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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations


Geographic information on contaminants and other aspects of Superfund cleanups

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Show details for [<script>document.write("Abandoned Uranium Mines On The Navajo Nation".link(document.links[document.links.leng
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Show details for [<script>document.write("Hunters Point Naval Shipyard".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>
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Show details for [<script>document.write("Jibboom Junkyard".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
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Show details for [<script>document.write("Middlefield-Ellis-Whisman (MEW) Study Area".link(document.links[document.links.length
Show details for [<script>document.write("Monolithic Memories".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
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10/01/08San Fernando Valley Contamination map
10/01/09San Fernando Valley Contamination map
01/01/10San Fernando Valley Groundwater Contamination maps for 2010 (PCE, TCE, Chromium, Nitrate)
11/28/11San Fernando Valley All Areas - Contamination Concentration
12/21/11Figure X - 1,2,3-TCP Concentrations in the Shallow Zone
12/21/11Figure X - 1,4-Dioxane Concentrations in the Shallow Zone
12/21/11Figure X - Perchlorate Cocentrations in the Shallow Zone
01) 1998, Annual, TCE, Shallow (433K)
02) 1998, Annual, TCE, Deep (412K)
03) 1998, Annual, PCE, Shallow (431K)
04) 1998, Annual, PCE, Deep (411K)
05) 1998, Annual, NO3, Shallow (400K)
06) 1998, Annual, NO3, Deep (394K)
07) 1997, Annual, TCE, Shallow (288K)
08) 1997, Annual, TCE, Deep (269K)
09) 1997, Annual, PCE, Shallow (282K)
10) 1997, Annual, PCE, Deep (267K)
11) 1997, Annual, NO3, Shallow (269K)
12) 1997, Annual, NO3, Deep (247K)
13) 1996, Annual, TCE, Shallow (282K)
14) 1996, Annual, TCE, Deep (263K)
15) 1996, Annual, PCE, Shallow (278K)
16) 1996, Annual, PCE, Deep (262K)
17) 1996, Annual, NO3, Shallow (295K)
18) 1996, Annual, NO3, Deep (242K)
19) 1995, Spring, TCE, Shallow (282K)
20) 1995, Spring, TCE, Deep (265K)
21) 1995, Spring, PCE, Shallow (278K)
22) 1995, Spring, PCE, Deep (263K)
23) 1995, Spring, NO3, Shallow (304K)
24) 1995, Spring, NO3, Deep (244K)
25) 1995, Fall, TCE, Shallow (282K)
26) 1995, Fall, TCE, Deep (264K)
27) 1995, Fall, PCE, Shallow (279K)
28) 1995, Fall, PCE, Deep (263K)
29) 1995, Fall, NO3, Shallow (261K)
30) 1995, Fall, NO3, Deep (242K)
31) 1994, Spring, TCE, Shallow (282K)
32) 1994, Spring, TCE, Deep (262K)
33) 1994, Spring, PCE, Shallow (278K)
34) 1994, Spring, PCE, Deep (261K)
35) 1994, Spring, NO3, Shallow (304K)
36) 1994, Spring, NO3, Deep (242K)
37) 1994, Fall, TCE, Shallow (281K)
38) 1994, Fall, TCE, Deep (264K)
39) 1994, Fall, PCE, Shallow (278K)
40) 1994, Fall, PCE, Deep (264K)
41) 1994, Fall, NO3, Shallow (264K)
42) 1994, Fall, NO3, Deep (245K)
43) 1993, Spring, TCE, Shallow (287K)
44) 1993, Spring, TCE, Deep (262K)
45) 1993, Spring, PCE, Shallow (282K)
46) 1993, Spring, PCE, Deep (261K)
47) 1993, Spring, NO3, Shallow (271K)
48) 1993, Spring, NO3, Deep (241K)
49) 1993, Fall, TCE, Shallow (280K)
50) 1993, Fall, TCE, Deep (264K)
51) 1993, Fall, PCE, Shallow (280K)
52) 1993, Fall, PCE, Deep (262K)
53) 1993, Fall, NO3, Shallow (269K)
54) 1993, Fall, NO3, Deep (244K)
55) 1992, Spring, TCE, Shallow (283K)
56) 1992, Spring, TCE, Deep (261K)
57) 1992, Spring, PCE, Shallow (278K)
58) 1992, Spring, PCE, Deep (259K)
59) 1992, Spring, NO3, Shallow (265K)
60) 1992, Spring, NO3, Deep (242K)
61) 1992, Fall, TCE, Shallow (286K)
62) 1992, Fall, TCE, Deep (263K)
63) 1992, Fall, PCE, Shallow (284K)
64) 1992, Fall, PCE, Deep (262K)
65) 1992, Fall, NO3, Shallow (272K)
66) 1992, Fall, NO3, Deep (245K)
67) 1991, Annual, TCE (238K)
68) 1991, Annual, PCE (238K)
69) 1990, Annual, TCE (239K)
70) 1990, Annual, PCE (239K)
An index to all the plume maps for the San Fernando Valley Superfund site
[Model Calibration] - Calibration Wells (89K)
[Model Calibration] - Difference Between Simulated and Estimated Groundwater Contours, Autumn 1988 (100K)
[Model Calibration] - Model Layer 1 Cells that Become Dry During WY 1982-1992 Simulation (109K)
[Model Calibration] - Simulated versus Estimated Groundwater Contours, Autumn 1988 (110K)
[Model Configuration] - Bottom of Model Layer 1- Elevation (113K)
[Model Configuration] - Bottom of Model Layer 2 - Elevation (109K)
[Model Configuration] - Bottom of Model Layer 3 - Elevation (105K)
[Model Configuration] - Bottom of Model Layer 4 - Elevation (107K)
[Model Configuration] - Extent of Model Layers (101K)
[Model Configuration] - Location of Available and Constructed Cross Sections (85K)
[Model Configuration] - San Fernando Basin Groundwater Flow Model (115K)
[Model Configuration] - Thickness of Model Layer 1 (114K)
[Model Configuration] - Thickness of Model Layer 2 (105K)
[Model Configuration] - Thickness of Model Layer 3 (103K)
[Model Configuration] - Thickness of Model Layer 4 (104K)
[Model Parameters] - Hydraulic Conductivity Zone, Model Layer 1 (134K)
[Model Parameters] - Hydraulic Conductivity Zone, Model Layer 2 (126K)
[Model Parameters] - Hydraulic Conductivity Zone, Model Layer 3 (119K)
[Model Parameters] - Hydraulic Conductivity Zone, Model Layer 4 (115K)
[Model Parameters] - River Bed Conductance Zones (112K)
[Model Parameters] - Specific Yield Zones Model Layer 1 (130K)
[Model Parameters] - Total Transmissivity of Model Layers 1, 2, 3 (116K)
[Model Parameters] - Zoned Ratio of Horizontal to Vertical Hydraulic Conductivity Along Boundary Between Model Layers 1 and 2 (108K)
[Model Stresses] - Delivered Water Recharge Zone (129K)
[Model Stresses] - Hill and Mountain Front Recharge Zones (105K)
Show details for [<script>document.write("San Fernando Valley (Area 1 North Hollywood And Burbank)".link(document.links[documen
Show details for [<script>document.write("San Gabriel Valley Area 3".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("San Gabriel Valley (all Areas)".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</scrip
Show details for [<script>document.write("San Gabriel Valley (area 2) Baldwin Park".link(document.links[document.links.length-1
Show details for [<script>document.write("San Gabriel Valley (area 4) City Of Industry, Puente Valley".link(document.links[docu
Show details for [<script>document.write("Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL)".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))<
Show details for [<script>document.write("South Indian Bend Wash Area".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("Spectra-Physics, Inc.".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("Stringfellow".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("Teledyne Semiconductor".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("The Triple Site".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</script>]
Show details for [<script>document.write("Tucson International Airport Area".link(document.links[document.links.length-1]))</sc

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