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Administrative Law Judges’ E-Docket Database

Consent Agreements and Final Orders

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CAA-01-2014-0001  11/05/2014  Copar Quarries of Westerly, LLC
CAA-01-2022-0059  02/07/2024  Professional Contract Sterilization, Inc.
CAA-03-2014-0092  11/10/2015  Madonna Enterprises, Inc., and Whitehall Township, 896 3rd St., Whitehall, PA,
CAA-05-2020-0026  11/04/2020  Cardinal FG Company
CAA-06-2014-3304  05/21/2015  Citgo Refining and Chemicals Co. LP.
CAA-07-2014-0021 and EPCRA-07-2014-0003  01/06/2015  Inhance Technologies LLC, formerly Fluoro-Seal International, LP
CAA-09-2020-0044  06/29/2022  Borla Performance Industries, Inc.
CAA-10-2018-0260  11/07/2018  Wheeler Rock Products & Trina Wheeler
CAA-HQ-2018-8374  09/05/2018  Justin Holder, Battlefield Automotive LLC, Enhanced Alternatives LLC, d/b/a Battlefield Automotive and Confederate Diesel
CAA-HQ-2018-8385  07/03/2018  KT Performance, Inc.
CERCLA-05-2018-0005  12/14/2018  Birds Eye Foods, LLC
CWA-01-2015-0032  05/02/2016  Whipple Construction Company
CWA-02-2011-3451  09/21/2012  Pan American Grain Co., Inc.
CWA-02-2014-3401  04/23/2015  UTA of KJ, Inc.
CWA-02-2014-3402  04/23/2015  UTA of KJ, Inc.
CWA-02-2022-3451  03/27/2023  Hacienda Miramar, Inc. and Karimar Construction, Inc.
CWA-03-2014-0240  12/17/2014  City of Portsmouth, Virginia, CWA, Complaint
CWA-03-2015-0037  09/29/2015  Ft. Lincoln Retail, LLC, a/k/a Fort Lincoln Retail, CWA, Complaint
CWA-03-2016-0040  08/23/2016  Recycled Aggregates, LLC and John Driggs Company
CWA-06-2017-2704  05/16/2018  Lafourche Parish Government, a Louisiana Municipality
CWA-07-2014-0060  03/20/2017  Dr. Daniel J. McGowan
CWA-07-2022-0134  06/07/2023  Evergreen Development, Inc and Mark Schmidt
CWA-08-2012-0025  09/30/2013  NELCON, INC.
CWA-08-2014-0037  03/10/2015  BP America Production Company
CWA-08-2017-0026  03/28/2019  Kent Hoggan, Frostwood 6 LLC, and David Jacobsen
CWA-08-2017-0026  05/21/2019  Kent Hoggan, Frostwood 6 LLC, and David Jacobsen
CWA 06-2012-2710  02/06/2015  Paco Swain Realty, L.L.C
CWA 06-2012-2712  02/06/2015  Paco Swain Realty, L.L.C
CWA 06-2014-1751  04/06/2015  East Texas Salt Water Disposal Company
CWA 06-2014-1769  03/02/2005  East Baton Rouge Parish/ City Of Baton Rouge
CWA 06-2014-1832  04/14/2015  Chevron Mining Inc.
EPCRA-03-2015-0127  02/22/2017  Eagle Brass Company
EPCRA-05-2016-0018  02/13/2017  Camtek, Inc. (Bloomington, Illinois)
EPCRA-05-2016-0018  02/21/2017  Camtek, Inc. (Bloomington, Illinois)
EPCRA-05-2018-0009  12/14/2018  Birds Eye Foods,. LLC
EPCRA-09-2011-0004  01/30/2013  Barrick Cortez, Inc.
EPCRA 06-2015-0502  06/01/2015  Ludwig, Inc.
EPCRA 06-2016-0500  04/15/2016  Apex Tool Group, LLC
FIFRA-03-2016-0098  09/21/2016  NuChem Corp.
FIFRA-05-2016-0005  05/19/2016  AP Goldshield, LLC (El Paso, Texas)
FIFRA-05-2016-0005  06/01/2016  AP Goldshield, LLC (El Paso, Texas)
FIFRA-05-2019-0005  09/03/2019  David E. Easterday & Co., Inc., d/b/a Woodwright Finishing
FIFRA-09-2017-0001  02/07/2018  Syngenta Seeds LLC
FIFRA-10-2014-0141  04/23/2015  Pacific Air Research, Inc.
FIFRA-HQ-2019-5002  07/17/2019  Douglas Products and Packaging Company, LLC
FIFRA 06-2015-0301  03/26/2015  Nova Mud, Inc.
MM-05-2018-0002  12/14/2018  Birds Eyes Foods, LLC
MPRSA-01-2015-0035  10/13/2015  Cashman Dredging and Marine Contracting Co., LLC
RCRA-01-2015-0052  06/26/2017  C.E. Bradley Laboratories, Inc.
RCRA-01-2016-0077  03/17/2017  University of Vermont State and Agricultural College
RCRA-01-2017-0054  10/25/2018  Tasman Leather Group, LLC
RCRA-02-2013-7106  10/28/2014  Advanced Recovery, Inc.
RCRA-02-2016-7101  09/08/2016  Veolia ES Technical Solutions, L.L.C.
RCRA-02-2016-7103  07/25/2017  Caribbean All Metal Recyclers Corp.
RCRA-02-2016-7106  04/04/2017  Mayaguez Medical Center Dr. Ramon Emeterio Betances, Inc.
RCRA-02-2018-7101  09/24/2019  Total Petroleum Puerto Rico Corp.
RCRA-02-2019-7106  07/02/2019  Veolia ES Technical Solutions, LLC
RCRA-03-2013-0039  04/19/2016  Aylin, Inc., Rt. 58 Food Mart, Inc., Franklin Eagle Mart, Pure Gas Station, RCRA, Complaint
RCRA-03-2016-0225  03/21/2017  Tanay, LLC, and Swami, LLC
RCRA-03-2019-0103  03/18/2020  Top Gas and Mini Mart, LLC, and Ezra Reuven, Administrative Complaint, RCRA-03-2019-0103
RCRA-03-2019-0103  03/18/2020  Top Gas and Mini Mart, LLC, and Ezra Reuven, Administrative Complaint, RCRA-03-2019-0103
RCRA-05-2014-0006  03/10/2016  Summit, Inc. (Gary, Indiana)
RCRA-09-2011-0012  07/05/2012  Fluoresco Lighting and Signs
RCRA-10-2015-0108  10/08/2015  76 X-Press, LLC
RCRA 06-2016-0914  11/01/2016  Sloan Valve Company
TSCA-01-2016-0034  05/26/2017  Pike International LLC, et al:
TSCA-05-2021-0013  08/16/2022  TWDS, Inc., a/k/a My Last Bath, Windows Direct of Cincinnati, d/b/a Windows Direct USA of Cincinnati, and Windows Direct -TSCA Administrative Complaint-
TSCA-07-2014-0029  03/23/2016  LHP, LLC
TSCA-09-2013-0010  06/03/2014  Destination Maui Inc.
TSCA-09-2018-0007  12/26/2018  McNamara Realty
TSCA-HQ-2018-5004  06/18/2018  Magnolia Waco Properties, LLC, d/b/a Magnolia Homes
TSCA-HQ-2018-5006  01/14/2020  Detroit Renovations, LLC, and Nicole Curtis

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