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Dockets by Statute RCRA

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10/13/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2009-0020 Firebird International Raceway
10/13/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2008-0004 Admiral Transportation
10/13/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2008-0019 Del Monte Fresh Produce (HI), Inc.
10/13/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2008-0008 Greif, Inc.
10/13/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2008-0001 (7003) Sunrise Mountain
10/13/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2008-0014 Jet Ocean Technologies
10/13/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2009-0004 Ken's Spray Equipment, Inc. dba
Alloy Processing
10/13/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2007-0018 Global Communication Semiconductors, Inc.
10/13/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2008-0012 Aero-Electric Connector, Inc.
10/13/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2008-0015 CommonWealth Ports Authority
10/13/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2008-0009 Anaspec, Inc.
10/13/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2007-0012 RHS Lee, Inc.
10/13/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2007-0017 Scott Lawson
10/13/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2007-0004 GKN Aerospace Chem-tronics, Inc.
10/13/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2009-0018 Rohr Inc., dba Goodrich Aerostructures
10/13/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2008-0007 Pacific Marine and Industrial Corporation
10/13/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2007-0005 Everbright Company, Ltd.
10/13/2009ActiveRCRA-07-2007-0011 HPI PRODUCTS, INC.
10/01/2009ActiveRCRA-07-2010-0001 Lambreth Salvage Yard
09/30/2009ClosedRCRA-02-2009-7108 McHone Industries, Inc.
09/30/2009ClosedRCRA-02-2009-7111 Municipality of Toa Baja
09/30/2009ClosedRCRA-02-2009-7507 U.S. Department of the Army and Army & Air Force Exchange Service, West Point Garrison
09/30/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0258 D.C. Materials, Inc. (SCAFO) RCRA
09/30/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0297 DPW-Fleet Management Facility, SCAFO, RCRA-9006
09/30/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0322 Chester Aytch, RCRA
09/30/2009ClosedRCRA-05-2009-0023 Usher Enterprises, Inc.(Detroit, Michigan)
09/30/2009ClosedRCRA-05-2009-0024 Magnetic Inspection Laboratory, Inc. (Elk Grove Village, Illinois)
09/30/2009ClosedRCRA-05-2009-0025 Clear Lam Packaging, Inc. (Elk Grove Village, Illinois)
09/30/2009ClosedRCRA-05-2009-0026 Pulsar, Inc. (Franklin Park, Illinois)
09/30/2009ClosedRCRA-05-2010-0001 Textileather Corporation ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT (Toledo, Ohio)
09/30/2009ClosedRCRA-07-2009-0013 General Electric Company and Burlington Basket Company
09/30/2009ActiveRCRA-07-2009-0015 JF Queeny Facility
09/30/2009Awaiting PaymentRCRA-08-2009-0002 FRONTIER REFINING, INC.
09/29/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0223 Lord Corporation (SCAFO) RCRA (3008)
09/29/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0237 Ulbrich Delta LLC, (SCAFO) $88,500.00 (RCRA 3008)
09/29/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0298 Sunoco, Inc. (R&M) SCAFO (RCRA)
09/29/2009ClosedRCRA-07-2009-0012 Spirit Aerosystems, Inc
09/29/2009ClosedRCRA-07-2009-0014 Big Dog Motorcycles, LLC
09/28/2009ClosedRCRA-05-2009-0020 US Army Corps of Engineers (Hanover Township, Illinois)
09/28/2009ClosedRCRA-05-2009-0021 Univar USA, Inc. (St. Paul, Minnesota)
09/28/2009ClosedRCRA-05-2009-0022 Big River Zinc Corporation (Sauget, Illinois)
09/28/2009ClosedRCRA-07-2009-0008 Dawson Brothers, Inc
09/28/2009ClosedRCRA-07-2009-0010 Archima, Inc
09/25/2009ClosedRCRA-02-2009-7110 Aguakem Caribe, Inc.
09/25/2009ClosedRCRA-02-2009-7147 Kmart Corporation
09/25/2009ClosedRCRA-05-2009-0019 1810 W. Grace St., LLC - CLMS COORD. FORWRDS TO TREAS - (Park Ridge, Illinois)
09/24/2009ClosedRCRA-02-2009-7506 Puerto Rico Air National Guard, U.S. Air Force
09/24/2009ClosedRCRA-07-2009-0009 Clean Harbors Environmental Services Inc
09/22/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0147 East River Park Shopping Center, (SCAFO) RCRA
09/22/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0239 Smithsonian Institution (RCRA) SCAFO
09/21/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0262 Sequa Coatings, LLC, RCRA- (SCAFO)
09/18/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0245 Rust-Oleum Corporation (SCAFO) RCRA
09/17/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0238 Communication Workers of America, SCAFO (RCRA)
09/17/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0252 E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Co.,(SCAFO) RCRA-03-2009-0252
09/15/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0281FC Ray Pizadeh, E&P, Inc. DBA New York Avenue GTGO Facility ID # 50000252, RCRA-FC
09/15/2009ClosedRCRACIT-08-2009-0002 ALL STOP
09/14/2009ClosedRCRA-05-2009-0017 JLM Chemicals, Inc. -Default Order No Answer - (Blue Island, Illinois)
09/14/2009ClosedRCRA-05-2009-0018 DeKalb Metals Finishing Inc. - INSTALLMENTS - (Auburn, Indiana)
09/14/2009ClosedRUST-05-2009-0012 Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority - SEP - (Cleveland, Ohio)
09/11/2009ClosedRCRA-05-2009-0016 Pechinery Plastic Packaging, Inc. (Boscobel, Wisconsin)
09/09/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2010-0003 ZKW Trading Corporation
09/03/2009ClosedRCRA-09-2009-0017 ZKW Trading Corporation
09/01/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0160 Sandvik Materials Technology, RCRA (SCAFO
08/26/2009ClosedRCRA 06-2009-0936 Western Refining Southwest. Inc.
08/24/2009ClosedRCRA-07-2009-0003 Permatex Inc
08/24/2009ClosedRCRA 06-2009-0934 Lang's Standard Solutions, Inc.
08/20/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0260FC Sunoco Inc., RCRA-03-2009-0260FC
08/20/2009ClosedRCRA-05-2009-0015 WRR Environmental Services (Eau Claire, Wisconsin)
08/18/2009ClosedRCRA-04-2009-4255(b) J.D. International Lighting, Inc.
08/14/2009ClosedRCRA-07-2008-0007 Blackhawk Foundry and Machine Company
08/10/2009ClosedRUST-05-2009-0010 Federal Bureau of Prisons (Greenville, Illinois)
08/10/2009ClosedRUST-05-2009-0011 Vandalia Correctional Center (Vandalia, Illinois)
08/07/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0212 National Park Service , National Capital Parks-East (RCRA) - (SCAFO)
08/04/2009ClosedRCRA-05-2009-0012 Creative Liquid Coatings, Inc. Formerly Creative Coatings, Inc. COMBINED WITH RCRA-05-2009-0013(Fort Wayne, Indiana)
08/04/2009ClosedRCRA-05-2009-0013 Elite Enterprises, Inc. COMBINED WITH RCRA-05-2009-0012 (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
07/29/2009ClosedRCRA-04-2009-4251(b) North Carolina Central University
07/22/2009ClosedRCRA-04-2009-4256(b) YKK (U.S.A.) Inc.
07/09/2009ClosedRCRA-07-2009-0005 Doe Run Resources Corporation
06/30/2009ClosedRCRA-01-2009-0081 Lin-Cor Environmental, LLC
06/30/2009ClosedRCRA-02-2009-7106 Supreme Asset Management and Recovery, Inc. a/k/a Supreme Asset Management, Inc.
06/30/2009ClosedRCRA-02-2009-7505 U.S. Department of Homeland Security
06/30/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0146FF Saint Elizabeth Hospital West Campus Site, RCRA-03-2009-0146FF
06/30/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0215 PMIG 1011, LLC, PMIG 1010, LLC E&C Enterprises, Inc. and Petroleum Marketing Group, Inc., Gallows Road Texaco, and Leesburg Pike Shell, (Complaint) RCRA (9006)
06/29/2009ClosedRUST-05-2009-0009 Dwight Correctional Center ( Dwight, Illinois)
06/25/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0166 US General Seravices Administration, Supply Distribution Facility, (SCAFO)
06/25/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0193 Fleet Management Admnistration, Department of Public Works,(SCAFO)
06/25/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0206 Eagle Petroleum-Planatation Road, Turbo Food Mart, Shree Ganesh Inc. RCRA-03-2009-0206
06/24/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0201 Fort Myer Construction Corporation (SCAFO)
06/23/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0181 Armed Forces Retirement Home, Fuel Services Building (SCAFO)
06/17/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0161 Fleet Management Administration, DPWs, Government Public Works, FPW- Fort Totten Fuel Facility, DPW- Washington Metropolitan Police (SCAFO)
06/11/2009ClosedRCRA-07-2009-0002 Gardner, Berry Painting, Inc
06/10/2009ClosedRCRA-05-2009-0011 Lockhart Chemical Company (Flint, Michigan)
06/09/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0102 Wolf Trap National Park, (RCRA) SCAFO
06/01/2009ActiveRCRA-UST-04-2009-0001 Dilbag Khera - AM Food and Gas
05/28/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0145 D.C. National Guard Armory (RCRA) (SCAFO)
05/27/2009ClosedRCRA-03-2009-0110FC A&A Gas, RCRA-03-2009-0110FC,
05/26/2009ClosedRCRA-07-2009-0001 General Motors - North America

(2634 entries in this collection)
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