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Dockets by EPA Region 06

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08/04/2021ClosedSDWA-06-2021-1135 Perdue Petroleum, LLC
08/04/2021ClosedSDWA-06-2021-1139 Thomas Laverty
08/04/2021ClosedSDWA-06-2021-1147 Perdue Petroleum, LLC
08/04/2021ActiveSDWA-06-2021-1147 Perdure Petroleum, LLC
08/04/2021ClosedSDWA 06-2021-1130 Jones & Buck Development, LLC
08/02/2021ClosedSDWA-06-2021-1108 Alan Chinn
08/02/2021ClosedSDWA-06-2021-1112 Bruce W. Marlin, Sr. dba Marlin Oil and Gas
08/02/2021ClosedSDWA-06-2021-1118 Harden Fossil Fuels, Inc.
08/02/2021ClosedSDWA-06-2021-1136 Perdure Petroleum, LLC
07/29/2021ClosedSDWA-06-2021-1137 Ceja Corporation
07/28/2021ClosedSDWA-06-2021-1115 Great Southwestern Exploration
07/27/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0931 National Oilwell Varco L.P.
07/27/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0932 VSE Corporation
07/27/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0933 American Airlines, Inc.
07/27/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0934 Solar Turbines Incorporated
07/27/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0935 Goodrich Corporation
07/27/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0936 AAR Landing Gear Corporation
07/27/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0937 AV Task, Inc.
07/27/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0938 Varec Biogas Inc.
07/27/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0939 Honeywell International, Inc.
07/27/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0940 Kansas Dry Stripping Inc.
07/26/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0943 Rineco Chemical Industries, LLC
07/22/2021ClosedCWA-06-2021-4301 Onpoint Oil and Gas, LLC
07/22/2021ClosedSDWA-06-2021-1125 STL Oil & Gas, LLC
07/22/2021ClosedSDWA-06-2021-1126 STL Oil & Gas, LLC
07/20/2021ClosedCAA-06-2021-3349 Discovery Producer Services LLC
07/19/2021ClosedCAA-06-2021-3336 Pryor Chemical Company
07/19/2021ClosedFIFRA-06-2021-0316 Silvercot, Inc.
07/19/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0929 Fugro USA Marine, Inc.
07/19/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0930 Fugro USA Marine, Inc.
07/19/2021ClosedSDWA-06-2021-1123 STL Oil & Gas, LLC
07/15/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0927 Paul Lashley Supply d/b/a CPS Coatings
07/12/2021ClosedSDWA-06-2021-1105 Kelley Oil Company
07/12/2021ClosedSDWA-06-2021-1106 Performance Energy Resources, LLC
06/30/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0921 Targa Downstream LLC
06/28/2021ClosedCAA-06-2021-3334 Kagome Foods, Inc.
06/28/2021ClosedCWA-06-2021-4302 Onpoint Oil and Gas, LLC
06/28/2021ClosedFIFRA-06-2021-0318 Economy Mud Products
06/24/2021ClosedEPCRA-06-2021-0506 Planters Cotton Oil Mill
06/14/2021ClosedCAA 06-2021-3342 Yellow Rose Gas Plant (Amarillo Rattler, LLC)
06/14/2021ClosedCWA-06-2021-1726 Corpus Christi Liquefaction, LLC
06/10/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0925 Supreme Service and Specialty
06/09/2021ClosedSDWA-06-2021-1101 Raptor Resources, LLC
06/09/2021ClosedSDWA-06-2021-1102 Raptor Resources, LLC
06/09/2021ClosedSDWA-06-2021-1103 Raptor Resources, LLC
06/08/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0906 United Parcel Service, Inc. and TForce Freight, Inc.
06/07/2021ClosedCWA-06-2021-4503 Menoah Petroleum, Inc.
06/07/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0920 C.I.M. Industries, Inc.
06/04/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0923 Sanderson Farms, Inc.
06/03/2021ClosedCAA-06-2021-3345 Terra International (Oklahoma), LLC
06/02/2021ClosedCAA-06-2020-3351 The Chemours Company FC, LLC
05/19/2021ClosedCAA-06-2021-3327 Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP
05/19/2021ClosedCAA-06-2021-3338 Occidental Chemical Corporation
05/19/2021ClosedCWA-06-2021-4502 Magellan Pipeline Company, LP
05/19/2021ClosedFIFRA-06-2021-0308 Stoller USA, Inc.
05/19/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0924 Sprint Transport, LLC
05/14/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0907 Tenet Hospitals Limited
05/11/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2020-0984 New Industries, LLC
05/03/2021ClosedFIFRA-06-2021-0315 Performance Chemical Company
05/03/2021ClosedFIFRA-06-2021-0317 Wesco Chemicals Inc.
04/29/2021ClosedCAA-06-2021-3317 Martinek Grain & Bins, Inc.
04/29/2021ClosedCAA 06-2021-3332 Summit Midstream Lane Processing Facility
04/27/2021ClosedCAA-06-2021-3335 Sekisui Specialty Chemicals America, LLC
04/27/2021ClosedCAA 06-2021-3322 Colt G&P (North Texas) L.P. Springtown Gas Plant
04/27/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0918 Axiall, LLC
04/27/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0922 3M Company
04/19/2021ClosedCAA-06-2021-3325 BTA Oil Producers, LLC
04/19/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2020-0949 City of San Antonio acting by and through City of Public Service Board
04/14/2021ClosedCWA-06-2021-4501 Torrent Oil LLC
04/13/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0913 Food Safety Net Services, Ltd.
04/09/2021ClosedCAA 06-2021-3316 Boise City Farmers Co-op
04/01/2021ClosedCAA 06-2021-3311 Valero Refining - Meraux, LLC
03/30/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0916 Calcorp Resources, Inc.
03/24/2021ClosedCAA-06-2021-3323 General Mills Operations LLC
03/24/2021ActiveRCRA-06-2021-0917 Hoss Blast
03/10/2021ActiveRCRA-06-2020-0945 Parker Solvents Company, Inc.
03/09/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2020-0965 Fort Worth Independent School District
03/03/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0914 Cactus Enviromental Services, Inc.
02/25/2021ClosedFIFRA-06-2021-0313 Puralize Cleaning Products LLC and DrillChem Drilling Solutions, LLC
02/18/2021ClosedTSCA-06-2021-6138 JJ and V, Inc.
02/10/2021ClosedCAA-06-2020-3366 City of Oklahoma City
02/10/2021ClosedEPCRA-06-2021-0502 PPG Industries, Inc.
02/05/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0901 Signature Card LP d/b/a Valerian Technologies
02/04/2021ActiveEPCRA-06-2021-0503 Highland Lakes Quality Casting, Inc.
02/03/2021ClosedCAA-06-2020-3380 Targa Pipeline Mid-Continent
02/03/2021ClosedCAA-06-2020-3382 Targa Pipeline Mid-Continent
02/03/2021ClosedCAA-06-2021-3309 Targa Midstream Services, LLP
02/03/2021ActiveTSCA-06-2020-6137 Flipnmove Productions; and EQ Media, Inc.
02/02/2021ActiveRCRA-06-2021-0902 GE on Wing Support, Inc.
02/02/2021ClosedRCRA-06-2021-0904 Nortex Metal Finishing
02/01/2021ClosedCAA-06-2020-3368 Inframark, LLC
01/25/2021ClosedCWA-06-2021-4801 Blackbeard Operating, LLC
01/18/2021ClosedCAA 06-2020-3420 Rock Creek Plant/IACX Rock Creek LLC
01/11/2021ClosedCAA 06-2021-3307 City of Austin Water Utility-Albert H. Ullrich Water Treatment Plant
01/11/2021ActiveRCRA-06-2021-0908 Gruene Transportation LLC
01/04/2021ActiveSDWA-06-2021-1253 Yogi Bears Jellystone Park
12/07/2020ClosedEPCRA-06-2021-0500 Green Plains Herford LLC
12/02/2020ClosedCAA-06-2021-3305 Diamondback E & P LLC
12/02/2020ClosedCAA-06-2021-3308 Tutle & Tutle Trucking, Inc.
11/09/2020ClosedCAA 06-2020-3362 Gardendale PGS Gas Plant

(2238 entries in this collection)
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