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Pacific Southwest, Region 9: Superfund

Serving Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, the Pacific Islands, and Tribal Nations

Newmark Groundwater Contamination

Superfund Site

Technical Document

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Date Title / pdf File
09/01/04 NEWMARK OU: Operation, Maintenance, and Performance Manual for Newmark Treatment System

Table of ContentsTable of Contents.pdf
Section 1.0 through Appendix C:

1.0 Introduction
2.0 Extraction Wells
3.0 Pipeline Conveyance System
4.0 Treatment Plant Systems
5.0 Monitoring Wells
6.0 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition
7.0 References
Appendix A: GAC Treatment Plant Parts List
Appendix B: HP-1020S-SYS Pressure Drop
Appendix C: PM Schedules and Troubleshooting

sec1.0 - appC.pdf
Appendix D: Photographs

Photos 1-5
1. Well Connector Pipe
2. Typical Wellhead- Vertical Turbine Pump
3. Typical Wellhead- Submersible Pump
4. Transformer
5. Well Flow Meter and Air Vacuum Valve

Photos 6-15
6. Local Control Panel- North Plant Extraction Wells
7. Local Control Panel- South Plant Extraction Wells
8. Combination Air Valves
9. Pressure-Reducing Valve
10. Blow-Off Valve Assemby- Above Ground Piping
11. North Plant
12. Waterman Plant
13. GAC Vessel Valves
14. Pressure-Sustaining Valve
15. Water-Sample Valves

Photos 16-27
16. Air/ Vacuum-Release Valves
17. Air/ Vacuum-Release Valves
18. GAC Units at the Waterman Plant
19. Chlorination System
20. Pressure Gauge
21. Pressure Gauge
22. Flow Meters
23. Flow Meters
24. Carbon Vessel Sampling Ports
25. Carbon Vessel Sampling Ports
26. Carbon Vessel Sampling Ports
27. Backwash System

Photos 28-35
28. Backwash System
29. North Plant Alarms
30. Waterman Plant Alarms
31. Power Supply Inside PLC Panel
32. Power Supply PLC Key Pad
33. Conveyance Pipe Headers
34. Typical Carbon Vessel Pair
35. Chlorine System
photos 1-5.pdf

photos 6-15.pdf

photos 16-27.pdf

photos 28-35.pdf


1-1 Site Location Map
1-2 North Area Site Plan North Plant
1-3 South Area Site Plan Waterman and 17th Street Plants
2-1 Extraction Well Mechanical Diagram
2-2 Extraction Well Electrical Diagram
3-1 Pipeline Conveyance North Plant
3-2 Pipeline Conveyance South Plant- Wateman & 17th Street Plants
3-3 Pipeline Conveyance Extraction Well Area Detail
3-4 Pipeline Conveyance 17th Street Plant Detail
3-5 Pipeline Conveyance Mountain View Avenue Detail
3-6 Pipeline Conveyance Waterman Plant Detail
4-1 Mechanical Flow Diagram North Plant
4-2 Chemical Flow Diagram North Plant
4-3 Electrical Site Plan North Plant
4-4 Hydraulic Gradeline North Plant
4-5 Mechanical Flow Diagram Waterman Plant
4-6 Chemical Flow Diagram Waterman Plant
4-7 Electrical Site Plan Waterman Plant
4-8 Hydraulic Gradeline Waterman Plant
4-9 Flow Diagram for GAC Adsorber Systems North and Waterman Plants
4-10 Carbon Filter Panel PLC Diagrams North and Waterman Plants
4-11 Carbon Filter Monitor Panel North and Waterman Plants
4-12 Mechanical Diagram 17th Street Plant
4-13 Chemical Flow Diagram 17th Street Plant
4-14 Electrical Diagram 17th Street Plant
4-15 Hydraulic Gradeline 17th Street Plant
4-16 Monitoring Well Mechanical Details

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