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Dockets by Year Filed 2012

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Complaint DateDocket NumberCase NameStatus
09/29/2012  EPCRA-10-2012-0209  Leftwich Foundry, Inc.  Closed
09/29/2012  CAA-10-2012-0025  Westech Aerosol, Inc.  Closed
09/29/2012  RCRA-02-2012-7105  Black and Decker (U.S.) Inc.  Active
09/29/2012  RCRA-02-2012-7107  Baxter Healthcare SA  Closed
09/29/2012  CAA-02-2012-1211  Kraft Foods Global, Inc.  Closed
09/29/2012  RCRA-02-2012-7503  NOCO Energy Corp.  Closed
09/29/2012  TSCA-02-2012-9266  Upstate New York Laborer's Education and Training Fund  Closed
09/29/2012  FIFRA-02-2012-5304  Oliver Exterminating Services Corporation  Closed
09/29/2012  TSCA-02-2012-9274  Dasa Properties LLC  Closed
09/29/2012  CAA-01-2012-0097  Ocean State Transit, LLC  Closed
09/29/2012  TSCA-01-2012-0030  DiGiorgi Roofing and Siding, Inc.  Closed
09/29/2012  CAA-01-2012-0088  Nashua Corporation   Closed
09/28/2012  RCRA-10-2012-0189  Forrest Paint Company  Closed
09/28/2012  CWA-10-2012-0180  U.S. Seafoods (Ocean Alaska)  Closed
09/28/2012  CAA-10-2012-0159  Clasen Fruit & Cold Storage, Co., Inc.  Closed
09/28/2012  TSCA-09-2012-0010  Vernon Elementary School District  Closed
09/28/2012  CAA(112r)-09-2012-0020  Shamrock Distribution AS/RS Warehouse Distribution Center  Closed
09/28/2012  EPCRA-09-2012-0008  Precision Castparts Corp  Closed
09/28/2012  TSCA-09-2012-0011  Belfor Environmental  Closed
09/28/2012  EPCRA-09-2012-0006  Foster Dairy Farms  Closed
09/28/2012  TSCA-09-2012-0004  BEKS Group LLC  Closed
09/28/2012  CAA(112r)-09-2012-0015  Cyanco  Closed
09/28/2012  EPCRA-09-2012-0003  Goldberg and Solovy Foods, Inc.  Closed
09/28/2012  CAA-02-2012-1209  Sysco Albany LLC  Closed
09/28/2012  CAA-02-2012-1216  American Bilrite, Inc.  Closed
09/28/2012  RCRA-01-2012-0023   Spec Plating Incorporated  Closed
09/28/2012  CAA-01-2012-0115  Lillis Enterprise  Closed
09/28/2012  CAA-01-2012-0116  In re JP Lillis Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a Cape Cod Ice  Closed
09/28/2012  CAA-02-2012-1210  Compania de la Central Roig, Inc.  Active
09/28/2012  CAA-02-2012-1220  Pfizer Pharmaceuticals LLC  Closed
09/28/2012  CAA-02-2012-1224  Condado Palm, LLC and GB Project Management, LLC  Closed
09/28/2012  CAA-02-2012-1225  AGA Environmental Inc.  Closed
09/28/2012  CAA-03-2012-0199  Scully Welding Supply Corporation, CAA, SCAFO  Closed
09/28/2012  CAA-03-2012-0236  Crotts Brothers Garage, CAA, SCAFO  Closed
09/28/2012  CAA-05-2012-0051  Charter Manufacturing Company, Inc. d/b/a Charter Steel (CAFO) -- SEP -- (Cuyaho...  Closed
09/28/2012  CERC and .....  USA Pork Packers, Inc. SCAFO, CERC,EPCRA,CAA,  Closed
09/28/2012  CERCLA-07-2012-0025  Hayford Bridge/Findett Site  Closed
09/28/2012  CWA-02-2012-3353A  Eduardo Rivera Rivera  Active
09/28/2012  CWA-02-2012-3354  JR Corona, Inc.  Closed
09/28/2012  EPCRA-03-2012-0153  Mersen USA St. Marys-PA Corp., EPCRA, SCAFO  Closed
09/28/2012  EPCRA-05-2012-0035  American Wire and Cable Company -CAFO- (Cleveland, Ohio)  Closed
09/28/2012  FIFRA-01-2012-0109  Accu-Care Supply, Inc  Closed
09/28/2012  FIFRA-07-2012-0012  Bayer Crop Science  Closed
09/28/2012  FIFRA-08-2012-0018  WESTERN AG SERVICES, INC.  Closed
09/28/2012  RCRA-02-2012-7106  W.R. Recycling Inc.  Closed
09/28/2012  RCRA-03-2012-0223  Maryland Air National Guard, RCRA, SCAFO  Closed
09/28/2012  RCRA-05-2012-0015  Wismarq Corporation -CAFO- (Franklin Park, Illinois)   Closed
09/28/2012  RCRA-07-2012-0030  Hydro Aluminum North America  Closed
09/28/2012  RCRA-08-2012-0005  RED DESERT RECLAMATION, LLC.  Closed
09/28/2012  RCRA and .....  TM CHEMICALS LIMITED PARTNERSHIP  Closed
09/28/2012  RCRA and .....  PIPESTREAM, INC.  Closed
09/28/2012  RCRA and .....  TEXAS BARGE AND BOAT, INC.  Closed
09/28/2012  SDWA-08-2012-0062  STAMPER BLACK HILL GOLD JEWELRY, INC.  Closed
09/28/2012  SDWA-08-2012-0063  SIMPSON MOTORCARS, LTD. d/b/a SIMPSON HONDA  Closed
09/28/2012  TSCA-03-2012-0042  Judith Kime, TSCA, Complaintk  Closed
09/28/2012  TSCA-03-2012-0268  Alfonso D'Amico, TSCA, Complaint  Closed
09/28/2012  TSCA-03-2012-0283  Greater Lewistown Corporate Center, TSCA, SCAFO  Closed
09/27/2012  CAA-10-2012-0023  The Clasen Family Co.  Closed
09/27/2012  CWA-02-2012-3351  Chevron Phillips Chemical Puerto Rico Core LLC  Closed
09/27/2012  CAA-01-2012-0105  Rynel, Inc.   Closed
09/27/2012  CAA-01-2012-0114  The City of Woonsocket, RI   Closed
09/27/2012  CAA-03-2012-0282  Smithsonian Institution, CAA, SCAFO  Closed
09/27/2012  CAA-04-2012-1522(b)  Complete Demolition Services, LLC  Closed
09/27/2012  CAA-07-2012-0010  Lincolnway Energy, LLC  Closed
09/27/2012  CAA-07-2012-0015  Crop Production Services, Inc  Closed
09/27/2012  CAA and .....  CHEVRON PHILLIPS CHEMICAL COMPANY, LP  Closed
09/27/2012  CWA-04-2012-4512(b)  Estates at Northampton, LP  Closed
09/27/2012  CWA-04-2012-4515(b)  North Carolina Department of Transportation  Closed
09/27/2012  CWA-04-2012-4529(b)  City of Somerset  Closed
09/27/2012  CWA-04-2012-4532  City of Oak Ridge  Closed
09/27/2012  CWA-07-2011-0055  Archer Daniels Midland Company  Closed
09/27/2012  CWA-07-2012-0051  Kraus Gentile Corporation  Closed
09/27/2012  FIFRA-07-2012-0035  Xtra Factors  Closed
09/27/2012  FIFRA-07-2012-0036  Wellmark International  Closed
09/27/2012  FIFRA-10-2012-0208  Gardner-Fields, Inc. and IBC Manufacturing Co.  Closed
09/27/2012  FIFRA and .....  SAMSILL CORPORATION  Closed
09/27/2012  RCRA-02-2012-7108  US Virgin Islands Water and Power Authortiy  Closed
09/27/2012  RCRA-03-2012-0204  Almag Plating Corporation, RCRA, SCAFO  Closed
09/27/2012  RCRA-03-2012-0232  Electromet Corporation, RCRA, SCAFO  Closed
09/27/2012  RCRA-04-2012-4014(b)  Apollo Industries, Inc.  Closed
09/27/2012  RCRA-05-2012-0014  Unilateral Administrative Order 7003 -- Polychem Services, Inc. (Chicago Heights...  Closed
09/27/2012  RCRA-07-2012-0027  US Air Force FE Warren Air Force Base  Closed
09/27/2012  RUST-05-2012-0012  BP # 3789 -ESA- (Pleasant Prarie - Prairie-, Wisconsin  Closed
09/27/2012  RUST-05-2012-0013  East Side Fuel -ESA- (Norwalk, Ohio)  Closed
09/27/2012  SDWA-08-2012-0059  TOWN OF HARVILLE, WY  Closed
09/27/2012  SDWA-08-2012-0060  GILL HOLDINGS, LLC. - UXU RANCH PUBLIC WATER SYSTEM  Closed
09/27/2012  TSCA-05-2012-0027  Wildwood Apartments LLC -CAFO- (Jackson, Michigan)  Closed
09/27/2012  TSCA-07-2012-0026  Jason Roose  Closed
09/26/2012  CWA-10-2012-0156  Aleutian Spray Fisheries - Siberian Sea Fisheries, LLC  Closed
09/26/2012  CWA-10-2012-0157  Aleutian Spray Fisheries - Liberator Fisheries  Closed
09/26/2012  TSCA-10-2012-0188  Kachina Contractor Solutions, LLC  Closed
09/26/2012  CAA-10-2012-0194  Dovex Fruit Company  Closed
09/26/2012  CAA-05-2012-0050  Meyer Steel Drum, Inc. (CAFO) (Chicago, IL)  Closed
09/26/2012  CERC-EPCRA-03-2012-0233  The Mushroom Company, CERC-EPCR, SCAFO  Closed
09/26/2012  CERC/EPCR-03-2012-0213  Dyno Nobel, Inc., CERC/EPCRA, scafo  Closed
09/26/2012  CWA and .....  GLENDELL L. GASKINS  Closed
09/26/2012  EPCRA-05-2012-0034  United Wire and Cable Company -CAFO- (DeKalb, Illinois)  Closed
09/26/2012  FIFRA-01-2012-0066  Exergen Corporation  Closed
09/26/2012  FIFRA-02-2012-5201  Everyday Group  Closed

(1651 entries in this collection)
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