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Dockets by EPA Region 06

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09/05/2019ActiveFIFRA-06-2019-0315 ONG Consulting , LLC
09/05/2019ClosedFIFRA-06-2019-0329 FSTI, Inc.
09/05/2019ClosedRCRA 06-2019-0926 Anodics, Inc
08/31/2019ActiveCWA-06-2019-4305 Long Oil, LLC
08/29/2019ClosedEPCRA-06-2019-0504 Tulsa Winch Group (TWG)
08/28/2019ClosedCAA-06-2019-3335 Kuraray America, Inc.
08/28/2019ClosedFIFRA-06-2019-0321 Allchem Services, Inc.
08/27/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-1797 4D Oil and Gas, LLC
08/26/2019ClosedEPCRA-06-2019-0506 Flowchem Technologies, LLC
08/26/2019ClosedEPCRA-06-2019-0511 PolyGuard Products
08/21/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-4503 Enterprise Products
08/20/2019ClosedRCRA-06-2019-0914 Oilfield Solutions
08/19/2019ActiveFIFRA-06-2019-0317 Pinnacle Agriculture Distribution, Inc.
08/15/2019ClosedRCRA-06-2019-0925 Air Liquids Industries U.S. LP
07/25/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-1796 Special Energy Corporation
07/22/2019ClosedEPCRA-06-2019-0503 U.S. Ecology
07/16/2019ClosedRCRA-06-2019-0939 Omega Protein, Inc.
07/02/2019ClosedCAA-06-2019-3329 PCS Nitrogen Fertilizer, LP
07/02/2019ActiveCAA 06-2019-3340 ECO Services Operations, LLC
07/02/2019ActiveRCRA-06-2019-0928 Our Lady of the Lake Hospital, Inc.
07/02/2019ActiveRCRA-06-2019-0929 Baton Rouge Health Care Center
06/25/2019ClosedCAA-06-2019-3330 Union Carbide Corporation
06/25/2019ClosedRCRA-06-2019-0918 Ascend Performance Materials Texas, Inc.
06/17/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-4501 BCF Resources, LLC
06/05/2019ClosedRCRA-06-2019-0909 The US Department of the Army
05/09/2019ActiveCAA-06-2019-3341 Dyno Nobel Louisiana Ammonia, LLC
05/06/2019ActiveCAA-06-2019-3419 Matador Production Company
04/27/2019ActiveCWA-06-2019-4813 Citgo Refining and Chemicals Company, LP
04/17/2019ClosedCAA-06-2019-3316 Western Refining Southwest, Inc.
04/09/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-1731 Sinclair Operating Company, LLC
04/09/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-1738 Belva Oil LLC
04/09/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-1740 Perdue Commercial Disposal, LLC
04/09/2019ClosedCWA-06-20219-1739 Daniel Operating Company, Inc.
03/20/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-1711 Wyman-Gordon Forging, Inc.
03/04/2019ClosedCAA-06-2018-3317 The Dow Chemical Company
03/04/2019ClosedCWA-06-2019-1761 Ramah Water and Sanitation District
02/28/2019ClosedCAA-06-2019-3306 Arkema, Inc.
02/14/2019ActiveEPCRA 06-2019-0501 Thomas Petroleum, LLC
02/12/2019ClosedCAA-06-2019-3317 Sysco North Texas
11/02/2018ClosedCAA-06-2019-3302 Butterball, LLC
10/25/2018ClosedSDWA-06-2018-1107 Ole Crow Operating Company, LLC
09/28/2018ActiveCWA-06-2018-1831 Diamond 3S, LLC
09/26/2018ActiveCAA-06-2018-3357 Blanchard Refining Company LLC
09/17/2018ClosedFIFRA-06-2018-0364 Nu-Way Products Company, Inc.
09/11/2018ClosedCAA-06-2018-3331 Ascend Performance Materials Texas, Inc.
09/11/2018ClosedFIFRA 06-2018-0365 Snyder Farm and Ranch Supply, Inc.
08/20/2018ClosedCWA 06-2018-4313 West Fox SWD, LLC
08/16/2018ClosedCAA-06-2018-3313 BASF Corporation
08/16/2018ClosedCAA-06-2018-3318 Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, LP
08/16/2018ClosedCAA-06-2018-3319 Chevron Phillips Chemcial Company, LP
08/15/2018ClosedCAA-06-2019-3313 Safeway, Inc.
08/15/2018ClosedSDWA-06-2018-1108 Grand Resources, Inc.
08/08/2018ClosedCAA-06-2018-3330 Trecora Chemical, Inc.
07/26/2018ClosedRCRA 06-2018-0917 United States Department of Air Force
07/25/2018ClosedCWA-06-2018-4804 Flint Hills Resources Corpus Christi, LLC
07/25/2018ClosedCWA 06-2018-4806 NGL Crude Terminals, LLC
07/12/2018ClosedCAA-06-2018-3312 Woodward Iodine Corporation
07/12/2018ClosedEPCRA 06-2018-0506 OK Foods Inc.
07/10/2018ClosedCWA 06-2018-4314 Capital Programs Company, Inc.
07/02/2018ClosedCWA 06-2018-4312 Tarka Energy, LLC
06/20/2018ClosedRCRA 06-2018-0924 Urology San Antonio, P.A.
06/18/2018ClosedCWA 06-2018-4803 Calumet Refining, LLC
06/13/2018ActiveSDWA-06-2018-1102 Diamond 3S, LLC
06/06/2018ClosedCAA-06-2018-3316 The Premcor Refining Group Inc.
06/04/2018ClosedCAA 06-2018-3311 Delaware Basin Midstream, LLC
06/04/2018ClosedRCRA 06-2018-0922 United States Department of Navy
05/31/2018ClosedSDWA-06-2018-1103 Flagship Oil, LLC
05/10/2018ClosedCWA-06-2018-1786 Town of Red River
05/03/2018ClosedCAA 06-2018-3307 Syngenta Crop Protection, LLC
05/02/2018ClosedCAA-06-2018-3507 Bercen, Inc.
04/24/2018ClosedCAA 06-20218-3309 BASF, Corp., West Memphis, AR Facility
04/18/2018ClosedCWA-06-2018-1792 Warren American OIl Company, LLC
04/12/2018ClosedEPCRA 06-2018-0504 Nestle Prepared Foods Co. Inc.
04/05/2018ClosedRCRA 06-2018-0915 Med Fusion, LLC
03/29/2018ClosedEPCRA 06-2018-0505 Hiland Dairy Foods Co.
03/29/2018ClosedRCRA 06-2018-0916 Gulf Bayport Chemicals, LP and Athlon Solutions, LLC
03/19/2018ClosedEPCRA-06-2018-0503 Airgas Specialty Products an Air Liquide Company
03/01/2018ClosedCAA 06-2018-3303 Calumet Specialty Products Co., LP- Cotton Valley Refinery
03/01/2018ClosedEPCRA-06-2018-0502 W&W AFCO Steel
03/01/2018ClosedEPCRA 06-2018-0501 MIC Group, LLC
02/28/2018ClosedCAA 06-2018-3504 Brenntag SW Catoosa
02/22/2018ClosedEPCRA-06-2018-0500 MIC Group LLC
01/29/2018ClosedCWA 06-2017-4809 Buckeye Texas Processing, LLC
01/24/2018ClosedRCRA 06-2017-0934 Economy Plating, LLC
01/18/2018ClosedCWA 06-2018-4303 PETCO Petroleum
01/18/2018ClosedCWA 06-2018-4304 PETCO Petroleum Corporation
01/16/2018ClosedCWA 06-2017-4805 South Coast Terminal L.P.
01/11/2018ClosedCAA 06-2018-3301 Monument Chemical, LLC
01/11/2018ClosedCWA 06-2018-4306 Atchley Resources, Inc.
01/11/2018ClosedCWA 06-2018-4307 Atchley Resources, Inc.
01/09/2018ClosedFIFRA 06-2018-0305 Arrow Magnolia International
12/19/2017ClosedCAA-06-2017-3501 Gallup Wastewater Treatment Plant
12/19/2017ClosedRCRA 06-2017-0947 Intrepid Potash, Inc.
12/18/2017ClosedFIFRA 06-2018-0306 Chemical Marketing & Consulting Co.
12/05/2017ClosedCAA 06-2017-3514 Seaboard Foods LLC
11/15/2017ClosedCAA 06-2017-3365 Pioneer Natural Resources USA, Inc.
11/02/2017ClosedCWA 06-2017-4321 The Continental Oil & Refining Company
11/01/2017ClosedRCRA 06-2017-0939 Pathology Reference Laboratory, L.L.C.
11/01/2017ClosedRCRA 06-2017-0940 San Antonio Gastroenterology Associates, P.A.
11/01/2017ClosedRCRA 06-2017-0948 Gastroenterology Consultants of San Antonio

(1984 entries in this collection)
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