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Plans: Miscellaneous older actions (1998 or older)

Maricopa County
Affected Area
Agency-Wide Provisions
Rule #
CO, Ozone, PM10
Adoption Date
Submittal Date
Final Federal Register Date
Federal Register Citation #

Control Measures from 1988 CO Plan (htm, 1 KB)
Maricopa Serious CO Plan (htm, KB)
Maricopa NOx Waiver (htm, KB)
Maricopa Enhanced IM Progarm (htm, KB)
Maricopa Serious PM-10 Plan (htm, 5 KB)
Summertime Gasoline Volatility Limit (htm, KB)
Cleaner Burning Gasoline Interim Rule (htm, KB)
Agricultural Best Management Committee (htm, KB)
Maricopa Moderate PM-10 FIP (htm, 1 KB)

Control Measures From 1988 Maricopa CO Plan: 56 FR 3219 (1/29/91); Maricopa County (Phoenix area) Serious Area plan for CO: 57 FR 8268; (03/09/92); Maricopa NOx Waiver: 60 FR 19510 (04/19/95); Maricopa Enhanced IM Program: 60 FR 22518 (05/08/95); Maricopa Summertime Gasoline Volatility Limit: 62 FR 31734 (06/11/97); Maricopa County (Phoenix) Serious Area Plan for PM10: 62 FR 41856 (08/04/97); Arizona Cleaner Burning Gasoline Interim Rule: 63 FR 6653 (02/10/98); Agricultural Best Management Committee: 64 FR 34726 (06/29/99); Maricopa Moderate PM-10 FIP: 63 FR 41326 (08/03/98); Maricopa Employer Trip Reduction Program: 63 FR 24434 (05/04/98).

This SIP Citation Was Last Modified on August 24, 2016. EPA has attempted to assure that the action logs accurately reflect the actions published in the Federal Register. If there are discrepancies, however, the Federal Register is the official record. Send State Implementation Plan comments and questions to wilder.ceciley@epa.gov.

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