023  Active  (FIFRA-05-2024-0005) Adya, Inc., d/b/a Themarox Direct (Gaylord, Michigan)
12/06/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0008) Abraham Chavez d/b/a A & R Custom Chrome Plating (Chicago, Illinois)
12/04/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0003) City of La Salle, Water Plant (La Salle, Illinois)
11/28/2023  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2024-0001) Gopher Resource, LLC (Eagan, Minnesota)
11/28/2023  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2024-0003) Gopher Resource, LLC (Eagan, Minnesota)
11/27/2023  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2024-0002) All Seasons Arena (Mankato, Minnesota)
11/27/2023  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2024-0003) Superior Manufacturing, Inc. d/b/a Alkuhme (Auburn Hills, Michigan)
11/27/2023  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2024-0004) Mace Security International, Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio)
11/14/2023  Closed  (RUST-05-2024-0002) Trailside Convenience Bait & Tackle (Isle, Minnesota)
11/13/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0009) Decorative Panels International, Inc (Alpena, Michigan)
11/13/2023  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2024-0001) Advantage Powder Coatings, Inc., a/k/a Hornish Bros. Inc. (Defiance, Ohio)
11/02/2023  Closed  (CAA-05-2024-0006) Koppers Inc. (Galesburg, Illinois)
11/01/2023  Closed  (RCRA-05-2024-0001) PPG Inc. Architectural Coatings (Aurora, Illinois)

(3080 entries in this collection)
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