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Dockets by Year Filed 2013

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Complaint DateDocket NumberCase NameStatus
12/31/2013  CWA-10-2014-0005  City of Genesee, ID  Closed
12/31/2013  CAA-03-2014-0051  Bayer CropScience LP, SCAFO, CAA  Closed
12/31/2013  EPCRA-05-2014-0008  Hanger Bolt and Stud Co., Inc. -CAFO- (Greenfield, Indiana)  Closed
12/31/2013  FIFRA-05-2014-0005  Ecosmarte Planet Friendly, Inc. -CAFO- (Minneapolis, Minnesota)  Closed
12/31/2013  FIFRA and .....  HAVILAND CONSUMER PRODUCTS, INC.  Closed
12/31/2013  RCRA-02-2014-7501  City of Paterson  Closed
12/31/2013  TSCA-07-2014-0005  Philip Thornton and Stanley Thornton  Closed
12/30/2013  CAA-03-2014-0022  Kemira Water Solutions, Inc., CAA, SCAFO  Closed
12/30/2013  CAA-05-2014-0008  Illinois River Energy -CAFO- (Rochelle, Illinois)  Closed
12/30/2013  CWA-08-2014-0009  NORTH COUNTRY OIL, INC.  Closed
12/30/2013  CWA and .....  ALTA MESA SERVICES, L.P.  Closed
12/30/2013  CWA and .....  UNITED PETROLEUM TRANSPORTS  Closed
12/30/2013  RCRA-05-2014-0005  Electro-Max, Inc. -CAFO- - INSTALLMENTS - (Hampshire, Illinois)  Closed
12/27/2013  CAA-05-2014-0006  PPG Industries, Inc.-CAFO- (Delaware, Oho)  Closed
12/27/2013  CAA-05-2014-0007  One Earth Energy, LLC -CAFO- (Gibson City, Illinois)  Closed
12/26/2013  CWA-02-2014-3301  Dan's Supreme Markets, Inc. d/b/a Key Food  Closed
12/25/2013  CWA-10-2014-0003  MacMillan-Piper, Inc.  Closed
12/24/2013  EPCRA--03-2014-0013  Safety-Kleen Sysems, Inc., EPCRA, SCAFO  Closed
12/24/2013  FIFRA-09-2014-0004  Alpha Water Systems, Inc.  Closed
12/20/2013  FIFRA-10-2014-0030  Cascade Designs, Inc.  Closed
12/20/2013  FIFRA-02-2014-5201  Carolina Eastern-Crocker, LLC  Closed
12/20/2013  CAA-05-2014-0005  Schoep's Ice Cream Company, Inc. -CAFO- -SEP - (Madison, Wisconsin)  Closed
12/20/2013  SDWA and .....  James R. Miller d/b/a Eagle One Oil  Closed
12/18/2013  EPCRA-10-2014-0015  PPG Industries, Inc.  Closed
12/18/2013  CWA-07-2014-0031  PostRock Energy Corporation Oil  Active
12/18/2013  CWA-07-2012-0030  Monroe Branstad d/b/a Branstad Farms - Feedlot  Closed
12/18/2013  SDWA and .....  MR. EARL YATES  Closed
12/18/2013  TSCA-03-2014-0030  Thermon-Twin Industries, Inc., TSCA, SCAFO  Closed
12/17/2013  EPCRA-10-2014-0029  CLP Enchanted Village, LLC  Closed
12/17/2013  CWA-10-2014-0004  The Fishing Co. of Alaska, Inc.  Closed
12/17/2013  TSCA-02-2014-9101  Public Service Electric and Gas Company  Closed
12/17/2013  FIFRA-02-2013-5206  Slack Chemical Co., Inc.  Closed
12/17/2013  FIFRA-09-2014-0002  Wilbur-Ellis Company  Closed
12/17/2013  RCRA-03-2014-0002  USPS Woodbridge Main Branch Facility, SCAFO, RCRA  Closed
12/17/2013  RCRA-03-2014-0003  USPS - Dulles Vehicle Mainenance Facility, RCRA, SCAFO  Closed
12/17/2013  RCRA-03-2014-0004  USPS, Cave Springs Facility, RCRA, SCAFO  Closed
12/13/2013  CERCLA-05-2014-0003  Seneca Foods Corp. -CAFO- (Montgomery, Minnesota)  Closed
12/12/2013  CAA-07-2013-0027  Rod's Fertilizer & Sales, Inc - East Plant  Closed
12/12/2013  CAA-07-2013-0028  Rod's Fertilizer & sales, Inc - West Plant  Closed
12/12/2013  CWA-04-2013-5004(b)  Bunge North America, Inc.  Closed
12/12/2013  CWA-07-2013-0063  Northwood, Iowa  Closed
12/12/2013  TSCA-07-2014-0002  Otto Brothers, A Partnership  Closed
12/11/2013  CAA-02-2013-1220  City of North Tonawanda  Closed
12/11/2013  CWA-07-2013-0061  County Edge Dairy, Inc.,   Closed
12/11/2013  EPCRA-05-2014-0007  MD Logistics, Inc. -CAFO- (Plainfield, Indiana)  Closed
12/10/2013  CAA and .....  COS MAR COMPANY  Closed
12/10/2013  CWA-05-2014-0005  NLMK Indiana, LLC -CAFO- (Portage, Indiana)  Closed
12/10/2013  CWA-08-2014-0008  JP EXCAVATING, INC.  Closed
12/10/2013  TSCA-08-2014-0001  DEVEX CONSTRUCTION, LLC.  Closed
12/09/2013  FIFRA-08-2014-0001  SPECIALTY CHEMICAL & SYSTEMS, INC.  Closed
12/07/2013  CWA-07-2014-0027  Quito, Inc.  Active
12/07/2013  CWA-07-2014-0029  HOC Industries, Inc.  Active
12/05/2013  CWA-10-2014-0002  Wrangell Oil, Inc.  Closed
12/05/2013  CWA-03-2014-0018  Tri-State Petroleum Corporation, SCAFO, CWA  Closed
12/05/2013  TSCA-01-2013-0069  Bill Vizzo Contractors, LLC  Closed
12/04/2013  EPCRA-05-2014-0006  Palmer Brothers Transit Mix Concrete, Inc. -CAFO- - SEP - (Fremont, Ohio)  Closed
12/04/2013  FIFRA-05-2014-0004  Plaston International Corporation -CAFO- (Naperville, Illinois)  Closed
12/04/2013  TSCA-09-2014-0003  Orange Center School District  Closed
12/03/2013  CWA-03-2014-0012  EQT Gathering, LLC, CWA, SCAFO  Closed
12/03/2013  EPCRA-04-2013-2045(b)  City of Coral Springs, Florida  Closed
12/03/2013  EPCRA-05-2014-0004  Allina Mercy Hospital -ESA- (Coon Rapids, Minnesota)  Closed
12/03/2013  EPCRA-05-2014-0005  J & E Industries Inc.-ESA- (Shakopee, Minnesota)  Closed
12/03/2013  FIFRA-05-2014-0003  Dong Kee Co., Inc. -CAFO- (Chicago, Illinois)  Closed
12/03/2013  RUST-05-2014-0002  Mike's Corner Store -FIELD CITATION- (Kankakee, Illinois)  Closed
12/03/2013  TSCA-03-2014-0026  Diocese of Arlington, TSCA, SCAFO  Closed
12/03/2013  TSCA-05-2014-0002  M & J Environmental Institute - ESA- (Maple Grove, Minnesota)  Closed
12/02/2013  CAA and .....  UNION CARBIDE CORPORATION  Closed
11/27/2013  CAA-05-2014-0004  The Dow Chemical Company -CAFO- (Midland, Michigan)  Closed
11/27/2013  EPCRA-05-2014-0003  Freezer Services of Michigan, LLC -CAFO- (Hamtramck, Michigan)  Closed
11/26/2013  FIFRA-05-2014-0002  Bleachtech LLC -CAFO- (Cleveland, Ohio)  Closed
11/26/2013  RCRA-05-2014-0003  G & K Services, Inc. -CAFO- (Justice, Illinois)  Closed
11/26/2013  RCRA-05-2014-0004  Burton Metal Finishing, Inc. -CAFO- - INSTALLMENTS - (Columbus, Ohio)  Closed
11/22/2013  TSCA-02-2014-9269  Abatement Solutions, LLC  Closed
11/22/2013  RCRA-05-2014-0002  General Motors LLC - Pontiac North Campus ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER ON CONSENT (Pon...  Closed
11/22/2013  TSCA-09-2014-0001  Anchor Academy Charter School  Closed
11/21/2013  CAA-07-2013-0019  Mid Missouri Energy, LLC  Closed
11/21/2013  CAA-07-2013-0022  Farmway Co-Op Inc - Clay Center  Closed
11/21/2013  CAA-07-2013-0023  Villisca Elevator Inc - East  Closed
11/21/2013  CAA-07-2013-0026  Aspinwall Cooperative Company - Manning NH3  Closed
11/21/2013  MM-06-2013-0911  SHINTECH INCORPORATED  Closed
11/21/2013  TSCA-09-2014-0002  San Joaquin County - Office of Education  Closed
11/20/2013  TSCA-01-2013-0028  C & C Ventures, LLC  Closed
11/20/2013  SDWA-04-2013-1009(b)  C.S. Rhoads, Agent  Closed
11/20/2013  TSCA-07-2013-0015  Dennis Barker  Closed
11/19/2013  CWA-04-2013-4510(b)  Trawick Contractors, Inc.  Closed
11/19/2013  CWA-04-2013-7005(b)  Southern Oil and Gas  Closed
11/19/2013  CWA-07-2013-0014  Brent McMinn  Closed
11/19/2013  CWA-08-2014-0007  DOHN CONSTRUCTION, INC.  Closed
11/19/2013  EPCRA-04-2013-2067(b)  Gillam & Mason, Inc.  Closed
11/19/2013  TSCA-04-2013-2908(b)  Alabama Metal Industries Corporation  Closed
11/18/2013  EPCRA-05-2014-0002  Baldinger Bakery LLP -CAFO- (St. Paul, Minnesota)  Closed
11/15/2013  CWA-07-2014-0016  Daystar Petroleum  Active
11/15/2013  CWA-07-2014-0020  Dark Oil Company  Active
11/15/2013  CWA-07-2014-0019  Ag Co-Op Services, Inc.  Active
11/15/2013  CWA-07-2014-0017  KLM Exploration Co., Inc.  Active
11/15/2013  CWA-05-2014-0004  A&K Alexander Cranberry Co., LLC - Administrative Compliance Order on Consent - ...  Closed
11/14/2013  CWA-07-2014-0013  Boisecurity Research Institute  Active

(1329 entries in this collection)
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