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Dockets by Year Filed 2008

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Complaint DateDocket NumberCase NameStatus
12/31/2008  CWA-04-2009-5127(b)  United American Energy, LLC  Closed
12/31/2008  CWA-08-2009-0004  INREIT PROPERTIES, LLLP., and GOLDMARK DEVELOPMENT CORP.  Closed
12/31/2008  RCRA-02-2009-7102  Aguadilla Department of Public Works  Closed
12/30/2008  CAA-05-2009-0008  Ottenweller Company, Inc. (Fort Wayne, IN)   Closed
12/30/2008  CWA-08-2009-0003  JOHN A. PORTER  Closed
12/30/2008  SDWA-08-2009-0023  JM LAND & DEVELOPING CO., and JESSE DALE RUBY
12/29/2008  RCRA-03-2009-0004  U.S. Government Printing office (RCRA)  Closed
12/29/2008  RCRA-03-2009-0033  Fin-Tec, Inc., (RCRA)  Closed
12/29/2008  RCRA-05-2009-0003  Cleveland Steel Container Corporation (Peotone, IL)   Closed
12/24/2008  RCRA-03-2009-0067  Euclid of Virginia, Inc., RCRA-03-2009-0067  Closed
12/24/2008  RCRA-04-2009-4002(b)  E.I. Du Pont De Nemours and Company  Closed
12/24/2008  RCRA-04-2009-4003(b)  Key Automotive of Florida, Inc.  Closed
12/24/2008  RCRA-04-2009-4004(b)  Applied Composite Technology  Closed
12/23/2008  CAA-03-2009-0030  Johns Manville Hazelton, Espedited Penalty (CAA) SCAFO  Closed
12/23/2008  CAA-03-2009-0031  Woodgate Petroleum Co., Inc. (Expedited Penalty) SCAFO $1215.00  Closed
12/23/2008  EPCRA-04-2009-2000(b)  C.L. Dews & Sons Foundry And Machinery Company, Inc.  Closed
12/23/2008  FIFRA-04-2008-9203(b)  Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc.  Closed
12/23/2008  TSCA-08-2009-0007  EDYTHBELLE BETTGER, HARLAN APARTMENTS  Closed
12/22/2008  CAA-05-2009-0007  BRC Rubber & Plastics, Inc. (Montpelier, Indiana)   Closed
12/22/2008  CWA-04-2009-5006  McKay's Service Center, Inc.  Closed
12/22/2008  CWA-04-2009-5007  Heartland Petroleum, LLC  Closed
12/22/2008  CWA-04-2009-5008  Atlantic Aviation Services  Closed
12/22/2008  FIFRA-02-2009-5103  Hartz Mountain Corp.  Closed
12/22/2008  FIFRA-03-2009-0047  Jacobson Warehouse, Inc. SCAFO  Closed
12/22/2008  RCRA-03-2009-0007  Southern States Cooperative, Inc., H-Mart  Closed
12/19/2008  CWA-07-2009-0011  City of Albany  Closed
12/19/2008  RCRA-03-2009-0039  Intelsat Corporation (9006)  Closed
12/19/2008  SDWA-08-2009-0022  HOBACK STORES  Closed
12/18/2008  CWA-04-2008-5150(b)  Tellus Operating Group, LLC  Closed
12/18/2008  CWA-04-2008-5151(b)  Tellus Operating Group, LLC  Closed
12/18/2008  FIFRA-02-2009-5201  Anabec, Inc.  Closed
12/18/2008  FIFRA-05-2009-0001  Lapeer Grain Company (Lapeer, Michigan)   Closed
12/18/2008  RCRA-04-2008-4019(b)  Industrial Container Services - SCII, LLC (ICS)  Closed
12/18/2008  TSCA-05-2005-0016  Lockheed Martin Corporation (Akron, Ohio)  Active
12/17/2008  CWA-03-2009-0005  Allen's Hatchery, Inc., (CWA-03-2009-0005), Expedited Penalty Action and CAFO  Closed
12/17/2008  CWA-03-2009-0029  Robert C. Peoples, Inc., CWA-03-2009-0029 (Expedited Penalty Action)  Closed
12/17/2008  TSCA-03-2009-0022  Developers Diversified Realty, Inc. (TSCA-03-2009-0022)  Closed
12/17/2008  TSCA-03-2009-0023  Shepherdstown Elementary School, TSCA-03-2009-0023  Closed
12/17/2008  TSCA-03-2009-0048  Chesapeake Conference Association Seventh Day Adventist  Closed
12/17/2008  TSCA-08-2009-0006  JIM BRIDGER POWER PLANT  Closed
12/16/2008  RCRA-03-2009-0013  WAKO Chemicals USA, Inc. RCRA-03-2009-0013  Closed
12/15/2008  CWA-01-2009-0004  HOP Energy, LLC  Closed
12/15/2008  CWA-01-2009-0011 and .....  Northeast Products Co. Inc.   Closed
12/15/2008  CWA-03-2009-0020  Ohio County Development Authority  Closed
12/13/2008  CWA-02-2009-3302  Plaza Madrid Development Corp.  Active
12/12/2008  CWA-01-2009-0002  George T. Taylor & Son, Inc.  Closed
12/12/2008  CWA-08-2009-0002  PEAK TO PEAK FINANCIAL, LLC.  Closed
12/12/2008  EPCRA-05-2009-0007  Gateway Regional Medical Center (Granite City, Illinois)   Closed
12/12/2008  RCRA-03-2009-0018  Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority  Closed
12/11/2008  RCRA-03-2009-0003  Sunoco, Inc. (R&M) (RCRA)  Closed
12/11/2008  TSCA-08-2009-0005  BRIDGER VALLEY ELECTRIC ASSOCIATION  Closed
12/10/2008  CWA-03-2009-0027  Pennsy Supply, Inc.  Closed
12/10/2008  EPCRA-03-2009-0045  Conopco, Inc. d/b/a Unilever Ice Cream  Closed
12/09/2008  CWA-08-2009-0001  LAWRENCE GERMANN  Closed
12/09/2008  FIFRA-09-2009-0001  Nation's AG, L.L.C.  Closed
12/08/2008  CAA-02-2009-1204  East Coast Haz Mat Removal, Inc. and The Pike Company  Active
12/08/2008  CAA-04-2009-8002(b)  Turner Holdings, LLC  Closed
12/08/2008  CAA-04-2009-8003(b)  Rich Products Corporation  Closed
12/05/2008  RCRA-03-2009-0017  C Shops, LLC, Expedited Enforcement  Closed
12/03/2008  FIFRA-10-2009-0012  Swanson's Pest Management, Inc.  Closed
12/02/2008  CWA-04-2009-5002  Justin Davis Enterprises, Inc.  Closed
12/02/2008  SDWA-08-2009-0021  LISA POLEDNA TREASURER AND PWS OPERATOR - 6K, INC.  Closed
12/01/2008  CWA-03-2009-0006  Perdue Farms Incorporated, CWA, Expedited Penalty Action  Closed
12/01/2008  RUST-05-2009-0002  Altom Transport (Chicago, Illinois)   Closed
12/01/2008  RUST-05-2009-0003  Frentress Lake Marine Center, Inc. (East Dubuque, Illinois)   Closed
11/28/2008  CWA-07-2009-0004  Touchstone Homes  Closed
11/26/2008  SDWA-08-2009-0020  HITCHING POST, LLC., THE HITCHING POST  Closed
11/25/2008  CAA-05-2009-0005  Three River Filtration Plant, (Fort Wayne, Indiana)   Closed
11/25/2008  CAA-05-2009-0006  Water Pollution Control Plant (Fort Wayne, Indiana)   Closed
11/25/2008  CERCLA-04-2009-2008(b)  Traffic Tech, Inc.  Closed
11/25/2008  EPCRA-04-2009-2009(b)  Chevron U.S.A. Inc.  Closed
11/24/2008  TSCA-02-2009-9266  G & G Realty Corp. II  Closed
11/21/2008  TSCA-07-2008-0046  Azure Blue, LLC  Closed
11/21/2008  TSCA-07-2009-0002  Ahlers Investment LLC  Closed
11/20/2008  CAA-08-2009-0002  COLORADO INDUSTRIAL RECYCLING, INC.  Closed
11/20/2008  CWA-05-2009-0002  Five Star Mining, Inc. (Petersburg, Indiana)   Closed
11/20/2008  EPCRA-05-2009-0006  Advanced Resource Recovery, L.L.C. (Inkster, Michigan)   Closed
11/20/2008  RCRA-03-2009-0042FC  Missionary Society of Saint Paul (Expedited Enforcement) RCRA  Closed
11/19/2008  FIFRA-07-2009-0001  Steinbeck & Sons, Inc  Closed
11/19/2008  SDWA-08-2009-0012  SHAKERS STEAK AND ALE  Closed
11/19/2008  SDWA-08-2009-0013  THRIFTWAY SUPER STOP BOZEMAN  Closed
11/19/2008  SDWA-08-2009-0014  LDS CHURCH ENNIS  Closed
11/19/2008  SDWA-08-2009-0015  BEAVERHEAD CAMPGROUND SOUTH  Closed
11/19/2008  SDWA-08-2009-0016  MADISON COUNTY GOLF ASSOCIATION  Closed
11/19/2008  SDWA-08-2009-0017  LUCCOCK METHODIST CHURCH CAMP  Closed
11/19/2008  SDWA-08-2009-0018  LINCOLN PIT STOP  Closed
11/19/2008  SDWA-08-2009-0019  CARTER-CHOUTEAU COUNTY WATER DISTRICT  Closed
11/19/2008  TSCA-07-2008-0043  Bernadine Douglas  Closed
11/18/2008  CAA-05-2009-0003  Jackson-Jennings Co-op (North Vernon, Indiana)   Closed
11/18/2008  CAA-05-2009-0004  Hinsdale Farms, Ltd. (Bristol, Indiana)   Closed
11/18/2008  CWA-04-2008-4534(b)  Polk County Utilities  Closed
11/18/2008  CWA-07-2008-0093  City of Plainview, Nebraska  Closed
11/17/2008  CAA-05-2009-0002  National Lime and Stone Company (Findlay, Ohio)   Closed
11/17/2008  CWA-07-2008-0077  NW Realty, Inc  Closed
11/17/2008  CWA-07-2008-0083  Bryan Enterprises  Closed
11/17/2008  TSCA-07-2008-0034  Anawim Housing, Inc  Closed
11/17/2008  TSCA-07-2008-0045  Metropolitan Properties, LC  Closed
11/14/2008  CWA-07-2008-0071  City of Overland Park  Closed
11/14/2008  TSCA-07-2009-0001  John Deckard and Beverly Deckard  Closed
11/13/2008  CAA-04-2009-8001(b)  Reddy Ice Group  Closed

(1204 entries in this collection)
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