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Administrative Law Judges’ E-Docket Database

Decisions and Orders

The listings below are orders and decisions issued by OALJ.

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Date FiledCan be sorted ascending or descendingCase NameCan be sorted ascending or descendingType of OrderCan be sorted ascending or descendingDocket No.Can be sorted ascending or descending
01/15/2008  DATOM PRODUCTS, INC., Pocono Environmental Education Center & US Department of the Interior National Park Service  ALJ Order  CAA-03-2007-0261
01/11/2008  CHEMCENTRAL MIDWEST CORPORATION  ALJ Order  CAA-07-2007-0045
08/03/2007  SERVICE OIL, INC.,  Initial Decision  CWA-08-2005-0010
03/07/2006  SERVICE OIL, INC.,  ALJ Order  CWA-08-2005-0010
03/02/2005  East Baton Rouge Parish/ City Of Baton Rouge  Consent Agreement and Final Order  CWA 06-2014-1769

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