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Dockets by Statute RCRA

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Complaint DateStatusCase
05/15/2012  Closed  (RCRA-09-2012-0007) Decreval Embossing and Stamping Dies
05/14/2012  Closed  (RCRA-03-2012-0163) Handy Place and K & S Mini Mart, RCRA, Complaint
05/08/2012  Closed  (RCRA-09-2012-0005) Allied Pacfic Environmental Consulting
05/08/2012  Closed  (RCRA-08-2012-0002) ROOSEVELT COUNTY ROAD SHOP
05/04/2012  Closed  (RCRA-09-2012-0001) Advanced Metal Finishing LLC
05/03/2012  Closed  (RCRA-03-2012-0091) Transprint USA, Inc., RCRA-SCAFO
05/01/2012  Closed  (RUST-05-2012-0006) Little Company of Mary Hospital -ESA- (Evergreen Park, Illinois)
04/23/2012  Closed  (RCRA-10-2012-0062) SGS NORTH AMERICA, INC
04/19/2012  Closed  (RCRA-03-2012-0097) Pier-Sol, Inc., (RCRA) SCAFO
04/19/2012  Closed  (RCRA-07-2012-0010) Wynne Transportation Service, Inc
04/17/2012  Closed  (RCRA-10-2012-0035) BNSF Railway Company - Portland, OR
04/10/2012  Closed  (RCRA-03-2012-0151FC) Ruth E. Moogalian and Vincent Moogalian, RCRA,
04/07/2012  Closed  (RCRA-09-2012-0006) Western Digital Corporation
04/06/2012  Active  (RCRA-08-2012-0001) R360 ENVIRONMENTAL SOLUTIONS, INC.
03/31/2012  Closed  (RCRA-02-2012-7104) Tonawanda Coke Corporation
03/30/2012  Closed  (RCRA-03-2012-0129) Hercon Laboratories, (RCRA) SCAFO
03/29/2012  Closed  (RCRA-03-2012-0053) RN Golf Management, LLC, Reston National Golf Course (RCRA) SCAFO
03/29/2012  Closed  (RCRA-07-2012-0008) P&G Sinclair
03/28/2012  Closed  (RCRA-05-2012-0005) Panduit Corp. -CAFO- (Tinley Park, Illinois)
03/27/2012  Closed  (RCRA-07-2012-0014) Collis, Inc
03/26/2012  Closed  (RCRA-10-2012-0063) US DEPT OF COMMERCE - NOAA
03/22/2012  Closed  (RCRA-03-2012-0111) Maryview Hospital, (RCRA) (SCAFO)
03/21/2012  Closed  (RCRA-07-2011-0036) Westgate High Tech Auto Care
03/21/2012  Closed  (RCRA-07-2012-0005) TG Missouri Corporation
03/21/2012  Closed  (RCRA-07-2012-0009) Corner Food Mart
03/21/2012  Closed  (RCRA-07-2012-0011) Steve's Service
03/21/2012  Closed  (RCRA-07-2012-0012) Omaha Vehicle Maintenance Facility
03/19/2012  Closed  (RCRA and .....) Al-Kel Alliance, Inc.
03/14/2012  Closed  (RCRA-10-2012-0053) Cal Worthington Ford - Alaska
03/12/2012  Closed  (RCRA-10-2012-0077) UNITED STATES AIR FORCE - EIELSON AF BASE
03/07/2012  Closed  (RCRA-03-2012-0026) Naval Support Activity, Hampton Roads, Building NH94 (RCRA)
03/06/2012  Closed  (RCRA-04-2012-4002(b)) Elringklinger U.S.A., Inc.
03/06/2012  Closed  (RCRA-07-2012-0015) Cedar Valley Electroplating LLC and R Squared Properties, LLC
02/24/2012  Active  (RCRA-02-2012-7101) Battery Recycling Company, Inc.
02/22/2012  Closed  (RUST-05-2012-0005) United Parcel Service -ESA- (Columbus, Ohio)
02/16/2012  Closed  (RCRA-04-2012-4000(b)) Baptist Hospital
02/16/2012  Closed  (RCRA-04-2012-4001(b)) Sumter Coatings Incorporated
02/09/2012  Closed  (RUST-05-2012-0004) Convenient Food Mart -ESA- (Wadsworth, Ohio)
02/06/2012  Closed  (RCRA and .....) The Dow Chemical Company
02/02/2012  Closed  (RUST-05-2012-0003) Cubs Food -ESA- (Rochester, Minnesota)
02/01/2012  Closed  (RUST-05-2012-0002) Suffield Carry-Out -ESA- (Mogadore, Ohio)
01/31/2012  Closed  (RCRA-07-2012-0001) Stowers Institute for Medical Research
01/26/2012  Closed  (RCRA-10-2012-0034) ONE HOUR FIREWEED CLEANERS
01/26/2012  Closed  (RCRA-03-2012-0071) Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, (RCRA) (SCAFO)
01/25/2012  Closed  (RCRA-05-2012-0004) City of Athens -CAFO- (Athens, Ohio)
01/11/2012  Closed  (RCRA-10-2012-0028) U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY - NAVAL BASE KITSAP
01/09/2012  Active  (RCRA-07-2010-0031) Doe Run Resources Corporation
01/06/2012  Closed  (RCRA-07-2011-0031) Duke Aerial, Inc
12/29/2011  Closed  (RCRA-02-2012-7103) Montefiore Medical Center
12/29/2011  Closed  (RCRA-02-2012-7502) U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
12/21/2011  Closed  (RCRA-09-2012-0004) Electrochem Solutions, LLC
12/13/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2012-0014) Ellwood Quality Steels Company, (RCRA) SCAFO
12/12/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2012-0003) A. Finkl & Sons Company -CAFO- (Chicago, Illinois)
12/09/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2012-0040FC) Benning Road #500035 (9006) (RCRA)
12/08/2011  Closed  (RCRA-09-2011-0015) Guam Dry Cleaners
12/07/2011  Closed  (RCRA and .....) Agrifos Fertilizer, L.L.C.
12/06/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2012-0048) New York Avenue BP Station, 1231 New York Avenue, LLC, Soheil Razavi (Complaint)
12/01/2011  Closed  (RCRA-09-2011-0006) AZZ Galvanizing Services - Arizona
12/01/2011  Closed  (RCRA-09-2011-0002) The Bumper Shop, Inc.
12/01/2011  Closed  (RCRA-09-2011-0004) Acme Aerospace, Inc.
12/01/2011  Closed  (RCRA-09-2011-0013) KMG Electronic Chemicals, Inc.
12/01/2011  Closed  (RCRA-09-2011-0001) U.S. Pre-Finished Metals Corp
12/01/2011  Closed  (RCRA-09-2011-0007) Hexcel Corporation
12/01/2011  Closed  (RCRA-09-2011-0008) The Bumper Boyz
12/01/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2012-0027) Andrea Simmons, Executrix, Highlander Village (SCAFO) (RCRA)
11/29/2011  Closed  (RCRA-09-2012-0003) 21st Century Environmental Management of NV, LLC
11/28/2011  Closed  (RCRA-07-2011-0035) My-T-Mart
11/28/2011  Closed  (RCRA-07-2011-0037) Omaha Wilbert Vaults, Inc
11/28/2011  Closed  (RCRA-07-2011-0039) Fantasy's Phillips 66
11/24/2011  Closed  (RCRA-10-2012-0012) BURLINGTON ENVIRONMENTAL, INC.
11/23/2011  Closed  (RCRA-07-2012-0002) Eldo WRMS, Inc
11/21/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2012-0002) Barrel Plating Services,Inc. -CAFO- - INSTALLMENTS - (Milwaukee, Wisconsin...
11/16/2011  Closed  (RCRA-09-2012-0002) Transportation Security Administration - Guam
11/14/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2008-0012) Westchester Corporation,(RCRA) SCAFO
11/08/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2012-0034FC) Penn Ave LLC (ID# 6000101) CAFO (RCRA)
11/05/2011  Closed  (RCRA-10-2012-0009) JOINT BASE ELMENDORF-RICHARDSON
11/04/2011  Closed  (RCRA-07-2011-0038) Speedee Mart; Rite Way Oil & Gas Co, Inc
10/31/2011  Closed  (RUST-05-2012-0001) Old Dominion Freight Lines, Inc. -NOTICE OF VILLATION - (Columbus, Ohio)
10/28/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2012-0030FC) Landmark Services Tourmobile Inc., RCRA (Field Citation)
10/27/2011  Closed  (RCRA-07-2011-0011) Frontier El Dorado Refining, LLC; Equilon Enterprises LLC d/b/a Shell Products U...
10/25/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2012-0003) Applied Coatings Systems, Inc. and Ronald L. Kaufman, RCRA (SCAFO)
10/24/2011  Active  (RCRA-05-2012-0001) Spraylat Corporation - SEP- ( CAFO) (Chicago, Illinois)
10/04/2011  Closed  (RCRA-01-2011-0130) Roberts Chemical Company, Inc.
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-01-2011-0124) In the Matter of: Rhodes Technologies, Inc.
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0284) Oasis Food Mart Inc., Y & A Investments, LLC RCRA, Administrative Complaint
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-03-2011-0306) Commonwealth Laminating & .Coating, Inc., RCRA (SCAFO)
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0016) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0017) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0018) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0019) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0020) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0021) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0022) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0023) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0024) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Closed  (RCRA-05-2011-0025) Executed RCRA Section 3008(h) Performance—based ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT
09/30/2011  Active  (RCRA-09-2011-0012) Fluoresco Lighting and Signs
09/29/2011  Closed  (RCRA-02-2011-7509) Getty Petroleum Marketing, Inc.
09/29/2011  Closed  (RCRA-02-2011-7109) City University of New York

(2786 entries in this collection)
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