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Ambient Environmental Conditions, Pollutant Loads, and Waste Assimilative Capacities in the Patapsco and Back Rivers Watershed, Maryland, USA
Provided by: Watershed 96
URL: http://www.epa.gov/OWOW/watershed/Proceed/proceed96all.pdf
Reference URL: http://www.epa.gov/OWOW/watershed/Proceed/
Geographic Keywords: Watershed (USGS Cataloging Code)
Keywords: Agriculture, Land Use, Nonpoint Source Pollution/Polluted Runoff, Nutrients/Nutrient Loading, Pesticides, Point Source Pollution, Sediment, Toxic Substances, Water Quality/Pollution, Watershed Management
Contact: Dennis T. Logan
Contact Email:
Last Updated: 2/8/2008 2:48:28 PM

Christina River
Provided by: US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
URL: http://www.epa.gov/ecoplaces/ecosystems.pdf
Reference URL: http://www.epa.gov/ecoplaces/
Geographic Keywords: Watershed (USGS Cataloging Code)
Keywords: Hazardous Waste, Nonpoint Source Pollution/Polluted Runoff, Nutrients/Nutrient Loading, Urban Runoff, Water Quality/Pollution
Contact: Thomas Henry
Contact Telephone: (215) 597-9927
Last Updated: 2/8/2008 11:45:01 AM

Green Valleys Association
Summary: GREEN VALLEYS ASSOCIATION is a nonprofit environmental organization located in northern Chester County, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1964 by landowners who were threatened by the proposed damming of French Creek, GVA was originally formalized as the French Creek Watershed Association. In 1972, the association expanded to oversee all five of the northern and eastern Chester County's Schuylkill River watersheds, including: Pigeon Creek, Stony Run, Pickering Creek, French Creek and Valley Creek. GVA's area of concern encompasses twenty-one municipalities and one hundred fifty-one square miles. It is the only watershed association in northern Chester County.
Provided by: Green Valleys Association
URL: http://www.greenvalleys.org/
Geographic Keywords: Watershed (USGS Cataloging Code)
Keywords: Education Materials, Groundwater, Land Use, Stormwater, Urban Runoff, Volunteer Monitoring, Water Quality/Pollution
Contact: Kathryn Sloan
Contact Email: gva@greenvalleys.org
Contact Telephone: (610) 469-4900
Last Updated: 10/30/2001 1:55:19 PM

Maryland Biological Stream Survey West Chesapeake Basin Fact Sheet
Summary: The Maryland Biological Stream Survey developed as a response to questions raised by the Maryland Synoptic Stream Survey of 1987 (see "Acid Deposition" pages for full discussion) and the MBSS Pilot Study of 1993. Broadly stated, the MBSS was designed to take periodic snapshots of our streams, identify our best and worst areas, find out what caused them to become bad or stay healthy, and help target streams and watersheds for protection, restoration, or both. In short, the MBSS provides information critical to managing our aquatic resources, including the Chesapeake Bay.
Provided by: MD DNR
URL: http://www.dnr.state.md.us/streams/pubs/westchesapeake.pdf
Reference URL: http://www.dnr.state.md.us/streams/mbss/mbss_fs_table.html
Geographic Keywords: Watershed (USGS Cataloging Code)
State(s): Maryland
Keywords: Biodiversity, Rivers/Streams, Water Quality/Pollution, Watershed Management
Last Updated: 1/23/2003 4:55:02 PM

Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River
Summary: Authorized on November 10, 1978, as a part of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System, Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River stretches 73.4 miles (118.3 km) along the New York-Pennsylvania border. The longest free-flowing river in the Northeast, it includes riffles and Class I and II rapids between placid pools and eddies. Public fishing and boating accesses are provided, although most land along the river is privately owned. Wintering bald eagles are among the wildlife that may be seen here.
Provided by: National Park Service
URL: http://www.nps.gov/upde/home.htm#facilities
Geographic Keywords: Watershed (USGS Cataloging Code)
Keywords: Birds, Fish, Recreation, Rivers/Streams
Contact: P. S. Valentine
Contact Email: upde_interpretation@nps.gov
Contact Telephone: 570-685-4871
Last Updated: 10/23/2003 3:13:10 PM

White Clay Watershed Association
Summary: White Clay Watershed Association Web Site. White Clay Creek flows from Chester County, Pennsylvania through New Castle County, Delaware into the Delaware River.
Provided by: White Clay Watershed Association
URL: http://www.ccil.org/~wcwa
Geographic Keywords: Watershed (USGS Cataloging Code)
Keywords: Conservation, Education Materials, Monitoring, Nonpoint Source Pollution/Polluted Runoff, Parks, Rivers/Streams, Volunteer Monitoring
Contact: David Hawk
Contact Email: dhawk@ccil.org
Contact Telephone: (610) 274-8499
Last Updated: 10/29/2002 5:09:03 PM

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