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Dockets by EPA Region 05

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ClosedCAA-05-2016-0008 North Manchester Ethanol, LLC d/b/a POET Biorefining- North Manchester (North Manchester, Indiana)
ClosedCAA-05-2016-0029 The Andersons Clymers Ethanol, LLC (Logansport, Indiana)
ClosedCWA-05-2015-0006 Skytanking USA, Inc. (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)
ClosedCWA-05-2016-0002 Rosebud Mining Company - ADMINISTRATIVE COMPLIANCE ORDER ON CONSENT - (Kittanning, Pennsylvania)
ClosedFIFRA-05-2014-0031 Gallaghers Farm Service LLC (Belding, Michigan)
ClosedFIFRA-05-2015-0019 Coeus Technology, LLC - INSTALLMENTS - (Anderson, Indiana)
ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0006 Central Exterminating Company (Cleveland, Ohio)
ClosedRCRA-05-2010-0008 U.S.S. Lead Refinery, Inc. (East Chicago, Illinois)
ClosedRCRA-05-2016-0012 Maple Street Commerce LLC - ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT - (East Canton, Ohio)
05/10/2017ActiveFIFRA-05-2017-0028 MID America Distributing, LLC (Fairmont, Minnesota)
05/10/2017ActiveFIFRA-05-2017-0029 Arcadia Chemical, LLC (Lawton, Michigan)
05/10/2017ActiveRCRA-05-2017-0014 Exide Technologies, Inc. - ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT - (Frankfort, Indiana)
05/04/2017ActiveFIFRA-05-2017-0023 C-W Valley Coop (Wolverton, Minnesota)
05/04/2017ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0024 Chem-Tech International, Inc.(Random Lake, Wisconsin)
05/04/2017ActiveFIFRA-05-2017-0025 Deepland Supply (Hager City, Wisconsin)
05/04/2017ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0026 Shelby County Cooperative (Shelbyville, Indiana)
05/04/2017ActiveFIFRA-05-2017-0027 Brundt Consolidation, Inc. (Springfield, Illinois)
05/02/2017ActiveRCRA-05-2017-0013 Outlook Group Corp. - SEP - (Neenah, Wisconsin)
05/01/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0022 Grecian Delight Foods, Inc. -RMP-17-ESA-001- (Elk Grove, Illinois)
04/28/2017ClosedEPCRA-05-2017-0016 Walter Ashley Building Engineer YMCA (St. Paul, Minnesota)
04/27/2017ActiveFIFRA-05-2017-0022 Data Service Solutions, Inc. (Bolingbrook, Illinois)
04/24/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0021 The Andersons Inc. (Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin)
04/24/2017ClosedEPCRA-05-2017-0015 Brent Industries, Inc. (Toledo, Ohio)
04/21/2017ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0020 Boldue and Sons, Inc. (Woodhull, Illinois)
04/21/2017ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0021 Countyline Cooperative, Inc. (Pemberville, Ohio)
04/19/2017ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0017 Fas-Pak Incorporated (Michigan City, Indiana)
04/19/2017ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0018 Form-A-Feed, Incorporated (Stewart, Minnesota)
04/19/2017ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0019 Mt. Vernon Elevator, Co. (Mt. Veron, Illinois)
04/19/2017ActiveRCRA-05-2017-0011 Precision Coatings, Inc. - SEP - (INSTALLMENTS (12) (Walled Lake, Michigan)
04/19/2017ClosedRCRA-05-2017-0012 Pioneer Metal Finishing (Green Bay, Wisconsin)
04/17/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0020 Illinois Road Contractors, Inc - Meredosia Terminal (Meredosia, Illinois)
04/17/2017ClosedRUST-05-2017-0007 Cambridge Municipal Airport - R5-UST-17-001-EG - (Cambridge, Ohio)
04/14/2017ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0016 LaOtto Farm Supplies, Incorporated (LaOtta, Indiana)
04/12/2017ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0014 Bond Chemicals, Inc. (Medina, Ohio)
04/12/2017ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0015 Hawkins, Inc. (Roseville, Minnesota)
04/10/2017ClosedCERCLA-05-2017-0006 City of Mahtomedi (Mahtomedi, Minnesota)
04/10/2017ClosedEPCRA-05-2017-0014 City of Mahtomedia (Mahtomedia, Minnesota)
04/10/2017ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0013 3M Company (St. Paul, Minnesota)
04/10/2017ActiveMM-05-2017-0004 City of Mahtomedi (Mahtomedi, Minnesota)
04/06/2017ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0012 Exact Packaging, Inc. (Pontiac, Illinois)
04/06/2017Awaiting Payment/SEPRCRA-05-2017-0010 Colonial Surface Solutions, Inc. - SEP- (Columbus Grove, Ohio)
04/03/2017ActiveCWA-05-2017-0007 Asphalt Cutbacks, Inc. -- SEP -- (East Chicago, Indiana)
03/30/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0018 Rust-Oleum Corporation (Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin)
03/30/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0019 Ethone, Inc. (Bridgeview, Illinois)
03/27/2017Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-05-2017-0017 Owens Corning Roofing and Asphalt, LLC - SEP - (Medina, Ohio)
03/24/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0016 Stratas Foods LLC (Quincy, Illinois)
03/24/2017ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0011 Cul-Mac Industries, Inc. (Wayne, Michigan)
03/16/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0015 Advanced Micronutrient Products, Inc. (Resse, Michigan)
03/15/2017ActiveRUST-05-2017-0006 Roy Lake Store -- Prohibit Deliveries -- (Mahnomen, Minnesota)
03/14/2017ClosedEPCRA-05-2017-0013 Waste Management Settlement Agreement, Inc. - Burnsville Facility (Burnsville, Minnesota)
03/08/2017ClosedCERCLA-05-2017-0004 Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc. (East Chicago, Indiana)
03/08/2017Awaiting Payment/SEPCERCLA-05-2017-0005 BASF Corporation -- SEP -- (Wyandotte, Michigan)
03/08/2017ActiveCWA-05-2017-0006 The City of Blaine -- ADMINISTRATIVE COMPLIANCE ORDER ON CONSENT -- (Blaine, Minnesota)
03/08/2017Awaiting Payment/SEPEPCRA-05-2017-0012 BASF Corporation -- SEP -- (Wyandotte, Michigan)
03/08/2017ActiveMM-05-2017-0003 BASF Corporation -- SEP -- (Wyandotte, Michigan)
03/03/2017ActiveRCRA-05-2017-0009 OXY USA, Inc. Cline Avenue Oil Spill Site -RCRA 7003 Administrative Order On Consent- (Gary, Indiana)
03/02/2017ActiveCWA-05-2017-0005 Metalworking Lubricants Company --SEP/INSTALLMENTS -- (Indianapolis, Indiana)
03/01/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0014 Bedford City Utilities -- SEP -- (Bedford, Indiana)
03/01/2017ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0010 All Chemical, LLC (Highland Park, Michigan)
02/28/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0013 Ferrara Candy Company (Forest Park, Illinois)
02/21/2017ClosedEPCRA-05-2017-0011 Dianne's Fine Desserts (Le Center, Minnesota)
02/17/2017Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-05-2017-0012 AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry, LLC -- SEP -- (Morris, Illinois)
02/17/2017ClosedEPCRA-05-2017-0009 Despatch Industries, Inc. (Lakeville, Minnesota)
02/17/2017Awaiting Payment/SEPEPCRA-05-2017-0010 Caledonia Haulers, Inc., --SEP-- (Caledonia, Minnesota)
02/17/2017ClosedRUST-05-2017-0005 Rainbow Resort (Waubun, Minnesota)
02/13/2017ClosedEPCRA-05-2017-0006 Riverview Healthcare (Crookston, Minnesota)
02/13/2017ClosedEPCRA-05-2017-0007 Como Park Conservatory (St. Paul, Minnesota)
02/13/2017ClosedEPCRA-05-2017-0008 Don's Bus Service, Inc. (Albertville, Minnesota)
02/13/2017ActiveRCRA-05-2017-0008 Apiscent Labs, LLC --INSTALLMENTS-- (St. Francis, Wisconsin)
02/08/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0011 Coldwater Board of Public Utilities Water Treatment Plant (Coldwater, Michigan)
02/07/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0010 PSC Metals, Inc. --SEP-- (Mayfield Heights, Ohio)
02/07/2017ClosedEPCRA-05-2017-0003 Galaxy Circuits, Inc. (Carol Stream, Illinois)
02/07/2017ClosedEPCRA-05-2017-0004 Huls Bros. Trucking, Inc. (St. Joseph, Minnesota)
02/07/2017ClosedEPCRA-05-2017-0005 Consumers Coop Association (Litchfield, Minnesota)
02/07/2017ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0008 BASF Corporation (Florham Park, New Jersey)
02/07/2017ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0009 Makhteshim Agan of North America, Inc. d/b/a ADAMA (Raleigh, North Carolina)
02/07/2017Awaiting Payment/SEPRCRA-05-2017-0006 Textron Aviation, Inc. -- SEP-- (Indianapolis, Indiana)
02/07/2017ClosedRCRA-05-2017-0007 Lawrence Industries, Inc. (Kalamazoo, Michigan)
02/03/2017ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0007 Merial, Incorporated (Duluth, Georgia)
02/03/2017ActiveTSCA-05-2017-0002 The Bellepoint Company, LLC - INSTALLMENTS - (Columbus, Ohio)
01/31/2017Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-05-2017-0008 Allnex USA Inc. -SEP- (Kalamazoo, Michigan)
01/31/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0009 EES Coke Battery, L.L.C. (River Rouge, Michigan)
01/25/2017ClosedRCRA-05-2017-0005 EES Coke Battery, L.L.C. (River Rouge, Michigan)
01/17/2017ClosedCWA-05-2017-0004 Alton Steel, Inc. (Alton, Illinois)
01/10/2017ClosedRCRA-05-2017-0004 Regal Finishing Company (Coloma, Michigan)
01/04/2017ClosedTSCA-05-2017-0001 Waseca Quality Siding and Window, Inc. (Waseca, Minnesota)
12/30/2016ClosedCAA-05-2017-0007 Steel Dynamics, Inc. (Columbia City, Indiana)
12/28/2016Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-05-2017-0006 Welsch Ready Mix, Inc. - SEP- (Chicago, Illinois)
12/23/2016ClosedCAA-05-2017-0005 PVS Technologies, Inc. RMP-16-ESA-12 (Detroit, Michigan)
12/23/2016ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0004 Earth Laboratories, Inc. (Evansville, Indiana)
12/23/2016ClosedFIFRA-05-2017-0005 Ohigro, Incorporated (Waldo, Ohio)
12/23/2016ClosedRCRA-05-2017-0003 Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America LLC (Shorewood, Illinois)
12/12/2016ClosedRUST-05-2017-0002 B&F Marathon (South Bend, Indiana)
12/12/2016ActiveRUST-05-2017-0003 Maes Mart/Mobil (LaPorte, Indiana)
12/12/2016ClosedRUST-05-2017-0004 Marathon # 521 (Ogden Dunes, Indiana)
12/07/2016Awaiting Payment/SEPCWA-05-2017-0003 Ingredion Incorporated - SEP - (Bedford Park, Illinois)
12/07/2016ActiveCWA-05-2017-0003 Ingredion Incorporated - SUPPLEMENTAL ENVIRONMENTAL PROJECT - (Bedford Park, Illinois)
12/01/2016ClosedCERCLA-05-2017-0003 Beck Aluminum Alloys, Ltd. - INSTALLMENTS- (Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin)
11/18/2016ClosedRUST-05-2017-0001 Toledo Skyway Marina (Toledo, Ohio)
11/14/2016ClosedRCRA-05-2017-0002 Perfection Industries, Inc. - ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT - (Detroit, Michigan)

(2057 entries in this collection)
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