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Dockets by EPA Region 09

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ClosedCAA-09-2007-0003 City of Hanford
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0004 City of Avenal
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0005 Sun-Maid Growers of California
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0006 Sealed Air Corporation
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0007 The Wine Group, Inc. (Franzia Winery Tulare)
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0008 Grower's Citrus Packing, LLC
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0009 Warmerdam Packing, LLC
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0010 Actagro, LLC
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0011 Beef Packers, Inc.
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0012 Anchor Warehouse Services, Inc.
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0013 Family Tree Farms
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0014 Jody, Inc.
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0015 Lindsay-Strathmore Irrigation District
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0016 Anton Caratan and Sons
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0017 Tri-Bora Fruit Company, Inc.
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0018 Kingsburg Apple Packers, Inc.
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0019 The HMC Group Cold Storage, Inc.
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0020 Royal Valley Fruit Growers Association
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0021 Stratford Growers, Inc.
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0022 S. Stamoules, Inc.
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0023 The Wine Group, Inc. (Franzia Sanger Winery)
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0024 Ito Packing Company, Inc.
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0025 Ballantine Produce Company, Inc.
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0026 Sandrini Sales, Inc.
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0027 Sunnyvale Ford, Inc.
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0032 JWS Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0034 Salt River Project Agricultural Improvement and Power District
ClosedCAA-09-2007-0035 Carrier Guam, Inc.
ClosedCAA-09-2008-0001 The Wine Group, Inc.
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0002 Jakov Dulcich and Sons, LLC
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0003 City of Vallejo (Travis AFB)
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0004 City of Fortuna
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0005 Bear River Supply, Inc.
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0006 Humboldt Creamery Association
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0007 City of Roseville
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0008 City of Placerville
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0009 City of Jackson
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0010 City of West Sacramento
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0011 California Ammonia Company
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0012 McKinleyville Community Services District
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0013 City of Arcata
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0014 Desert Water Agency
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0015 State of California - Chuckawalla Valley State Prison
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0016 City of San Diego - Miramar
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0017 City of San Diego - Otay
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0018 Pacific Marine and Industrial Corporation
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0019 City of Vallejo (Fleming Hill WTP)
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0020 City of Fort Bragg
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0021 Carpenter Co.
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0022 Big Valley Ag Services, Inc.
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0023 City of Cloverdale
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0024 Enterprise Products Operating LLC
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0025 Butte County Rice Growers Association
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0026 J.R. Simplot Company
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0027 Splash Pool Chemicals of Arizona, Inc.
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0028 Casa Grande Arizona
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0029 Provena Foods, Inc. dba Swiss American Sausage Co.
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0030 General Chemical Corporation
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0031 Tyler Refrigeration
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0032 Imperial Toy LLC
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0035 County of Butte
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0036 Pool Chlor of Tucson, Inc.
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0037 Waste Management of Hawaii, Inc.
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0038 Los Angeles Department of Water and Power
ActiveCAA-09-2008-0039 Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0001 Reddy Ice Corporation
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0002 Granite Capital, LLC dba Crystal Clear Ice and Water
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0004 Florestone Products Company
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0005 Complete Welders Supply
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0006 Jasmine Vineyards
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0007 Overhill Farms
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0008 Bujulian Brothers Inc.
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0009 Jim Hicks & Co.
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0010 Conopco Inc.
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0011 Paramount Farms
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0012 Priority Cooling
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0013 Yuba City (Burns Drive)
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0014 Yuba City (Northgate Drive)
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0015 City of Red Bluff
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0016 P-R Farms Inc.
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0017 Polycell Packaging Corp.
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0018 City of Benicia
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0019 Bodega Bay Public Utility District
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0020 City of El Mirage Wastewater Treatment Plant
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0021 Basha's Inc.
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0022 Dole Berry Company
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0023 Pappas and Company
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0024 Systems Abatement Corp.
ActiveCAA-09-2009-0026 ICL Performance Products
ClosedCAA-09-2011-0001 Roseburg Forest Products Company
ClosedCAA-09-2011-0002 Concorde Battery Corp/Interspace Battery, Inc.
ActiveCAA-09-2011-0003 Butte-Glenn Community College District/Beth's Construction
ActiveCAA-09-2011-0006 Aka Bains, Inc./Savidge Construction, Inc./BK Bobcat
ActiveCAA-09-2011-0008 Air Products Manufacturing Corp
ActiveCAA-09-2012-0001 Palos Verdes Building Corp d/b/a US Battery Manufacturing Co
ActiveCAA-09-2013-0001 Vintage Production California, LLC
ActiveCAA-09-2013-0002 Thermal Energy Development Partnership, LP
ActiveCAA(112r)-09-2011-0001 Clorox Products Manufacturing, Inc.
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0002 Jacobson Distribution Company
ClosedCAA(112r)-09-2011-0003 C & G Farms

(697 entries in this collection)
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