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Dockets by EPA Region 05

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Complaint DateStatusCase
01/09/2012  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2012-0003) SuperClean Brands, Inc. -CAFO- (Saint Paul, Minnesota)
01/09/2012  Closed  (TSCA-05-2012-0009) James T. and Mary A. Dawson -CAFO- - SEP - (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
01/05/2012  Closed  (TSCA-05-2012-0008) RE/MAX Platinum -CAFO- (Hartland, Michigan)
01/04/2012  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2012-0002) Specialty Heat Treating, Inc. -CAFO- (Elkhart, Indiana)
01/04/2012  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2012-0004) Veit & Company, Inc. -CAFO- (Rogers, Minnesota)
01/03/2012  Closed  (CAA-05-2012-0007) Total Logistics Control, LLC (CAFO) (Holland, Michigan)
12/30/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2012-0006) Mill Valley Recycling, LLC (CAFO) (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
12/22/2011  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2012-0002) Nestle Purina Petcare Company -CAFO- - INSTALLMENTS --(St. Louis, Missouri)
12/21/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2012-0005) Grand Haven (CAFO) - Spring Lake Sewer Authority - SEP - (Grand Haven, Michigan)
12/15/2011  Closed  (TSCA-05-2012-0007) Thomas J. and Dianne M. Woodruff -CAFO- (Luckey, Ohio)
12/14/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2012-0004) Abbott Laboratories (CAF0) - SEP - (North Chicago, Illinois)
12/14/2011  Closed  (TSCA-05-2012-0006) James C. Green and Granite Investment Company -CAFO- (Granite City, Illinois)
12/13/2011  Closed  (TSCA-05-2012-0005) Lowe Realty, Inc. -CAFO- (Evansville, Indiana)
12/12/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2012-0003) A. Finkl & Sons Company -CAFO- (Chicago, Illinois)
12/06/2011  Closed  (CWA-05-2012-0003) Hintz Excavating & Blacktop - Daliege Property - -CAFO- (Adams, Wisconsin)
12/01/2011  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2012-0003) Ozinga Bros., Inc., Ozinga Chicago RMC Inc., Ozinga IL RCM Mokena, Ozinga Ready-...
11/21/2011  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2012-0002) U-Line Corporation -CAFO- (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
11/21/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2012-0002) Barrel Plating Services,Inc. -CAFO- - INSTALLMENTS - (Milwaukee, Wisconsin...
11/17/2011  Closed  (CWA-05-2012-0002) Terry Lake Matter -CAFO- - SEP- (Steben County, Indiana)
11/01/2011  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2012-0001) Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC -CAFO- (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
11/01/2011  Closed  (TSCA-05-2012-0002) Elijah King -CAFO- (East Cleveland, Ohio)
11/01/2011  Closed  (TSCA-05-2012-0003) Benneth Aduba Belinda Aduba -CAFO- (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
11/01/2011  Closed  (TSCA-05-2012-0004) Wright Weber Management, LLC -CAFO- (Brookfield, Wisconsin)
10/31/2011  Closed  (RUST-05-2012-0001) Old Dominion Freight Lines, Inc. -NOTICE OF VILLATION - (Columbus, Ohio)
10/28/2011  Closed  (TSCA-05-2012-0001) Cindy Draher -CAFO- INSTALLMENTS --- SEP --- (Akron, Ohio)
10/26/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2012-0002) City of Eagan, Minnesota -Cliff Road Water Treatment Facility - ESA-RMP-11-ESA-0...
10/26/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2012-0003) City of Eagan - Coachman Point Water Treatment Facility (ESA) - RMP-11-ESA-024 ...
10/24/2011  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2012-0001) Tracy Lead Battery Site, Bay Site Recycling Corporation Bay Side Holding Corpora...
10/24/2011  Active  (RCRA-05-2012-0001) Spraylat Corporation - SEP- ( CAFO) (Chicago, Illinois)
10/21/2011  Closed  (CWA-05-2012-0001) Sidwell Materials, Inc. -CAFO- (Belmont County, Ohio)
10/19/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2012-0001) Illinois American Water - Pontiac Plant -ESA- (Pontiac, Illinois)
10/19/2011  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2012-0001) Oasis Oil Company -CAFO- (Jenkins, Minnesota)
09/30/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0060) Harsco Corporation -- SEP -- (Warren, Ohio)
09/30/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0061) Potters Industries, Inc. -- SEP -- (Cleveland, Ohio)
09/30/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0062) PPG Industries Ohio, Inc. (Circleville, Ohio)
09/30/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0063) Warren Steel Holdings, LLC (Warren, Ohio)
09/30/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0064) Marysville Ethanol, LLC (Marysville, Michigan)
09/30/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0065) The Lincoln Electric Company -- SEP -- (Cleveland, Ohio)
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0016) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0017) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0018) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0019) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0020) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0021) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0022) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0023) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0024) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0025) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/29/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0057) DeZURIK, Inc. --SEP -- (Sartell, Minnesota)
09/29/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0058) R.S. Owens and Company (Chicago, Illinois)
09/29/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0059) Winnebago Energy Center, LLC (Rockford, Illinois)
09/29/2011  Closed  (CWA-05-2011-0010) Jim Griffin d/b/a Griffin Septic Service Septage Hauler -CAFO- (Carlyle, Illino...
09/29/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0015) Daubert Chemical Company, Inc. -CAFO- (Stickney Township, Illinois)
09/29/2011  Closed  (TSCA-05-2011-0022) Gose Painting - WITHDRAWAL - (Greenfield, Ohio)
09/29/2011  Closed  (TSCA-05-2011-0023) Ronnie V. White -CAFO- (South Bend, Indiana)
09/28/2011  Closed  (TSCA-05-2011-0021) Patick Wilber - YaYa Milwaukee, LLC Sancho Properties, LLC -CAFO- -- INSTALLME...
09/27/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0055) Automotive Components Holdings, LLC -- SEP -- (Milan, Michigan)
09/27/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0056) Countyside Genco, LLC (Grayslake, Illinois)
09/23/2011  Closed  (TSCA-05-2011-0020) Cameel Halim; Wilmette Real Estate & Management, Company, LLC; WR Property Manag...
09/22/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0054) Solutia Inc. (Sauget, Illinois)
09/22/2011  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2011-0019) Agrium U.S., Inc. -CAFO- -SEP - (Meredosia, Illinois)
09/22/2011  Closed  (CWA-05-2011-0009) Advanced Fiber Technology, Inc.-CAFO- (Bucyrus, Ohio)
09/22/2011  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2011-0028) Advanced Fiber Technology, Inc. -CAFO- INSTALLMENTS (Bucyrus, Ohio)
09/22/2011  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2011-0029) Agrium U.S., Inc. -CAFO- -SEP - (Meredosia, Illinois)
09/22/2011  Closed  (MM-05-2011-0013) Advanced Fiber Technology, Inc. -CAFO- INSTALLMENTS (Bucyrus, Ohio)
09/22/2011  Closed  (MM-05-2011-0014) Agrium U.S., Inc. -CAFO- -- SEP -- (Meredosia, Illinois)
09/14/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0053) Milsco Manufacturing Company (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
09/14/2011  Closed  (TSCA-05-2011-0019) Leticia Gomez -CAFO- NO PENALTY (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
09/12/2011  Closed  (TSCA-05-2011-0018) Babic Rental Ventures, LLC -CAFO- (Believille, Illinois)
09/09/2011  Closed  (FIFRA-05-2011-0018) Dynamic Solutions Worldwide, LLC -CAFO- (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)
09/08/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0052) Appleton Coated, LLC (Combined Locks, Wisconsin)
09/08/2011  Closed  (TSCA-05-2011-0016) The Ronald R. Underwood Trust -CAFO- (Elmore, Ohio)
09/08/2011  Closed  (TSCA-05-2011-0017) Samuel and Glenda Ascencio -CAFO- NO PENALTY - (Goshen, Indiana)
09/07/2011  Closed  (RUST-05-2011-0022) Paw Paw Food Shop -NOTICE OF VIOLATION- (Paw Paw, Michigan)
09/02/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0051) Rubschlager Baking Corporation (Chicago, Illinois)
09/01/2011  Closed  (RUST-05-2011-0021) Customs House -NOTICE OF VIOLATION- (Chicago, Illinois)
08/26/2011  Closed  (CWA-05-2011-0008) Joseph L. Bollig & Sons, Inc. -CAFO NO PENALTY - (New Lisbon, Wisconsin)
08/24/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0049) Brooklyn Park Water Treatment Plant RMP-11-EAS-028 (Brooklyn Park, Minnesota)
08/24/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0050) City of Kalamazoo Water Station #1 RMP-11-ESA-020 (Kalamazoo, Michigan)
08/24/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0014) Industrial Towel & Uniform, Incorporated -CAFO- (New Berlin, Wisconsin)
08/22/2011  Closed  (RUST-05-2011-0020) American Drapery Cleaners -NOTICE OF VIOLATION- (Chicago, Illinois)
08/18/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0047) Fred Radandt Sons, Incorporated --INSTALLMENTS --(Manitowoc, Wisconsin)
08/18/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0048) Sheboygan Sand and Gravel Incorporated -- CLMS. COORD. FORWRDS TO TREAS. --(Kiel...
08/17/2011  Closed  (CWA-05-2011-0007) Mauston-New Lisbon Union Airport, Mauston-New Lisbon Union Airport Commission -C...
08/17/2011  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2011-0027) Vicksburg Pike, LLC -CAFO- (Fort Wayne, Indiana)
08/16/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0046) Pierce Grain Inc. (Windfall, Indiana)
08/10/2011  Closed  (RUST-05-2011-0019) Winnibigoshish General Store and Resort -FIELD CITATION- (Bena, Minnesota)
08/09/2011  Closed  (CAA-05-2011-0045) Sara Lee Corporation (Traverse City, Michigan)
08/03/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0013) Heresite Protective Coatings, Inc. -CAFO- (Manitowoc, Wisconsin)
08/03/2011  Closed  (TSCA-05-2011-0014) Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Muffoletto -CAFO- - INSTALLMENTS - (Mishawaka, Indian...
08/03/2011  Closed  (TSCA-05-2011-0015) Robert Ullrich and ARGU South, LLC -CAFO- NO PENALTY - (Oconomowoc, Wisconsin)
07/25/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0012) AIT Laboratories, Incorporated -CAFO- (Indianapolis, Indiana)
07/25/2011  Closed  (RUST-05-2011-0017) City of East St. Louis Public Works -NOTICE OF VIOLATION- (East St. Louis, Ill...
07/25/2011  Closed  (RUST-05-2011-0018) Illinois Department of Transporation - Bowman Maintenance Yard Facility -FIELD ...
07/21/2011  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2011-0018) CHS, Inc. -CAFO- -- SEP -- (Minneapolis, Minnesota)
07/21/2011  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2011-0026) Eichler LP Gas, Incorporated -CAFO- -- SEP -- (Salem, Ohio)
07/21/2011  Closed  (TSCA-05-2011-0013) Oroco Inc. -CAFO- (Evansville, Indiana)
07/13/2011  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2011-0016) Superior Ag Resources Co-op, Inc. -CAFO- -SEP - (Richland, Indiana)
07/13/2011  Closed  (CERCLA-05-2011-0017) Crystal Valley Cooperative -CAFO- --SEP -- (Lake Crystal, Minnesota)
07/13/2011  Closed  (EPCRA-05-2011-0025) Superior Ag Resources Co-op Inc. -CAFO- -SEP - (Richland, Indiana)

(3018 entries in this collection)
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