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Dockets by Year Filed 2012

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Complaint DateDocket NumberCase NameStatus
09/17/2012  SDWA-08-2012-0052  TURNERVILLE WATER AND SEWER DISTRICT  Closed
09/15/2012  FIFRA-10-2012-0182  Primeland Cooperatives, Inc.  Closed
09/15/2012  CAA-10-2012-0166  Thomas West Fuels, Lubricants & Chemicals, LLC  Closed
09/15/2012  TSCA-02-2012-9167  Leanza Painting Contractors  Closed
09/15/2012  EPCRA-01-2012-0099  Textile Rubber & Chemical Co.,  Closed
09/15/2012  CWA-01-2012-0093  Boyne USA, Inc. Sugarloaf Resort  Closed
09/15/2012  CAA-01-2012-0051  Suddekor LLC  Closed
09/15/2012  CWA-01-2012-0092  Boyne USA, Inc. Loon Mountain Ski Resort  Closed
09/15/2012  CWA-01-2012-0091  Boyne USA, Inc., Sunday River Ski Resort  Closed
09/15/2012  EPCRA-01-2012-0057  Bostik, Inc.  Closed
09/14/2012  RCRA-10-2012-0178  Kenai Peninsula Borough  Closed
09/14/2012  CAA(112r)-09-2012-0014  Enel Stillwater, LLC  Closed
09/14/2012  FIFRA-09-2012-0001  Pumpkin Patch Fund Raisers, Inc.  Closed
09/14/2012  RCRA-09-2012-0011  The University of Arizona Health Network  Closed
09/14/2012  EPCRA-09-2012-0002  United Comb & Novelty Corp  Closed
09/14/2012  CAA(112r)-09-2012-0013  Sierra Chemical Company - Sparks Facility  Closed
09/14/2012  TSCA-09-2012-0008  St. Johns Unified School District  Closed
09/14/2012  CAA(112r)-09-2012-0016  Yuma Desalting Plant  Closed
09/14/2012  CAA(112r)-09-2012-0019  Enel Salt Wells, LLC  Closed
09/14/2012  CWA-09-2012-0001  Coast Plating, Inc.  Closed
09/14/2012  RCRA-09-2012-0008  Service Plating, Co.  Closed
09/14/2012  CAA(112r)-09-2012-0010  Johnston Farms Family LLP  Closed
09/14/2012  FIFRA-08-2012-0010  J. F. DALEY INTERNATIONAL, LTD.  Closed
09/14/2012  TSCA-07-2012-0014  Bonita M Bagnall  Closed
09/13/2012  CWA-10-2012-0146  Vigor Industrial, LLC  Closed
09/13/2012  CAA-04-2012-1523(b)  Robert Hicklin Grading, Inc.  Closed
09/13/2012  CAA-04-2012-1524(b)  D&A Enterprises  Closed
09/13/2012  CWA-07-2012-0045  Creighton Livestock Market, Inc  Closed
09/13/2012  CWA-08-2012-0033  CACTUS HILL RANCH COMPANY  Closed
09/13/2012  CWA-08-2012-0034  HURLEY ENTERPRISES, INC. d/b/a HURLEY OILFIELD SERVICES  Closed
09/13/2012  EPCRA-04-2012-2048(b)  Cagle's, Inc.  Closed
09/13/2012  EPCRA and .....  HYDRIL MANUFACTURING USA LLC  Closed
09/13/2012  FIFRA-04-2012-3126(b)  Amsan Florida  Closed
09/13/2012  FIFRA-04-2012-3134(b)  Gulf States International, Inc.  Closed
09/13/2012  RCRA-04-2012-4011(b)  Pirkle, Inc.  Closed
09/13/2012  RCRA-04-2012-4013(b)  CompuPoint USA, LLC  Closed
09/13/2012  TSCA-04-2012-2901(b)  Fenner Dunlop Americas, Inc.  Closed
09/12/2012  CAA-10-2012-0165  CityServiceValcon, LLC  Closed
09/12/2012  EPCRA-10-2012-0158  Jorgensen Forge Corporation  Closed
09/12/2012  FIFRA-10-2012-0174  Ritter Chemical, LLC  Closed
09/12/2012  CWA and .....  SARATOGA RESOURCES, INC.  Closed
09/12/2012  CWA and .....  PETCO PETROLEUM CORPORATION  Closed
09/12/2012  RCRA-03-2012-0117  Joint Base Langlely-Eustis, RCRA, SCAFO  Closed
09/12/2012  RCRA-03-2012-0124  Naval Air Station Patuxent River, The US Depart. of the Navy, RCRA, SCAFO  Closed
09/12/2012  RCRA-04-2012-4012(b)  Mark & Kambour M.D., P.A. d/b/a Global Pathology Laboratory Services H&P Legacy ...  Closed
09/12/2012  TSCA-07-2012-0025  New Life Properties, LLC  Closed
09/11/2012  TSCA-10-2012-0184  Canyon Property Management, LLC  Closed
09/11/2012  FIFRA-10-2012-0160  AG Specialties, LLC  Closed
09/11/2012  TSCA-02-2012-9269  Laborers International Union of North America Local 17 Training and Educational ...  Closed
09/11/2012  CERCLA-04-2012-2073(b)  City of Palm Coast  Closed
09/11/2012  CERCLA-04-2012-2076(b)  Prayon, Inc.  Closed
09/11/2012  EPCRA-04-2012-2054(b)  Bottling Group LLC  Closed
09/11/2012  EPCRA-04-2012-2074(b)  Express Jet Airlines, Inc.  Closed
09/11/2012  EPCRA-04-2012-2075(b)  Norco Metal Finishing, Inc.  Closed
09/11/2012  RCRA-07-2012-0029  Astoria Industries of Iowa, Inc  Closed
09/10/2012  CWA-04-2012-5019  The Spencer Companies, Inc.  Closed
09/10/2012  CWA-04-2012-5020  RWI Transportation, LLC  Closed
09/10/2012  CWA-04-2012-5022  Cedar Creek Yacht Club  Closed
09/10/2012  CWA-04-2012-5135(b)  Ace Transport, LLC  Closed
09/10/2012  SDWA-04-2012-1009(b)  Minerals Management Group, Inc.  Closed
09/10/2012  SDWA-04-2012-1010(b)  Petro Operating Co., L.P.  Closed
09/08/2012  CWA-02-2012-3451  Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority  Closed
09/08/2012  EPCRA-01-2012-0089  Ocean State Oil, Inc.  Closed
09/07/2012  CWA-02-2012-3313  Town of Brookhaven Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)  Closed
09/07/2012  FIFRA-05-2012-0023  The Sherwin-Williams Company -CAFO- (Cleveland, Ohio)  Closed
09/07/2012  FIFRA-05-2012-0024  The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company -CAFO- $6 million plus penalty --- SEP --- (Marys...  Closed
09/07/2012  TSCA-05-2012-0019  Jaime Guenette -CAFO- -- NO PENALTY -- (Ishpeming, Michigan)  Closed
09/07/2012  TSCA-05-2012-0020  Marshall McGowan -CAFO- (Springfield, Illinois)  Closed
09/07/2012  TSCA-09-2012-0009  Chemical Waste Management`  Closed
09/06/2012  CWA-10-2012-0152  Alaska Gold Company, LLC  Closed
09/06/2012  CWA-01-2012-0073  Frechette Oil & Backoe Service's   Closed
09/06/2012  CAA-05-2012-0048  Chemtrade Refinery Solutions Limited Partnership (CAFO) (Oregon, Ohio)  Closed
09/06/2012  CAA-06-2012-3571  Southern Foods Group, LLC d/b/a Borden Dairy  Closed
09/06/2012  CAA-06-2012-3588  AmeriCold Logistics LLC Oklahoma City Plant # 75116  Closed
09/06/2012  CAA-08-2012-0015  GCC DACOTAH, INC.  Closed
09/06/2012  CWA-02-2012-3458  Molinos De Puerto Rico, Inc.  Active
09/06/2012  CWA-03-2012-0036  Roy Yoho, CWA, APO  Closed
09/06/2012  CWA-04-2012-5132(b)  IND-Oil, Inc.  Closed
09/06/2012  CWA-04-2012-5133(b)  IND-Oil, Inc.  Closed
09/06/2012  CWA-04-2012-5137(b)  E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company  Closed
09/06/2012  CWA-05-2012-0010  Kevin Logeman and Robert Scott Logeman d/b/a Logeman Brothers Farm -CAFO- (Met...  Closed
09/06/2012  CWA-08-2012-0030  MON-DAK WATER & SEPTIC SERVICE LLC. d/b/a H & K CONSTRUCTION  Closed
09/06/2012  CWA-08-2012-0031  GE JOHNSON CONSTRUCTION COMPANY, INC.  Closed
09/06/2012  CWA-08-2012-0032  CHEVRON PIPE LINE COMPANY  Closed
09/06/2012  FIFRA-04-2012-3135(b)  Pool Care by Weidenhamer  Closed
09/06/2012  FIFRA-05-2012-0022  Mathie Energy Supply Company, Inc. -CAFO- (Morrice, Michigan)  Closed
09/06/2012  RCRA-04-2012-4008(b)  IND-Oil, Inc.  Closed
09/06/2012  RCRA-07-2012-0019  Veteran's Hospital/RCC  Closed
09/06/2012  RCRA-07-2012-0034  D&D Propane, Inc  Closed
09/06/2012  RCRA-07-2012-0035  D&D Propane, Inc  Closed
09/06/2012  SDWA-08-2012-0051  CROOKED CREEK GUEST RANCH, LLC.  Closed
09/06/2012  TSCA-04-2012-2909(b)  Weakley County Municipal Electric System  Closed
09/06/2012  TSCA-05-2012-0018  Clinton T. Anderson, Owner CTA Properties -CAFO- --- SEP --- (St. Charles, Illin...  Closed
09/05/2012  CWA-10-2012-0138  Jug Mountain Ranch, LLC  Closed
09/05/2012  SDWA-01-2012-0021  Massachusetts Military Reservation   Closed
09/05/2012  EPCRA-01-2012-0080  Johnson Mattey Pharmaceutical Services  Closed
09/05/2012  CAA-04-2012-1517(b)  R. L. Construction, Inc.  Closed
09/05/2012  CWA-02-2012-3308  La Belle Farm, Inc. Bella Polutry, Inc.  Closed
09/05/2012  EPCRA-04-2012-2069(b)  Airview Utilities, LLC  Closed

(1651 entries in this collection)
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