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Dockets by Statute RCRA

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Complaint DateStatusCase
10/10/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2020-0007) Axalta Coating Systems, RCRA, CAFO
10/10/2019  Active  (RCRA-08-2020-0001) JN TRUCKING, INC.
10/10/2019  Closed  (RUST-05-2020-0001) St. Louis County Brookston Garage - Notice of Violation- R5-UST-19-001EP (Brook...
10/07/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0956) Univar USA, Inc.
10/01/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0921) Dale Bumpers National Rice Research Center
10/01/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0922) Harry K. Dupree National Aquaculture Research Center
10/01/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0957) Duoline Technologies
10/01/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0958) CTI Foods
10/01/2019  Closed  (RCRA-07-2019-0256) C&R Plating, Inc.
09/30/2019  Closed  (RCRA-05-2019-0017) Luxottica of America, Incorporated - CAFO- (Mason, Ohio)
09/30/2019  Closed  (RCRA-05-2019-0018) Charter Steel, a division of Charter Manufacturing Company, Inc. - ADMINISTRATIV...
09/30/2019  Closed  (RCRA-09-2019-0082) Department of Navy
09/27/2019  Closed  (RCRA-02-2019-7111) Coast to Coast Circuits, Inc.
09/27/2019  Closed  (RCRA-08-2019-0004) UTE INDIAN TRIBE AND UTE TRIBE PUBLIC WORKS
09/26/2019  Closed  (RCRA-02-2019-7708) Monhagen Avenue Mini Mart Inc., Monhagen Avenue Sunoco
09/26/2019  Closed  (RCRA-02-2019-7707) 6253 Group, Inc.
09/26/2019  Closed  (RCRA-02-2019-7107) Country Life, LLC
09/26/2019  Closed  (RCRA-02-2019-7109) Madison Industries, Inc.
09/26/2019  Closed  (RCRA-02-2019-7110) Aladdin Packaging LLC
09/26/2019  Closed  (RCRA-09-2019-0076) Goodwest Rubber Linings
09/25/2019  Closed  (RCRA-02-2019-7704) Chokshi Realty Group LLC
09/25/2019  Closed  (RCRA-04-2019-9736(b)) U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center
09/23/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0949) Gulf Copper Manufacturing Corporation
09/23/2019  Awaiting SEP  (RCRA-07-2019-0251) Harcros
09/17/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2019-0103) Top Gas and Mini Mart, LLC, and Ezra Reuven, Administrative Complaint, RCRA-03-...
09/16/2019  Closed  (RCRA-05-2019-0015) Jomar INc. d/b/a Harbor Packaging -CAFO- (Benton Harbor, Michigan)
09/16/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0930) Stupp Bros., Inc.
09/13/2019  Active  (RCRA-02-2019-7501) Cheema Oil Corporation
09/12/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2019-0079) Bargain Bill's Marketplace LLC, RCRA, RCRA-03-2019-0079
09/12/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2019-0124) Long Level Marina, RCRA, ESA
09/12/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2019-0087) Guest Services Inc., RCRA, RCRA-03-2019-0087
09/12/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2019-0122) CVA Site Management, RCRA, ESA
09/11/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0954) Ochsner Medical Center
09/11/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0955) Diagnostic Pathology Associates, LLP
09/11/2019  Closed  (RCRA-09-2019-0063) Dura Coat Products
09/10/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2019-0121) D.M. Bowman, Inc., RCRA, CAFO
09/10/2019  Closed  (RCRA-07-2019-0196) Speed Stop 1301
09/06/2019  Closed  (RCRA-05-2019-0014) Huntsman Corporation -ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT- (Peru, Illinois)
09/05/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2019-0126) East Penn Manufacturing Company, Inc. CAFO, RCRA-03-2019-0126
09/05/2019  Closed  (RCRA and .....) Anodics, Inc
09/04/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2019-0092) The Gill Corporation-Maryland, CAFO, RCRA-03-2019-0092
08/28/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0947) Technical Coatings Services, Inc.
08/28/2019  Closed  (RUST-05-2019-0015) Marathon #31 -Notice of Violation- (Kokomo, Indiana)
08/28/2019  Closed  (RUST-05-2019-0016) Jefferson Square Marathon, Mann Brothers Holdings, LLC -NOV- (Lafayette, India...
08/21/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2019-0100) NSR Petro Services, LLC - Zip In, RCRA, ESA
08/21/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2019-0098) A-DEL Construction Company, RCRA, ESA
08/20/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0914) Oilfield Solutions
08/20/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0946) Cladtec
08/20/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0952) C.U.E. Energy Products, Inc.
08/20/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0953) C&S Cabinet, Inc.
08/20/2019  Closed  (RUST-05-2019-0013) Green and Gold Concrete -FIELD CITATION- R5-UST-19-001-KH (Green Bay, Wisconsi...
08/20/2019  Closed  (RUST-05-2019-0014) Calwis Inc -FIELD CITATION- R5-UST-19-004-KH (Green Bay, Wisconsin)
08/16/2019  Closed  (RCRA-10-2019-0121) USAF Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson, Alaska
08/15/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0925) Air Liquids Industries U.S. LP
08/14/2019  Closed  (RCRA-10-2019-0130) Perma-Fix Northwest Richland, Inc.
08/13/2019  Closed  (RCRA-08-2019-0003) SUNCOR ENERGY (U.S.A), INC.
08/12/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2019-0097) Dingo LLC, RCRA, CAFO-ESA, RCRA-03-2019-0097
08/12/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2019-0062) Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, RCRA, RCRA-03-2019-0062
08/12/2019  Closed  (RCRA-07-2019-0215) Faircast Inc
08/07/2019  Closed  (RUST-05-2019-0012) Meijer #69 -Field Citation, R5-UST-19-00-SK- (Mt. Pleasant, Michigan)
08/05/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0942) Analytical Food Laboratories, Inc.
08/05/2019  Closed  (RCRA-07-2019-0207) Fres-Co Systems USA
07/29/2019  Closed  (RCRA-05-2019-0012) Veolia ES Technical Solutions, LLC -CAFO- (Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin)
07/29/2019  Closed  (RCRA-05-2019-0013) Haworth, Inc. -CAFO- (Holland. Michigan)
07/24/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0936) Ampharmco
07/23/2019  Closed  (RCRA-02-2019-7103) Bergen County
07/16/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0939) Omega Protein, Inc.
07/09/2019  Closed  (RCRA-04-2019-4005(b)) Milliken Chemical-Dewey Plant
07/02/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0924) Lipotec USA, Inc.
07/02/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0927) A&C Products Inc.
07/02/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0928) Our Lady of the Lake Hospital, Inc.
07/02/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0928) Our Lady of the Lake Hospital, Inc.
07/02/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0929) Baton Rouge Health Care Center
07/01/2019  Closed  (RCRA-07-2019-0211) Ideal Industries
06/28/2019  Closed  (RCRA-05-2019-0011) Canam Steel Corporattion - CAFO- (Peru, Illinois)
06/28/2019  Closed  (RUST-05-2019-0011) Elbow Lake Store & Bar -FC/ESA- (Waubun, Minnesota)
06/25/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0918) Ascend Performance Materials Texas, Inc.
06/25/2019  Awaiting SEP  (RCRA-09-2019-0044) DeMenno-Kerdoon (World Oil)
06/24/2019  Closed  (RUST-05-2019-0010) Village of Richton Park - Notice of Violation- (Richton Park, Illinois)
06/21/2019  Closed  (RCRA-02-2019-7703) FedEx Freight, Inc. & GPT Montgomery Owner, LLC
06/20/2019  Closed  (RUST-05-2019-0009) PACE - West Division -NOV/CO/SA- (Melrose Park, Illinois)
06/18/2019  Closed  (RCRA-04-2019-4007(b)) Purecoat International, LLC
06/17/2019  Closed  (RCRA-07-2019-0016 and .....) Midway Auto Parts LLC
06/17/2019  Closed  (RCRA-07-2019-0191) Arkema
06/11/2019  Closed  (RUST-05-2019-0008) Marthon Smoke Shop, Inc. -ESA- (Dixon, Illinois)
06/05/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2019-0069) Atomized Materials Co., Inc., RCRA, CAFO
06/05/2019  Closed  (RCRA-04-2019-4004(b)) TestAmerica Laboratories, Inc.
06/05/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0909) The US Department of the Army
06/04/2019  Closed  (RCRA-09-2019-0043) American Samoa Shipyard Services
05/30/2019  Closed  (RCRA-03-2019-0093) Bemis Company, Inc., RCRA, CAFO
05/30/2019  Closed  (RUST-05-2019-0006) Village of South Holland Public Works 16226 -ESA- (South Holland, Illinois
05/23/2019  Closed  (RUST-05-2019-0007) Ryder Truck Rental -NOV COSA- (Melrose Park, Illinois)
05/21/2019  Closed  (RCRA-07-2019-0054) Cubby’s
05/20/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0920) Timmers Chevrolet, Inc.
05/20/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0931) Aerosmith Aviation Inc.
05/20/2019  Closed  (RCRA-06-2019-0932) Air Products, LLC
05/15/2019  Closed  (RCRA-R10-2019-0058) Tesoro Alaska Refinery L.L.C.
05/15/2019  Closed  (RCRA-10-2019-0256) Kenneth A. Stedham, d/b/a Bi-Rights Motors Company
05/13/2019  Closed  (RUST-05-2019-0003) Village of Elk Grove Fire Department -NOV, 901 Wellington Ave- (Elk Grove Vil...
05/13/2019  Closed  (RUST-05-2019-0004) Village of Elk Grove -NOV, 1635 Biesterfield- (Elk Grove Village, Illinois)

(2786 entries in this collection)
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