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Dockets by EPA Region 06

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10/21/2020ClosedCWA-06-2020-4303 Gary Davis Oil, LLC
10/20/2020ClosedCAA 06-2020-3419 Fabriclean Supply of Arkansas Limited
10/19/2020ClosedCAA-06-2021-3302 The Dow Chemical Company
10/19/2020ActiveRCRA-06-2020-0986 Axxiom Manufacturing, Inc.
10/15/2020ClosedCWA-06-2020-4802 Lazarus Refining and Marketing, LLC
10/07/2020ClosedCAA-06-2021-3300 Eastman Chemical Company
10/07/2020ClosedFIFRA 06-2020-0303 Walmart, Inc.
10/06/2020ClosedRCRA-06-2020-0944 Ochsner Health Center - Covington
10/06/2020ClosedRCRA-06-2020-0957 Hexion Inc.
10/06/2020ClosedRCRA-06-2020-0967 Hexion Inc.
10/06/2020ClosedRCRA-06-2020-0975 Ochsner Health Center Slidell
10/06/2020ActiveRCRA 06-2020-0985 Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana
10/01/2020ClosedCAA 06-2020-3369 Eagle US LLC
09/30/2020ClosedEPCRA 06-2020-0506 Ozark Mountain Poultry, Inc.
09/28/2020ClosedEPCRA 06-2020-0505 Future Pipe
09/25/2020ActiveTSCA 06-2020-6136 The Pat Burke Co.
09/16/2020ClosedCWA-06-2020-1779 Ogle Cattle Co.
09/16/2020ClosedCWA-06-2020-4307 Loto Energy, LLC
09/16/2020ClosedTSCA 06-2020-6135 Bella Vista Company
09/10/2020ClosedRCRA-06-2020-0968 Hempel (USA), Inc. and Jones-Blair Company, LLC
08/27/2020ClosedCAA-06-2020-3416 City of Breaux Bridge
08/27/2020ClosedRCRA-06-2020-0973 American Industrial Plant Services, Inc.
08/25/2020ClosedCAA-06-2020-3306 Monument Chemical Bayport, LLC
08/25/2020ClosedRCRA-06-2020-0978 Lockheed Martin Corporation
08/18/2020ClosedCAA-06-2020-3302 BASF Corporation
08/17/2020ClosedRCRA-06-2020-0960 United States Department of Air Force
08/14/2020ClosedCAA-06-2020-0959 Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
08/12/2020ActiveCERCLA 06-03-20 Homestake Mning Company Site
08/11/2020ClosedRCRA-06-2020-0952 WFI International- Bonney Forge Co.
08/07/2020ActiveRCRA-06-2020-0947 C.C. Creations, LTD
08/03/2020ClosedRCRA-06-2020--0932 Golden Plating LLP
07/31/2020ClosedRCRA-06-2020-0933 M&K Plating Company, Inc.
07/07/2020ClosedRCRA-06-2020-0964 University of Mary Hardin-Baylor
06/19/2020ClosedCWA-06-2020-1745 Village of Cuba
06/11/2020ClosedRCRA-06-2020-0956 DFW Waste Oil Services, Inc.
06/08/2020ClosedSDWA-06-2020-1101 4T Energy, LLC
06/05/2020ClosedSDWA-06-2020-1108 Allen and Allen Oil Company
03/16/2020ClosedRCRA-06-2020-0902 Applied Aerodynamics
03/06/2020ClosedCWA-06-2020-4502 Trailblazer Energy, LLC
03/05/2020ClosedRCRA-06-2019-0944 U.S. Department of the Army
03/05/2020ActiveRCRA-06-2020-0913 Fairbanks Morse, LLC
03/04/2020ClosedCWA-06-2020-4306 Bog - Osage, LLC
03/03/2020ClosedCWA-06-2020-4310 Revolutoin Resources, LLC
03/03/2020ClosedFIFRA-06-2020-0302 Trinity Haymarket, LLC
03/02/2020ClosedCAA-06-2020-3309 Rohm & Haas Texas Inc.
02/24/2020ClosedCWA 06-2020-4308 White Palace Energy
02/24/2020ClosedCWA 06-2020-4501 S2 Energy Operating, LLC
02/24/2020ClosedRCRA 06-2020-0910 Columbia Medical Center of Lewisville Subsidiary, L.P. d/b/a Medical City Lewisville
02/20/2020ClosedCAA 06-2020-3308 Lyondell Chemical Co.
02/20/2020ClosedCAA 06-2020-3507 Beaver Gas Plant
02/12/2020ClosedCAA-06-2020-3303 Shintech Louisiana, LLC
02/12/2020ClosedCAA-06-2020-3315 Westlake Vinyls Company, LP
02/12/2020ClosedRCRA-06-2020-0914 Accredo Packaging, Inc.
02/12/2020ClosedRCRA 06-2020-0914 Accredo Packaging, Inc.
02/06/2020ClosedCWA 06-2019-4814 Dexxon Inc.
02/03/2020ClosedCWA 06-2019-1739 Daniel Operating Company, Inc.
02/03/2020ClosedCWA 06-2019-4851 Continental Carbon Company
01/28/2020ClosedCAA-06-2020-3504 Mocane Gas Plant
01/28/2020ClosedCAA 06-2020-3328 Swift Beef Company
01/28/2020ClosedEPCRA 06-2020-0501 Alumacraft Boat Company
01/22/2020ClosedCWA 06-2020-4301 Petrolia Energy Corporation
01/21/2020ActiveRCRA-06-2020-0901 Kel-Tech, Inc.
01/21/2020ClosedRCRA 06-2020-0920 Image Set, Inc.
01/09/2020ClosedEPCRA 06-2020-0500 Gerber Products Company
01/08/2020ClosedCAA 06-2020-3502 Brakebush-Irving Facility
12/22/2019ClosedCAA-06-2019-3371 Lucky Diesel Performance
12/18/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-4802 Delek US dba Lion Oil Company
12/18/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-4803 Delek Logistics Partners, LP
12/18/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-4804 Delek Logistics Partners, LP Smackover Station
12/18/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-4805 Delek Logistics Partners, LP ARP Station
12/18/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-4806 Delek Logistics Partners, LP Nettleton Station
12/18/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-4807 Delek Refining, LTD Tyler Refinery
12/18/2019ClosedCWA-06-2020-4807 Delek Refining, Ltd.
12/18/2019ClosedRCRA-06-2019-0934 Chevron U.S.A. Inc.
12/18/2019ClosedRCRA-06-2019-0941 Laboratory Corporation of America
12/17/2019ClosedFIFRA-06-2020-0312 Isle of Dogs
12/06/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-4811 John W. Stone Oil Distributor, LLC
12/03/2019ClosedCWA-06-2020-4801 Dow Chemical Company
12/03/2019ClosedFIFRA-06-2020-0311 American Honey Bee Protection Agency
11/27/2019ClosedCAA 06-2019-3347 Pilgrim's Pride Corporation
11/20/2019ClosedCAA-06-2019-3512 Chisholm Trail Gas Compalex
11/18/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-4313 Pemco, LLC
11/15/2019ClosedSDWA-06-2020-1102 Grand Resources, Inc.
10/31/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-4312 Cougar Oil Company
10/31/2019ActiveCWA-06-2019-4808 The Continental Oil & Refining Company
10/24/2019ClosedRCRA-06-2019-0940 A&B Environmental Services, Inc.
10/24/2019ActiveRCRA-06-2019-0951 Cottonwood Energy, LP
10/23/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-1809 City of Gallup
10/23/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-4815 Coffeyville Resources Crude Transportation,LLC
10/17/2019ClosedCAA-06-2019-3349 OCI Beaumont LLC
10/17/2019ClosedCAA-06-2019-3509 Oxiteno Pasadena Plant
10/17/2019ClosedCAA-06-2019-3511 Chisolm Gas Plant (EnLink Midstream Operating LP)
10/16/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-4310 Enersource Petroleum, Inc.
10/16/2019ClosedFIFRA-06-2020-0300 Woodstream Corp.
10/09/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-4809 Total Petroleum USA, Inc.
10/07/2019ClosedCAA-06-2019-3353 Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, LP
10/07/2019ClosedCAA-06-2019-3505 Lincoln Parish Gas Plant
10/07/2019ClosedCAA-06-2019-3507 Delhi NGL Plant
10/07/2019ClosedCAA-06-2019-3510 Airgas Specialty Products
10/07/2019ClosedRCRA-06-2019-0956 Univar USA, Inc.

(2238 entries in this collection)
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