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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations

Omega Chemical Corporation

Superfund Site

Technical Document

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Date Title / pdf File
08/01/10 Final Remedial Investigation for Omega Chemical Operable Unit 2, August 2010 .(Appendices A to N, excluding F)
Appendix A: Construction DataAppendix A - Part 1.pdfAppendix A - Part 1.pdf[191 pages, 21.3MB]
Appendix A - Part 2.pdfAppendix A - Part 2.pdf[107 pages, 16.5MB]
Appendix B: Purge FormsAppendix B.pdfAppendix B.pdf[336 pages, 16.0MB]
Appendix C: Chain of Custody FormsAppendix C.pdfAppendix C.pdf[348 pages, 15.8MB]
Appendix D: Soil Geotech ReportAppendix D.pdfAppendix D.pdf
Appendix E: ManifestsAppendix E.pdfAppendix E.pdf[16.9MB]
Appendix F: OU1 Analytical Data
(Note that Appendix F, due to its large size, is not included here. CD of this Appendix can be requested, and hard copy of the same can be reviewed in one of the repositories listed in Site Overview's Public Information Repositories section.)
Appendix G: DQAAppendix G.pdfAppendix G.pdf[669 pages, 21.4MB]
Appendix H: Aquifer Test ResultsAppendix H.pdfAppendix H.pdf[156 pages]
Appendix I: Hydrographs, Gradients, Advective VelocityAppendix I.pdfAppendix I.pdf
Appendix J: Time, Series, PlotsAppendix J.pdfAppendix J.pdf[386 pages, 11.1MB]
Appendix K: Numerical ModelAppendix K Main, Tables & Figures K1 to K15.pdfAppendix K Main, Tables & Figures K1 to K15.pdf
Appendix K Figures K16A to K16D.pdfAppendix K Figures K16A to K16D.pdf[14.8MB]
Appendix K Figures K16E to K16H.pdfAppendix K Figures K16E to K16H.pdf[15.5MB]
Appendix L: Human Health risk Assessment ReportAppendix L - Part 1.pdfAppendix L - Part 1.pdf[191 pages, 21.7MB]
Appendix L - Part 2.pdfAppendix L - Part 2.pdf[21.5MB]
Appendix L - Part 3.pdfAppendix L - Part 3.pdf[353 pages, 21.4MB]
Appendix M: Ecological Risk Assessment ReportAppendix M.pdfAppendix M.pdf
Appendix N: Other Facilities Well Location MapsAppendix N.pdfAppendix N.pdf

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