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Dockets by EPA Region 06

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06/09/2009ClosedCAA 06-2009-3583 Bishop Energy, Inc.
06/09/2009ClosedCAA 06-2009-3585 Blue Bell Creameries
06/09/2009ClosedCAA 06-2009-3586 City of Brenham Main Water Treatment Plant
06/04/2009ClosedCWA-06-2009-1772 SDC Summit Parks, LTD.
06/04/2009ClosedCWA-06-2009-4519 East Texas Salt Water Disposal Company
06/04/2009ClosedCWA-06-2009-4520 Sheridan Production Company, LLC
06/01/2009ClosedCWA-06-2009-4333 Hulah Lake Battery
05/28/2009ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2008-2029 Wilger Enterprises, Inc.
05/27/2009ClosedEPCRA 06-2009-0513 Shidoni Foundry
05/21/2009ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2009-4804 Robinowitz Oil Company
05/18/2009ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2008-1877 FLYNCO, Inc.
05/14/2009ClosedCWA 06-2009-4509 Clepco Pipeline
05/05/2009ClosedEPCRA 06-2009-0514 Boltex, Inc. Forge Shop
05/05/2009ClosedEPCRA 06-2009-0515 Boltex, Inc. Machine Shop
04/30/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3538 City of Opelousas Water Treatment Plant
04/30/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3545 Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans East Bank
04/30/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3564 City of Webster Central Wastewater Treatment Facility
04/30/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3569 City of Houston
04/30/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3570 Certainteed Corporation
04/30/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3573 MEMC Southwest, Inc.
04/30/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3577 Sara Lee Foods
04/30/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3579 Grocers Supply Company
04/30/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3582 Benbrook Water Authority Water Treatment Plant
04/28/2009ClosedCWA-06-2009-2731 Willow Inc.
04/28/2009ClosedTSCA-06-2009-6109 Desert Academy
04/22/2009ClosedCWA-06-2009-4516 Chaparral Energy
03/26/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3522 City of West Monroe Wastewater Treatment Plant
03/26/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3529 City of Oakdale Wastewater Treatmentn Plant
03/26/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3533 City of Pineville
03/26/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3543 City of Gretna Wastewater Treatment Plant
03/26/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3544 St. Bernard Parish Munster Wastewater Treatment Plant
03/26/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3554 Cityi of Mansfield Water Treatment Plant
03/26/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3555 City of Bartlesville
03/26/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3556 City of Tulsa Mohawk Water Treatment Plant
03/26/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3558 City of Port Arthur Main Wastewater Teatment Plant
03/26/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3559 Westport Resources, Inc.
03/26/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3560 Neches Industrial Park, Inc.
03/26/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3562 City of Slidell Robert Road Water Tower
03/26/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3567 SYSCO Food Services of New Orleans, LLC
03/26/2009ClosedCAA-06-2009-3572 Targa Resources, Inc. Lake Charles Fractionation Plant
03/26/2009ClosedCAA -06-2009-3548 City of Center
03/18/2009ClosedClass I- CWA 06-2008-2032 Ray Hoffman, Jr. dba Ray Hoffman Jr. Dairy
02/02/2009ClosedEPCRA 06-2009-0506 Mabry Castings, Ltd.
01/21/2009ClosedSDWA 06-2009-1203 Sleepy Hollow Mobile Home Park
09/30/2008ClosedTSCA 06-2008-6094 Gillespie Realty
09/30/2008ClosedTSCA 06-2008-6099 Aberdeen Apartments
01/30/2008ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2008-4322 M G No. 6 Battery
01/30/2008ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2008-4332 Sanders Tank Battery
01/30/2008ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2008-4335 Michael Goodnight
01/30/2008ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2008-4349 Berex Company, Inc.
09/24/2007ClosedCWA-06-2007-1923 John William Hannah d/b/a CRM Energy Partners
08/30/2007ClosedCWA-06-2007-4807 JBS SHRIMP
08/20/2007ClosedCWA-06-2007-2725 Lafourche Parish
08/09/2007ClosedEPCRA 06-2007-0517 National Flange & Fitting Co.
08/03/2007ClosedSDWA 06-2007-1133 K.Y. PARK OIL COMPANY, LLC
07/20/2007ClosedEPCRA 06-2007-0514 Forged Product, Inc.
07/20/2007ClosedFIFRA 06-2007-0309 Jotun Paints, Incorporated
07/10/2007ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2007-1763 Total E&P USA, Inc.
07/03/2007ClosedEPCRA 06-2006-0513 American Foundry Group
06/25/2007ClosedCWA-06-2007-1835 Bobby Rowe Energy, Inc.
06/19/2007ClosedEPCRA 06-2007-0513 Metal Dynamics, Inc.
06/11/2007ClosedFIFRA 06-2007-0300 American Animal Health, Inc.
06/07/2007ClosedRCRA 06-2007-0904 TXI Operations, LP
05/25/2007ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2007-4348 Fentress Oil Company
05/25/2007ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2007-4350 Hadley Oil
05/25/2007ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2007-4352 United Fuel & Energy
05/25/2007ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2007-4356 Thrasher Lease
05/10/2007ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2006-1859 City of Farmington
05/10/2007ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2006-1873 Town of Red River
05/10/2007ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2006-1874 New Mexico State Parks and Recreation
05/07/2007ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2007-4334 Schmidt & Sons, Inc.
05/04/2007ClosedClass II - CWA 06-2006-2126 Nexen Petroleum U.S.A. Inc.
03/20/2007ClosedEPCRA 06-2007-0502 Gulf Coast Machine & Supply Company (Gulfco)
01/11/2007ClosedTSCA 06-2006-6078 Benton County School of The Arts Charter School
01/09/2007ClosedClass I - CWA 06-2007-1949 R & O Construction Company
01/09/2007ClosedTSCA 06-2006-6074 Mountainair School District
01/28/0202ClosedEPCRA-06-2020-0501 Alumacraft Boat Company

(2077 entries in this collection)
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