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Please note the approved/disapproval portions of the El Dorado County Region: 1. Rule 201. Coverage, submitted on November 4, 1977, is disapproved and the previously approved Rule 49 District Wide Coverage, in the June 30, 1972, submittal is retained for Federal enforcement purpose, published 11/06/78, 43 FR 51632. 2. Redesignation of Air Quality Control Regions published January 16,1981, 46 FR 3883. 3. Rule 231 (Graphic Arts), published 6/12/96 in the FR is withdrawn. (8/28/96 (61 FR 43976)) 4. Withdrawal of direct final rule published August 27, 1996, 61 FR 43976. 5. Final interim approval of the Operating Permits Program effective on June 2, 1995; published May 3, 1995, 60 FR 21720. 6. Finding of Substantial Inadequacy of Implementation Plan for all nonattainment air pollution control districts in the State and for all attainment areas districts that have an approved Prevention of Significant Deterioration Program, published June 25, 2002, 68 FR 37746. District Regulations: *Pre-1979 - Before El Dorado County had a single set of rules and regulations to the entire county. *1979-1986- In 1979, El Dorado County divided its district's rules and regulations into two sections: Lake Tahoe and Mountain Counties. This division allowed for the different needs of each air basin to be addressed. However, the county-wide district regulations were never deleted from EPA's records during the division process. Thus, EPA had three sets of rules for El Dorado: District Regulations, Mountain Counties and Lake Tahoe rules were area specific. *Post-1986 - The District Regulations were transcribed onto the Mountain Counties and Lake Tahoe rule sets. The District Regulations were then deleted from EPA's records. All submittals from El Dorado County should now specify applicability either to the Mountain Counties or to the Lake Tahoe Air Basin.

This SIP Citation Was Last Modified on July 30, 2003. EPA has attempted to assure that the action logs accurately reflect the actions published in the Federal Register. If there are discrepancies, however, the Federal Register is the official record. Send State Implementation Plan comments and questions to wilder.ceciley@epa.gov.

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