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Dockets by Statute CAA

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11/15/2017ActiveCAA-07-2018-0021 Lefty’s Soil Service, Inc.
11/14/2017ActiveCAA-07-2018-0028 Green Plains Atkinson, LLC
11/14/2017ActiveCAA-04-2017-8013(b) Republic Plastics, L.P., K-1 Facility
11/14/2017ActiveCAA-04-2017-8015(b) Republic Plastics, L.P., K-2 Facility
11/07/2017ActiveCAA-07-2017-0008 Excelsior Springs Water Treatment Plant
11/07/2017ActiveCAA-07-2018-0013 Kelso Milling Co., Inc.
10/30/2017ActiveCAA-07-2018-0020 Offerle Cooperative Grain and Supply Company
10/28/2017ClosedCAA-09-2011-0001 Roseburg Forest Products Company
10/25/2017ActiveCAA 06-2017-3344 Dixie Chemical Company, Inc.
10/20/2017ActiveCAA-07-2018-0014 Bill Bunton (Rock Port Oil Co.-South Main Street)
10/20/2017ActiveCAA-07-2017-0015 Bill Bunton (Rock Port Oil Co.-South Deport Road)
10/18/2017ClosedCAA-07-2017-0461 Pavers LLC
10/12/2017ClosedCAA-04-2015-8010(b) Army Material Command Legal Center - REDSTONE Arsenal
10/12/2017ActiveCAA-07-2017-0454 Plaze, Incorporated
10/04/2017ActiveCAA-05-2018-0001 Freerksen Trucking, Inc. - Installments - (Dodge Center, Minnesota)
09/29/2017ActiveCAA-03-2017-0095 Latrobe Specialty Metals Company, LLC, CAA, SCAFO
09/29/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0043 3M Company (Cottage Grove, Minnesota)
09/29/2017Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-05-2017-0044 Minnesota Valley Alfalfa Producers - SEP - (Raymond, Minnesota)
09/28/2017ActiveCAA-02-2017-1203 Poly Molding LLC
09/28/2017ActiveCAA-02-2017-1201 Genpak LLC
09/28/2017ActiveCAA-03-2017-0202 Emkey Gas Processing, LLC
09/28/2017ClosedCAA-04-2017-1753(b) NorSouth Construction Company of Georgia, Inc. and Acworth Recycling, LLC
09/27/2017ActiveCAA-03-2017-0197 Eastern Sod Farms LLC, William H. Radford Landscape Contractors
09/27/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0198 USS Achey, Inc., SCAFO
09/26/2017Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-10-2017-0084 North Pacific Seafoods Inc. Red Salmon Cannery
09/26/2017ClosedCAA-10-2017-0161 Leader Creek Fisheries, Inc.
09/25/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0041 Lithographic Industries, Inc. (Broadview, Illinois)
09/25/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0042 Meyer Industrial Container LLC (Chicago, Illinois)
09/22/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0040 Rubbermaid Incorporated, and Ignite USA, LLC - REMEDIATION ACTION - (Atlanta, Georgia)
09/21/2017ActiveCAA-04-2017-1755(b) Red Rock Global, LLC
09/20/2017ActiveCAA-03-2017-0182 B&V Environmental Services, CAA, SCAFO
09/20/2017ActiveCAA-08-2017-0003 CLOVERDALE FOODS COMPANY
09/19/2017ClosedCAA-04-2017-1752(b) Carroll County, Georgia
09/19/2017ClosedCAA-04-2017-8017(b) Piggly Wiggly Alabama Distributing Co., Inc.
09/15/2017ActiveCAA/CWA/CERC/RCRA-03-2017-0164 Radford Army Ammunition Plant
09/13/2017ActiveCAA-05-2017-0038 Korff Holdings d/b/a Quaker City Castings -- INSTALLMENTS and SEP -- (Salem, Ohio)
09/13/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0039 Bunting Bearings, LLC (Holland, Ohio)
09/13/2017ClosedCAA 06-2017-3517 Wylie WTP
09/12/2017ActiveCAA-07-2017-0453 Big Ox Energy - Siouxland, LLC
09/12/2017ActiveCAA-03-2017-0175 George's Chicken, LLC,
09/12/2017ActiveCAA-08-2017-0002 AMPLIFY ENERGY CORPORATION
09/12/2017ActiveCAA-08-2017-0002 AMPLIFY ENERGY CORP.
09/08/2017ActiveCAA-01-2017-0065 INEOS Melamies LLC
09/05/2017ActiveCAA 0a6-2017-3319 Alon USA, LP
09/01/2017ActiveCAA-07-2017-0371 National Beef Packing
08/31/2017ClosedCAA-10-2017-0147 E.C. Phillips & Sons, Inc.
08/31/2017ClosedCAA-10-2017-0146 Russell Vessey
08/30/2017ActiveCAA-07-2017-0369 City of Russell, KS
08/30/2017ClosedCAA-07-2017-0213 Goodland Simplot Grower Solutions
08/30/2017ClosedCAA-07-2017-0348 Helena Chemical Company
08/30/2017ActiveCAA 06-2017-3327 Hexion Inc.
08/28/2017ActiveCAA-07-2017-0205 Iowa Premium, LLC.
08/23/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0176 Wako Chemicals USA, Inc., CAA, SCAFO
08/16/2017ActiveCAA 06-2017-3362 Westlake Chemical OpCo, LP
08/15/2017ClosedCAA-10-2017-0109 HD Power Systems Inc.
08/11/2017ActiveCAA-01-2017-0011 & EPCRA-01-2017-0012 Demakes Enterprises, Inc.
08/09/2017ActiveCAA-05-2017-0037 Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc. (Peoria, Illinois; Battle Creek, Michigan; Hazelwood, Missouri)
08/09/2017ClosedCAA-07-2017-0211 Prairie Farms Dairy
08/04/2017ClosedCAA-10-2017-0131 CHS Inc.
08/04/2017ActiveCAA-05-2017-0036 POET Biorefining - Portland, LLC (Portland, Indiana)
08/01/2017ClosedCAA-04-2017-1751(b) Dustin Hewatt and Clint Dixon
08/01/2017ClosedCAA-07-2017-0216 Liguria Foods, Inc
07/31/2017ActiveCAA-05-2017-0035 Ford Motor Company (Dearborn, Michigan)
07/31/2017ClosedCAA-07-2017-0209 Jasper Products, LLC
07/28/2017ClosedCAA-07-2017-0006 Allied Gas & Chemical Company
07/25/2017ClosedCAA-04-2017-1500(b) United States Army Signal Center and Fort Gordon Military Base
07/20/2017ActiveCAA-05-2017-0032 City of Bloomington Water Treatment Plant (Hudson, Illinois)
07/20/2017ActiveCAA-05-2017-0033 West Bay Exploration Company Lantis 30 CPF (Jackson, Michigan)
07/20/2017ActiveCAA-05-2017-0034 Johnson Controls Battery Group, Inc. - SEP - (Holland, Ohio)
07/19/2017ActiveTSCA-03-2017-0163 McNamara Masonry Restoration, Inc., TSCA, SCAFO
07/13/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0070 Armstrong Cement and Supply Corporation, SCAFO, CAA.
07/12/2017ActiveCAA 06-2017-3361 TPC Group LLC
07/06/2017ActiveCAA-05-2017-0031 Paragon Metal Fabricators - SEP - (Cincinnati, Ohio)
07/03/2017ActiveCWA 06-2017-4314 Citation Oil & Gas Corporation
06/30/2017ActiveCAA-01-2017-0033 In the Matter of : City of Cranston and Veolia Water North America-Northeast, LLC
06/30/2017ActiveCAA-05-2017-0030 Consolidated Grain and Barge Co., (Jeffersonville, Indiana)
06/29/2017ClosedCAA-04-2017-8008(b) The City Of Franklin
06/26/2017ActiveCAA 06-2017-3342 Discovery Producer Services
06/23/2017ActiveCAA-05-2017-0029 Integrity Biofuels, LLC- INSTALLMENTS - (Morristown, Indiana)
06/22/2017ClosedCAA-07-2017-0131 Landus Cooperative
06/19/2017ClosedCAA-07-2017-0155 CSM Bakery Products NA, Inc
06/14/2017ActiveCAA-03-2017-0099 DanChem Technologies, Inc., CAA, Exp. Penalty SCAFO
06/14/2017ActiveCAA-02-2017-1202 Linde Gas Puerto Rico, Inc.
06/14/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0027 NLMK Indiana (Portage, Indiana)
06/14/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0028 Decorative Panels International, Inc. (Alpena, Michigan)
06/13/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0097 DanChem Technologies, Inc., CAA, Expedited Penalty CAFO.
06/12/2017ClosedCAA-07-2017-0133 Darling Ingredients, Inc
06/08/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0132 Interstate Warehousing Newport News, CAA, SCAFO, Expedited Penalty, ESA
06/08/2017ClosedCAA-04-2016-8017(b) Glasgow Water Company
06/08/2017ClosedCAA-04-2017-8016(b) Pilgrim's Pride Corporation
06/07/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0026 Viking Chemical Company (Rockford, Illinois)
06/02/2017ClosedCAA-05-2017-0025 Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation and Swift Pork Company (Beardstown, Illinois)
05/31/2017ActiveCAA-01-2017-0040 Kimball Sand Company, Inc.
05/31/2017ClosedCAA-07-2017-0119 GFG Ag Services
05/30/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0104 Hain Pure Protein Corp - Plainville Farms, CAA, ESA, CAFO
05/27/2017ClosedCAA-10-2017-0071 RainSweet, Inc. East Plant
05/26/2017ActiveCAA-01-2017-0004 Pawtucket Power Associates, LP
05/24/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0127 United States Department of Navy, Naval Foundry and Propeller Center, CAA, SCAFO
05/24/2017ActiveCAA 06-2017-3340 City of Alexandria

(2924 entries in this collection)
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