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Dockets by EPA Region 09

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ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0003 C & G Farms
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0005 Lunday-Thagard Company
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0006 Red River Fresh Produce
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0007 Baker Commodities
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0008 Uni-Kool Partners, Inc.
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0009 Hasa, Inc. (Saugus Facility)
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0010 Hasa, Inc. (Pittsburg Facility)
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0011 Hasa, Inc. (Eloy, AZ Facility)
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0012 Safeway, Inc.
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0013 Supervalu Holdings, Inc.
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0014 Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Markets Inc
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0015 Marchem Technologies LLC
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0016 Sunkist Growers - Tipton
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0017 Producers Dairy Foods, Inc.
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0018 NGP Blue Mountain I LLC
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0021 HP Hood
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0022 MCSD Wastewater Management Facility
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0023 Arctic Glacier Vernon, Inc.
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2011-0025 Glacier Cold Storage, LTD
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0001 Cal West Cooling
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0002 City of Cloverdale Wastewater Treatment Plant
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0003 Apio Cooling
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0004 Family Tree Farms
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0005 River Island Fresh Cold Storage, Inc.
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0006 Americold Logistics LLC
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0007 Hill Brothers Chemical Company
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0008 Nikkiso Cryo, Inc.
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0009 VCD Pledge Holdings, LLC
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0010 Johnston Farms Family LLP
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0011 Ralph's Grocery Company
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0012 Del Monte Fresh Produce, Inc.
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0013 Sierra Chemical Company - Sparks Facility
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0014 Enel Stillwater, LLC
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0015 Cyanco
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0016 Yuma Desalting Plant
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0017 Aervoe Industries, Inc.
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0018 Hawaii American Water
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0019 Enel Salt Wells, LLC
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0020 Shamrock Distribution AS/RS Warehouse Distribution Center
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2012-0021 The Tremont Group, Inc.
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2013-0001 220 Laboratories
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2013-0002 Albertson's Distribution Center #8261
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2013-0003 E & J Gallo Winery
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2013-0004 Ventura Foods, LLC
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2013-0007 Phoenix V LLC dba BEI Hawaii LLC
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2013-0009 City of Peoria Greenway WTP
ClosedCERCLA-09-2007-0001 Romic Environmental Technologies Corp.
ClosedCERCLA-09-2007-0002 Western Precooling Systems, Inc.
ClosedCERCLA-09-2007-0003 Diamond Oaks Winery
ActiveCERCLA-09-2007-0004 The Pictsweet Company
ActiveCERCLA-09-2008-0001 Bridgford Foods Corporation
ActiveCERCLA-09-2008-0002 Nor-Cal Beverage Company, Inc.
ActiveCERCLA-09-2008-0003 Super Store Industries
ActiveCERCLA-09-2009-0001 Granite Capital, LLC dba Crystal Clear Ice and Water
ActiveCERCLA-09-2009-0002 Turlock Cold Storage
ActiveCERCLA-09-2009-0003 Linde LLC
ActiveCERCLA-09-2009-0004 Orange County Ice
ClosedCERCLA-09-2011-0001 Luz Solar Partners Ltd
ActiveCERCLA-09-2012-0001 Philips Lumileds Lighting Company
ActiveCERCLA-09-2012-0002 Cyanco
ActiveCERCLA-09-2013-0001 Ventura Foods, LLC
ActiveCWA-09-2007-0004 California Waste Solutions - San Jose
ActiveCWA-09-2007-0005 California Waste Solutions - Oakland (Tenth Street)
ActiveCWA-09-2007-0006 California Waste Solutions - Oakland (Wood Street)
ActiveCWA-09-2008-0000 [Place Holder]
ActiveCWA-09-2008-0001 Trees, Inc.
ActiveCWA-09-2008-0002 BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc.
ActiveCWA-09-2008-0004 Bali Hai Villas Ltd. Partnership
ActiveCWA-09-2009-0001 APM Terminals Pacific Ltd.
ActiveCWA-09-2009-0002 General Petroleum Inc.
ActiveCWA-09-2009-0003 American Marine Corporation
ActiveCWA-09-2009-0004 Eagle Marine Services Ltd
ActiveCWA-09-2012-0001 Coast Plating, Inc.
ActiveCWA-09-2012-0002 Nor-Cal Products, Inc.
ActiveCWA-09-2012-0003 AAA Plating & Inspection, Inc.
ClosedEPCRA-09-2007-0001 Unified Western Grocers, Inc.
ClosedEPCRA-09-2007-0002 Silpak, Inc.
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0003 BJB Enterprises, Inc.
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0004 Hollandia Dairy
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0005 K-Tube Corporation
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0006 Fairmont Scottsdale Princess Inn
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0007 Rogers Corporation
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0008 Las Vegas Paving Corporation
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0009 Peterson Systems International
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0010 U.S. Greenfiber, LLC
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0011 Formica Corporation
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0012 Net Shapes, Inc.
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0013 Ennis Paint, Inc.
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0014 M. Argueso & Co., Inc.
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0015 Backhoe & Excavation Services, Inc.
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0016 Rolloffs Hawaii, Inc.
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0017 Shasta Beverages, Inc.
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0018 Rhino Linings USA, Inc.
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0019 Hightower Plating and Manufacturing, Inc.
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0020 The Pictsweet Company
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0022 SDI Industries, Inc.
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0023 Lamar Tool & Diecasting, Inc.
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0024 Polyclad Laminates, Inc.
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0025 Allfast Fastening Systems, Inc.
ActiveEPCRA-09-2007-0026 Dole Packaged Foods, LLC

(697 entries in this collection)
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