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Dockets by EPA Region 06

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ClosedCAA-06-2009-3580 New Roads City of WWTP
ClosedCAA-06-2009-3596 City of Lewisville Prairie Creek
ActiveCAA-06-2013-3501 Technical Chemical Company
ActiveCAA-06-2016-0005 Shintech, Inc.
ActiveClass I - 06-2008-4504 Sunoco Pipeline, L.P.
ActiveClass I - CWA 06-2008-1752 Chem Dry
ActiveClass I - CWA 06-2008-4332 Radford Oil
ActiveCWA-06-2008-0003 Rocking BS Ranch, Inc.
ActiveCWA-06-2010-4502 Sheridan Production Company, LLC
ClosedCWA-06-2010-4505 Link Oil Company
ClosedCWA-06-2010-4510 Key Production Company, Inc.
ActiveCWA-06-2010-4804 Mark Humphrey Oil and Gas
ActiveCWA 06-2011-4806 Hilcorp Energy Company West Bay Production Facility
ActiveCWA 06-2015-4310 Hard Rock Operating, LLC
ActiveEPCRA 06-2009-0519 Barksdale Lumber Co. Inc.
ActiveFIFRA-06-2010-0302 Control Solutions, Inc.
ActiveRCRA 06-2015-0917 DWD International, LLC
ActiveRCRA 06-2015-0920 Northwest Texas Healthcare System, Inc.
ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0903 Reptile tannery of Louisiana, Inc.
ActiveSDWA 06-2010-1106 GARY ROBINSON
Active Nexen Petroleum U.S.A. Inc.
02/07/2017ActiveRCRA 06-2017-0903 San Antonio Testing Laboratory, Inc.
02/07/2017ActiveRCRA 06-2017-0916 Texas Couplings, L.P.
11/17/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4818 Baker Hughes Oilfield Operations, Inc.
11/17/2016ActiveCWA 06-2017-4503 McGowan Working Partners
11/17/2016ActiveCWA 06-2017-4504 Benchmark Oil & Gas
11/16/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0957 Deposition Technology
11/15/2016ActiveEPCRA 06-2017-0502 Falcon Steel
11/03/2016ActiveCAA 06-2017-3302 Mosaic Fertilizer LLC, Faustina Facility
11/03/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0946 Houston Platings and Coatings, LLC
11/03/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0947 Houston Plating and Coatings, Inc.
11/03/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0952 The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C.
11/02/2016ClosedCAA 06-2016-3502 Town of Farmerville
11/02/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0938 Weatherford Artificial Lift Systems, LLC
11/02/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0955 Weatherford U.S., L.P.
10/27/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4327 Petroamerica Operating, LLC
10/27/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4817 Hilcorp Energy Company
10/27/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4817 Hilcorp Energy Company Caillou Island TB#8
10/24/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0936 Baylor University
10/24/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0953 Dal-Tile Corporation
09/30/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0930 OMNICARE, INC.
09/29/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0933 OMNICARE, INC.
09/27/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4813 Dimension Energy Company
09/27/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4815 Coffeyville Resources Crude Transportation, LLC
09/20/2016ActiveFIFRA 06-2016-0322 Helm Agro US, Inc.
09/19/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0904 Whole Foods Market Rocky Mountain/Southwest LP
09/19/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0905 Whole Foods Market Rocky Mountain/Southwest LP
09/19/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0906 Whole Foods Company, Inc.
09/19/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0907 Whole Foods Market Rocky Mountain/Southwest LP
09/19/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0908 Whole Foods Market Rocky Mountain/Southwest LP
08/16/2016ClosedCAA 06-2016-3516 Agave Red Hills GPP
07/28/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3420 Equistar Chemicals, LP
07/21/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4807 Silver Creek Oil & Gas, LLC
07/19/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3379 Schuetz Container Systems, Inc.
07/19/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4315 White Operating Company
07/19/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0911 Pumpco Energy Services, Inc. c/o Gerald J. Pels, Partner
07/13/2016ClosedCWA 06-2016-2715 A&D Investment, Inc.
07/07/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4801 Mesa Gulf Coast, LLC
07/05/2016ActiveEPCRA 06-2016-0503 Kraft Heinz Foods Company
06/29/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4311 New Dominion, LLC
06/29/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4510 Jetta Operating
06/29/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4806 EIG Petroleum, LLC
06/24/2016ActiveECPRA 06-2016-0505 Helena Industries
06/24/2016ActiveEPCRA 06-2016-0502 K-Solv LP
06/23/2016ActiveRCRA 06-2016-0916 TLMI Corporation
06/21/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-2701 Angel Fire Resort Operations, LLC
06/16/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4803 Line Gulf Coast Petroleum Inc.
06/14/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3332 Celanese Ltd.
06/14/2016ActiveCWA 06-2015-4853 Stolthaven New Orleans, L.L.C.
06/14/2016ActiveFIFRA 06-2016-0300 Advant Development, LLC f/k/a SD Labs, LLC
06/09/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3308 Cornerstone Chemical Company
06/09/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3381 Ineos Nitriles, USA LLC
06/09/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3387 E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company
06/09/2016ClosedCAA 06-2016-3513 Total Cray Valley-Beaumont
06/09/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4313 Great Southwestern Exploration, Inc.
06/09/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4506 Jetta Operating
06/06/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-2706 Chesapeake Operating, LLC
05/26/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3385 SemGas LP
05/25/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-2711 Mr. Henry R. Stevenson, Jr. Parkwood Land Company
05/24/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3352 Shell Chemical, LP
05/24/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3353 Motiva Enterprises, LLC
05/24/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3354 TPC Port Neches
05/24/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4309 Spess Oil Company
05/24/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4508 Spess Oil Company
05/24/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4509 Square Mile Energy
05/24/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4851 Enterprise Crude Pipeline LLC
05/17/2016ClosedCAA 06-3510-2016 Murphy Port Hudson Terminal
05/12/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4310 Spess Oil Company, Inc.
05/10/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3350 Invista S.a r.l
05/10/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3365 Lone Star Bakery, Inc.
05/09/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4305 Petroamerica Operating, LLC
05/09/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4308 WN Operating, Inc.
05/05/2016ActiveFIFRA 06-2016-0302 Indus Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Texas Jasmine
05/03/2016ClosedCAA 06-2016-3512 GE Betz Inc., Beaumont Plant
04/27/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3359 Flint Hills Resources Houston Chemical, LLC
04/21/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3360 Longview Gas Plant
04/20/2016ClosedCAA 06-2016-3504 City of Claremore Water Treatment Plant
04/20/2016ClosedCAA 06-2016-3504 City of Claremore Water Treatment Plant

(1568 entries in this collection)
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