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Dockets by Year Filed 2023

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Complaint DateDocket NumberCase NameStatus
12/29/2023  CWA-05-2024-0004  AAR Manufacturing, Inc. d/b/a/ AAR Mobility Systems (Cadillac, Michigan)  Closed
12/29/2023  RUST-05-2024-0003  QC-Mart (Moline, Illinois)  Closed
12/28/2023  CAA-05-2024-0012  Johns Disposal Service, Inc. and Johns Recycling, Inc. (Whitewater, Wisconsin)  Closed
12/28/2023  RCRA-06-2024-0919  Eurecat US  Closed
12/27/2023  TSCA-01-2024-0018  Bellamy Home Improvement  Closed
12/27/2023  EPCRA-02-2024-4105  COIM USA, Inc.  Closed
12/27/2023  CAA and .....  DXI Industries, Inc.  Closed
12/26/2023  CAA-02-2024-1206  Sysco Long Island, LLC  Closed
12/26/2023  CAA-01-2024-0025  Roberts Chemical Company, Inc.  Closed
12/21/2023  RCRA-HQ-2024-001  The Chemours Company FC, LLC, Washington Works  Active
12/21/2023  CAA-09-2024-0025  Norco Corporation  Active
12/21/2023  FIFRA-06-2024-0308  Brite Sources USA  Active
12/21/2023  SDWA-06-2024-1106  Northcote Cleveland, LLC  Active
12/20/2023  CWA-10-2023-0109  Northern Transport, Inc.  Closed
12/20/2023  TSCA-04-2024-6200  Eureka Foundry Company  Closed
12/19/2023  CWA-08-2024-0003  BAILEY ENTERPRISES, INC.  Closed
12/19/2023  RCRA-02-2024-7104  COIM USA, Inc.  Closed
12/19/2023  CWA-03-2024-0035DN  Frederick-Winchester Service Authority and Frederick County Sanitation Authority...  Active
12/19/2023  CAA-06-2023-3355  Bayou Bouillon Operating LLC  Closed
12/19/2023  CWA-10-2024-0012  Chill Transportation, LLC  Active
12/19/2023  FIFRA-06-2024-0307  Complete Environmental Products, Inc.  Closed
12/19/2023  RCRA-06-2024-0927  Intergulf Corporation  Closed
12/18/2023  CAA-05-2024-0019  Calibrated Power Solutions, Inc. (Woodstock, Illinois)  Active
12/18/2023  CWA-05-2024-0003  Sheridan-Joliet Land Development, LLC and Sheridan Sand & Gravel Co. (Chicago, I...  Closed
12/18/2023  CWA-10-2024-0001  Parrott's B and B Welding  Closed
12/15/2023  FIFRA-01-2024-0020  Seaman Paper Company of Massachusetts, Inc.  Closed
12/15/2023  SDWA-08-2024-0009  Town of Cokeville  Active
12/15/2023  RCRA-08-2024-0001  Polar Bear Water Treatment, LLC  Active
12/15/2023  CAA-02-2024-1202  Best Petroleum Corp.  Closed
12/15/2023  TSCA-10-2024-0011  Burley Glass, LLC  Closed
12/14/2023  CAA-05-2024-0002  Farmers Cooperative Association (Kiester, Minnesota)  Closed
12/14/2023  CAA-10-2024-0013  City of Lynnwood, Washington  Closed
12/14/2023  CWA-05-2024-0002  Riverside Development, Inc & CMK, LTD (Westlake, Ohio)  Closed
12/13/2023  SDWA-07-2024-0007  Elk City, Kansas  Active
12/13/2023  CAA-07-2024-0019  Aurora Cooperative Elevator Company  Closed
12/13/2023  RCRA-06-2024-0905  Lighting Resources  Closed
12/13/2023  RCRA-06-2024-0909  Trinity Rail Group, LLC  Closed
12/13/2023  RCRA-06-2024-0920  Eureacat US  Closed
12/12/2023  CAA-08-2024-0001  Calumet Montana Refining, LLC  Closed
12/12/2023  CWA-03-2024-0007DN  Lyons Creek MHC, LLC and Horizon Land Management, LLC  Active
12/12/2023  CWA-03-2024-0009DN  Patuxent MHC, LLC and Horizon Land Management, LLC  Active
12/12/2023  CWA-03-2024-0008DN  Maryland Manor MHC, LLC and Horizon Land Management, LLC  Active
12/12/2023  CWA-03-2024-0006DN  Boone’s Estates MHC, LLC and Horizon Land Management, LLC  Active
12/12/2023  CAA-05-2024-0011  Salem Water Treatment Plant (Salem, Illinois)  Closed
12/12/2023  FIFRA-05-2024-0005  Adya, Inc., d/b/a Themarox Direct (Gaylord, Michigan)  Active
12/11/2023  CAA-06-2024-3307  Freeport LNG Development, L.P.  Closed
12/11/2023  CWA-06-2023-4323  Strike Axe Oil and Gas Corporation  Active
12/11/2023  CWA-06-2024-4303  Lone Tree Oil & Gas, LLC  Closed
12/11/2023  RCRA-06-2024-0913  General Motors LLC  Closed
12/11/2023  RCRA-06-2024-0921  VOPAK Logistic Services USA Deer Park  Closed
12/07/2023  SDWA-08-2024-0008  Cottonwood Acres Public Water System  Active
12/07/2023  CWA-08-2024-0002  Jabil Inc.  Active
12/07/2023  RCRA-10-2023-0127  Lowe’s of Fairbanks #1985  Closed
12/07/2023  FIFRA-04-2023-0726(b)  Valent USA LLC  Active
12/06/2023  CAA-05-2024-0008  Abraham Chavez d/b/a A & R Custom Chrome Plating (Chicago, Illinois)  Closed
12/05/2023  CWA-01-2024-0013  Lifoam Industries, LLC  Active
12/05/2023  CERCLA-03-2024-0057AC  Baghurst Drive Superfund Site, Schwenksville Borough Water and Sewer Authority (...  Active
12/05/2023  FIFRA-08-2024-0006  Troy Chemical Corporation Inc.  Closed
12/05/2023  FIFRA-08-2024-0007  Evolution CPAP LLC  Closed
12/05/2023  SDWA-08-2024-0007  Mountain Man, LLC and Mr. Ryan Brandt, Chief Joseph RV Park  Active
12/05/2023  RCRA-03-2024-0022  Agilent Technologies, Inc.  Closed
12/05/2023  CWA-02-2024-3601  Giuseppe Battaglia and Orange Builders. LLC  Closed
12/04/2023  CAA-05-2024-0003  City of La Salle, Water Plant (La Salle, Illinois)  Closed
12/04/2023  CWA-06-2024-4301  PE-Osage, LLC  Active
12/04/2023  CWA-07-2023-0081  Ames, Iowa; RW Excavating Solutions, LC and Keller Excavating, Inc.  Closed
12/04/2023  RCRA-06-2023-0942  Union Processing Systems, LLC  Closed
12/04/2023  RCRA-06-2023-0962  Jesse Sinclair Plant  Closed
12/04/2023  RCRA-06-2024-0902  CECOS International, Inc.  Active
12/04/2023  RCRA-06-2024-0904  LEI, Inc.  Closed
12/04/2023  SDWA-06-2024-1105  Contango Resources, LLC  Closed
11/29/2023  SDWA-08-2024-0006  Bridger-Teton National Forest Hoback Campground  Active
11/29/2023  CWA-08-2024-0001  Yellowstone County, Montana  Active
11/29/2023  CWA-03-2024-0016DN  Delaware Department of Transportation  Active
11/29/2023  TSCA-07-2024-0002  JT McDermott Remodeling Contractors, LLC  Closed
11/29/2023  TSCA-07-2024-0008  Fitzsimmons & Assocaites, Inc.  Closed
11/28/2023  CERCLA-05-2024-0001  Gopher Resource, LLC (Eagan, Minnesota)  Closed
11/28/2023  CWA-07-2023-0128  Gaten Properties, LLC  Closed
11/28/2023  EPCRA-05-2024-0003  Gopher Resource, LLC (Eagan, Minnesota)  Closed
11/27/2023  CWA-03-2024-0037DN  Felman Production, LLC  Active
11/27/2023  EPCRA-05-2024-0002  All Seasons Arena (Mankato, Minnesota)  Closed
11/27/2023  FIFRA-05-2024-0003  Superior Manufacturing, Inc. d/b/a Alkuhme (Auburn Hills, Michigan)  Closed
11/27/2023  FIFRA-05-2024-0004  Mace Security International, Inc. (Cleveland, Ohio)  Closed
11/27/2023  RCRA-06-2024-0910  Camin Cargo Control, Inc.  Closed
11/27/2023  TSCA-04-2023-3119(b)  Quan Blue Property Management, LLC.  Closed
11/22/2023  CWA-10-2023-0110  Ron and Leo’s Welding Services Inc  Closed
11/20/2023  SDWA-06-2024-1104  Contango Resources, LLC  Closed
11/17/2023  SDWA-03-2024-0034DS  Somerset Township Municipal Authority  Closed
11/16/2023  CWA-01-2024-0004  J Jill Development LLC  Active
11/16/2023  FIFRA-08-2024-0005  Flowater Inc.  Closed
11/16/2023  FIFRA-08-2024-0004  Flowater Inc.  Closed
11/15/2023  TSCA-02-2024-9204  Niagara Mohawk Power Corporation d/b/a National Grid  Closed
11/15/2023  RCRA-03-2024-0018  Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services,  Closed
11/15/2023  CAA-03-2024-0017DA  Xpress Natural Gas, LLC  Active
11/15/2023  CWA-04-2023-0300(b)  Tri State Pole & Piling Inc.  Closed
11/15/2023  FIFRA-06-2024-0302  Arteco II Hospital Management, LLC d/b/a Disinfect and Shield  Closed
11/15/2023  RCRA-06-2024--0903  Heritage Thermal of Texas  Closed
11/14/2023  CAA-04-2023-0012(b)  David Pearson Communities, Inc.,  Active
11/14/2023  RUST-05-2024-0002  Trailside Convenience Bait & Tackle (Isle, Minnesota)  Closed
11/14/2023  SDWA-06-2024-1102  Contango Resources, LLC  Closed
11/14/2023  SDWA-06-2024-1103  Contango Resources, LLC  Closed

(1118 entries in this collection)
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