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Dockets by EPA Region 02

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ActiveCAA-02-2015-1201 Tonawanda Coke Corporation
ActiveCAA-02-2015-1202 General Chemical LLC - Syracuse (Chemtrade)
ActiveCAA-02-2015-1203 Compania Cervecera de Puerto Rico
ActiveCAA-02-2015-1204 G&C Foods, Inc.
ActiveCAA-02-2015-1205 Wade Salvage, Inc.
ActiveCAA-02-2015-1208 City of Rome Water Filtration Plant, Lee Center
ActiveCERCLA-02-2008-2031 HP Hood, LLC
ActiveCWA-02-2007-3306 J.R. Ramos, Inc.
ClosedCWA-02-2007-3307 Target Engineering S.E.
ActiveCWA-02-2007-3309 Puerto Rico Public Building Autority
ActiveCWA-02-2007-3310 N. LL. Construction, S.E.
ActiveCWA-02-2007-3311 Quality Construction Sevices, SE
ActiveCWA-02-2007-3317 Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority
ActiveCWA-02-2007-3323 Municipality of Naranijito
ActiveCWA-02-2007-3325 Caram Construction Corp.
ActiveCWA-02-2007-3325 Cerveceria India, Inc.
ActiveCWA-02-2007-3328 N&C Development Corporation
ActiveCWA-02-2007-3332 HR Group Corporation
ActiveCWA-02-2007-3333 Constructora Orama, S.E.
ActiveCWA-02-2007-3336 HAL Development Corporation
ActiveCWA-02-2007-3340 Tosquero Soto, Inc.
ActiveCWA-02-2007-3402 VDE Corp. and Ivan Tort
ClosedCWA-02-2007-3404 Herminio Cotto Corporation
ActiveCWA-02-2007-3406 PRASA La Boca Water Filter Plant
ClosedCWA-02-2007-3407 Becker & Becker Associates, Inc.
ClosedCWA-02-2007-3411 Quality Engineers & Constructors, Inc. and Cidra Excavation, Inc.
ActiveCWA-02-2008-3303 Comas & Comas Constractors Corporation
ActiveCWA-02-2008-3304 Comas & Comas Contractors Corporation
ActiveCWA-02-2008-3307 Ramey Resort, Inc.
ActiveCWA-02-2008-3308 Bradley Realty, LLC
ClosedCWA-02-2008-3310 J.O.N. Crash Boat Beach, Inc.
ClosedCWA-02-2008-3319 Las Carolinas Construction Corp.
ClosedCWA-02-2008-3321 Las Lomas Construction
ClosedCWA-02-2008-3322 Ariel Gutierrez
ClosedCWA-02-2008-3323 Villa Montana II Hotel & Spa
ClosedCWA-02-2008-3324 Mount Airy Estates
ClosedCWA-02-2008-3325 Centro Medico Del Turabo, Inc.
ClosedCWA-02-2008-3354 Belcas Development, Inc.
ClosedCWA-02-2008-3402 Kimber Manufacturing, Inc.
ClosedCWA-02-2008-3403 Tropicana Products, Inc.
ClosedCWA-02-2008-3601 Cogi LLC; Quaker Hills LLC
ClosedCWA-02-2008-3801 Ziegler Chemical & Mineral Corporation
ClosedCWA-02-2009-3301 Aguadilla Service Plaza, Inc.
ClosedCWA-02-2009-3303 Quebradillas Development
ClosedCWA-02-2009-3304 Michael Colamarino
ActiveCWA-02-2009-3305 Cabari Corporation
ClosedCWA-02-2009-3306 Nogama Construction Corp.
ClosedCWA-02-2009-3307 WCC Builders, LLC (The Breakers
ActiveCWA-02-2009-3308 Desarrollardora Ciento Dos Inc.
ClosedCWA-02-2009-3311 Edison Route 27 Associates, LLC
ClosedCWA-02-2009-3315 North Hills Holding Co.
ClosedCWA-02-2009-3351 Alfa & Omega Electric, S.E.
ClosedCWA-02-2009-3352 Municipality of Anasco
ActiveCWA-02-2009-3809 Eastman Kodak Company/Kodak Park
ActiveCWA-02-2010-3301 Fort Hamilton Athletic Fields
ClosedCWA-02-2010-3302 Bairoa Development Inc.
ClosedCWA-02-2010-3309 Village of Castleton-on-Hudson
ClosedCWA-02-2010-3311 Haciendas de la Baume
ClosedCWA-02-2010-3316 The Weldon House & Diamondback Motocross
ClosedCWA-02-2010-3317 Hampton Ridge, LLC
ClosedCWA-02-2010-3401 Venegas Construction Corporation
ClosedCWA-02-2010-3402 Villa Franca Development Corp.
ClosedCWA-02-2010-3405 Raritan Town Square, LLC
ClosedCWA-02-2010-3814 Betteroads Asphalt Corporation
ClosedCWA-02-2011-3301 Lori Gardens II, LLC
ClosedCWA-02-2011-3302 Roseland Contractors, LLC
ClosedCWA-02-2011-3303 Platinum Developers
ClosedCWA-02-2011-3304 Fox Chase Development Corp.
ClosedCWA-02-2011-3305 Simone Builders
ActiveCWA-02-2011-3307 Minoa Farms Development, LLC
ClosedCWA-02-2011-3308 Creekside at Delanco, LLC
ClosedCWA-02-2011-3309 Village at Cinnaminson Harbour
ClosedCWA-02-2011-3310 Courtland Properties, LLC
ClosedCWA-02-2011-3311 Metro Terminals of LI, LLC
ClosedCWA-02-2011-3312 Brownstones at Essex Fells
ClosedCWA-02-2011-3455 LPC & D, Inc.
ActiveCWA-02-2011-3458 Cantera Las Lomas, Inc.
ClosedCWA-02-2011-3602 Municipality of Aguada
ActiveCWA-02-2011-3810 Gulf Oil Limited Partnership
ClosedCWA-02-2011-3811 Tony's Auto Body
ClosedCWA-02-2012-3301 Sea Wolf Construction
ClosedCWA-02-2012-3303 Rensselaer Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System
ClosedCWA-02-2012-3305 537 Commons, LLC
ClosedCWA-02-2012-3351 Chevron Phillips Chemical Puerto Rico Core LLC
ClosedCWA-02-2012-3353 Desarrollos Caminitos, Inc.
ClosedCWA-02-2012-3451 Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority
ClosedCWA-02-2012-3452 AES Puerto Rico, L.P. AES-PR Coal-Fired Power Plant and Marine Cargo Handling Facility
ClosedCWA-02-2012-3454 Corujo Industrial Park
ClosedCWA-02-2012-3455 Ponderosa Sector
ClosedCWA-02-2012-3456 Amelia Industrial Park
ClosedCWA-02-2012-3457 Betteroads Asphalt Corporation
ClosedCWA-02-2012-3601 Municipality of Canovanas
ClosedCWA-02-2013-3303 City Island Marina, LLC
ClosedCWA-02-2013-3304 Morris Yacht and Beach Club
ClosedCWA-02-2013-3305 Arrow Yacht Club, Inc.
ClosedCWA-02-2013-3306 Skyline Cove Marina, Inc.
ClosedCWA-02-2013-3307 Tarrytown Boat and Yacht Club
ClosedCWA-02-2013-3308 Williamsburg Yacht Club of the City of the Brooklyn Inc.
ClosedCWA-02-2013-3309 Washington Irving Boat Club
ActiveCWA-02-2013-3311 Mountainview Realty Group, Inc.

(946 entries in this collection)
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