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Dockets by EPA Region 01

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ClosedCAA-01-2007-0088 Archer Rubber Company
ClosedCAA-01-2008-0031 Motiva Enterprises LLC
ClosedCAA-01-2008-0068 Dragon Products Company, LLC
ClosedCAA-01-2008-0102 Waste Management of MA, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2009-0035 Yankee Fiber Control, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2009-0094 First Student, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2009-0095 US Naval Station - Newport, Goel Services, Inc., and A.A. Asbestos Abatement Co., Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2010-0010 Rhode Island Airport Corporation, O.R. Colan Associates of Florida, LLC and The Jones Payne Group, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2010-0062, CWA-01-2010-0065, EPCRA-01-2010-0063 H. Krevit & Company, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2011-0021 Preferred Freezer Services, LLC
ClosedCAA-01-2011-0031 In the Matter of Thomas C. Michelson,
ClosedCAA-01-2011-0032 AA Asbestos Abatement Co., Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2011-0049 Illinois Tool Works
ClosedCAA-01-2012-0002 In the Matter of Sea-3, Inc., 190 Shattuck Way, Newington, NH
ClosedCAA-01-2012-0008 In the Matter of Sea-3, Inc., 190 Shattuck Way, Newington, NH
ClosedCAA-01-2012-0051 Suddekor LLC
ClosedCAA-01-2012-0077 North East Refrigerated Termials, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2012-0088 Nashua Corporation
ClosedCAA-01-2012-0097 Ocean State Transit, LLC
ClosedCAA-01-2012-0106, CERCLA-01-2012-0107 and EPCRA-01-2012-0108 Connecticut Freezers, Inc and Maritime Inernational, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2013-0012 CAFO American Shipyard Co., LLC
ClosedCAA-01-2013-0015 Blount Boats, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2013-0022 New England Boatworks, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2013-0025 Eastern Bus Company
ClosedCAA-01-2013-0029 Fairhaven Shipyard Companies, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2013-0047 and CERCLA-01-2013-0048 JCI Jones Chemicals, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2013-0049 Duclos Corporation
ClosedCAA-01-2013-0051 North Reading Transportation
ClosedCAA-01-2013-0053 Dragon Products Company, LLC
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0009 UniFirst Corporation
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0010 UniFirst Corporation
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0011 UniFirst Corporation
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0012 CAFO UniFirst Corporation
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0013 Cintas Corporation
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0014 Cintas Corporation
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0015 Cintas Corporation
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0020 Pioneer Valley Refridgerated Warehouse d/b/a Pioneer cold
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0021 The City of Fall River Mass.
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0025 143rd Airlift Wing
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0040 Mereco Technologies Group, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0045 In the Matter of: T. Miozzi, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0048 Associated Grocers of New England
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0050 Crystal Ice Company, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0051 Bozzuto's Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0052 Borden & Remington Corp..
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0053 Lake Champlain Transportation Company, Burlington, VT
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0054 Lake Champlain Transportation Company, Shelburne, VT
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0058 DuBrul Family, LLC et al
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0063 AmeriPride Services, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2014-0064 AmeriPride Services, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2015-0003 Precise Packahing
ClosedCAA-01-2015-0006 Chemiplastica, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2015-0011 Town of Somerset, MA, Water Pollution Control Facility
ClosedCAA-01-2015-0026 Atlantic Union College
ClosedCAA-01-2015-0029 Mann Distribution LLC and 3134 Post LLC
ClosedCAA-01-2015-0039 In the Matter of Tiverton Power LLC, 304 Progress Road, Tiverton, Rhode Island
ClosedCAA-01-2015-0040 The City of Groton
ClosedCAA-01-2015-0041 City of Norwich, CT
ClosedCAA-01-2015-0044 City of Meriden
ClosedCAA-01-2015-0064 U.S. Army Corps of Engineers - Corps of Engineers, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
ClosedCAA-01-2016-0005 In the Matter of Hannaford Brothers Company, 50 Hemco Road, South Portland, Maine
ClosedCAA-01-2016-0014, EPCRA-01-2016-0015 and CERCLA-01-2016 Swan Valley Cheese of VT, LLC and Jonergin Realty, LLC
ClosedCAA-01-2016-0020 In the Matter of Garelick Farms, LLC
ClosedCAA-01-2016-0021 and EPCRA-01-2016-0024 Rachael's Food Corporation
ClosedCAA-01-2016-0036 In the Matter of Cutler Naval Facility
ClosedCAA-01-2016-0037 Cherenzia Excavation, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2016-0053 Watts Regulator Co.
ClosedCAA-01-2016-0060 Stan Chem, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2016-0063 Champlin's Marina Resort & Tennis Club, Ltd
ClosedCAA-01-2017-0004 Pawtucket Power Associates, LP
ClosedCAA-01-2017-0006 Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2017-0011 & EPCRA-01-2017-0012 Demakes Enterprises, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2017-0018 & CERCLA-01-2017-0019 Hancock Foods, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2017-0020 American GreenFuels, LLC
ClosedCAA-01-2017-0024 and EPCRA-01-2017-0025 Performance Foodservice a division of Performance Food Group, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2017-0033 In the Matter of : City of Cranston and Veolia Water North America-Northeast, LLC
ClosedCAA-01-2017-0038 Solutia, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2017-0040 Kimball Sand Company, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2017-0065 INEOS Melamies LLC
ClosedCAA-01-2017-0072 Coppola Bus Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2017-0079 Hubbard Hall, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2017 AND epcra-01-2017-0025 Performance FoodService
ClosedCAA-01-2018-0003 & CERCLA-01-2018-0004 Guida-Seibert Dairy Company
ClosedCAA-01-2018-0007 John S. Lane and Son, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2018-0010 Greater New Haven Water Pollution Control Authority and Synagro
ActiveCAA-01-2018-0019 and EPCRA-01-2018-0020 Finicky Pet Food, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2018-0030 The Maine Wild Blureberry Company
ClosedCAA-01-2018-0042 Ronald Blanchard
ClosedCAA-01-2018-0051 and EPCRA-01-2018-0052 McCain Foods USA, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2018-0057 New England Sports Management Corp. (Marlborough, MA)
ClosedCAA-01-2018-0064 High Liner Foods (USA), Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2018-0065 SUEZ-Springfield Wastewater Treatment Facility: Expedited Settlement Agreement,
ClosedCAA-01-2019-0005 City Line Distributors, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2019-0005 Suez Water Environmental Services Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2019-0018 & EPCRA-01-2019-0025 Elliot Auto Supply Company, Inc. d/b/a Splash products
ClosedCAA-01-2019-0020 & EPCRA-01-2019-0030 Cape Cod Seafoods, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2019-0033 Londonderry Freezer Warehouse
ClosedCAA-01-2019-0044 Cambridge Brands, Inc.
ClosedCAA-01-2019-0045 New Boston Food Market
ClosedCAA-01-2019-0046 Eastern Fisheries, Inc.

(862 entries in this collection)
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