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Dockets by Year Filed 2009

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Complaint DateDocket NumberCase NameStatus
12/31/2009  FIFRA-02-2010-5101  AGFA Corporation  Closed
12/30/2009  CAA-03-2010-0028  Clarksburg Wastewater Treatment Plant (SCAFO) CAA  Closed
12/30/2009  CWA-07-2010-0019  City of Asbury  Closed
12/30/2009  CWA-07-2010-0022  City of Council Bluffs  Closed
12/30/2009  CWA-07-2010-0023  City of Evansdale  Closed
12/30/2009  CWA-07-2010-0027  City of Norwalk  Closed
12/30/2009  CWA-07-2010-0028  City of Raymond  Closed
12/30/2009  CWA-07-2010-0031  City of Waterloo  Closed
12/30/2009  CWA-07-2010-0032  City of Windsor Heights  Closed
12/30/2009  EPCRA-03-2010-0052  Corco Chemical Corporation (SCAFO) EPCRA  Closed
12/30/2009  EPCRA-05-2010-0007  Versa Die Cast, Inc. (New Hope, Minnesota)  Closed
12/30/2009  FIFRA-05-2010-0005  Dow Agrosciences LLC (Indianapolis, Indiana)  Closed
12/30/2009  RCRA-03-2010-0011  Metal Improvement Company LLC, RCRA (SCAFO)  Closed
12/30/2009  SDWA-08-2010-0009  DORIS SHERMAN
12/29/2009  CAA-08-2010-0004  BP AMERICA PRODUCTION CO.  Closed
12/29/2009  CWA-07-2010-0045  Milan Livestock Auction Inc  Closed
12/29/2009  CWA-07-2010-0047  NR Hamm Quarry, Inc; Kelly Quarry #95  Closed
12/29/2009  EPCRA-03-2010-0085  Bear Metallurgical Company, EPCRA (SCAFO)  Closed
12/29/2009  EPCRA-04-2010-2015  Chem-Way Corporation  Closed
12/29/2009  RCRA-02-2010-7101  PSC, LLC  Closed
12/29/2009  TSCA-03-2010-0036  Colonial Property Management, Inc. (Target Housing) SCAFO (TSCA)  Closed
12/28/2009  CWA-07-2010-0036  American Resorts Cottage Owners Association of Lake Stockton, Inc  Closed
12/28/2009  CWA-07-2010-0037  City of Osawatomie, Kansas  Closed
12/24/2009  CERCLA-04-2010-2003(b)  Golden Peanut Company, LLC  Closed
12/24/2009  CERCLA-04-2010-2004(b)  3M Company  Closed
12/24/2009  CWA-04-2010-5126(b)  Chesapeake Appalachia, L.L.C.  Closed
12/24/2009  CWA-04-2010-5128(b)  Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC  Closed
12/24/2009  EPCRA-04-2010-2011(b)  Trimite Powders, Inc.  Closed
12/24/2009  SDWA-04-2010-1000(b)  Eagle Well Service, Inc.  Closed
12/23/2009  CAA-05-2010-0007  Eli Lilly and Company (Lafayette, Indiana)  Closed
12/23/2009  CAA-06-2010-3513  AGE Refining, Inc.  Closed
12/23/2009  CAA and .....  AGE Refining, Inc.  Closed
12/23/2009  CAA and .....  Pioneer Frozen Foods  Closed
12/23/2009  CAA and .....  Kemin Industries, Inc. - Port of Houston Facility  Closed
12/23/2009  RCRA-05-2010-0008  U.S.S. Lead Refinery, Inc. (East Chicago, Indiana)  Closed
12/23/2009  TSCA-03-2010-0038  Conococheague Mennonite Church, SCAFO, TSCA  Closed
12/22/2009  CAA-05-2010-0006  Cytec Industries, Inc. (Kalamazoo, Michigan)  Closed
12/22/2009  CWA-05-2010-0001  Illinois Department Of Transportation (Lake Zurich, Illinois)  Closed
12/22/2009  CWA-08-2010-0003  PROFESSIONAL HOME DESIGN, INC., Michael F. Gard d/b/a Gard Enterprises and Richa...  Closed
12/22/2009  EPCRA-03-2010-0077  Novozymes Biologicals, Inc., (EPCRA) SCAFO  Closed
12/22/2009  RCRA-02-2010-7102  Tecumseh Redevelopment, Inc.  Closed
12/22/2009  RCRA-04-2009-4257(b)  The University of Florida Board of Trustees (commonly known as University of Flo...  Closed
12/21/2009  CERC-03-2010-0041  Cabot Corporation, CERC-SCAFO  Closed
12/21/2009  CWA-07-2009-0119  ATT Corporation  Closed
12/19/2009  CAA-10-2010-0019  DALE LUNDERS  Closed
12/17/2009  CWA-02-2010-3309  Village of Castleton-on-Hudson  Closed
12/17/2009  CAA-02-2010-1214  Dow Chemical Pennsauken Site  Closed
12/17/2009  CAA-02-2010-1213  Allied Frozen Storage, Inc.  Closed
12/17/2009  CAA-05-2010-0005  Biewer-Wisconsin Sawmill, Inc. (Prentice, Wisconsin)  Closed
12/17/2009  CAA and .....  Tate & Lyle Ingredients Americas Inc.  Closed
12/17/2009  CERC/EPCR-03-2010-0040  Sasol North America, Inc. (SCAFO) CERC/EPCRA  Closed
12/17/2009  CWA-06-2010-4301  Mertz 12-34 & 13-34 and Linda H 5 Battery  Closed
12/17/2009  CWA-06-2010-4501  Linn Energy  Closed
12/17/2009  CWA-07-2009-0074  Michael L Collins  Closed
12/17/2009  FIFRA-03-2010-0024  Quaker City Chemicals, Inc., SCAFO  Closed
12/17/2009  RCRA-02-2010-7104  Tonawanda Coke Corporation  Closed
12/17/2009  TSCA-05-2010-0005  James Johnson and Trademark Properties, LLP (Superior, Wisconsin)  Closed
12/15/2009  EPCRA-03-2010-0035  Dentsply International, Inc., EPCRA (SCAFO)  Closed
12/15/2009  EPCRA-04-2010-2009(b)  Bailey Street Bakery, LLC  Closed
12/15/2009  FIFRA-04-2010-3004(b)  Amistad Hardware, Corporation  Closed
12/15/2009  RCRA-05-2010-0006  Claire Manufacturing Company, Inc. (Addison, Illinois)  Closed
12/15/2009  RCRA-05-2010-0007  Hologic, Inc. (Madison, Wisconsin)  Closed
12/15/2009  TSCA-04-2010-2701(b)  Hobson-Kerns Co., Inc.  Closed
12/14/2009  CAA(112R)-09-2010-0002  City of Riverside  Closed
12/14/2009  RCRA-10-2010-0061  DEVENDRA MALIK,d/b/a MAHADEV, INC., AND PRIYANA, INC., AND TM INVESTMENT CO.   Closed
12/12/2009  CAA-10-2010-0029  SOUTH TREATMENT PLANT  Closed
12/10/2009  CAA-07-2009-0024  Conagra Foods  Closed
12/10/2009  CWA-07-2010-0035  Mannat's, Inc, Iowa Dept of Transportation, Larry Reynolds  Closed
12/10/2009  CWA-07-2010-0040  City of Joplin, Missouri  Closed
12/10/2009  RCRA-04-2009-4261(b)  Trademark Nitrogen Corporation  Closed
12/10/2009  SDWA-08-2010-0007  BITTERROOT GATEWAY MOBILE HOME PARK  Closed
12/10/2009  TSCA-07-2009-0024  Steven W Blosser  Closed
12/09/2009  CAA-10-2010-0014  OAK LODGE SANITARY DISTRICT  Closed
12/09/2009  CAA-10-2010-0027  PENDLETON GRAIN GROWERS-McKENNON STATION  Closed
12/09/2009  CAA-10-2010-0007  BLUE STAR GROWERS, INC.  Closed
12/09/2009  CAA-03-2010-0006  Land-O-Sun Dairies, LLC, CAA-03-2010-0006, (SCAFO)  Closed
12/09/2009  CAA-07-2010-0001  Farmland Foods, Inc  Closed
12/09/2009  CWA-07-2009-0120  ATT Corporation  Closed
12/09/2009  SDWA-02-2010-8901  Rothwell Funeral Home, Inc.  Closed
12/08/2009  FIFRA-04-2009-9129(b)  Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc.  Closed
12/08/2009  FIFRA-05-2010-0004  Frontier Distributing, Inc. (Oxford, Michigan)  Closed
12/08/2009  SDWA-08-2010-0006  LANCE CREEK WATER AND SEWER DISTRICT  Closed
12/07/2009  CWA-06-2010-4307  Pilgreen Fuel & Farm Supply  Closed
12/07/2009  FIFRA-08-2010-0004  PAHVANT GROWERS  Closed
12/04/2009  CAA-04-2010-1507(b)  Kendrick Clearing and Hauling, Inc.  Closed
12/04/2009  CAA-05-2010-0004  City of Saginaw Water Treatment Plant (Saginaw, Michigan)  Closed
12/04/2009  FIFRA-04-2010-3005(b)  Zep, Inc.  Closed
12/04/2009  TSCA-02-2010-9270  Windemere Chateau, Inc.  Closed
12/03/2009  CWA-02-2010-3402  Villa Franca Development Corp.  Closed
12/03/2009  CAA-07-2010-0004  Brumbaugh, Inc  Closed
12/03/2009  CWA-03-2010-0007  John Weidman and Sons, Inc., CWA (Expedited Penalty Action) CWA  Closed
12/03/2009  CWA-06-2009-2748  Perryville Gas Storage, LLC  Closed
12/03/2009  FIFRA-06-2010-0301  Axss USA, LLC.  Closed
12/03/2009  RCRA-03-2010-0023  DAG Petroleum Suppleirs, LLC and DAG Realty, LLC (RCRA) (9006)  Closed
12/03/2009  TSCA-03-2010-0004  Shenandoah County School District, (SCAFO) (TSCA) $7,735.00  Closed
12/03/2009  TSCA-03-2010-0021  Clay County Schools, Lizemore School, (TSCA) (SCAFO) $4,925.00  Closed
12/02/2009  CWA-04-2009-5027  Huffman Oil Co., Inc.  Closed
12/02/2009  RUST-05-2010-0002  Holiday Station Store #226 (Hinckley, Minnesota)  Closed

(2183 entries in this collection)
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