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Significant Interlocutory Decisions

City and County of San Francisco, (PDF, 269KB, 13 pages): NPDES Appeal No. 20-01 (Order Denying Motion to Stay or, in the Alternative, to Remand Notice of Stayed Contested Permit Conditions and Denying Motion for Leave to Amend Petition for Review) (05/11/2020).

Town of Newmarket, New Hampshire (PDF, 4MB, 12 pages): NPDES Appeal No. 12-05 (Order Denying Petitioner's Motion to Dismiss) (09/24/2013).

Titan Tire Corporation and Dico, Inc., Southern Iowa Mechanical Site, (PDF, 1MB, 6 Pages): CERCLA 106(b) Petition No. 10-01 (Order Granting Stay of Proceedings) (12/10/2010).

Rocky Well Service and E. J. Klockenkemper (PDF, 2 MB, 3 pages): SDWA Appeal Nos. 08-03 & 08-04 (Order Rejecting Brief Because of Excessive Length and Requiring Revised Brief) (12/15/2008).

Dominion Energy Brayton Point, LLC (formerly USGen New England, Inc. Brayton Point Station) (PDF, 116KB, 13 pages): NPDES Appeal No. 03-12 (Order Granting USGen New England, Inc. petition for review) (02/19/2004).

Tiger Shipyards, Inc., Tiger Marine Site, (PDF, 144KB, 83 pages): CERCLA 106(b) Petition No. 96-03 (Preliminary Decision) (04/24/2001). This Preliminary Decision was issued under a now superseded EAB CERCLA guidance document governing procedures for submission and review of CERCLA 106(b) petitions. The Board no longer issues preliminary decisions. (Click here for the EAB's current CERCLA 106(b) Standing Order). Because the Board granted the Petitioner's motion to withdraw the petition pursuant to the terms of a settlement agreement, the Board never issued a final decision in this matter. Note: This Preliminary Decision does not constitute binding legal precedent but is only a statement of the Board's thinking at the time of issuance.

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