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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations

Palos Verdes Shelf

Superfund Site

Technical Document

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Date Title / pdf File
11/30/13 Revised Final Data Report For the Fall 2009 Sediment Sampling Program
Revised fnl text & tables.pdfRevised fnl text & tables.pdf
Figures, Appendices, and Attachments Below

Figures, Appendices, and Attachments

Appendix A:
MVS Model Report
A -  MVS Model Report.pdfA - MVS Model Report.pdf
Appendix B:
Grain Size - Baseline Stations
App B - BA grain size.pdfApp B - BA grain size.pdf
Appendix C:
Grain Size - Outfall Area Stations
App C - OA grain size.pdfApp C - OA grain size.pdf
Appendix D:
Bulk Density, Moisture Content, and Specific Gravity Results - Baseline Stations
D - BD, MC, SG - Baseline.pdfD - BD, MC, SG - Baseline.pdf
Appendix E:
Bulk Density, Moisture Content, and Specific Gravity Results - Outfall Area Stations
E - BD,MC,SG - Outfall.pdfE - BD,MC,SG - Outfall.pdf
Appendix F:
TOC and DDT Results - Baseline Stations
F - MC,TOC,DDT - Baseline.pdfF - MC,TOC,DDT - Baseline.pdf
Appendix G:
TOC AND DDT Results – Outfall Area Stations
G - MC, TOC, DDT - Outfall.pdfG - MC, TOC, DDT - Outfall.pdf
Appendix H.1:
Analytical Reports - Baseline Samples
H.1 BA Lab Reports.pdfH.1 BA Lab Reports.pdf[WARNING - large report, may require 1 minute or more to download]
Appendix H.2:
Quality Control Sediment Report - Baseline Samples
H.2 BA QCSR.pdfH.2 BA QCSR.pdf
Appendix H.3:
Analytical Reports - Outfall Area Samples
H.3 OA Lab Reports.pdfH.3 OA Lab Reports.pdf[WARNING - large report, may require 5 minutes or more to download]
Appendix H.4:
Quality Control Sediment Report -Outfall Area Samples
H.4 OA QCSR.pdfH.4 OA QCSR.pdf
Appendix H.5:
Technical Memorandum – Interlaboratory Comparison of
Palos Verdes Shelf Site Specific Reference Material (Marine Sediment SR0326)
H.5 Interlab Memo.pdfH.5 Interlab Memo.pdf
Appendix I:
Correlation Graphs
I - Corellation Graphs.pdfI - Corellation Graphs.pdf
Appendix J:
PCB Results - Baseline Stations
J - Baseline PCBs.pdfJ - Baseline PCBs.pdf
Appendix K:
PCB Results – Outfall Area Stations
K - Outfall PCBs.pdfK - Outfall PCBs.pdf
Appendix L:
Vertical Profiles – 2009
L - Vertical Profiles.pdfL - Vertical Profiles.pdf
Attachment 1:
Response to Comments
Attach 1 - RTCs.pdfAttach 1 - RTCs.pdf

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