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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations

Anaconda Copper Mine

Superfund Site

Technical Document

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Date Title / pdf File
05/20/09 Quality Assurance Project Plan Yerington Mine Site - (Revision 5)
CoverQAPP_Rev5_Spine_2 Inch 052009.pdfQAPP_Rev5_Cover 052009.pdf
Submittal LetterQAPP Submittal and Responses to EPA Comments 052009.pdf
QAPP Reports Revision 5 ( Reports Contents)QAPP Rev  5 May 2009.pdf
FiguresFigure 1-1 - Project Location.pdf,Figure 1-2.pdf
Appendix AAppendix A - Method QC Table.pdf
Appendix BAppendix B - Data Deliverables.pdf
Appendix CBP Tech Requirements 2007REV9 FINAL.pdf
Appendix DCAR_Template.pdf
Appendix EAppendix E Coversheet.pdf,SOP-01r1 Sample Handling.pdf,SOP-02r3 Sample Preservation.pdf,SOP-03r0 Field Notes and Documentation.pdf,SOP-04r2 Instrument calibration.pdf,SOP-05r0 Equipment Decontamination.pdf,SOP-06r0 Investigation Derived Waste Handling Procedure.pdf,SOP-07r0 Monitor Well Installation and Development.pdf,SOP-08r0 Borehole and Monitoring Well Destruction.pdf,SOP-09r1 Groundwater Sampling.pdf,SOP-10r0 PM10 Hi Vol Air Sampling.pdf,SOP-11r0 Soil Sampling.pdf,SOP-12r0 Soil and Rock Descriptions.pdf,SOP-13r0 Soil Excavation.pdf,SOP-14r0 Utility Clearance.pdf,SOP-15r1 Continuous Particulate Air Sampling.pdf,SOP-16r0 Monitor Well Water Level Measurement.pdf,SOP-17r0 Sampling for Hydrologic Tracers.pdf,SOP-18r0 Surface Water Sampling.pdf,SOP-19r0 Sediment Sampling.pdf,SOP-20r0 Pit Lake Water Level Measurement.pdf,SOP-21r1 Pressure Transducer Water Level Monitoring.pdf,SOP-22r1 Yerington Slug Testing Standard Operating Procedure.pdf,SOP-TOC Table of Contents.pdf

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