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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

The Environmental Appeals Board encourages parties to engage in alternative methods of resolving disputes before the Board. To that end, the EAB offers an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) program. ADR refers to voluntary techniques for resolving conflict with the help of a neutral third party. Resolving conflict through the use of ADR can have many benefits including: faster resolution of issues and more creative, satisfying and enduring solutions.

The EAB's ADR program is voluntary. In most cases, the Board offers parties the option of participating in ADR with the assistance of an EAB Judge acting as a neutral evaluator/mediator. The primary purpose of the ADR program is to provide a neutral, confidential forum for the settlement of cases before the Board.

For more information about the EAB's ADR Program, please see the EAB ADR Program Information Sheet. Additionally, more information on the Agency's policy on ADR may be found at EPA Policy on Alternative Dispute Resolution, 65 Fed. Reg. 81858 (Dec. 27, 2000). Questions regarding the program may be addressed to the Clerk of the Board at (202) 233-0122 or by email at Clerk_EAB@epa.gov.

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