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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations

Newmark Groundwater Contamination

Superfund Site

Technical Document

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Date Title / pdf File
07/01/06 MUSCOY OU: Construction Inspection Report for 19th Street Plant and Encanto Park Booster Pump Station
Title Page
19th Street Treatment Plant & Encanto Park Booster Pump Station.pdf
Table of Contents
Table of Contents.pdf
Section 1.0 - 2.0:

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Construction Summary
Appendix A: Weekly Construction Reports

A1 March 2004 - May 2004
A2 June 2004 - December 2004
A3 January 2005 - December 2005
A4 January 2006 - April 2006
A1 (Mar-May 2004).pdf

A2 (Jun-Dec 2004).pdf

A3 (Jan-Dec 2005).pdf

A4 (Jan-Apr 2006).pdf
Appendix B: Inspector's Daily Reports

B1 March 2004
B2 March - April 2004
B3 April - May 2004
B4 May - June 2004
B5 June - July 2004
B6 July - August 2004
B7 August - September 2004
B8 September - October 2004
B9 October - November 2004
B10 November - December 2004
B11 December 2004

B12 January 2005
B13 January - February 2005
B14 February - March 2005
B15 March - April 2005
B16 April - May 2005
B17 May - June 2005
B18 June - July 2005
B19 July - August 2005
B20 August - September 2005
B21 September - October 2005
B22 October - December 2005
B1 Mar 2004.pdf B2 Mar-Apr 2004.pdf B3 Apr-May 2004.pdf B4 May-Jun 2004.pdf B5 Jun-Jul 2004.pdf B6 Jul-Aug 2004.pdfB7 Aug-Sept 2004.pdf B8 Sept-Oct 2004.pdf B9 Oct-Nov 2004.pdfB10 Nov-Dec 2004.pdf B11 Dec 2004.pdf

B12 Jan 2005.pdf B13 Jan-Feb 2005.pdf B14 Feb-Mar 2005.pdf B15 Mar-Apr 2005.pdf B16 Apr-May 2005.pdf B17 May-Jun 2005.pdf B18 Jun-Jul 2005.pdf B19 Jul-Aug 2005.pdf B20 Aug-Sept 2005.pdf B21 Sept-Oct 2005.pdf B22 Oct-Dec 2005.pdf
Appendix C: Concrete Compression Testing
Appendix C.pdf
Appendix D: Soil and Compaction Testing Reports

D1 19th St. Plant Compaction Test Locations & Encanto Park Booster Pump Station Compaction Test Locations
D2 March 2004 - August 2004
D3 September 2004 - December 2004
D4 December 2004 - March 2005, March - April 2004 (Compaction Test Reports)

D1 Compaction Test Locations.pdf

D2 Mar-Aug 2004.pdf

D3 Sept-Dec 2004.pdf

D4 Dec 2004-Mar 2005, Mar-Apr 2004.pdf
Appendix E: Chlorination Verification
Appendix E.pdf
Appendix F: Bacterial Analysis for Coliform Bacteria
Appendix F.pdf
Appendix G: Photo Log & Selected Photographs

G Photo Log

G1 Selected Photographs
Photo No. 13: Grinding tree stumps in place with pulverizer in the treatment plant expansion area.
Photo No. 24: Started to set the 30 inch DI tee with valves into the excavation for tie-in to the existing effluent pipeline in the driveway area.
Photo No. 28: Started rough grading operation on the treatment plant expansion area cutting the subgrade for the new carbon vessel pads.
Photo No. 36: Set the steel concrete lined pump barrels in the excavation with crane truck.

G2 Selected Photographs
Photo No. 46: Starting to install the 30 and 24 inch DIP and DI MJ fittings for the pressure sustaining valve assembly south half of vault area.
Photo No. 55: Excavated the end of the existing steel 27 inch storm drain line and the existing SCE transformer vault for the spent backwash line.
Photo No. 59: Installing 24 inch DIP for the effluent pipeline to continue cross under the 36 inch RCP spent backwash system.
Photo No. 62: Continued to excavate and install the 36 inch RCP spent backwash system pipeline along the front side of the west carbon vessel pad.

G3 Selected Photographs
Photo No. 67: Concrete ready mix placement in forms for the manhole structures for the 36 inch spent backwash pipeline system.
Photo No. 68: Installing 24 x 16 inch DI MJ tees and 16 inch butterfly valves as part of the DIP suction header pipeline assembly.
Photo No. 86: Placement of concrete mix in the masonry wall foundation areas for the booster pump station
Photo No. 87: Started the placement of concrete mix in the foundation wood forms for the carbon filter vessel slab on the east side.

G4 Selected Photographs
Photo No. 93: Continuing to stack masonry slump block walls around the pump station.
Photo No. 109: Installing the aboveground 12 and 24 inch DIP for the carbon filter vessel header piping connection on the east foundation slab.
Photo No. 120: Continuing to install the west 16 inch DIP underground pipeline to the aboveground 16 inch flow control valve assembly for the effluent pipeline system in the service yard.
Photo No. 130: Starting to line up the bolt holes in both the booster pump flange and the steel pump barrel flange in the existing pump room.

G5 Selected Photographs
Photo No. 140: Setting in place the bottom half of the pressure sustaining concrete valve vault for the effluent pipeline system.
Photo No. 149: Installing the aboveground 24 inch DIP tie-in to the 24 inch steel influent carbon filter vessel header piping.
G Photo Log.pdf

G1 Selected Photos.pdf G2 Selected Photos.pdf G3 Selected Photos.pdfG4 Selected Photos.pdf G5 Selected Photos.pdf
Appendix H: Final Inspection and Acceptance Forms
Appendix H.pdf
Appendix I: Record Drawings

I1 G
G2 Vicinity and Location Maps, Sheet Index and General Notes

I2 P
P1 19th Street Plant, Piping and Instrumentation Diagram
P2 Encanto Park Pump Station, Piping and Instrumentation Diagram

I3, I4 C
C1 19th Street Plant, Site Plan
C2 19th Street Plant, Site Grading, Paving, and Fencing
C2A Location Map
C3 19th Street Plant, Site Demolition Plan
C4 19th Street Plant, Backwash Supply Pipeline Plan & Profile
C5 19th Street Plant, Effluent Pipeline Plan & Profile
C5A 19th Street Plant, Effluent Pipeline Details
C6 19th Street Plant, Influent Pipeline Plan & Profile
C7 19th Street Plant, Spent Backwash System
C8 19th Street Plant, 12th By-Pass Pipeline Plan & Profile
C9 19th Street Plant, Spent Backwash System Details
C10 19th Street Plant, Miscellaneous Details
C11 19th Street Plant, Miscellaneous Details
C12 19th Street Plant, Miscellaneous Details
C13 19th Street Booster Pump Station, Acoustical Treatment
C14 19th Street Booster Pump Station, Plan and Elevations
C15 Galvanized Roof Decking, Plan and Elevations
C20 Encanto Park Booster Pump Station, Site Plan and Details
C21 Encanto Park Booster Pump Station, Surge Tank and Miscellaneous Details
C30 19th Street Plant, Standard Details
C31 19th Street Plant, Standard Details
C32 19th Street Plant, Standard Details
C33 19th Street Plant, Sound Walls and Iron Gate Details
C35 19th Street Plant, Landscape Plan

I5 M
M1 19th Street Plant, Mechanical Abbreviations & Symbols, General Notes, Schedule and Details
M2 19th Street Plant, Mechanical Plans and Details, Chlorine Injection System

I6 S
S1 General Structural Notes
S2 19th Street Plant, Foundation Plan and Elevation
S3 19th Street Plant, Sections and Details
S4 Encanto Park Booster Pump Station, Plan and Elevations
S5 Encanto Park Booster Pump Station, Sections and Details
S6 19th Street Plant, Plan, Sections and Details

I7 E
E1 Abbreviations and Symbols, One-Line Diagram
E2 Electrical Site Plan and Conduit Layout
E3 Electrical Conduit Layout
E4 Control Elementary Diagrams
E5 Control Panel Layout and Logic Diagram
E6 CB Panel and Conduit & Conductor Schedules
E11 Encanto Park Booster Pump Station, One Line Diagram & Site Layout
E13 Encanto Park Booster Pump Station, Control Elementary Diagrams
E12 Encanto Park Booster Pump Station, Power Plan and Details

I8 19th Street Differential Pressure

I9 Plant 19 Control Panel

I10 Encanto Park Control Panel
I1 (G).pdf

I2 (P).pdf

I3 (C).pdf I4 (C).pdf

I5 (M).pdf

I6 (S).pdf

I7 (E).pdf

I8 (19th St.).pdf

I9 (Plant 19).pdf

I10 (Encanto Park).pdf
Appendix G: Photographs
Disk 1HPIM0001_0001.jpgHPIM0002_0002.jpgHPIM0003_0003.jpgHPIM0004_0004.jpgHPIM0005_0005.jpgHPIM0006_0006.jpgHPIM0007_0007.jpgHPIM0008_0008.jpgHPIM0009_0009.jpgHPIM0010_0010.jpgHPIM0011_0011.jpgHPIM0012_0012.jpgHPIM0013_0013.jpgHPIM0014_0014.jpgHPIM0015_0015.jpgHPIM0016_0016.jpgHPIM0017_0017.jpgHPIM0018_0018.jpgHPIM0019_0019.jpgHPIM0020_0020.jpgHPIM0021_0021.jpgHPIM0022_0022.jpgHPIM0023_0023.jpgHPIM0024_0024.jpgHPIM0025_0025.jpgHPIM0026_0026.jpgHPIM0027_0027.jpgHPIM0028_0028.jpgHPIM0029_0029.jpgHPIM0030_0030.jpgHPIM0031_0031.jpgHPIM0032_0032.jpgHPIM0033_0033.jpgHPIM0034_0034.jpgHPIM0035_0035.jpgHPIM0036_0036.jpgHPIM0037_0037.jpgHPIM0038_0038.jpgHPIM0039_0039.jpgHPIM0040_0040.jpgHPIM0041_0041.jpgHPIM0042_0042.jpgHPIM0043_0043.jpgHPIM0044_0044.jpgHPIM0045_0045.jpgHPIM0046_0046.jpgHPIM0047_0047.jpgHPIM0048_0048.jpgHPIM0049_0049.jpgHPIM0050_0050.jpgHPIM0051_0051.jpgHPIM0052_0052.jpgHPIM0053_0053.jpgHPIM0054_0054.jpgHPIM0055_0055.jpgHPIM0056_0056.jpgHPIM0057_0057.jpgHPIM0058_0058.jpgHPIM0059_0059.jpgHPIM0060_0060.jpgHPIM0061_0061.jpgHPIM0062_0062.jpgHPIM0063_0063.jpgHPIM0064_0064.jpgHPIM0065_0065.jpgHPIM0066_0066.jpgHPIM0067_0067.jpgHPIM0068_0068.jpgHPIM0069_0069.jpgHPIM0070_0070.jpgHPIM0071_0071.jpgHPIM0072_0072.jpgHPIM0073_0073.jpgHPIM0074_0074.jpgHPIM0075_0075.jpgHPIM0076_0076.jpgHPIM0077_0077.jpgHPIM0078_0078.jpgHPIM0079_0079.jpgHPIM0080_0080.jpgHPIM0081_0081.jpgHPIM0082_0082.jpgHPIM0083_0083.jpgHPIM0084_0084.jpgHPIM0085_0085.jpgHPIM0086_0086.jpgHPIM0087_0087.jpgHPIM0088_0088.jpgHPIM0089_0089.jpgHPIM0090_0090.jpgHPIM0091_0091.jpgHPIM0092_0092.jpgHPIM0093_0093.jpgHPIM0094_0094.jpgHPIM0095_0095.jpgHPIM0096_0096.jpgHPIM0097_0097.jpgHPIM0098_0098.jpgHPIM0099_0099.jpgHPIM0100_0100.jpgHPIM0101_0101.jpgHPIM0102_0102.jpgHPIM0103_0103.jpgHPIM0104_0104.jpgHPIM0105_0105.jpgHPIM0106_0106.jpgHPIM0107_0107.jpgHPIM0108_0108.jpgHPIM0109_0109.jpg
Disk 2HPIM0110.jpgHPIM0111.jpgHPIM0112.jpgHPIM0113.jpgHPIM0114.jpgHPIM0115.jpgHPIM0116.jpgHPIM0117.jpgHPIM0118.jpgHPIM0119.jpgHPIM0120.jpgHPIM0121.jpgHPIM0122.jpgHPIM0123.jpgHPIM0124.jpgHPIM0125.jpgHPIM0126.jpgHPIM0127.jpgHPIM0128.jpgHPIM0129.jpgHPIM0130.jpgHPIM0131.jpgHPIM0132.jpgHPIM0133.jpgHPIM0134.jpgHPIM0135.jpgHPIM0136.jpgHPIM0137.jpgHPIM0138.jpgHPIM0139.jpgHPIM0140.jpg
Disk 4211.jpg212.jpg213.jpg214.jpg215.jpg216.jpg217.jpg218.jpg219.jpg220.jpg221.jpg222.jpg223.jpg224.jpg225.jpg226.jpg227.jpg228.jpg229.jpg230.jpg231.jpg232.jpg233.jpg234.jpg235.jpg236.jpg237.jpg238.jpg239.jpg240.jpg241.jpg242.jpg243.jpg244.jpg245.jpg246.jpg247.jpg248.jpg249.jpg250.jpg251.jpg252.jpg253.jpg254.jpg255.jpg256.jpg257.jpg258.jpg259.jpg260.jpg261.jpg262.jpg263.jpg264.jpg265.jpg266.jpg267.jpg
Disk 6HPIM0479.jpgHPIM0480.jpgHPIM0481.jpgHPIM0484.jpgHPIM0489.jpgHPIM0490.jpgHPIM0491.jpgHPIM0492.jpgHPIM0493.jpgHPIM0494.jpgHPIM0495.jpgHPIM0496.jpgHPIM0497.jpgHPIM0503.jpgHPIM0504.jpgHPIM0505.jpgHPIM0508.jpgHPIM0509.jpgHPIM0510.jpgHPIM0511.jpgHPIM0512.jpgHPIM0519.jpgHPIM0520.jpgHPIM0528.jpgHPIM0529.jpgHPIM0530.jpgHPIM0533.jpgHPIM0544.jpgHPIM0545.jpgHPIM0546.jpg
Disk 8HPIM0679.jpgHPIM0680.jpgHPIM0687.jpgHPIM0692.jpgHPIM0693.jpgHPIM0694.jpgHPIM0695.jpgHPIM0696.jpgHPIM0698.jpgHPIM0699.jpgHPIM0700.jpgHPIM0701.jpgHPIM0702.jpgHPIM0703.jpgHPIM0704.jpgHPIM0705.jpgHPIM0706.jpgHPIM0707.jpgHPIM0734.jpgHPIM0735.jpgHPIM0737.jpgHPIM0738.jpgHPIM0739.jpgHPIM0740.jpgHPIM0741.jpg

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