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Dockets by EPA Region 02

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ClosedTSCA-02-2012-9103 Public Service Electric & Gas
ClosedTSCA-02-2012-9104 Marcal Manufacturing, LLC
ClosedTSCA-02-2012-9106 Cycle Chem, Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2012-9142 AcuPowder International, LLC
ClosedTSCA-02-2012-9144 Gantrade Corporation
ClosedTSCA-02-2012-9147 Kuehne Chemical Company, Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2012-9167 Leanza Painting Contractors
ClosedTSCA-02-2012-9201 Test America Laboratories, Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2012-9202 Feldmeier Equipment, Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2012-9206 University of Albany
ClosedTSCA-02-2012-9207 Rockefeller Unversity
ClosedTSCA-02-2012-9208 Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2012-9226 Sanyo Corporation America
ClosedTSCA-02-2012-9251 Wego Chemical and Mineral Company
ClosedTSCA-02-2012-9266 Upstate New York Laborer's Education and Training Fund
ClosedTSCA-02-2012-9269 Laborers International Union of North America Local 17 Training and Educational Trust Fund
ClosedTSCA-02-2012-9274 Dasa Properties LLC
ClosedTSCA-02-2012-9278 Mac Stringer Painting and Staining
ActiveTSCA-02-2013-0002 Berje, Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9101 Lustig Enterprises, LLC; National Waste & Recycling Services, LLC; and Birdsall Services Group
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9102 Celgene Corporation
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9103 Middlesex County Utilities Authority
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9104 Shamrock Technologies, Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9105 Freehold Cartage, Incorporated
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9106 Altlantic City Electric Company
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9107 Berje, Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9108 BASF Corporation
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9126 Evonik Corporation
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9166 Dura-Plex, Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9170 Consortium Workforce & Economic Development
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9201 Macy's Retail Holdings, Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9202 TCI of NY, LLC
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9226 Blaser Swisslube, Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9267 L. Hernandez Painting, d/b/a Hernandez L.Painting
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9271 Accolade Construction Group, Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9274 Advanced Abatement Corporation
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9276 Creative Renovations, LLC
ClosedTSCA-02-2013-9279 Cresent Street Construction Corporation
ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9101 Public Service Electric and Gas Company
ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9102 Glenn Springs Holdings, Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9103 Chemtura Corporation
ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9104 Veolia ES Technical Solutions, LLC
ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9105 Marcal Manufactring, LLC
ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9106 Public Service Electric & Gas Company
ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9126 Bluestar Silicones USA Corp.
ActiveTSCA-02-2014-9167 Tilt-In Windows and Siding Co., Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9171 Alstar Construction, Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9201 American Sugar Refining, Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9266 AAA Lead Abatement, LLC
ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9268 JC Painter
ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9269 Abatement Solutions, LLC
ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9270 Plus Enterprises of NY, LLC
ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9271 Polanko Construction Group
ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9273 L & D Painting & Lead Abatement
ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9278 Raymond Demers
ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9282 AZ Water Man Corp.
ClosedTSCA-02-2014-9283 Linear Environmental Corp.
ActiveTSCA-02-2015-9101 38 COAH Associates, LLC
ClosedTSCA-02-2015-9102 Cycle Chem, Incorporated
ClosedTSCA-02-2015-9103 New Jersey Natural Gas Company
ClosedTSCA-02-2015-9105 Sea Breeze Ford, Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2015-9106 Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills
ClosedTSCA-02-2015-9107 Schweitzer-Mauduit International, Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2015-9127 Spectra Colors Corporation
ClosedTSCA-02-2015-9166 Star Painting Services, LLC
ClosedTSCA-02-2015-9226 Blaser Swisslube, Inc.
ClosedTSCA-02-2015-9266 8AS Construction
ClosedTSCA-02-2015-9272 Olshan Properties, Incorporated f/k/a and d/b/a Mall Properties Incorporated
ClosedTSCA-02-2015-9273 Alexgus Removal Environmemtal Corp.
ClosedTSCA-02-2015-9274 Total Perfection Construction, Inc.
12/14/2015ActiveCWA-02-2016-3308 Mark Jahnke and Hemlock Valley Farm, LLC
12/04/2015ActiveCWA-02-2016-3309 Town of Rotterdam Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System ("MS4")
10/15/2015ActiveCWA-02-2016-3303 Ducommun Incorporated, d/b/a Ducommun AeroStructures New York, Inc.
10/15/2015ActiveCWA-02-2016-3401 Thomas Electronics, Inc.
09/30/2015ActiveCAA-02-2015-1212 Atlantic County Utilities Authority
09/30/2015ActiveCAA-02-2015-1215 Safetech, Inc.
09/30/2015ActiveRCRA-02-2015-7103 Kawasaki Rail Car, Inc.
09/29/2015ActiveRCRA-02-2015-7106 Boasso America Corporation
09/28/2015ActiveCWA-02-2015-3804 Paradise Energy Inc.
09/16/2015ActiveSDWA-02-2015-8901 Town of Florence Highway Department
08/13/2015ClosedCWA-02-2015-3315 Cold Spring Fish and Supply Co.
06/30/2015ClosedCWA-02-2015-3302 Ball Metal Beverage Container Corporation
06/22/2015ActiveCWA-02-2015-3357 Caribbean Petroleum, Inc.
06/03/2015ActiveCWA-02-2015-3404 Mack Studios, Inc.
06/03/2015ActiveCWA-02-2015-3404 Mack Studios, Inc. and Mr. Peter Maciulewicz
03/31/2015ClosedRCRA-02-2015-7501 County of Monmouth, New Jersey
02/05/2015ActiveCWA-02-2015-3401 The Skydyne Company
01/23/2015ClosedSDWA-02-2015-8401 Windward Passage/Holiday Inn Public Water System
01/08/2015ActiveTSCA-02-2015-9275 Precision Consulting, Inc.
12/18/2014ActiveCAA-02-2015-1206 Hovensa L.L.C.
10/17/2014ClosedCWA-02-2015-3310 Kelly Development Corporation
10/08/2014ActiveMPRSA-02-2015-6001 Northeast Dredging Equipment Company, LLC
10/08/2014ActiveMPRSA-02-2015-6002 Northeast Dredging Equipment Company, LLC
10/08/2014ActiveMPRSA-02-2015-6003 Northeast Dredging Equipment Company, LLC
09/30/2014ClosedRCRA-02-2014-7106 Eurofins Product Safety Labs Inc.
09/30/2014ClosedRCRA-02-2014-7505 County of Middlesex, New Jersey
09/29/2014ActiveCWA-02-2014-3402 UTA of KJ, Inc.
09/25/2014ClosedCWA-02-2014-3303 City of Glen Falls
09/25/2014ClosedRCRA-02-2014-7105 Omnicare, Inc.; Omnicare of NY LLC; CARE4 LP; and CHP Acquisition Corp.
09/17/2014ClosedCWA-02-2014-3403 City of Atlantic City

(990 entries in this collection)
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