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Administrative Law Judges’ E-Docket Database

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    Searching with wildcards
    You can substitute wildcard characters for other characters when you search for text. Use a
      • ? (question mark) for a single character, and an
      • * (asterisk) for multiple characters.
    Wildcard characters work only in fields that contain text; they do not work in fields that contain dates or numbers.
    Using wildcards
    Using ?. Finds documents that include these words...
    ?eroNero, Hero
    *ountcount, amount, tantamount
    You can also use wildcards at the end of words (Gen*)

    Simple Operators: AND, OR, NOT (or the symbols &, |, !)
    Operator...Finds documents...
    NOTnot!that do not contain the condition or word following NOT (example: John NOT Doe returns docs with John or Doe but not both)
    ANDand&that contain both the conditions or words separated by AND (example: John AND Doe returns all docs containing John and Doe)
    ORor|that contain either of the conditions or words separated by OR (example: John OR Doe returns docs with , John, Doe, or both)
    both words must be present and next to each other in the document. by @, as long as the words are next to each other in the documents. (Do not place spaces between @ and either word.)
    example: John@Doe returns only those documents containing the phrase John Doe

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