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Dockets by EPA Region 05

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03/05/2013ClosedEPCRA-05-2013-0010 Beelman Ready Mix, Inc. (East St. Louis, Illinois)
03/05/2013ClosedEPCRA-05-2013-0011 Concrete Supply of Illinois, LLC (East St. Louis, Illinois)
02/28/2013ClosedFIFRA-05-2013-0004 The Dow Chemical Company (2030 Dow Center, Midland, Michigan)
02/28/2013ClosedRUST-05-2013-0007 Cyto Three Real Estate, Inc, (dba BP), (Elmwood Park, Illinois)
02/21/2013ClosedFIFRA-05-2013-0003 Star Brite Distributing, Inc. (Davie, Florida)
02/20/2013Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-05-2013-0010 Gopher Resources, LLC - SEP - (Eagan, Minnesota)
02/19/2013ClosedCAA-05-2013-0008 Sysco Detroit, LLC (Canton, Michigan)
02/19/2013ClosedCAA-05-2013-0009 The Sherwin-Williams Company (Holland, Michigan)
02/14/2013ClosedEPCRA-05-2013-0009 Branchfield Castng, Inc. (Galva, Illinois)
02/14/2013ClosedTSCA-05-2013-0006 Rudy Gudgeon (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
02/13/2013ClosedRCRA-05-2013-0003 South Holland Metal Finishing Company, Inc. (Monee, Illinois)
02/08/2013ClosedRUST-05-2013-0006 Anderson Brothers, Inc. (Onamia, Minnesota)
02/07/2013ClosedTSCA-05-2013-0005 IGM Resins, Inc. (St. Charles, Illinois)
02/06/2013ClosedCAA-05-2013-0007 Custom Fiberglass Molding, Inc. (Weyauwega, Wisconsin)
01/30/2013ClosedEPCRA-05-2013-0008 Brady Worldwide, Inc. (Glendale, Wisconsin)
01/30/2013ClosedTSCA-05-2013-0004 ARK Property Investments, LLC (Richmond, Indiana)
01/29/2013ClosedCAA-05-2013-0006 Brenntag Mid-South, Inc. (Bartonville, Illinois)
01/18/2013ClosedRUST-05-2013-0004 Isle Public School Bus Garage (Isle, Minnesota)
01/18/2013ClosedRUST-05-2013-0005 Federated Coop (Isle, Minnesota)
01/11/2013ClosedFIFRA-05-2013-0002 The Dow Chemical Company 2030 Dow Center (Midland, Michigan)
01/09/2013ClosedCWA-05-2013-0004 FirstEnergy Generation Corporation --- SEP --- (Cleveland, Ohio)
01/09/2013ClosedCWA-05-2013-0005 FirstEnergy Generation Corporation --- SEP --- (Oregon, Ohio)
01/09/2013ClosedCWA-05-2013-0006 FirstEnergy Generation Corporation --- SEP --- (Lorain, Ohio)
01/09/2013ClosedTSCA-05-2013-0003 Midwest College Painters, LLC (Bloomfield Hills, Michigan)
01/08/2013ActiveCWA-05-2013-0003 Polo Development, Inc. AIM Georgia, LLC Joseph Zdrilich (Poland, Ohio)
01/07/2013Awaiting Payment/SEPCERCLA-05-2013-0007 Harvest Land Cooperative -- SEP -- (Morgan, Minnesota)
12/21/2012ClosedRUST-05-2013-0003 Gas Depot ((New London, Ohio)
12/19/2012ClosedCERCLA-05-2013-0005 Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company (Worthington, Minnesota)
12/19/2012ClosedCERCLA-05-2013-0006 PVS Chemical Solutions, Inc. (Chicago, Illinois)
12/19/2012ClosedEPCRA-05-2013-0007 Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company (Worthington, Minnesota)
12/19/2012ClosedMM-05-2013-0004 Minnesota Freezer Warehouse Company (Worthington, Minnesota)
12/19/2012ClosedRCRA-05-2013-0002 PVS Chemical Solutions, Ins. (Chicago, Illinois)
12/07/2012ClosedFIFIRA-05-2013-0001 Joseph Phillip Pittman d/b/a Phil's Building Materials (Dix, Illinois)
12/06/2012ClosedCWA-05-2013-0002 LaOtto Farm Supplies, Inc., Dexter Lutter, and Cynthia Lutter (LaOtta, Indiana)
12/05/2012ClosedRUST-05-2013-0001 Marathon # 2167 (Indianapolis, Indiana)
11/27/2012ClosedCAA-05-2013-0005 Sanitary District of Michigan City (Michigan City, Indiana)
11/27/2012Awaiting Payment/SEPTSCA-05-2013-0002 Feldco Factory Direct, LLC ---- SEP ---- (Des Plaines, Illinois)
11/21/2012ClosedCAA-05-2013-0004 Mitsubishi Engine North American, Inc. (Addison, Illinois)
11/19/2012ClosedCERCLA-05-2013-0004 Battelle Memorial Institue (Columbus, Ohio)
11/19/2012ClosedEPCRA-05-2013-0006 Battelle Memorial Institue (Columbus, Ohio)
11/19/2012ClosedMM-05-2013-0003 Battelle Memorial Institue (Columbus, Ohio)
11/15/2012ClosedCAA-05-2013-0003 Imperial Aluminum - Minerva LLC --- SEP--- (Minerva, Ohio)
11/14/2012ClosedEPCRA-05-2013-0005 Arntzen Corporation (Woodstock, Illinois)
11/14/2012ClosedRCRA-05-2013-0001 Bradley Adhesive Applications, Inc. and Bradley Technologies, Inc. d/b/a The Bradley Group of Companies (St. Charles, Illinois)
11/06/2012ClosedCAA-05-2013-0002 Citizens, LLC (Charlotte, Michigan)
11/05/2012Awaiting Payment/SEPCERCLA-05-2013-0003 Kenyon Ag Services, LLC --- SEP --- (Kenyon, Minnesota)
11/01/2012ClosedCWA-05-2013-0001 Noble County Drainage Board (Albion, Indiana)
10/29/2012Awaiting Payment/SEPTSCA-05-2013-0001 Fenton Investment Company, Brantley, Inc. and Lewis A. Zipkin, Trustee -- SEP -- (Cleveland Heights, Ohio)
10/23/2012ClosedCAA-05-2013-0001 Caterpillar, Inc. - Mapleton Foundry (Mapleton, Illinois)
10/22/2012Awaiting Payment/SEPCERCLA-05-2013-0002 Phillips 66 Company and WRB Refining, LP --- SEP --- (Roxana, Illinois)
10/22/2012Awaiting Payment/SEPEPCRA-05-2013-0004 Phillips 66 Company and WRB Refining, LP --- SEP --- (Roxana, Illinois)
10/22/2012ActiveMM-05-2013-0002 Phillips 66 Company and WRB Refining, LP (Roxana, Illinois)
10/03/2012ClosedCERCLA-05-2013-0001 Kraton Polymers U.S. LLC (Belpre, Ohio)
10/03/2012ClosedEPCRA-05-2013-0001 Kraton Polymers U.S. LLC (Belpre, Ohio)
10/03/2012ClosedEPCRA-05-2013-0002 Attwood Corporation (Lowell, Michigan)
10/03/2012ClosedEPCRA-05-2013-0003 Advanced Fluids, Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio)
10/03/2012ClosedMM-05-2013-0001 Kraton Polymers U.S. LLC (Belpre, Ohio)
09/28/2012Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-05-2012-0051 Charter Manufacturing Company, Inc. d/b/a Charter Steel -- SEP -- (Cuyahoga Heights, Ohio)
09/28/2012ClosedEPCRA-05-2012-0035 American Wire and Cable Company (Cleveland, Ohio)
09/28/2012ClosedRCRA-05-2012-0015 Wismarq Corporation (Franklin Park, Illinois)
09/27/2012ClosedRCRA-05-2012-0014 ---- Unilateral Administrative Order 7003 -- Polychem Services, Inc. (Chicago Heights, Illinois) and Polychem Holdings, Inc. (Chicago Heighs, Illinois) and Heartland Polymers, Inc. c/o Registered Agent and Heartland Polymers Realty, Inc. (Peoria, Illinois)
09/27/2012ClosedRUST-05-2012-0012 BP # 3789 (Pleasant Prarie - Prairie-, Wisconsin
09/27/2012ClosedRUST-05-2012-0013 East Side Fuel (Norwalk, Ohio)
09/27/2012ClosedTSCA-05-2012-0027 Wildwood Apartments LLC (Jackson, Michigan)
09/26/2012ClosedCAA-05-2012-0050 Meyer Steel Drum, Inc. (Chicago, IL)
09/26/2012ClosedEPCRA-05-2012-0034 United Wire and Cable Company (DeKalb, Illinois)
09/26/2012ClosedFIFRA-05-2012-0026 Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
09/26/2012ClosedFIFRA-05-2012-0027 The Dow Chemical Company - Dow Microbial Control (Midland, Michigan)
09/26/2012ClosedTSCA-05-2012-0024 Hometown Painting, Inc. (Warrenville, Illinois)
09/26/2012ClosedTSCA-05-2012-0025 Ardagh Glass Inc. (Winchester, Indiana)
09/26/2012ActiveTSCA-05-2012-0026 Three C's Management and Development Corporation (Cleveland, Ohio)
09/21/2012ClosedTSCA-05-2012-0022 Donald Scheffler and Scheffler Painting, LLC (Trenton, Michigan)
09/21/2012ClosedTSCA-05-2012-0023 Spartan Painting, Inc. (Bath, Michigan)
09/20/2012ClosedEPCRA-05-2012-0033 E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company (Mount Clemens, Michigan)
09/20/2012ClosedRCRA-05-2012-0013 Cleveland Steel Container Corporation (Peotone, Illinois)
09/20/2012ClosedRUST-05-2012-0011 Fitchville Market (New London, Ohio)
09/19/2012ClosedCAA-05-2012-0049 IAC Port Huron, LLC (Port Huron, Michigan)
09/19/2012ClosedTSCA-05-2012-0021 Alliance Contracting & Design, LLC --- INSTALLMENTS --- (Bay City, Michigan)
09/17/2012ClosedEPCRA-05-2012-0032 Spincraft (New Berlin, Wisconsin)
09/17/2012ClosedFIFRA-05-2012-0025 The Dow Chemical Company - Dow Microbial Control - (Midland, Michigan)
09/07/2012ClosedFIFRA-05-2012-0023 The Sherwin-Williams Company (Cleveland, Ohio)
09/07/2012Awaiting Payment/SEPFIFRA-05-2012-0024 The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company --- SEP --- (Marysville, Ohio)
09/07/2012ClosedTSCA-05-2012-0019 Jaime Guenette -- NO PENALTY -- (Ishpeming, Michigan)
09/07/2012ClosedTSCA-05-2012-0020 Marshall McGowan (Springfield, Illinois)
09/06/2012ClosedCAA-05-2012-0048 Chemtrade Refinery Solutions Limited Partnership (Oregon, Ohio)
09/06/2012ClosedCWA-05-2012-0010 Kevin Logeman and Robert Scott Logeman d/b/a Logeman Brothers Farm (Metropolis, Illinois)
09/06/2012ClosedFIFRA-05-2012-0022 Mathie Energy Supply Company, Inc. (Morrice, Michigan)
09/06/2012Awaiting Payment/SEPTSCA-05-2012-0018 Clinton T. Anderson, Owner CTA Properties --- SEP --- (St. Charles, Illinois)
09/04/2012Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-05-2012-0047 Vitality Foodservice, Inc. -- SEP --- d/b/a Nestle Professional Vitality (Chicago, Illinois)
08/30/2012ClosedEPCRA-05-2012-0031 Rudolph Foods Company, Inc. (Lima, Ohio)
08/29/2012ClosedFIFRA-05-2012-0021 Cheminova, Inc. (Research Triangle Park, North Carolina)
08/29/2012ClosedSDWA-05-2012-0001 Muskegon Development Co. (Mount Pleasant, Michigan)
08/28/2012Awaiting Payment/SEPCERCLA-05-2012-0010 Walter's AG Service, Inc. -- SEP -- (Farmington, Illinois)
08/27/2012ClosedRCRA-05-2012-0012 Petro-Chem Processing Group of Nortru LLC (Detroit, Michigan)
08/24/2012ClosedCAA-05-2012-0046 Harsco Corporation (Gary, Indiana)
08/21/2012ClosedEPCRA-05-2012-0029 Tri-State Cold Storage, Inc. (Rochester, Minnesota)
08/21/2012ClosedEPCRA-05-2012-0030 Lakeland Cold Storage, Inc. (Lake Mills, Wisconsin)
08/20/2012Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-05-2012-0045 Saginaw Charter Township -- SEP -- (Saginaw, Michigan)
08/20/2012Awaiting Payment/SEPCWA-05-2012-0009 Michigan Petroleum Technologies, Inc. -- SEP -- (Port Huron, Michgian)
08/20/2012ClosedEPCRA-05-2012-0028 Harrington Signal, Inc. (Moline, Illinois)

(2154 entries in this collection)
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