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Dockets by EPA Region 03

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ClosedCAA-03-2013-0216 and CAA-07-2013-0029 Pretium Packaging, LLC, CAA-03 & CAA-07, SCAFO
ClosedCAA-03-2016-0124 Williams Ohio Valley Midstream LLC, CAA, SCAFO
ActiveCAA-03-2017-0103DA KC Midstream Solutions LLC
ActiveCAA-03-2018-0029DA Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation, AOC
ActiveCAA-03-2018-0077DA Eagle Natrium LLC
ActiveCAA-03-2018-0096DA US Foods, Inc., AOC, CAA-03-2018-0096DA
ActiveCERCLA-03-2018-0116DC Delaware Sand and Gravel Landfill, AOC, CERCLA-03-2018-0116DC
ClosedCWA-03-2018-0001 C & M Industries, Inc., SCAFO
ClosedCWA-03-2018-0003 Keywell Metal, LLC
ActiveCWA-03-2018-0008DN Borough of Camp Hill, AOC
ActiveCWA-03-2018-0009CW Compass Energy, Inc., AOC
ActiveCWA-03-2018-0012DN City of Altoona
ActiveCWA-03-2018-0021DN Allied Concrete Company-AOC
ActiveCWA-03-2018-0035DW Greer Industries, Inc. CWA. AOC and NOD
ActiveCWA-03-2018-0036DW Greer Industries Inc
ActiveCWA-03-2018-0037DW Greer Industries, Inc., CWA, AOC/NOD
ActiveCWA-03-2018-0070DW Mr. Charles Curling, AOC
ClosedFIFRA-03-2018-0025 Solenis LLC, FIFRA, SCAFO
ClosedFIFRA-03-2018-0030 Baker Petrolite, LLC, SCAFO
ClosedRCRA-03-2013-0034 ,Clipper Food Mart #3, RCRA, Status report
ClosedSDWA-03-2017-0173DS Red Jacket Energy, LLC,, SDWA, AOC
ActiveSDWA-03-2018-0068DU ARG Resources, Inc., SDWA, AOC
ClosedTSCA-03-2017-0113 Alex Properties, Inc., a/d/b/a TSCA, SCAFO
ClosedTSCA-03-2018-0015 Willard D. Zirkle, Lori H. Zirkle, TSCA, SCAFO
ActiveTSCA-03-2018-0040 RentlHousn4U LLC
ActiveTSCA-03-2018-0091 Crocker & Little Properties, Inc., CAFO
05/24/2018ActiveEPCRA/CAA-03-2018-0071 Catalyst Energy, Inc. & KC Midstream Solutions, LLC, CAFO, EPCRA/CAA-03-2018-0071
05/24/2018ActiveTSCA-03-2018-0063 Gregory Mull, TSCA, Complaint
05/24/2018ActiveTSCA-03-2018-0095 Two Point Construction, CAFO, TSCA-03-2018-0095
05/24/2018ActiveTSCA-03-2018-0102 Distinct Construction, Inc., CAFO TSCA-03-2018-0102
05/17/2018ActiveTSCA-03-2018-0092 Frederick Gentile (dba Gentile Construction and General Contracting), Complaint
05/15/2018ActiveTSCA-03-2018-0075 Pyramid, Inc.. CAFO
05/10/2018ActiveCWA-03-2018-0072 Catalyst Energy, Inc. & KC Midstream Solutions, LLC.-CAFO
05/04/2018ActiveCAA-RCRA-03-2018-0087 U.S. Department of the Navy, Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling, SCAFO
04/24/2018ClosedCWA-03-2018-0080 International Waxes, Inc. ESA
04/19/2018ClosedTSCA-03-2018-0053 American University
04/18/2018ClosedCAA-03-2018-0059 Calpine Bethlehem, LLC
04/18/2018ClosedCAA-03-2018-0060 Always Bagels, Inc.
04/18/2018ClosedCAA-03-2018-0064 Smithfield Fresh Meats Corporation, CAA, CAFO
04/18/2018ActiveTSCA-03-2018-0081 HBW Properties, Inc.
04/18/2018ClosedTSCA-03-2018-0084 Metropolitan Management Group, Inc.
04/17/2018ActiveCWA-03-2018-0043 Eby's Oil, Inc., CWA, CAFO
04/17/2018ClosedRCRA-03-2018-0052 Fort Dearborn Company (f/k/a Core Label, LLC), RCRA, CAFO
04/17/2018ClosedRCRA-03-2018-0078 Berryville Graphics, Inc., RCRA, CAFO
04/16/2018ActiveTSCA-03-2018-0082 T.S.G. Construction, LLC, TSCA, CAFO
04/16/2018ActiveTSCA-03-2018-0083 Hunt & Walsh, Inc., TSCA, CAFO
04/10/2018ClosedRCRA-03-2018-0044 Brenner Aerostructures, LLC, RCRA, CAFO
03/29/2018ActiveTSCA-03-2018-0062 Windsor Contractors, Inc.
03/27/2018ClosedCAA-03-2018-0058 Airgas Specialty Products Inc., CAA, ESA
03/22/2018ActiveFIFRA-03-2018-0050 Big 3 Packaging LLC, SCAFO
03/16/2018ClosedTSCA-03-2018-0079 Jordan's Land and Rentals, LLC, CAFO
03/15/2018ClosedCAA-03-2018-0067 Avco Corporation d/b/a Lycoming Engines
03/09/2018ClosedTSCA-03-2018-0056 Advanced Window, Inc., CAFO
03/06/2018ClosedCWA-03-2018-0011 City of Altoona, CAFO
02/28/2018ClosedRCRA-03-2018-0045 Edgewell Personal Care Company
02/27/2018ActiveRCRA-03-2018-0026 Mount Joy Wire Corporation, CAFO
02/22/2018ActiveCAA-03-2017-0197 Eastern Sod Farms LLC
02/22/2018ClosedCAA-03-2018-0049 Gordon Foods, Inc.
02/22/2018ClosedFIFRA-03-2018-0061 Buckman Laboratories, Inc.
02/22/2018ClosedRCRA-03-2018-0023 Chestertown Besche
02/09/2018ActiveRCRA-03-2018-0051 Blue Ridge Solvents & Coatings, CAFO
02/01/2018ActiveCAA-03-2018-0054 Wesco Construction Co., CAA, Complaint
01/31/2018ClosedCWA-03-2018-0022 Allied Concrete Company
01/23/2018ActiveRCRA-CWA-EPCRA-CAA-03-2018-0014 US Dept of the Army, BAE Systems Ordnance Systems Inc., Radford Army Ammunition, SCAFO
01/11/2018ClosedFIFRA-03-2018-0034 Lico, Inc., SCAFO
01/11/2018ClosedTSCA-03-2018-0057 Bryn Coed Farms Company, SCAFO
12/21/2017ActiveTSCA-03-2018-0039 Montgomery Chemicals LLC
12/20/2017ClosedCAA-03-2018-0027 Tuscan/Lehigh Dairies, Inc.
12/20/2017ClosedCAA-03-2018-0028 Georgia Pacific Panel Products LLC
12/20/2017ClosedCAA-03-2018-0041 James Austin Company
12/20/2017ClosedCWA-03-2018-0006 Black Castle Mining Company
12/20/2017ClosedEPCRA-03-2018-0002 Birdsboro Kosher Farm Corporatoin
12/20/2017ClosedRCRA-03-2018-0013 Lord Corporation
12/20/2017ClosedRCRA-03-2018-0016 Dial Corporation
12/19/2017ClosedFIFRA-03-2015-0248 FMC Corporation
11/21/2017ClosedCWA-03-2018-0005 Williams Ohio Valley Midstream, LLC
11/07/2017ClosedCWA-03-2018-0007 Borough of Camp Hill, SCAFO
10/26/2017ClosedEPCRA-03-2018-0010 Capitol Cleaners and Launderers, Inc.
10/18/2017ClosedRCRA-03-2018-0004 Milford Mobil Corporation, SCAFO
10/18/2017ClosedTSCA-03-2018-0018 Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc.
09/29/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0095 Latrobe Specialty Metals Company, LLC, CAA, SCAFO
09/29/2017ClosedCWA-03-2017-0174 West Virginia Oil Gathering, LLC, Enlink Midstream Operating, LP, SCAFO
09/28/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0202 Emkey Gas Processing, LLC
09/28/2017ClosedFIFRA-03-2017-0168 Spray Products Corp
09/27/2017ActiveCAA-03-2017-0197 Eastern Sod Farms LLC, William H. Radford Landscape Contractors
09/27/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0198 USS Achey, Inc., SCAFO
09/27/2017ClosedEPCRA-03-2017-0193 American Craft Brewery, LLC, , EPCRA, SCAFO
09/27/2017ClosedRCRA-03-2017-0184 AAI Corporation, RCRA, SCAFO
09/27/2017ClosedRCRA/CAA-03-2017-0183 Federal Bureau of Investigation, RCRA/CAA, SCAFO
09/26/2017ClosedFIFRA-03-2017-0199 Clean-Flo International, LLC
09/22/2017ClosedTSCA-03-2017-0189 Dallastown Area School District, CAFO
09/21/2017ClosedTSCA-03-2017-0179 Justin Bird d/b/a Bird's Eye View Construction
09/20/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0182 B&V Environmental Services, CAA, SCAFO
09/20/2017ClosedFIFRA-03-2017-0169 Cumberland Valley Cooperative Association, FIFRA, ESA
09/20/2017ClosedFIFRA-03-2017-0170 Hydro Dynamics, FIFRA, ESA
09/18/2017ClosedEPCRA-03-2017-0201 Nupro Industries Corporation
09/15/2017ActiveCAA/CWA/CERC/RCRA-03-2017-0164 Radford Army Ammunition Plant
09/13/2017ClosedRCRA-03-2017-0185 ArcelorMittal Weirton LLC, RCRA, SCAFO
09/12/2017ClosedCAA-03-2017-0175 George's Chicken, LLC,
09/08/2017ClosedFIFRA-03-2017-0172 Customized Distribution Services, Inc., FIFRA, Expedited Consent Agreement

(1497 entries in this collection)
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