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Environmental Appeals Board

Welcome to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Environmental Appeals Board (EAB) Homepage.  The Board is the final EPA decision maker on administrative appeals under all major environmental statutes that EPA administers. The Board was created in 1992 in recognition of the growing importance of EPA adjudicatory proceedings as a mechanism for implementing and enforcing environmental laws. The Board’s four Environmental Appeals Judges are independent of all Agency components and report directly to the Office of the Administrator. The judges, who are responsible for Board decisions, generally sit in panels of three and make decisions by majority vote.  Currently, eight experienced attorneys serve as counsel to the Board.

ATTENTION ELECTRONIC FILERS: Click here for information and registration instructions for the Board's e-Filing system. The Board's Standing Orders governing electronic filing are available on the Standing Orders section of the Board's website.

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Click here for information on law student internship opportunities with the Board.

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