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Dockets by Statute CAA

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07/29/2016ActiveCAA-03-2016-0077 Arcelor Mittal Weirton LLC, CAA, SCAFO
07/28/2016ActiveCAA-03-2016-0188 Gelest, Inc., CAA, SCAFO
07/28/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3420 Equistar Chemicals, LP
07/26/2016ActiveCAA-04-2016-8006(b) Lamberti Synthesis USA, Inc.
07/26/2016ActiveCAA-04-2016-8016(b) Club Chef, LLC
07/20/2016ActiveCAA-01-2016-0049 Johnson Matthey Pharmaceutical Materials, Inc.
07/19/2016ClosedCAA-04-2015-8011(b) Gordon Food Service, Inc.
07/19/2016ActiveCAA-04-2016-8008(b) The Governmental Utility Service Corporation
07/19/2016ActiveCAA-04-2016-8013(b) City of Northport, Alabama
07/19/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3379 Schuetz Container Systems, Inc.
07/14/2016ActiveCAA-03-2016-0127 Fritz Island Wastewater Treatment Plant, CAA, Exped., CAFO, Penalty
07/07/2016ClosedCAA-03-2016-0120 Airgas Carbonic, CAA, Exp.Penalty, CAFO
07/06/2016ActiveCAA-10-2016-0117 PNW Wind Down LLC
06/30/2016ClosedCAA-04-2016-8007(b) Field Packing Company LLC
06/30/2016ClosedCAA-05-2016-0031 Utica East Ohio Midstream LLC (Kensington, Ohio)
06/30/2016ActiveCAA-05-2016-0032 Ozinga Ready Mix Concrete, Inc. -- SEP -- (Chicago, Illinois)
06/29/2016ClosedCAA-05-2016-0029 The Andersons Clymers Ethanol, LLC (Logansport, Indiana)
06/29/2016Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-05-2016-0030 AK Steel Corporation Middletown Works --SEP -- (Middletown, Ohio)
06/28/2016ClosedCAA-04-2016-8005(b) Evonik Corporation
06/28/2016Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-05-2016-0028 Sensient Flavors LLC - SEP - (Harbor Beach, Michigan)
06/25/2016ActiveCAA-01-2016-0021 and EPCRA-01-2016-0024 Rachael's Food Corporation
06/22/2016ActiveCAA-08-2016-0004 WILLISTON WATER TREATMENT PLANT
06/20/2016ClosedCAA-07-2016-0004 Kugler Oil Company
06/20/2016ClosedCAA-07-2016-0018 Agri Star Meat & Poultry, LLC
06/20/2016ActiveCAA-07-2016-0027 Iowa City, Iowa Sanitary Landfill
06/17/2016ClosedCAA-10-2016-0065 Jim's Fertilizer
06/16/2016ActiveCAA-07-2016-0029 Buick Resource Recycling Facility
06/14/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3332 Celanese Ltd.
06/13/2016ClosedCAA-05-2016-0027 BP Products North America Inc. (Whiting, Indiana)
06/09/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3308 Cornerstone Chemical Company
06/09/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3381 Ineos Nitriles, USA LLC
06/09/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3387 E.I. Du Pont de Nemours and Company
06/09/2016ClosedCAA 06-2016-3513 Total Cray Valley-Beaumont
06/07/2016ActiveCAA-10-2016-0063 CHS Inc.
06/02/2016ClosedCAA-10-2016-0062 Borton Fruit Zillah Plant, LLC
06/01/2016ClosedCAA-07-2016-0022 Agriland FS, Inc.
06/01/2016ClosedCAA-07-2016-0023 Jackson Farmers, Inc
06/01/2016ActiveCAA-07-2016-0026 Kugler Oil Company
06/01/2016ActiveCAA-07-2016-0028 National Cold Storage, Inc
05/27/2016ActiveCAA-01-2016-0037 Cherenzia Excavation, Inc.
05/26/2016ClosedCAA-04-2015-8002(b) nexAir Production, LLC
05/26/2016ClosedCAA-04-2015-8006(b) Real Alloy Specification, Inc.
05/26/2016ClosedCAA-04-2016-8010(b) Shelbyville Municipal Water and Sewer Commission
05/26/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3385 SemGas LP
05/25/2016ClosedCAA-10-2016-0066 Borton & Sons, Inc.
05/25/2016ClosedCAA-10-2016-0090 Granite Construction Company
05/24/2016ClosedCAA-04-2016-8000(b) Dart Container Company
05/24/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3352 Shell Chemical, LP
05/24/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3353 Motiva Enterprises, LLC
05/24/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3354 TPC Port Neches
05/23/2016ClosedCAA-05-2016-0025 The Andersons Inc. - RMP-16-ESA-008 - (Winona, Minnesota)
05/19/2016ClosedCAA-03-2016-0128 Galliker Dairy Co., CAA, SCAFO
05/19/2016ActiveCAA-08-2016-0003 BONANZA CREEK ENERGY OPERATING
05/18/2016ActiveCAA-07-2016-0024 Parallel Farms
05/17/2016ClosedCAA-05-2016-0023 The Andersons Inc. RMP-16-ESA-005 (Arena, Wisconsin)
05/17/2016ClosedCAA-05-2016-0024 Northstar Ethanol, LLC d/b/a POET Biorefining - Lake Crystal (Lake Crystal, Minnesota)
05/17/2016ClosedCAA 06-3510-2016 Murphy Port Hudson Terminal
05/13/2016ActiveCAA-03-2016-0033 Fresh Express Harrisburg, CAA, Expedited Penalty
05/12/2016ActiveCWA 06-2016-4310 Spess Oil Company, Inc.
05/11/2016ClosedCAA-10-2016-0016 Wheelers Kountry Korner
05/11/2016ClosedCAA-10-2016-0089 Plummer Quick Stop
05/10/2016ActiveCAA-07-2016-0014 Fort Dodge, Iowa d/b/a  John T. Pray Facility
05/10/2016ClosedCAA-07-2016-0015 Frenchman Valley Coop
05/10/2016ClosedCAA-07-2016-0017 Kanza Cooperative Association
05/10/2016ClosedCAA-07-2016-0019 Agriland FS, Inc.
05/10/2016ClosedCAA-07-2016-0020 Agriland FS, Inc.
05/10/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3350 Invista S.a r.l
05/10/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3365 Lone Star Bakery, Inc.
05/03/2016ClosedCAA 06-2016-3512 GE Betz Inc., Beaumont Plant
04/29/2016ClosedCAA-10-2016-0018 Safeway Inc. Fuel Station # 584
04/29/2016ClosedCAA-10-2016-0071 Cloninger's Harvest Foods
04/29/2016ActiveCAA-01-2015-0029 Mann Distribution LLC and 3134 Post LLC
04/27/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3359 Flint Hills Resources Houston Chemical, LLC
04/26/2016ActiveCAA-03-2016-0124 Williams Ohio Valley Midstream LLC, CAA, SCAFO
04/26/2016ClosedCAA-04-2015-8009(b) Morehead Utility Plant Board
04/25/2016ClosedCAA-07-2016-0011 Beachner Grain, Inc
04/21/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3360 Longview Gas Plant
04/20/2016ActiveCAA-03-2016-0023 Dyno Nobel Inc., CAA, SCAFO.
04/20/2016ClosedCAA 06-2016-3504 City of Claremore Water Treatment Plant
04/20/2016ClosedCAA 06-2016-3504 City of Claremore Water Treatment Plant
04/20/2016ClosedCAA 06-2016-3505 Diamond Ethanol, LLC
04/20/2016ClosedCAA 06-2016-3505 EH&S Manager
04/16/2016ActiveCAA-02-2016-1201 Oxy Vinyls, LP
04/13/2016ClosedCAA-05-2016-0021 PPG Industries, Inc. (Barberton, Ohio)
04/13/2016Awaiting Payment/SEPCAA-05-2016-0022 River Valley Recycling, LLC -SEP- (Kankakee, Illinois)
04/07/2016ClosedCAA-10-2016-0014 Wolf Den Resturant Inc.
04/01/2016ClosedCAA-10-2016-0056 CHS Inc. Nez Perce
03/31/2016ClosedCAA-03-2016-0090 Clarksburg Wastewater Treatment Plant, CAA, SCAFO, EXP
03/31/2016ActiveCAA-03-2016-0092 Dietz and Watson, Inc., CAA, SCAFO, Exp.
03/30/2016ActiveCAA-10-2016-0054 CHS Inc.
03/30/2016ClosedCAA-10-2016-0054 CHS INC.
03/29/2016ActiveCAA-10-2016-0060 Gateway Parks LLC Lazy J Tavern
03/29/2016ActiveCAA-05-2016-0019 Sunoco, Inc. -SEP- (Oregon, Ohio)
03/29/2016ClosedCAA-05-2016-0020 Landmark Services - East Troy NH3 (East Troy, Wisconsin)
03/29/2016ClosedCAA 06-2016-3509 Diversified Foods & Seasonings
03/29/2016ClosedCAA 06-2016-3511 Wildcat Caddo Plant
03/25/2016ActiveCAA 06-2016-3304 Bottling Group, LLC
03/23/2016ActiveCAA-01-2016-0014, EPCRA-01-2016-0015 and CERCLA-01-2016 Swan Valley Cheese of VT, LLC and Jonergin Realty, LLC
03/22/2016ClosedCAA-03-2016-0094 Dominion Transmission, Inc., CAA, Expedited Penalty, SCAFO
03/22/2016ClosedCAA 06-2016-3507 ChemTrade

(2644 entries in this collection)
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