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Dockets by Statute RCRA

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Complaint DateStatusCase
03/31/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0068) CHEMSOLV, INC., formerly trading as Chemicals and Solvents, Inc., and Austin Hol...
03/31/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0124) J-Mart (RCRA)
03/31/2011  Closed  (RUST-05-2011-0010) Archer Daniels Midland Company -NOTICE OF VIOLATION- (Decatur, Illinois)
03/31/2011  Closed  (RUST-05-2011-0011) Coops Corner - NOTICE OF VIOLATION- (Thornville, Ohio)
03/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0118) Sherwin-Williams Company, Seaguard Division, RCRA (SCAFO)
03/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA and .....) TEE PEE SMOKE SHOP
03/28/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0106FC) Exxon Gas Station 25036, Facility ID 2000356, Field Citation (UST) (EXP.)
03/24/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0112) Hagerstown Aircraft Services, Inc., (RCRA)
03/24/2011  Active  (RCRA-04-2011-0001(b)) J.H. Duncan Oil, Inc.
03/24/2011  Closed  (RCRA-04-2011-4250(b)) Vi-Jon, Inc.
03/22/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0007) Cor-Met, Inc. -CAFO- (Brighton, Michigan)
03/18/2011  Closed  (RCRA-04-2011-4003(b)) Murakami Manufacturing U.S.A. Inc.
03/17/2011  Closed  (RCRA-02-2011-7102) Tonawanda Coke Corporation
03/11/2011  Closed  (RCRA-07-2011-0005) Stanek Brothers Farm
03/09/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0105FC) Pilot Travel Center #001, Facility ID 18-70787 (CAFO)
03/03/2011  Closed  (RCRA-10-2011-0053) ANESTI AUDEH AND AMA MINI MART, INC.
02/28/2011  Closed  (RCRA-07-2011-0007) Albaugh, Inc
02/28/2011  Awaiting Payment  (RCRA-09-2011-0005) Classic Plating Inc.
02/25/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0006) Eagle Electronics Incorporated -CAFO- - INSTALLMENTS - (Schaumburg, Illinois)
02/22/2011  Closed  (RUST-05-2011-0009) Lowell's Tire -FIELD CITATION - (LaPorte, Minnesota)
02/17/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0005) Specified Plating Company- CAFO- (Chicago, Illinois)
02/10/2011  Closed  (RCRA-10-2011-0040) METRO METALS CORPORATION and AVISTA RECYCLING, INC.
02/09/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0071) American Environmental Services, Inc., (RCRA) 3008
01/31/2011  Closed  (RUST-05-2011-0008) Connelly Gas Purification Materials -NOTICE OF VIOLATION- (Chicago, Illinois)
01/25/2011  Awaiting Payment  (RCRA-09-2011-0003) L&M Optical Disc West, LLC
01/21/2011  Closed  (RCRA and .....) RK Distributing, Inc.
01/20/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0087FC) Corrections Corporation of America (RCRA) Field Citation
01/12/2011  Closed  (RUST-05-2011-0006) Millennium Inorgainc Chemicals -NOTICE OF VIOLATION- (Ashtabula, Ohio)
01/11/2011  Closed  (RUST-05-2011-0007) Dayton Power and Light Company, J.M. Stuart Station -NOTICE OF VIOLATION- (Aber...
01/06/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0032) Aramark Sports and Entertainment, (RCRA) SCAFO
12/28/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0042) Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, RCRA (9006)
12/27/2010  Closed  (RCRA-04-2011-4001(b)) Chemetall Foote Corp.
12/27/2010  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0004) U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, William S. Middleton Memorial Hospital -CAF...
12/27/2010  Closed  (RUST-05-2011-0005) Amerigas Shamson Food Mart At & Gas -NOTICE OF VIOLATION- (Gary, Indiana)
12/23/2010  Closed  (RCRA-02-2011-7502) United States General Services Administration
12/22/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0022FC) USDA Appalachian Fruit Research Station (WV ID# 1902018) (RCRA) Field Citation
12/22/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0046) Fort Myer Construction Corp. (RCRA) (SCAFO)
12/21/2010  Closed  (RCRA-04-2010-4014(b)) Covalence Adhesives, LLC
12/15/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0056FC) Federal Correctional Institute Loretto, (RCRA) FC
12/09/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0047) Palmer Industrial Coatings, Inc., RCRA, (SCAFO)
12/02/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2010-0043) L.C.W., Inc.d.b.a. Kwik Lube, RCRA, SCAFO
12/02/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0043) L.C.W. Inc., d/b/a KWIK LUBE, (SCAFO) RCRA-03-2011-0043
12/02/2010  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0003) ArcelorMittal Riverdale Inc. -CAFO- (Riverdate, Illinois)
11/30/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0051FC) National Park Service H-3 Stables Washington DC, (Field Citation ) (RCRA)
11/24/2010  Closed  (RCRA-07-2011-0004) Heartland Plating Co and Estate of Gerhard Patliger
11/22/2010  Closed  (RUST-05-2011-0002) Lovely Mobil Inc. -NOTICE OF VIOLATION- (Gary, Indiana)
11/22/2010  Closed  (RUST-05-2011-0003) Grant Gas & Mini Food Mart -NOTICE OF VIOLATION- (Gary, Indiana)
11/22/2010  Closed  (RUST-05-2011-0004) Clark Gas Station -NOTICE OF VIOLATION- (Gary, Indiana)
11/19/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0033FC) Landmark Services Tourmobile Inc., Field Citation (RCRA)
11/04/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0001) Yuasa Battery, Inc. RCRA (SCAFO) (3008(a)
11/03/2010  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0002) DMI Automotive Inc. -CAFO- (Howell, Michigan)
11/01/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0027FC) Communication Systems Support Group (ID# 18893)
11/01/2010  Closed  (RCRA-07-2011-0001) Seabee Corporation, A Division of Hampton Hydraulics, LLC
10/28/2010  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0001) Norplas Industries, Inc. -CAFO- (Northwood, Ohio)
10/25/2010  Closed  (RCRA-07-2011-0002) ManaGro International
10/12/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0017FC) Allingdale Convenience Store, FIN 34-04178 (Field Citation) cafo
10/12/2010  Closed  (RUST-05-2011-0001) Solae, LLC -NOTICE OF VIOLATION- (Bellevue, Ohio)
10/08/2010  Closed  (RCRA-10-2010-0273) KINCAID PROJECT GROUP
10/08/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0013FC) 1615 L Street LLC #2000089 (SCAFO) RCRA
10/01/2010  Closed  (RCRA-02-2010-7502) U.S. Department of the Navy, Naval Activity Puerto Rico
10/01/2010  Closed  (RCRA-02-2010-7111) USVI Department of Health - Division of Environmental Health - St. Thomas & St. ...
09/30/2010  Closed  (RCRA-02-2010-7110) Maimonides Medical Center
09/30/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2010-0379) Takoma Park Texaco MAPP, Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Properties, LLC (RCRA) SCAFO
09/30/2010  Closed  (RCRA-05-2010-0025) Rieke Corporation ( Auburn, Indiana)
09/30/2010  Closed  (RCRA-05-2010-0026) Reliable Galvanizing Company (Chicago, Illinois)
09/30/2010  Closed  (RCRA-07-2010-0035) The Scotts Manufacturing Company
09/28/2010  Closed  (RCRA-02-2010-7112) Dana Transport
09/28/2010  Closed  (RCRA-07-2010-0022) West Sidney Gas Plant, Marathon Oil
09/27/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2010-0033) Transportation District Commission, (SCAFO), RCRA
09/27/2010  Closed  (RCRA and .....) EXXON MOBIL OIL CORPORATION
09/24/2010  Closed  (RCRA-07-2010-0012) Maytag Corporation
09/23/2010  Closed  (RCRA-05-2010-0024) Century Environmental Resources, Inc. - CLMS. COORD FORWRDS TO TREAS. 10-16-2011...
09/22/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2010-0398) NORKA Manufacturing, Inc. (RCRA) 3008(a)
09/16/2010  Closed  (RCRA-05-2010-0023) Photocircuits Corporation d/b/a ECMC (Schaumburg, Illinois)
09/15/2010  Closed  (RCRA-05-2010-0022) Univar USA Inc. ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT (South Bend, Indiana)
09/15/2010  Closed  (RCRA-06-2010-0921) Great American Treating
09/14/2010  Closed  (RCRA-04-2010-4011(b)) Arkema Inc.
09/09/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2010-0311) Electronic Service and Design Corporation, RCRA (SCAFO)
09/02/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2010-0342) Shantam Investments, Inc. d/b/a Broadview Chevron Facility (SCAFO) RCRA
09/02/2010  Active  (RCRA-07-2010-0034) TNT General Contracting, Inc, Webb Minerals, LLC, Gary and Carol Trump Trust (U/...
09/01/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2010-0338) Mid-Atlantic Petroleum Properties, LLC, Potomac Sunoco (SCAFO) RCRA (9006)
09/01/2010  Closed  (RCRA-04-2010-4012(b)) East Caroline University
08/31/2010  Closed  (RCRA-01-2010-0026) Hudson Color Concentrates a division of L & A Molding Corporation
08/31/2010  Closed  (RCRA-04-2010-4005(b)) Roll Coater, Inc.
08/30/2010  Closed  (RUST-05-2010-0022) Department of Navy - Crane Naval Surface Warfare (Crane, Indiana)
08/27/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2010-0372FC) Pilot Travel Center #342 (Field Citation) (RCRA)
08/26/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2010-0339) Mid-Atlantic Pettroleum Properties, Gaithersburg Chevron, (SCAFO) RCRA, 9006
08/26/2010  Closed  (RCRACIT9006-08-2010-0003) TRENTON SCHOOL
08/25/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2010-0386FC) Milton Hershey School, RCRA (Field Citation)
08/25/2010  Closed  (RCRA-07-2010-0033) Ronnie Gibson d/b/a Gibson's Recycling
08/19/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2010-0321) Arcadis U.S.,Inc., Sharon Steel - Fairmont Coke Works Site (SCAFO) RCRA
08/19/2010  Closed  (RCRA-05-2010-0021) Century Plating, Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio)
08/18/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2010-0378FC) Action Rental Center Inc. , RCRA (FC) SCAFO
08/16/2010  Active  (RCRA-09-2010-0014) Crown Chrome Plating
08/13/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2010-0377FC) Federal Bureau of Prisons, SCAFO (Field Citation)
08/12/2010  Closed  (RCRA9006CIT-08-2010-0002) DECOTEAU C- STORE
08/10/2010  Closed  (RCRA-03-2010-0343) Broadway Atlantic One, LLC, Atlantic Plumbing Supply Facilitiy

(2786 entries in this collection)
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