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Dockets by Year Filed: 2012

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Complaint DateDocket NumberCase NameStatus
08/16/2012  CWA-01-2011-0117  Town of Wayland, MA  Closed
08/16/2012  CAA-01-2012-0077  North East Refrigerated Termials, Inc.   Closed
08/16/2012  CAA-04-2012-1509(b)  Lanco & Harris Corp.  Closed
08/16/2012  CAA-04-2012-8010(b)  Siemer Milling Company  Closed
08/16/2012  CAA-04-2012-8016(b)  Keystone Foods LLC  Closed
08/16/2012  CWA-04-2012-4518(b)  City of Stockbridge  Closed
08/16/2012  CWA-04-2012-5015  Worth Contracting, Inc.  Closed
08/16/2012  CWA-08-2012-0022  M&M CLASSIC AUTO PARTS, INC. d/b/a BERT'S MODEL A CENTER  Closed
08/16/2012  CWA and .....  STONE ENERGY CORPORATION  Closed
08/16/2012  EPCRA-04-2012-2068(b)  S&S Tire and Auto Service Center  Closed
08/16/2012  EPCRA-04-2012-2070(b)  FHP Manufacturing Company  Closed
08/16/2012  FIFRA-04-2012-3014(b)  Nature's Farmacy, Inc.  Closed
08/16/2012  FIFRA-04-2012-3125(b)  Memphis Pool Supply Company  Closed
08/16/2012  FIFRA-04-2012-3127(b)  Engineer Hardware Distribution, Inc.  Closed
08/16/2012  FIFRA-04-2012-3128(b)  Prentiss, Inc.  Closed
08/16/2012  FIFRA-04-2012-3129(b)  K-Chemicals, Inc.  Closed
08/16/2012  FIFRA-04-2012-3131(b)  Pool Shack  Closed
08/16/2012  FIFRA-04-2012-3136(b)  Vereens Fertilizers  Closed
08/16/2012  FIFRA-04-2012-3137(b)  Correction Enterprises  Closed
08/16/2012  FIFRA-05-2012-0019  The Schawbel Corporation -CAFO- (Bedford, Massachusetts)   Closed
08/16/2012  RCRA-04-2012-4004(b)  UAG Duluth, Inc.  Closed
08/16/2012  RCRA-04-2012-4005(b)  UAG Duluth, Inc. D/B/A United Collision  Closed
08/16/2012  RCRA-04-2012-4006(b)  Chromalloy American LLC  Closed
08/16/2012  SDWA-08-2012-0042  CONOCOPHILLIPS COMPANY  Closed
08/16/2012  TSCA-04-2012-2905(b)  SCT Yarns  Closed
08/15/2012  CAA-05-2012-0044  Bluewater Thermal Processing, LLC (CAFO) D/B/A Bluewater Thermal Solutions (own...  Closed
08/15/2012  CAA-06-2012-3562  Canadian River Municipal Water Authority #1 Chlorine Station  Closed
08/15/2012  CAA-06-2012-3566  Cargill Turkey Products - Springdale Plant  Closed
08/15/2012  CWA-07-2012-0013  Knox County Feeders, Inc  Closed
08/15/2012  CWA-07-2012-0028  John Reigle d/b/a Reigle Farms, Inc  Closed
08/15/2012  CWA-10-2012-0140  NELSON PETROLEUM COMPANY  Closed
08/15/2012  RCRA-07-2012-0022  Trimark Corporation  Closed
08/14/2012  CWA-08-2012-0021  MCATEE CONSTRUCTION CO.  Closed
08/13/2012  EPCRA-10-2012-0119  GRANITE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY  Closed
08/10/2012  EPCRA-02-2012-4106  Rust-Oleum Corporation  Closed
08/10/2012  EPCRA-01-2012-0064  Christmas Tree Shops, Inc.  Closed
08/10/2012  TSCA-01-2011-0058  College Pro Painters (U.S.) Ltd.  Closed
08/10/2012  TSCA-01-2012-0082  John M. Sayig  Closed
08/09/2012  CAA-06-2012-3560  City of Fort Smith Lee Crek Water Treatment Facility  Closed
08/09/2012  EPCRA-10-2012-0164  CPM DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION  Closed
08/09/2012  TSCA-01-2012-0078  Springfield Housing Authority  Closed
08/08/2012  CWA-08-2012-0020  CITY OF POPLAR, MONTANA  Closed
08/08/2012  CWA and .....  BRECK OPERATING CORP.  Closed
08/08/2012  CWA and .....  BRECK OPERATING CORP.  Closed
08/08/2012  EPCRA-05-2012-0027  Advanced Concrete, Inc. -CAFO- (Waunakee, Wisconsin)  Closed
08/07/2012  CAA-03-2012-0198  National Beef Packing Company, LLC, (CAA) SCAFO  Closed
08/07/2012  CAA-05-2012-0043  The Anderson Albion Ethanol, LLC (CAFO) (Albion, Michigan)  Closed
08/07/2012  CAA and .....  EQUISTAR CHEMICALS, LP  Closed
08/06/2012  CAA-06-2012-3561  Lone Star Bakery No. 1  Closed
08/06/2012  CWA and .....  PETCO PETROLEUM CORP.  Closed
08/06/2012  TSCA-05-2012-0017  Donald and Sarah Kissel -CAFO- (Evansville, Indiana)  Closed
08/03/2012  TSCA-02-2012-9251  Wego Chemical and Mineral Company  Closed
08/03/2012  CERCLA-04-2012-2065(b)  Nation Ford Chemical Company  Closed
08/03/2012  CERCLA-07-2012-0053  Former Carter White Lead Facility  Closed
08/03/2012  FIFRA-05-2012-0018  BioSafe Systems, LLC -CAFO- (East Hartford, Connecticut)  Closed
08/03/2012  FIFRA-07-2012-0031  Kruse Fertilizer Service  Closed
08/03/2012  RCRA-04-2012-4003(b)  University of Louisville - Belknap Campus  Closed
08/03/2012  TSCA-01-2012-0049  290 Pratt Strret, LLC  Closed
08/03/2012  TSCA-04-2012-2649(b)  David N. Wicker  Closed
08/03/2012  TSCA-07-2012-0017  Sunshine Home Improvement, LLC  Closed
08/02/2012  TSCA-01-2012-0036  University of Massachusetts System  Closed
08/02/2012  CWA-03-2012-0193  West Virginia Oil Gathering Corp., CWA, 311, SCAFO  Closed
08/02/2012  EPCRA-05-2012-0026  LaGrou Distribution System, Inc. -CAFO- (Des Plaines, Illinois)  Closed
08/01/2012  CWA-06-2012-4819  Cox Operating LLC  Closed
08/01/2012  CWA and .....  HIGH ENERGY   Closed
08/01/2012  CWA and .....  PETROLEUM CAPITAL, LLC  Closed
08/01/2012  CWA and .....  COX OPERATING, LLC  Closed
08/01/2012  CWA and .....  Cox Operating LLC  Closed
08/01/2012  CWA and .....  ZXP TECHNOLOGIES  Closed
08/01/2012  EPCRA-10-2012-0150  SARTORI COMPANY  Closed
07/31/2012  FIFRA-07-2012-0032  Wild West Pest,LLC  Active
07/31/2012  CAA-04-2012-1521(b)  Coastal Reconstruction, Inc.  Closed
07/31/2012  CAA-05-2012-0041  Continental Carbonic Products, Inc. (ESA) (Albion, Michigan)  Closed
07/31/2012  CERCLA-04-2012-2066(b)  Tohopekaliga Water Authority  Closed
07/31/2012  CWA-08-2012-0019  CHS, INC.  Closed
07/31/2012  CWA and .....  BRAMMER ENGINEERING INC.  Closed
07/31/2012  FIFRA-09-2012-0002  Animal Dermatology Laboratories  Closed
07/31/2012  RCRA-03-2012-0195  Pulaski County Public Schools, RCRA, SCAFO  Closed
07/31/2012  SDWA-04-2012-1005(b)  Robert Price  Closed
07/31/2012  TSCA-04-2012-2654(b)  Halocarbon Products Corporation  Closed
07/30/2012  CWA-01-2012-0074  J & S Oil Co., Inc.  Closed
07/30/2012  CWA-08-2012-0018  OLD YELLER AUTO  Closed
07/30/2012  CWA and .....  WARD 2 WATER DISTRICT  Closed
07/30/2012  SDWA-08-2012-0040  HEART BUTTE K-12 SCHOOLS SCHOOL DISTRICT  Closed
07/27/2012  EPCRA-07-2011-0005  Southwest Technologies, Inc  Closed
07/27/2012  FIFRA-07-2012-0030  Bayer Cropscience  Closed
07/27/2012  TSCA-07-2012-0018  Larry and Karen Brown  Closed
07/26/2012  SDWA-02-2012-8402  National Park Water Department  Closed
07/26/2012  FIFRA-02-2012-5207  Homeit, LLC  Closed
07/26/2012  FIFRA-01-2011-0066  Scot W. Pollack  Closed
07/26/2012  CAA-06-2012-3319  PLAIN GAS SOLUTIONS, INC.  Closed
07/26/2012  CAA-08-2012-0008  UTAH OLYMPIC PARK  Closed
07/26/2012  CAA-08-2012-0009  YUMA ETHANOL, LLC.  Closed
07/26/2012  CAA-08-2012-0010  ASHLEY VALLEY WATER TREATMENT PLANT  Closed
07/26/2012  CAA-08-2012-0011  DUCHESNE VALLEY TREATMENT PLANT  Closed
07/26/2012  RUST-05-2012-0010  Zazz Mr. Sam Hamade FIELD CITATION - (Sterling Heights, Michigan)  Closed
07/26/2012  SDWA-08-2012-0039  HOBACK STORES  Closed
07/25/2012  CWA-10-2012-0148  Gus's Gas  Closed
07/25/2012  CWA-10-2012-0147  M.L. ALBRIGHT & SONS MAINTENANCE SHOP  Closed

(1651 entries in this collection)
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