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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

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Administrative Record Index

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The documents contained in this administrative record have been considered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in identifying activities appropriate to Duck Valley Pesticide Superfund Removal site, Owyhee, Nevada..
The administrative record has been added to as documents have become available. Each document has been assigned a unique identification number.

For ease of use, the indexes have been combined to produce a cumulative index in ascending chronological order, which is consistent with the arrangement of documents in the administrative record.

The list of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency guidance documents which were considered or relied upon in the selection of the remedy is AR 4 in this administrative record. Copies of the guidance documents are contained in the Compendium of CERCLA Response Selection Guidance Documents located in the Region 9 Superfund Records Center.

August 16, 2000

List of Abbreviations and Acronyms Used in Administrative Record Index

EPAEnvironmental Protection Agency
FOIAFreedom of Information Act
USUnited States

Administrative Record Index

Doc DateAuthor / Author AffiliateAddressee / Addrressee AffiliateSubjectAR #Doc ID
1996/05/15Daniel Shane / Environmental Protection Agency - Region 9Keith Takata / Environmental Protection Agency - Region 9Action memo: Request for approval of removal action at site, w/attch B & w/o attch A & C (redacted, FOIA exs 4, 5a & 7a)00015089-00001
1996/05/20Cameron McDonald / Ecology & Environment, IncMatthew Mitguard / Environmental Protection Agency - Region 9Dinoseb site assessment, w/o removal cost estimates (redacted, FOIA exs 4 & 5a)00025089-00003
1996/08/22Environmental Protection Agency - Region 9-Public notice: US EPA announces availability of administrative record00035089-90001
1996/08/22Environmental Protection Agency - Region 9-List of US EPA guidance documents consulted during development & selection of response action at site00045089-90002
1999/08/12Marvin Cota / Shoshone-Paiute TribesBrad Shipley / Environmental Protection Agency - Region 9Ltr: Request for site visit & inspection of abandoned cattle dipping vat00055089-90004
1999/12/03Marvin Cota / Shoshone-Paiute TribesKeith Takata / Environmental Protection Agency - Region 9Ltr: Inter-agency agreement funds targeted for clean-up projects on Duck Valley Indian Reservation00065089-90003
2000/03/23Hedy Ficklin / Environmental Protection Agency - Region 9Keith Takata / Environmental Protection Agency - Region 9Action Memo: Request for removal action at site00075089-00005
2000/04/18Caren Carlson / Ecology & Environment, IncHedy Ficklin / Environmental Protection Agency - Region 9Ltr: Sampling & assessment of cattle dip at site w/attchs A & B00085089-00006

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