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Dockets by Year Filed 2012

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Complaint DateDocket NumberCase NameStatus
02/09/2012  FIFRA and .....  Quadrant Chemical  Closed
02/09/2012  RUST-05-2012-0004  Convenient Food Mart -ESA- (Wadsworth, Ohio)  Closed
02/08/2012  CAA(112r)-09-2012-0002  City of Cloverdale Wastewater Treatment Plant  Closed
02/08/2012  CAA(112r)-09-2012-0003  Apio Cooling  Closed
02/08/2012  CAA-04-2012-1507(b)  Eastern Excavating Company, Inc.  Closed
02/08/2012  CWA and .....  LBC Operating  Closed
02/07/2012  CAA-04-2012-1504(b)  Davis and Son  Closed
02/07/2012  CWA-02-2012-3302  New York Athletic Club  Closed
02/07/2012  CWA-03-2012-0084  Frenz Petroleum Corp., CWA, SCAFO  Closed
02/07/2012  CWA-07-2012-0002  Kum & Go, LC  Closed
02/07/2012  CWA-08-2012-0006  OGLALA SIOUX TRIBE WATER AND SEWER COMPANY  Closed
02/07/2012  EPCRA-04-2012-2019(b)  TS3 Technology, Inc.  Closed
02/07/2012  EPCRA-04-2012-2023(b)  OMNOVA Solutions, Inc.  Closed
02/07/2012  EPCRA-05-2012-0008  Burton Industries, Inc. -CAFO- - INSTALLMENTS - (Ironwood, Michigan)  Closed
02/07/2012  RCRA-01-2012-0019  Bradford Printing and Finishing, LLC  Closed
02/06/2012  CERCLA-05-2012-0004  Greenway Cooperative Service Company - Greenway of Chester Fert - -CAFO- (Roches...  Closed
02/06/2012  CWA and .....  PETCO PETROLEUM CORPORATION  Closed
02/06/2012  EPCRA-03-2012-0033  Agusta Aerospace Corp., (EPCRA) SCAFO  Closed
02/06/2012  EPCRA-05-2012-0007  Ever-Green Energy, LLC Energy Park Utility Company -CAFO- - SEP - (St. Pau...  Closed
02/06/2012  EPCRA and .....  Electro-Coatings of Texas, Incorporated  Closed
02/06/2012  RCRA and .....  The Dow Chemical Company  Closed
02/06/2012  TSCA-05-2012-0010  Thomas J. and Dianne M. Woodruff -CAFO- (Luckey, Ohio)  Closed
02/04/2012  FIFRA-01-2011-0063  BioDefense Corporation   Closed
02/03/2012  CWA-07-2012-0007  Timothy D Henry Doing Business as Henry Brothers Farms  Closed
02/03/2012  TSCA-07-2012-0012  Titan Environmental Services, Inc  Closed
02/02/2012  CERCLA-07-2012-0016  Omaha Lead Superfund Site and Paul G Lund, Respondent  Closed
02/02/2012  CWA-04-2012-5001  IntraCoastal Environmental, LLC  Closed
02/02/2012  CWA-07-2012-0008  City of Parsons, Kansas  Closed
02/02/2012  RUST-05-2012-0003  Cubs Food -ESA- (Rochester, Minnesota)  Closed
02/02/2012  UIC-09-2012-0001  Hula Daddy Kona Coffee  Closed
02/01/2012  SPCC-09-2012-0004  Love's Bakery  Closed
02/01/2012  SPCC-09-2012-0001  Toro Petroleum  Closed
02/01/2012  CAA-03-2011-0312  Sunbury Generation, LLC, Complaint (CAA)  Closed
02/01/2012  CAA-05-2012-0010  Illinois American Water (ESA) - Champaign West Plant (Champaign, Illinois))  Closed
02/01/2012  CAA-08-2012-0002  ROCKY MOUNTAIN BOTTLE COMPANY, LLC.  Active
02/01/2012  EPCRA-05-2012-0005  McCook Cold Storage Corporation -CAFO- -- SEP -- (McCook, Illinois)  Closed
02/01/2012  EPCRA-05-2012-0006  Summit Cold Storage Corporation -CAFO- -- NO PENALTY -- (Chicago, Illinois)  Closed
02/01/2012  RUST-05-2012-0002  Suffield Carry-Out -ESA- (Mogadore, Ohio)  Closed
01/31/2012  CWA-01-2011-0115  Town of Rayham, MA  Closed
01/31/2012  CAA-05-2012-0009  Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center of Aurora Health Care Metro, Inc. (CAFO) (Milw...  Closed
01/31/2012  CAA-07-2011-0028  Southwest Iowa Renewable Energy, LLC  Closed
01/31/2012  CAA and .....  NUSTAR REFINING, INC.  Closed
01/31/2012  CWA-04-2011-5022  Triad Hunter, LLC  Closed
01/31/2012  FIFRA and .....  Economy Mud Products Co.  Closed
01/31/2012  FIFRA and .....  Soil Mender Products  Closed
01/31/2012  RCRA-07-2012-0001  Stowers Institute for Medical Research  Closed
01/31/2012  SDWA and .....  SMITH PETROLEUM, LLC  Closed
01/26/2012  RCRA-10-2012-0034  ONE HOUR FIREWEED CLEANERS  Closed
01/26/2012  CAA-10-2012-0022  CUSTOM APPLE PACKERS, INC.  Closed
01/26/2012  CWA-10-2012-0013  CITY OF REXBURG, IDAHO  Closed
01/26/2012  SPCC-09-2012-0002  V.T. Petroluem  Closed
01/26/2012  CAA-07-2012-0005  EBV Explosives Environmental Company d/b/a General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactica...  Closed
01/26/2012  CWA-03-2012-0011  J.L. Rothrock, Inc., CWA (Expedited Penalty SCAFO)  Closed
01/26/2012  CWA-08-2012-0005  LESTER McELROY d/b/a ADAM'S WRECKING II  Closed
01/26/2012  CWA and .....  USA SPEEDWAY, LLC  Closed
01/26/2012  FIFRA-07-2012-0002  Postville Farmers Cooperative Society  Closed
01/26/2012  RCRA-03-2012-0071  Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, (RCRA) (SCAFO)  Closed
01/26/2012  SDWA-08-2012-0008  TRAIL SHOP, LLC.  Closed
01/25/2012  CERCLA-07-2012-0014  Omaha Lead Superfund site and Carl G Olsen, Respondent  Closed
01/25/2012  RCRA-05-2012-0004  City of Athens -CAFO- (Athens, Ohio)  Closed
01/25/2012  TSCA-07-2012-0006  Flora G and John D debacker Trust  Closed
01/24/2012  CWA-04-2012-4500(b)  Joco Construction, LLC  Closed
01/24/2012  CWA-05-2012-0005  Bolduc & Sons, Inc. d/b/a Woodhull Oil Co. -CAFO- (Woodhull, Illinois)  Closed
01/24/2012  CWA and .....  Yates Petroleum Corporation  Closed
01/24/2012  CWA and .....  Yates Petroleum Corporation  Closed
01/24/2012  FIFRA-04-2012-3005(b)  Delta Hardware Distributors, Inc.  Closed
01/24/2012  FIFRA-04-2012-3006(b)  Genesis Biosciences, Inc.  Closed
01/24/2012  FIFRA and .....  APDC Inc.  Closed
01/24/2012  TSCA-04-2012-2617(b)  Camille H. Haggard LLC d/b/a Pinewood Place Apartments  Closed
01/24/2012  TSCA-04-2012-2621(b)  LEDIC Management Group, LLC d/b/a Highland Manor Apartment Homes  Closed
01/23/2012  CAA-07-2012-0002  Farmers Coop Equity-Isabel  Closed
01/23/2012  CWA-03-2012-0046  McLean Contracting Co. (CWA) EXP (CAFP)  Closed
01/19/2012  CAA-04-2012-8002(b)  Pathway Polymers  Closed
01/19/2012  CAA-04-2012-8005(b)  Owensboro Specialty Polymers  Closed
01/19/2012  CAA-04-2012-8007(b)  Smithfield Packaging Company, Inc.  Closed
01/19/2012  CERCLA-07-2012-1012  Omaha Lead Superfund site and Paul A Barrett, Respondent  Closed
01/18/2012  CAA and .....  Hiland Operating, L.L.C. Eagle Chief Gas Plant  Closed
01/18/2012  CAA and .....  CAVINESS BEEF PACKING  Closed
01/18/2012  CERCLA-07-2012-0013  Omaha Lead Superfund Site and VIrgil D Anderson and Anderson Excavating and Wrec...  Closed
01/18/2012  SDWA and .....  Paradise Point Campsites Public Water System  Closed
01/18/2012  SDWA and .....  Kirby's Place Homeowners' Association Public Water System  Closed
01/18/2012  SDWA and .....  Sligo Public Water System  Closed
01/17/2012  CAA-04-2012-1505(b)  Environmental Holdings Group, LLC  Closed
01/17/2012  CAA-04-2012-1506(b)  Morris insulation and Environmental, Inc.  Closed
01/17/2012  CERCLA-04-2012-2012(b)  Southern Nuclear Operating Company, Inc.  Closed
01/17/2012  EPCRA-04-2012-2000(b)  Alto Products Corp.  Closed
01/17/2012  EPCRA-04-2012-2002(b)  Antennas for Communications  Closed
01/17/2012  EPCRA-10-2012-0033  OREGON POTATO COMPANY  Closed
01/13/2012  CWA-05-2012-0004  United States Steel Corporation -CAFO- (Mountain Iron, Minnesota)  Closed
01/12/2012  CAA-03-2012-0041  Versacold USA, Inc., (CAA) ESA (SCAFO)  Closed
01/12/2012  CAA and .....  MAGNABLEND  Closed
01/12/2012  CAA and .....  CITY OF PORT NECHES WWTP  Closed
01/12/2012  CAA and .....  CITY OF TULSA  Closed
01/12/2012  CAA and .....  SURLEAN FOODS COMPANY  Closed
01/12/2012  CAA and .....  CALABRIAN CORPORATION  Closed
01/12/2012  CAA and .....  OWENS FOODS  Closed
01/12/2012  CAA and .....  WESTERN INTERNATIONAL GAS - TAFT  Closed

(1651 entries in this collection)
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